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From the Editor Complete this sentence: “Lead, follow or . . .” Most of you probably finished with, “ . . . get out of the way.” I don’t know where this phrase originated, but I like it! Are you a leader or a follower? I never thought of myself as a leader until my college days. Suddenly, I found myself offering suggestions which were readily accepted. My reaction? Why didn’t anyone else think of this incredibly simple solution to whatever our current problem was? I still didn’t consider myself to be a strong leader for many years. Now? There are times when I relish being able to organize a team to accomplish a goal. Other times, (such as Christmas) I try to lead by example. With the holidays coming, we each have the opportunity to be a pacesetter. Rather than following the crowd in gift selection for that ‘must have’ toy, getting stressed trying to schedule multiple events, or frantically attempting to re-create traditions which may or may not be possible, why not pause long enough to think about each situation and decide exactly what is worthy of your time? In our family, we have blended some of our traditions with new events, thus creating new customs. These will probably evolve through the years with the addition of new family members and the loss of others. That is as it should be. After all, we don’t all enjoy the same pastimes. The one thing upon which we all agree is the importance of family, worship and celebrations worthy of remembering. The holidays provide a host of opportunities for all three of these things. Take advantage of these chances to make wonderful memories. Cherish them. This is hard to do when everyone is tense, or even worse, angry. We laugh about it now, but for years we had what we called our annual family fight. It was over an extremely important subject: where to put the Christmas tree. I don’t know why it mattered. Over the years it ended up being in almost every spot in the house where there was an electrical outlet close enough to plug in the lights. I’d like to say I was able to persuade everyone to calm down. I was just a child at the time, so I didn’t have much influence. But things are different now. I learned from those incidents, so now no matter what happens, I try to be the one who makes peace. Or better yet, create an atmosphere which prevents potential triggers for squabbles. You’ll be glad you did. So go ahead. Be the one who shows everyone how not only to survive, but actually enjoy the holidays without stress. You’ll never be sorry. Kandy Derden / Things to Do Editor

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About the Cover : Christmas at the Galt House Hotel is so spectacular, it’s featured on the Travel Channel’s Christmas Crazy special. The event is fast becoming an annual tradition for families across the U.S. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Christmas at the Galt House Hotel will get your family in the holiday spirit! See page 28 for more details.

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The Weekender Extended  

Winter Issue Places to go, things to do and people to see in the U.S. including Santa, holiday happenings and Christmas at the Galt House.

The Weekender Extended  

Winter Issue Places to go, things to do and people to see in the U.S. including Santa, holiday happenings and Christmas at the Galt House.