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Your guide to planning business events in the City of Westminster

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Welcome to Westminster, London Welcome to London: one of the most exciting cities on earth—steeped in history, alive with culture, and crammed full of superb attractions. We have world-class museums, theatres and restaurants, a vibrant social scene, and a palpable sense of excitement building as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach. These are just some of the reasons why so many businesses are attracted here, and why London is ranked as one of the best cities in the world in which to do business. Westminster, at the heart of the city, exemplifies the best that London has to offer. From the iconic sights of Westminster Palace and Abbey, and Buckingham Palace, to the green tranquillity of Regent’s Park. From the buzzing West End shopping district and Chinatown to the picturesque streets of Belgravia. Its range of business facilities is second to none and will provide you with the ideal platform at one of the major confluences of international trade.

London is an inspirational city which can deliver the world in one visit. London’s strength is its constant variety and diversity; it’s a place where you can lose yourself in the history or be inspired by the contemporary. Westminster is one of London’s most popular destinations for both leisure and business visitors; it offers an abundance of excellent venues, hotels and services that are regarded as some of the best in the world. The Westminster Collection (TWC) is a collective of outstanding business venues highlighting the variety and choice that the capital has to offer. From majestic banqueting houses, state-of-the-art conference centres to modern hotels. See the world. Visit London.

We hope to welcome you to London and Westminster soon. Tracy Halliwell Director of Business Tourism, Visit London Boris Johnson Mayor of London, Greater London Authority

The Westminster Collection Central Hall, Storey’s Gate London, SW1H 9NH 07541 314 855

THE WESTMINSTER COLLECTION GUIDE 6. 8. 10. 12. 14. 26. 27. 28. 30 31 32.

Right Here, Right Now It’s not all history in Westminster: a look at the contemporary and the new Making a Bigger Impact How to make your event the most talked about in town Introduction to The Westminster Collection What the collection offers and interview with CEO, René Dee Map and Key to Member Venues Venue locations and facilities at a glance Guide to Members Complete guide to each member and contact details List of Associate and Affiliate Members More of The Westminster Collection's members Big Business Mark Howe, Country Sales Director of Google, talks about technology, Google and business in Westminster From Work to Play Westminster by day and by night Theatre and Shows What’s happening in the West End and interview with Paul James of the Society of London Theatre Restaurants Westminster's finest eateries Twenty Things You Didn’t Know About Westminster Or maybe you did


“Westminster is one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse cities. It is in the unique position of being both a business and visitor destination in its own right, with more businesses, tourists and visitors than any other part of the UK. “It’s the perfect location to combine business and pleasure, and along with the Mayor of London and private developers, we have invested heavily in our city to ensure it retains its world class status and promotes London to the world in 2012. We want to ensure Westminster remains the best place in the world to live, work and play. In a very real sense, the whole world is in this city. Enjoy it—we will make you very welcome.” Councillor Colin Barrow, CBE, Leader of Westminster City Council.


Clockwise from top: View of Buckingham Palace from St. James’s Park Admiralty Arch Westminster Abbey Piccadilly Circus ‘Allies,’ Bond Street The Bridge of Aspirations, Royal Opera House

“There is so much excitement and opportunity in London, and most of this is in Westminster.” Rosemarie MacQueen, Westminster Council Director of Planning and City Development


Sir Steve Redgrave carries the torch for the Olympic celebrations outside Buckingham Palace

Westminster: Right Here, Right Now Westminster is the business hub of Europe and its sheer accessibility and modern facilities make it a brilliant choice for business tourists. Last year’s shift in the euro to pound exchange enticed more European business tourists to the city. Business tourists want to take advantage of the attractions and events, many of which can be found in Westminster.

History and Diversity With 2,000 years of constantly changing history, Westminster has a unique ability to reinvent itself while still retaining its intriguing character. The past never leaves Westminster, from the monarchy at Buckingham Palace to the once royal palace at Banqueting House, the cobbled Victorian streets in Covent Garden and listed buildings scattered throughout. Yet, here in 2010, Westminster is looking forward. City planning and regeneration projects are underway with vigour to transform Westminster into a modern city built for the future. Pivotal to many of the regeneration projects are the Olympic Games to be hosted in London in 2012. But London has so much more to offer than just 6

the Olympics. “There’s a huge amount of diversity and choice. London offers experiences and culture that can’t be found elsewhere in the world, which is why we coined the ‘See the World. Visit London’ campaign,’ says Chloe Coachman, Business and Major Events Communications Manager at Visit London.

Business Tourism Business tourism is worth an excess of £3.5 billion to London each year, with Westminster accounting for the majority of this revenue. By driving international business into the economy, London is able to carry on investing in business and services for the future. Indeed, many of the investments in Westminster’s infrastructure are designed primarily for the business tourist—hotels, transport and communications facilities, restaurants and attractions can also be enjoyed by the leisure tourist and those who live in the city. Business tourists to London spend between four to five times more money than leisure tourists and, unlike their counterparts, here for the sights during the warmer months, the industry brings a year-round flow of visitors to the city.

Olympics 2012 and Other Sporting Fixtures Since winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, London has worked to attract more events to an already busy calendar of sporting fixtures. “All events bring new people to the city. For business tourists, it is great if they can go to a city when there is a lot going on and there is a real buzz,” said Chloe. In fact, last year in their downtime, business tourists were able to see events like the NFL and the NBA, and in 2010 over 100 days of the year will have some kind of event taking place. Visit London has revealed that over £11 billion is being invested across the city as a direct result of the Olympics alone. In Westminster, this includes regeneration projects at Victoria and Paddington stations, new hotels and improved transportation links.

Contemporary design at Westminster Tube Station

Regeneration Plans and City Planning Westminster City is a city proud to present the traditional and the modern together. “The fact that a street has a listed building doesn’t mean you can’t have new buildings there too. Take the Apple store on Regent Street for example,” says Rosemarie MacQueen, Director of Planning and City Development at Westminster City Council. In November 2009, a new £5 million futuristic pedestrian crossing was unveiled and projects throughout Oxford Street echoing those on Regent Street are set to continue. Two of Westminster’s busiest transport interchanges, Victoria and Paddington Stations, are undergoing multi-million pound developments to become prime tourist and visitor destinations.

The new Oxford Circus crossing

Environment and Sustainability London has some of the most ambitious environmental and climate change targets in the world. Indeed, the tourism industry has caught onto the idea of sustainability quicker than others. Boris Johnson continues to champion innovative schemes to improve London’s local environment—the majority looking at clean and efficient ways to travel around the city. The council is already using electric cars and more than 25,000 charging points are to be installed across London by 2015. Most talked about however, is Boris’s Cycle Scheme, allowing Londoners and visitors to hire bikes for short journeys. Cycle stations will be built every 400 metres, with the majority in Westminster.

Londoners take to their bikes

Quite simply, Westminster is right here, right now. 7

Paul Smith at London Fashion Week, Royal Horticultural Halls

Making a Bigger Impact A look at the current trends in event planning and at what it takes to make your event the most talked about in town. What makes an event exceptional? Events are considered outstanding because they are pivotal; events with economic, social or political importance such as the Iraq Enquiry held in January 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. Events can reflect innovative approaches or new technologies that signal the start of a new era. Some mark historical events or, in the case of the Olympic bid, they mark new anniversaries and the excitement to come. Events today have objectives to achieve; at the very least there is business to be done. Still, an event that brings people together has to be memorable.

Creating a Buzz Trends within the events industry are ever changing to reflect the ethics and vision of the organisers and those who attend. Whether it’s a large-scale corporate party, a wedding or a video conference to be beamed over the web to thousands, event organisers are most concerned that people will be talking about the date both beforehand and after. 8

As Aali Ghufran, Conference and Sales Manager at the Private Rooms at Buckingham Gate explains: “It’s all about people talking about the event…if you are inviting delegates to an event, you want people to remember it.” The recession has meant tighter budgets for most event organisers. Value for money has become a huge requirement and, as Chloe Couchman, Business and Major Events Communications Manager for Visit London explains; “People are being a little more clever when planning an event.” Indeed, networking has been the buzz word de rigueur over the last year. So much so that organisers and delegates agree that an event that doesn’t provide some form of networking or interacting is without focus and business opportunities will be missed. More thought is being put into creating contacts and increasingly, “it is becoming vital that business and networking is actually happening,” says Chloe.

Everyone’s a Techie Live streaming and video broadcasting are also becoming the norm. By connecting your event via the web to the outside world, the potential to do business beyond the limited number of attendees in

….a successful event will be remembered as an exceptional experience

Show dancer at TWC Showcase, Lindley Hall

Making an impact in the Lawrence Hall

the room can increase infinitely. Petra Johansson, Director at the event management company TwistedTree, explains that the rise of “blogs and news websites with low staffing are creating a series of income-generating events as a revenue stream.” Beyond the event day itself, technology and, more specifically, social media are having a radical effect on pre- and post-event networking. In the UK, 41 percent of web users look at social networking sites daily, meaning few organisations can afford to ignore sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to promote their events. Time is precious. Rather than nametag surf through the crowd, attendees are setting up meetings with like-minded delegates before the event. Swapping e-business cards, sending contacts lists and posting images of the event to sites, means that events become communities that last for weeks and months rather than a few short days.

Food for Thought Another plus for using online media, is that downloading documentation packs, online invitations and handouts has reduced paper and print collateral.

The Westminster Collection's networking event at the Royal Courts of Justice

As organisers become more environmentally conscious, more thought is given to reducing the boxes of leaflets and pamphlets used and left behind after the event. It’s something that venues are taking seriously—not least because larger organisations will not hire a venue unless a degree of social and corporate responsibility is evident. Catering has always been a fun way for organisers to show off and grab attendees’ attentions. The King’s Fund Conference and Events launch served guests with syringe-filled canapés from Michelinstarred caterers, Chester-Boyd, to emphasise the venue’s medical background. The main culinary attraction was however a 28-foot interactive dessert bar where chefs guided guests to design their dream dessert. Remarkable features are what it takes for an event to be remembered as an exceptional experience. London is reputed as the world’s ‘event-hub’ and its events industry, venues and planners are at the forefront of linking organisations from overseas with those based locally. Events can breed innovative ideas, shared experiences, cross-cultural networking and can raise awareness about the environment, food suppliers and technological advancements. Can you afford not to excel at your next event? 9

Introduction to The Westminster Collection Recognised as the leading business tourism marketing collective for venues and events in Westminster, The Westminster Collection (TWC) provides an invaluable resource for organisations and their event planners and buyers. Since 2003, TWC has been driven by the importance of Westminster as a location for people to do business and represents the very best of Westminster’s iconic venues and event spaces. Venues that are part of The Collection are diverse, and offer those planning events options ranging from the historically significant to the contemporary, the mesmerising and grand, to the intimate and discrete. The Collection has strong connections with the Mayor’s Office, Westminster City Council and Visit London, all of which have been hugely supportive of The Collection’s efforts to promote business tourism in Westminster. Likewise, member venues gain from TWC’s connections, creating a co-operative network for those visiting Westminster on business and the


primary organisations wanting to attract them. Notably, TWC members refer business to each other, rather than letting opportunities go to other venues outside of the Westminster precinct. Over the past year, TWC has grown to include over 60 members, including its associate and affiliate members. With more venues committed to join soon, The Collection is consolidating its position as the ‘one-stop-shop’ of venues, accommodation, attractions and other services in Westminster. Whether it’s for a high-profile reception, a banquet for 800, a conference for four to be sent via the internet to thousands more, an exhibition, product launch, fashion show or wedding, TWC remains the unrivalled representative for venue and event facilities—not just for Westminster, but London as a whole. The following pages provide a guide to the current The Westminster Collection members, associate members and affiliate members.

INTERVIEW René Dee, CEO, The Westminster Collection Last year your membership grew to an impressive 36 members (an increase of over a third). What do you think is the key to the success of The Westminster Collection? Membership is exceptional value for money. We offer a 12-month package of exposure and promotion to a targeted business community that is interested in the venues and services. It’s a personalised and pro-active membership service. Why do you think organisations and event planners keep coming back to use TWC? One of the most attractive elements of TWC is the diversity that the member venues offer, from the traditional to the contemporary, exhibition halls to private member’s clubs and bijou hotels to banqueting. What kind of features do organisations and event planners look for when they are choosing a venue in Westminster? Value for money is now top of the list but the venues must also come up to very high expectations and standards. Professional and proficient service is high on the list, followed by the actual physical requirements and configurations needed for the particular event.

“One of the most attractive elements of TWC is the extraordinary diversity the member venues offer.” René Dee, Founder and CEO, The Westminster Collection


The Westminster Map Location remains a key, and often deciding, factor in choosing a venue to host an event. The following map highlights where The Westminster Collection’s member venues are located and the transportation routes to each.

The list of members on the right is a facility guide which shows what types of events each venue has experience in hosting and where in the guide you can find more information. Circumstances and requirements do change however, so if in doubt or requiring further information, it is advisable to check with the venue directly.

St John’s Wood St John’s Wood

London Zoo

Regent’s Park Maida Vale

Harrow Road

Regent’s Park

Maida Vale Gt Portland Street Warwick Avenue


Regent’s Park

Baker Street

1 Westbourne Park

Edgware Road


Royal Oak Paddington





20 5

17 36

Oxford Circus

Tottenham Court Road

Bond Street

Marble Arch


West End

Lancaster Gate

Covent Garden Leicester Sq




Piccadilly Circus


Charing Cross

24 31

Hyde Park Green Park



St James’




Buckingham Palace St James’s Park


South Kensington



29 Victoria

Sloane Square



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Westminster Millennium Pier Westminster Houses of Parliament



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Millbank Pimlico



Savoy Pier

Embankment Pier


KEY Railway station Underground station River pier

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Hyde Park Corner



Millbank Millennium Pier

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List of Members

1. 76 Portland Place

2. Banqueting House

3. Bateaux London

4. Broadway House

14 •








5. Cavendish Conference Centre

6. Central Hall Westminster

7. Church House Conference Centre

8. Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms

9. City Inn Westminster


10. Grange Rochester Hotel


11. IET London: Savoy Place


12. No. 4 Hamilton Place


13. Number 45 Millbank


14. One Birdcage Walk

15. One Great George Street

16. One Queen Anne’s Gate

17. One Wimpole Street —The Royal Society of Medicine

18. Royal Courts of Justice

19. Royal Horticultural Halls and Conference Centre 20. Royal Institute of British Architects

21. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

22. RSA House

23. Sixty One Whitehall

24. St Martin-in-the-Fields

25. St. Stephen’s Club

26. The British Academy 27. The Caledonian Club

• •

18 •









28. The Cinnamon Club

21 •












29. The Goring Hotel

30. The King’s Fund

31. The Northumberland

32. The Private Rooms at Buckingham Gate

33. The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

34. The Royal Institution of Great Britain

35. The Royal Society

36. The Victory Services Club

25 •

25 13

76 Portland Place

only surviving part of the Palace of Whitehall. The building that now stands, though not the original Banqueting House, was built in 1622 by leading architect Inigo Jones. To this day, the house is still owned by the Crown. The building was made even more impressive by Charles I when he commissioned Rubens to paint the ceiling. His nine canvases are still intact today. The building was even significant at the time of Charles I’s death; he was beheaded at the site in 1649 on a high scaffold outside the north end of Banqueting House.

76 Portland Place, London, W1B 1NT 020 7470 4884 76 Portland Place is a high-quality conference venue. Situated in London’s West End, the location combines contemporary facilities with impressive Georgian architecture, creating an unique atmosphere. Within easy walking distance of five tube stations (principally Euston and Paddington mainline stations) 76 Portland Place is the perfect setting to combine training and entertaining; with thirteen meeting rooms, large corporate seminar rooms and small meeting rooms.

Today, the building is still visited by thousands although it is principally used for entertaining. The Main Hall, with its magnificent Rubens ceiling, can seat up to 380 for lunch, dinner or a conference, while even more guests can be entertained for a cocktail reception. There is also is The Undercroft, for a more intimate setting. It can seat 150 or 380 for a drinks reception.

Bateaux London

All rooms are fitted with AV equipment and a web-casting system that allows you to engage with a wider audience. 76 Portland Place is ideal for holding board meetings, conferences, corporate parties, training and team building exercises, live web-casts and even private dining events. The support of an experienced events team means that there are numerous theme and styling options for private celebrations and intimate receptions. 76 Portland Place has excellent dining facilities, impeccable service and can create an inspiring atmosphere for any type of event.

Embankment Pier, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2N 6NU 020 7695 1800

Banqueting House

Bateaux London has two leading restaurant vessels available for private hire, offering a range of packages to suit any event. The vessels are perfect for gala dinners, breakfast cruises, product launches and wedding receptions.

The Symphony is comprised of two dining areas, a front and a rear suite. The mergence of these areas for a private charter enables you to host a standing reception for up to 300 people or a seated dinner for 260. If you do not wish to charter a vessel, the Private Suite or the Elite Section seat up to 60 and 36 respectively. The Naticia offers split-level dining with an upper gallery deck and a lower deck with seating around a dance floor. These can seat 178 for a private meal or up to 220 for a standing reception. The Upper Deck is the alternative for scheduled cruises for 78 guests. Whitehall, London, SW1A 2ER 020 3166 6150 Originally Henry VIII’s main London residence before its destruction by fire in 1698, the Banqueting House was the


Scheduled restaurant services are a great way to enjoy Bateaux London’s offers without privately chartering a vessel. Sit down and enjoy a three-course meal for lunch and listen to the commentary while you see the sights of London. Sundays offer a Jazz Cruise package and, for a more indulgent evening, enjoy the four courses of the Dinner Cruise.

Broadway House

and Great Portland Street Tube stations, near to the abundance of shops on Oxford Street. A stylish, light and bright conference centre, The Cavendish is a great canvas for your personal company branding. The main room has state-of-the-art technology and an on-site technician to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NQ 0844 824 6516 Broadway House is an impressive Edwardian building and has been home to EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, since 1923. It has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment to enhance the facilities of this prestigious house.

The Auditorium at The Cavendish is equipped with technology to enhance a brand, ensuring the correct message is communicated to attendees. LED lighting within the room can reflect corporate colours, and an LCD projector either side of the main screen can display messages or a sponsor logo. The Auditorium also has a private catering room, The Whittington Suite, which can be divided into four smaller rooms to create separate spaces at no additional cost. The venue has two further meeting rooms suited to smaller events for up to 60 delegates.

Central Hall Westminster

Broadway House offers a full range of conference, meeting and private dining facilities with the addition of an inhouse chef. Suites for up to 110 delegates have the latest computer controlled audio-visual systems including Power Point, DVD and video-conferencing options and Wi-Fi with induction loops. Conveniently located in the heart of Westminster, close to government offices and The Houses of Parliament, Broadway House is the perfect venue to hold meetings and conferences of any kind. Close to both Waterloo and Victoria mainline stations and opposite St. James’s Park underground station, there are several hotels nearby with ample accommodation and an NCP car park available.

The Cavendish Conference Centre

Storey’s Gate, London, SW1 9NH 020 7654 3851

Central Hall Westminster is an Edwardian building dating from 1912 situated in the heart of London, adjacent to Westminster Abbey. Designed by Lanchester and Rickards in Viennese Baroque style, the ceiling of the Great Hall is reportedly the second largest of its type in the world. Many events of national importance have been held at Central Hall, perhaps the most famous being the Inaugural General Assembly of the United Nations in 1946, with guests returning for the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 1996.

22 Duchess Mews, London, W1G 9DT 020 7706 7700 The Cavendish Conference Centre in the heart of the West End, is located just minutes from Oxford Circus

The building has also welcomed British Prime Ministers, members of the Royal Family and ambassadors from countries across the world who have enjoyed the fine conference, meeting and banqueting facilities. Central Hall Westminster has also hosted the Ladbroke Grove, Marchioness and Bloody Sunday Public Inquiries. The venue offers a wide variety of event spaces: a boardroom, conference rooms, exhibition spaces and the Great Hall, which seats over 2,000 people. A dedicated professional from the events team will be entirely committed to making sure your event runs smoothly.


Church House Conference Centre

Winston Churchill is widely recognised as one of the greatest individuals in British history. Located within Westminster, the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms is the preserved site where Churchill and his War Cabinet led Britain and her allies to victory during the Second World War. The building is Grade II listed and on the edge of St James’s Park. Redesigned and refitted, the Harmsworth Room and the HCA Auditorium, adjacent to the award-winning Churchill Museum, give clients the opportunity to hold meetings, conferences, dinners or receptions in a prestigious, historic setting with all the comforts of a modern venue. The Switch Room is suited to intimate dinners, receptions and breakfast events. It can be decoratively themed with gas masks, billy cans, authentic trunks and sandbags, and waiting staff can also be dressed in military and 1940's clothing.

Dean’s Yard, London SW1P 3NZ 020 7390 1590 Boasting an enviable Central London location and exquisite views of Westminster Abbey, the Grade II listed Church House Conference Centre offers a stylish and tranquil setting for corporate and private events.

This once secret wartime bunker can accommodate as little as 10 to as many as 400 people.

City Inn Westminster

Church House’s diverse range of rooms, indulgent menus and advanced audio-visual facilities guarantee a hassle-free event. Whether you are hosting an intimate board meeting for six, a sumptuous gala dinner for 372, a product launch for 200 or a conference for 664, Church House combines elegance and professionalism to create the perfect surrounding. Nineteen rooms provide the versatility to bring any occasion to life. The stunning domed Assembly Hall is excellent for entertaining and a spectacular setting for formal dinners, cabaret-style events or a champagne and canapé reception. With state-of-the-art technology, the in-house audio-visual team work closely to develop the perfect lighting and sound accompaniments to any event.

Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms

30 John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4DD 020 7932 4604 City Inn Westminster provides guests with a contemporary environment to relax, work and entertain. Each guest room is designed to serve as a bedroom but also a bright living space. Attention to detail ensures comfort at every level, with floorto-ceiling windows, air-conditioning, sound-proofing, walk-in power showers, luxury bathrobes and toiletries and 24-hour room service. The hotel provides a modern iMac entertainment system with a personal computer in every room. Sky channels, music, complimentary films and Wi-Fi are available throughout the hotel. The acclaimed City Café restaurant coupled with the al fresco terrace, Art Street, serves the best in modern British dining. Millbank Lounge, the stylish bar, offers classic cocktails, an extensive wine list, tempting snacks and lighter meals.

Clive Steps, King Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AQ 020 7766 0134


The venue has flexible spaces for meetings and events, offering six purpose-built meeting and conference suites. Our conference spaces include service call buttons, telephone lines, Wi-Fi and high-speed internet access. City Inn boasts stunning views of the River Thames and is close to the theatre and shopping districts.

Grange Rochester Hotel

for 100 years, the historic building has been converted into a contemporary conference and events venue. With 18 meeting spaces, this is a superb setting for conferences, banquets, exhibitions, award ceremonies, product launches and cocktail parties. All are fully equipped with state-of-the art technology and communication systems, including the tiered lecture theatre. IET offers meeting rooms for four to 462, including two purpose-built theatres and the Riverside Room with stunning views of the Thames and The London Eye. A full range of catering and professional support services are at your disposal.

69 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PA 0845 450 9900

No. 4 Hamilton Place

The Grange Rochester is peacefully situated in the heart of Westminster. The hotel is a retreat from the bustle of the city, yet remains just moments from the capital’s attractions. It boasts 80 guest bedrooms, many with balconies and terraces, two restaurants, two bars and 10 versatile conference rooms catering for between three and 100 people. Versatility is an imperative aspect of the function rooms and syndicate suites are able to accommodate anything from a management meeting, seminar, audio-visual presentation or a private luncheon party. The main rooms are the Rochester, Victoria and Westminster suites and a variety of packages are available to suit your occasion. Enjoy afternoon tea, buffet lunches or three-course dinners, full use of TV and Video conferencing, Wi-Fi and projector screens. For private, public and business events, The Grange Rochester is entirely flexible for weddings, product launches and even exhibitions.

IET London: Savoy Place

4 Hamilton Place, London, W1J 7BQ 020 7670 4314 This Edwardian town house located in one of London’s most beautiful locations, Mayfair, has six meeting rooms, a modern lecture theatre and a heated terrace with stunning views across Hyde Park. No. 4 Hamilton Place is suitable for almost any event. With all the necessary modern conveniences and audio-visual equipment, this purpose-built lecture theatre accommodates up to 220 delegates. Private dinners are available for as little as 10 to as large as 180 guests in the formal rooms and in the grand salon, the Argyle Room. There are facilities for drinks receptions or barbeques for up to 200 on the outside terrace. Wedding and civil ceremony guests are offered exclusive use of the house for their special occasion. The rooms available for the celebrations are ideal for wedding breakfasts and the terrace is perfect for relaxing drinks. Entertainment opportunities can range from string quartets to a full band or discotheque.

Savoy Place, London, WC2R 0BL 020 7344 5479

An experienced events team are on hand to ensure you enjoy your experience. Easily accessible in the heart of London and on the bank of the Thames, IET London: Savoy Place offers an elegant and versatile venue in a prime location. Home to the prestigious Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)


Number 45 Millbank

Originally, this was the site of James I’s aviary. His grandson, Charles II, extended it as part of a post-restoration remodelling of St. James’s Park and Birdcage Walk was created. Before 1828, only the Hereditary Grand Falconer (the Duke of St. Albans) and the Royal Family could drive down it. The building is regarded as one of the finest examples of traditional architecture in Westminster and the interior and function rooms are styled to reflect Birdcage Walk’s heritage. Situated between the eighteenth-century houses of Queen Anne’s Gate and the Wellington Barracks, Birdcage Walk is surrounded by notable landmarks including Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

45 Millbank, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London 16 John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4JU 020 7514 8514

The venue is comprised of 17 rooms, ranging from the elegant and traditional to the modern and functional. Whether it is for an intimate dinner, large-scale conference or something in between, One Birdcage Walk is the perfect venue for any kind of event, formal or informal.

One Great George Street

Just steps away from the Tate Britain, Number 45 Millbank is a Grade II listed location featuring spectacular views across the Thames. Since 2004, it has been home to the world-famous Chelsea College of Art and Design, originally built as the Royal Army Medical Corps Headquarters Mess and College in 1904. Perfect for corporate entertaining and private events, groups of 15 to as large as 200 can enjoy the magnificently restored Edwardian rooms in this unrivalled setting. Today, Number 45 Millbank promises an unforgettable experience, combining Edwardian traditionalism with Chelsea’s modern elegance. The Banqueting Hall can accommodate up to 200 standing guests or 160 diners and is suitable for banquets, larger events and presentations. The Red Room is an individual space accommodating 60 guests seated or standing, but is also connected to the Banqueting Hall. Offering exclusive Central London outdoor facilities, Number 45 Millbank also houses a delightful ornamental garden, perfect for greeting guests.

One Birdcage Walk

1 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AA 020 7665 2323 One Great George Street is an award-winning conference and wedding venue just off Parliament Square and close to many of the capital’s major sights. Offering first class facilities and standards of service, this magnificent four-domed Edwardian building is perfect for any event. Whether it is a small meeting for 10, a large conference for over 100 or an elegant gala dinner, One Great George Street has the space to accommodate any occasion. You will also be introduced to your own personal event co-ordinator who will help organise and advise on every aspect of your function. Home to its own fine dining restaurant, Brasserie One, the modern European dishes served are enjoyed in a contemporary setting. Alternatively, the adjacent Café Bar serves quick and delicious meals. The area is now also available to hire for evening parties or private functions, as well as relaxing dinners and business lunches.

1 Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ 020 7973 1248


One Queen Anne’s Gate

Rebranded last year as One Wimpole Street, this venue now has some of the most advanced and unique meeting spaces, making it a key choice for medical and nonmedical events. Two lecture theatres seat 150 and 300 and include handheld audience-response units in every guest’s chair. This modern application allows for two-way communication. The Max Rayne Atrium provides the perfect backdrop for an evening dinner or drinks reception. Smaller meeting rooms are equipped with plasma screens and a full Wi-Fi network and modern AV department.

One Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9BT 020 7344 1811 One Queen Anne’s Gate is an ideal setting for meetings, conferences and private fine dining in a listed building set in a quiet Georgian street. Close to the Palace of Westminster, One Queen Anne’s Gate is linked to the House of Commons by the Division Bell. There are excellent transport links with St James’s Park Tube, Victoria and Waterloo stations all being in close proximity.

There is an emphasis on sustainability and the Royal Society of Medicine is proud of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy. A recycling programe ensures that they are actively working to reduce the amount of waste in the UK’s shrinking landfill spaces. Menus are also responsibly sourced. As the first venue to attain a BS8901 certification, customers know that their event will be managed responsibly. Guests can also benefit further from the expert support promised from the team of chefs and event professionals.

Royal Courts of Justice

There are nine air-conditioned rooms, eight of which have natural daylight. These unique spaces with all essential audio-visual equipment including plasma screens and video conferencing, have ranging capacities from a meeting of four, to a private dinner for 50, or theatre-style functions for 65 delegates. A greener meeting is part of the One Queen Anne’s Gate experience, with the venue receiving a bronze award from Green Tourism for London. The dedicated and experienced events team will be able to ease planning and ensure a successful occasion.

One Wimpole Street —The Royal Society of Medicine

The Strand, London, WC2A 2LL 020 7947 7726 Opened by Queen Victoria in 1882 and designed by George Edmund Street, the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) is a stunning Grade I listed building located in the heart of London’s theatre district. Home to the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, this Victorian, neo-Gothic building is rich in heritage and one of London’s most historical and memorable landmarks.

1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE 020 7290 2951

By night the RCJ transforms into an iconic events space. There are four event spaces available for between 50 to 1,000 guests, and the RCJ events team can recommend a wide range of catering, lighting, production, styling and entertainment solutions to ensure that your event is tailored to an individual audience. The RCJ have a growing reputation for hosting some of the capital’s finest events.


Royal Horticultural Halls and Conference Centre

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has 23 rooms accommodating up to 400 delegates. Guests can choose from a portfolio of magnificent suites and rooms that can host anything from corporate meetings or business conferences to more intimate occasions. The rooms are equally suitable for product launches, training courses, press launches and seminars, even fashion shows, weddings and private receptions. This art-deco landmark is located just five minutes from Oxford Circus and is the ideal venue for anyone with creative inclinations. Good food and hospitality is at the heart of the RIBA. Catering can range from a simple canapé reception or breakfast to designing your own four-course dinner, with all food being sourced responsibly.

80 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PE 0845 370 4606 One of London’s most iconic venues, The Royal Horticultural Halls and Conference Centre is in the heart of Westminster, just a few minutes walk from Victoria mainline, Tube and coach stations.

For larger functions, the Florence Hall and terrace are ideal, seating up to 250 for dinner or 400 for a standing reception. The First Floor Landing is perfect for drinks receptions for more intimate gatherings. Our professional audio-visual team can advise on staging, lighting and other areas of technical support.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The Halls offer superb catering and the opportunity to be themed for any event. The Royal Horticultural Halls can be used as a dramatic art-deco setting, a stylish Edwardian backdrop or even an elegant blank canvas. The architecturally striking Lawrence Hall is popular with organisers who want a London venue that can accommodate from 900—1,500 people with excellent catering. The Lindley Hall provides a setting for a wide variety of events, hosting conferences for up to 500 delegates and banquets for up to 420 guests. The venue supports the Royal Horticultural Society and all profits are used to further the charity’s goals. Recent clients have included The Carphone Warehouse, Maserati, The Rum Festival and Formula One in Schools.

Royal Institute of British Architects

12 Great George Street, Parliament Square, London, SW1P 3AD 020 7695 1521 The headquarters of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is an impressive red brick Victorian building on the corner of Parliament Square. Purpose-built for the Institution in 1899, the conference and banqueting facilities comprise 10 rooms, ranging from the intimate York Room to the grand oak-panelled Lecture Hall. The penthouse location, the President’s Suite, offers a prestigious dining and presentation area for parties of 18 for formal dining and up to 40 for buffet or reception events. From the adjacent terrace you can enjoy panoramic views of the Houses of Parliament. The Lecture Hall and Council Chamber can cater for over 60 guests and a special delegate rate is available. Smaller parties of around 30 may wish to book tables in the Twelve restaurant. There is also a modern café available on the ground floor.

66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD 020 7307 3888


RSA House

Sixty One Whitehall, formerly Henry VIII’s private bed chamber in the Tudor wing of the old Whitehall Palace, adjoins the Banqueting House, and was the only part of the Palace to escape destruction by fire in 1698. Sixty One Whitehall’s dedicated team cater for a wide variety of corporate and private events. Their aim is to provide personalised customer service tailored to your requirements. The Duke of Wellington Hall on the ground floor has a removable raised stage with a minstrel’s gallery at first floor level. Fully equipped with audio-visual facilities, it can host theatre-style presentations, conferences and meetings, as well as exhibitions. Alternatively, it can be used for seated luncheons and dinners or for cocktail receptions.

8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ, 020 7930 5115

The Library located above the Duke of Wellington Hall is an ideal setting for many types of events, from round-table discussions to elegant dinners and receptions. With 16,000 books it is a truly stunning room.

The Reading Room overlooking Whitehall is adjacent to the Library and is a distinguished setting for any meeting, reception or formal dinner. It can be hired on its own or in conjunction with the Library.

A famous centre for Enlightenment thinking, RSA House has been the intellectual home of some of the greatest thinkers of the past 200 years. In a prime location off The Strand, the hospitality team offer bespoke services to clients for conferences, location filming, product launches, press events, board meetings and private events.

St Martinin-the-Fields

The Great Room, decorated with a James Barry eigthteenth-century mural, offers a versatile auditorium for up to 200 guests with modern AV equipment. For smaller functions there are a range of rooms to accommodate 10 to 200 people. The Durham Street Auditorium is ideal for press screenings. For intimate launches and presentations the Folkestone, Tavern and Romney rooms are excellent choices. RSA’s unique Georgian rooms are ideal for company meetings. For parties of up to 200 guests the underground Vaults create a spectacular backdrop. Many rooms accommodate private catered events and all food at RSA House is sourced responsibly and locally wherever possible. Event menus include three-course dinners, food platters, hot and cold buffets, canapés and catering for work lunches.

Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 4JJ 020 7766 1165

Sixty One Whitehall

Due to its recent renovation, the eighteenth-century design of St Martin-in-the-Fields has been brought into the modern world with a series of new spaces for meetings, events, music and celebrations.

After spending £36 million on James Gibbs’ original Baroque masterpiece, the site is now entirely accessible for the first time. Architect Eric Parry’s design has transformed St Martin’s by flooding the Church and Crypt with natural light, restoring old spaces and creating new spaces for use by the community and businesses.

61 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2ET 020 7747 2643

The new St Martin’s Hall can cater for 120 guests and The Neville Marriner Rehearsal Room up to 40. The Gallery and the Café in the Crypt are also available to hire for a range of events for 120 and 350 guests respectively. With these new and enhanced spaces, St Martin’s is pleased to be able to offer customers exceptional choice when hiring a central London venue.


St. Stephen’s Club

Established by Royal Charter in 1902, The British Academy is a versatile venue that was once part of former Prime Minister William Gladstone’s residence. Situated at 10 Carlton House Terrace and built in 1831 by John Nash, the venue is centrally located, benefitting from the tranquillity of St James’s Park but also the buzz of the nearby theatre district. The British Academy has seven rooms; from the Marks Room that seats 12, the Reading Room for up to 80 and a space for up to 120 when the Lecture Hall and Council Room are combined. The venue has a range of delicious catering options that can be served in meetings, product launches or conferences. Catering can be tailored to create bespoke dining and the hospitality team are on hand to help make menu choices.

34 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AB 020 7222 1382 The St Stephen’s Club is a private member’s club that also serves as a unique events venue. The club was founded in 1870 under the patronage of Benjamin Disraeli, as a convenient meeting place for Conservative Members of Parliament.

Championing and supporting the humanities and social sciences, The Academy is an independent, self -supporting fellowship of scholars elected for their distinction and achievement.

The Caledonian Club

Today St Stephen’s is both a social hub and a cosy retreat in the heart of Westminster, treating all guests with discretion, warmth and efficiency. Here you can host private and corporate dinners, parties, receptions, barbeques, dances and concerts. There is also a conference centre with meeting rooms Overlooking St. James’s Park with its own secluded private garden, the lower ground floor can seat 30 guests and up to 100 including the outside area. The Dining Room can seat 100 whilst entertaining as many as 250 for a reception. Tastings are held to assist menu and wine selection and all aspects of wedding receptions, (flowers, music, late licenses, etc.) can be accommodated. Free parking is available after 6:30pm, St. James’s Park underground is a one-minute walk and the main line stations of Victoria and Charing Cross are both a 10-minute walk.

The British Academy

9 Halkin Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 7DR 020 7333 8722 The Caledonian Club, founded in 1891, is a private member’s club situated in the heart of Belgravia just five minutes from Hyde Park Corner and Victoria underground and bus stations. In 2006 a new five-storey wing was officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. It is an impressive venue for many different events, from weddings and award ceremonies, to PR briefings and board meetings. The eight private dining rooms for four to 250 guests extends to the provision of a private entrance at 9A Halkin Street exclusively for function guests. Number 9 was the last mansion house of its kind to be built in London. Membership is not a prerequisite to hiring the facilities.

10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH 020 7969 5200


The Terrace makes al fresco cocktail parties a great option for the summer months. The Club offers hospitality with a Scottish flair, fully embracing modern technology with all meeting rooms fitted with complimentary Wi-Fi or LAN connections. Our menu suggestions can be tailored to suit requirements and the wine list focusses on classic French wines with some superb offerings from further afield.

The Cinnamon Club

Now one hundred years old, The Goring celebrates a century of being London‘s quintessentially English hotel. The very last grand hotel of the Edwardian era to be built, The Goring is now the oldest, privately-owned luxury hotel in London. The refurbished Archive Room was officially reopened in January 2008 and can cater for 100 guests for a cocktail party and 44 guests for a seated breakfast, lunch or dinner. The room also leads to its own private sunken garden. The Breakfast Room is the smallest dining room, offering facilities for up to eight people. The Drawing Room is the perfect venue for lunches and dinners for up to 12 people and has an interactive 55-inch plasma screen that appears at the touch of a button.

The Old Westminster Library, 30-32 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BU 020 7222 2555 Formerly the Central Westminster Library and now a Grade II listed building, The Cinnamon Club is a unique Central London venue. Experience innovative modern Indian cuisine and choose from a selection of menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner events.

The Board Room, which seats up to eight people on the fourth floor is ideally suited to meetings. Lunch or buffets can be arranged, or guests can book a table as a break from meetings. The Gardens can be used for marquee functions and can cater for 200 seated guests for a cold buffet or 250 standing for a drinks event.

The King’s Fund

The main dining room retains many of its original features and has a gallery of bookshelves and domed skylights. The room is ideal for weddings, conferences and company parties. The private dining room is ideal for business meetings, presentations and private dinners. This room retains a similar grandeur; the glass panelling separating it from the restaurant allowing seclusion whilst not detracting from the atmosphere. The mezzanine area, overlooking the main dining room, is a private area ideal for informal events, networking evenings and dining receptions. The award-winning, lower level Cinnamon Club Bar has a contrastingly modern feel. With an innovative cocktail and canapé list, it is ideal for product launches, celebrations and pre-dinner drinks.

The Goring Hotel

11-13 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN, 020 7307 2474 The King’s Fund resides in a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse overlooking Cavendish Square. Following an extensive £3.5-million refurbishment, it now offers a choice of 20 flexible spaces, including its principal conference theatre for 225 delegates, The Burdett Suite and a new Conservatory that can be used in conjunction with other rooms, or independently. The Conservatory can cater for 200 people and provides an impressive space to host a variety of events. The Marlborough and Maynard Suites are theatres for 80 and 120 and are connected to separate rooms and flexible foyers.

15 Beeston Place, Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W OJW 020 7396 9000

A further two traditional rooms are offered in the Epstein Building; ideal for board meetings, away days, formal dinners and receptions. A delightful courtyard garden area is also available for al fresco entertaining. A dedicated conference services team, expert suppliers and in-house caterers will provide all the assistance required when planning your event.


The Northumberland

Buckingham Gate’s illustrious Private Rooms offer the perfect backdrop for any special occasion. Ornately furnished with impressive wood panelling, beautiful chandeliers and custom-made carpets, these rooms epitomise elegance and grandeur. With stunning and spacious suites, an award-winning private courtyard, attentive butlers, an indulgent spa, and the Michelin-starred Quilon, where head chef Sriram Aylur serves light but authentic South Indian coastal cuisine; the Private Rooms are a haven away from home.

8 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5BY 020 3263 1011 This new addition to The Westminster Collection is London’s most central venue, just steps away from Trafalgar Square. Formerly one of the most celebrated aristocratic residences in the city, this historical venue has a range of rooms to suit all requirements. The Northumberland contains the Ballroom, described by English Heritage as ‘the grandest example of a Victorian ballroom in existence’. This ground floor, palatial, Grade II Listed room seats up to 500. However, even larger is the Old Billiard Room.

Take advantage of the Central London location, impeccable staff, bespoke menus and an exceptional level of service for personal celebrations or professional functions. In conjunction with Executive Head Chef Brian Henry, the team caters for every detail including seating arrangements and entertainment. The hotel has a reputation for planning exclusive high-security events and accommodation for high-profile celebrities, heads of state and ambassadors as well as smaller functions ranging from weddings to end of year parties. The Private Rooms has a personal in-house events manager on hand to organise everything from ordering flowers to setting up lighting.

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

If you are looking for a more intimate function for a smaller number of guests, The Salon seats 80 people and is elegant with walnut panelling and a Jacobite plasterwork ceiling. Three large windows overlook Northumberland Avenue. In addition there are 10 other rooms available for hire, including the Brasserie and Bar, and a spectacular marble room with a 25-foot-high ceiling.

The Private Rooms at Buckingham Gate

Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3EE 020 7798 4426 Uniquely situated near well-known landmarks such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and The London Eye, London’s award-winning Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre is a purpose-built, premier events venue. It offers the finest facilities to guests, combining modern comfort with the latest technology, including internet access and wireless PC connection throughout. Easily accessible by public transport in the heart of Westminster, the Centre specialises in events appropriated for two to 2,500 delegates. Value for money conference rooms and smaller meeting rooms can be used flexibly to suit any exact requirements.

51 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AF 020 7963 8384


The cuisine is provided by award-winning Leith’s at the Centre, AV by Interface, complimenting a dedicated IT team—all offering outstanding in-house services tailored to make your event a successful and impressive one.

The Royal Institution of Great Britain

Founded in 1660, the Royal Society is the independent scientific academy of the UK. Scientists such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Dorothy Hodgkin and Stephen Hawking have all been elected as Fellows of the Society. The Society’s collection of paintings, sculpture and archives cover almost 350 years of scientific achievement. Overlooking the Mall and St James’s Park, the Royal Society occupies 9 Carlton House Terrace. Designed by John Nash in 1827, the refurbishment programme has since provided firstclass meeting and dining facilities, with video conferencing and live internet broadcasting. With12 flexible rooms, capacities range from 10 to 300 people. These can be hired by organisers of events promoting science policy, technology, engineering, education and the public understanding of science.

21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS 020 7670 2905 The Royal Institution is famous for its scientific heritage and research, being home to 14 Nobel prize winners and renowned for discovering 10 chemical elements. The completion of a recent redevelopment project has transformed the Mayfair building into an exciting and inspiring venue, providing a unique mix of historic and modern spaces.

The Society’s catering team has designed a broad choice of carefully selected menus to suit a wide range of culinary tastes. The Royal Society only sources fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

The Victory Services Club

The famous Faraday Theatre has been fitted with new seating and audio-visual equipment, making it ideal for conferences, award shows and screenings. The elegant Georgian rooms provide the perfect backdrop for meetings, dinners and drinks parties. The newest addition to the event spaces is the glass atrium that holds a wedding license for civil ceremonies and partnerships. Delegates and guests are welcome to visit the free museum and relax in Time & Space, the new café, bar and restaurant run by in-house caterers, Digby Trout.

63-79 Seymour Street, London, W2 2HF 020 7616 8305

Royal Society

The Victory Services Club (VSC) was founded in 1907 and since 1957 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh has remained the Patron-in-Chief. This prestigious venue offers over 100 years of experience in delivering quality events and conferencing.

Whether you are planning a business meeting, training seminar, away day, conference, wedding receptions, dinner, or private party, all the vital elements are available to make any event a success. With eight event rooms, the VSC can accommodate from as little as two to as many as 300 guests.

6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG 020 7451 2500

The club also offers accommodation for guests. The venue is perfectly positioned to enjoy everything that the West End has to offer after hours. The VSC is a Hospitality Assured Organisation and is the first London venue to achieve the Meetings Industry Association’s Gold standard for ‘Accredited in Meetings’. VSC is a two-minute walk from Oxford Street and easily accessible from all major routes into London, including mainline rail stations at Paddington, Euston and Kings Cross.


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Affiliate Members • • • •

LEYF London Apprenticeship Company SOLT Westminster Kingsway College

Pocket London Guides Rivers Reach, Gartons Way, London, SW11 3SX 020 7720 1166


St Martin-in-the-Fields

Google Global Westminster is the media, marketing and advertising heart of London, with some of the world’s most creative companies based here. Overlooking the Thames you’ll find one of the world’s most cutting edge organisations; Google, and their modern, brightly coloured offices, more commonly known as the Googleplex.

How do you think technology in general will change the manner in which business is conducted? At Google, we say that ‘technology is leading us out of recession.’ These days on the web, everyone can learn about everything and each other, meaning advertisers can easily be reached. Businesses can target niche audiences and no longer need to be limited to a local level. They can launch products internationally using exactly the same technology. How important is it for the Google brand to have an office in Westminster?

Mark Howe, Country Sales Director of Google

Mark Howe, Country Sales Director of Google, talks about how technology can change the way we carry out business in the future and why Westminster is the place to be based. How can Google products allow businesses to collaborate internationally? The rise of internet-based Cloud Computing is changing the face of the internet. Cloud Computing leads to transparency between businesses and allows consumers to have a complete dialogue with each other.

It’s important for Google to be close to our customers and major advertisers in Europe, many of which are based around Soho, Charlotte Street, and Victoria. Westminster also gives us easy access to the airports, as we also often have to travel to our European Head Office in Dublin and to our offices in the US. Why is London so important for you to conduct business with the media, advertising and creative industries? There are 42 million people online in the UK and online retailing is estimated to be worth £25 billion this year. Online marketing has grown to be a quarter of all advertising revenue outpacing most other international markets. London is without doubt a key centre for online marketing in the UK and within Europe. Google's modern office in Westminster

Google products allow anyone anywhere in the world to work on the same document, presentation or spreadsheet. I can’t imagine having to go back to opening, cutting and pasting from documents not hosted on the Cloud. What kind of impact will new mobile applications have on businesses that are trying to reach potential customers globally? Consider that mobile phones today are simply supercomputers and that there are four billion mobile phones users in the world. There are three times the number of people accessing the internet through their mobile phones than through computers. Mobile phones open the internet to people that don’t have a computer and this is proven especially in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and India. It’s having a huge impact on people’s lives. 27

From Work to Play: Westminster by Day London may take its thriving economic culture seriously but there is nothing sombre about the city’s recreational possibilities. For a brief respite from the pressures of business, allow time to take advantage of some of the world’s most highly acclaimed museums, galleries and artistic venues. Join the well-heeled on London’s leading fashion streets or be active in the capital’s Royal Parks that cover almost 5,000 acres of land in the city.

Royal Parks Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Green Park and St. James’s Park London’s parks offer a fantastic range of activities and attractions at any time of year. In the summer months, the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park showcases popular productions of contemporary and traditional plays. Hyde Park’s water sports are enjoyed even through the winter; hire boats and swim in the Serpentine if you dare. From St. James’s Park, view the magnificent Buckingham Palace and visit the Canada Gate and Memorial in Green Park.

Shopping in London

Ancient art at the Victoria and Albert Museum

There’s never a shortage of money-spending opportunities in London and the city has gone from strength-to-strength in fashion and retail industries. Amongst the prestigious designers that sit stalwart in the elite shades of Bond Street and Knightsbridge, fresh talent and innovative high street and designer collections continue to pepper Oxford and Regent's Streets and areas such as Covent Garden.

Museums and Galleries Tate Britain, Queen’s Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum Fashion and shopping on Regent's Street

Take a break in Hyde Park

Some of the world’s most precious and historic artifacts lie in the museums and galleries of Westminster. Eminent names such as the Tate Britain house illustrious artworks both from our generation and the last, with new exhibitions headlining frequently. There is an abundance of modern and ancient art; the Victoria and Albert Museum, for example, is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts.

‘The National Gallery and Westminster Abbey are Westminster’s most popular attractions, enticing four million tourists per year.’


From Work to Play: Westminster by Night Jazz Clubs Ronnie Scott’s, 47 Frith Street, London, W1D 4HT, 020 7439 0747 Being labelled one of the oldest jazz clubs in the world has certainly given Scott’s a reputation but following a major refurbishment in 2006, the venue is far from dated. Probably the most famous jazz club in London, it features the best current international acts every night of the week.

Highland hospitality at Boisdale

Boisdale of Belgravia, 15 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LX, 020 7730 6922 An elegant Regency townhouse that boasts two bars and a reputable restaurant; this is jazz entertainment with Highland hospitality. Named after the home of a noble Scottish clan and boasting an award-winning selection of malt whiskies, Boisdale hosts accredited sets of live jazz music Monday to Saturday from 10pm onwards.

The Rockwell Bar is a bourbon lovers delight

Bars Claridge's Bar, 49 Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4HR, 020 7629 8860 The pristine bar at Claridges never fails to disappoint in service and effortless elegance. The cocktails are served in crystal, the spirit selection is impeccable and the bar menu specialises in sushi and sashimi alongside other seasonal light meals. The Rockwell Bar at The Trafalgar Hotel, 2 Spring Gardens, Trafalgar Square, London, SW1A 2TS, 020 7870 2900 Serving every kind of Bourbon possible, the minimalist and understated Rockwell Bar allows for an unparalleled view of Nelson’s Column and indeed, London. A chic and low-key venue in an unrivalled setting. Milk and Honey, 61 Poland Street, London, W1F 7NU, 020 7069 6840 Principally a member’s club, the non-member protocol means you must call and book in advance to secure a place in this elite London venue. With an impressive cocktail list and a selection of rare

Elegance and cocktails at Claridge's Bar

bottles sourced at auction and from around the world, the clientele it attracts are the trendy crowd you'd expect in this intimate Soho venue. Duke’s Hotel Bar, St. James’s Place, London, SW1A 1NY, 020 7491 4840 The Martinis here are said to have inspired Ian Fleming’s coinage of the phrase ‘shaken not stirred’. This being the case, the extensive and innovative list will not fail to disappoint. Intimate, comfortable and a true retreat from London’s fast pace. If Martinis are not your tipple of choice, there is a notable selection of vintage cognacs and malt whiskies to sample.


London’s West End... actors and actresses for short-term productions that prove to be consistently in high demand. Eagerly anticipated in 2010 is Private Lives, starting on 24 February, starring Kim Catrall and Matthew Macfadyen, Waiting for Godot, starting on 21 January, starring Ian McKellan, and All My Sons, starting on 19 May, starring Zoe Wanamaker and David Suchet.

Westminster is certainly at the core of London’s business sector, but it also plays host to another business culture; the West End. A trip to the capital’s iconic theatre district is a prerequisite. Experience the diversity of lively musicals, brooding plays and belly-aching comedies. Some of the longstanding shows have been favourites for years; The Mousetrap for example, is the longest running show of any kind in the world, making its debut in 1952. Popular musicals such as Billy Elliot, Les Misérables, Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera continue to produce steady revenue, and therefore are established as permanent productions. As a net currency earner, West End theatre contributes an estimated £2.5 billion to the UK economy and is in fact bigger than the television and film industries. Consequently, London has continued to attract high-profile

With the continuously adapting and evolving plethora of productions, theatre in London has never dated and the opportunity to push artistic boundaries is unremitting. Amongst the venues in the West End, The Donmar Warehouse continuously produces critically acclaimed plays, and the wellestablished Royal Opera House and Royal Albert Hall are two of the city’s premier dance, opera and music venues.

Billy Elliot, Romeo and Juliet and Jersey Boys

Outselling New York’s Broadway with over 13 million visitors each year, the theatre in London remains one of the city’s most popular attractions.

...and the Future Paul James, Commercial Manager of the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) 2008 had the highest ever record of attendances to West End productions, how did this compare to 2009?

for acting on stage, but if a Hollywood star does well they will raise the profile of the West End.

We have high hopes that the figures have risen in 2009. In 2008, we had 13.9 million attendances Paul James of SOLT and we’re confident we exceeded the 14 million mark for 2009. This would be a phenomenal achievement considering the financial backdrop of the past couple of years. There are also no signs that this growth is over, which is great.

There is something of a theatre centre in London. There are 52 theatres close to each other in the West End, so tourists have many different options. The productions just seem to have caught the public’s imagination; not only the upbeat musicals, but it has actually been a particularly fantastic year for plays.

Do you think the new celebrity trend of appearing in the West End has contributed to the industry’s success in recent years? The trend isn’t actually all that new, even in the 30s, 40s and 50s film stars starred in theatre. Noel Coward and Laurence Olivier for example, started their careers in the West End. There is a different skill set required 30

Why do you think going to a West End show has been such a focal point for tourists visiting London?

How is the industry planning to expand and develop in the future? We are very lucky to have so many theatres that have survived in London; the property costs and planning considerations would rule out creating Theatreland today. There are obviously lots of schemes to involve young people in theatre and we also run the 'tkts' booth in Leicester Square that sells half-price tickets. Theatre is becoming more and more accessible for everyone.

Restaurants Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RL, 020 7235 6000 With two Michelin stars, the expectations are high for this French restaurant. It certainly does not disappoint, and head chef Marcus Wareing is behind the scenes to ensure that every dish is executed to its impeccable standard. For sophisticated fine dining and outstanding service, this hotel restaurant is among the best in London.

Michelin-starred elegance

Scott’s 20 Mount Street, W1K 2HE, 020 7495 7309 Famous for its wide selection of oysters in the bar, this award-winning restaurant ensures that all seafood is responsibly sourced and that it is also highly seasonal. With specialities such as spider crab and razor clams you will be forgiven for thinking you are right by the sea.

Award-winning oyster bar

Corrigan’s Mayfair 28 Upper Grosvenor Street, W1K 7EH, 020 7499 9943 For quintessential British cuisine, Corrigan’s prides itself on serving honest, hearty courses complimented by an excellent selection of wines. With an emphasis on ‘home cooking’, this is traditional British hospitality enhanced by seasonal produce, sourced from hand-picked suppliers.

Hearty British cuisine and style

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 13-15 West Street, WC2H 9NE, 020 7010 8600 Predominantly French with subtle modern European influences, Robuchon’s two Michelin star reputation lives on in this popular restaurant. To encourage the relationship between chef and guest, an eating counter wraps around the kitchen, meaning that you can see the food being prepared and interact with the chefs as they cook for you.

French flair with modern influences

Le Caprice Arlington House, Arlington Street, SW1A 1RJ, 0207 629 2239 For food that is sophisticated, modern and entirely unpretentious, Le Caprice’s brasserie-style menu will not fall short of expectation. The service is renowned for being flawless and this is one of the best places in London to enjoy a pre- or post-theatre dinner.

A modern and sleek brasserie

J. Sheekey 28-32 St. Martin’s Court, WC2N 4AL, 0207 240 2565 One of the most reputable seafood restaurants in London, J. Sheekey serves fresh, uncomplicated fish and shellfish dishes. Choose from separate menus of crab, oysters, caviar or market fish and then move on to nostalgic mains such as traditional fish pies, stews or fish and chips. All fish suppliers are certified by the by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Uncomplicated and reputable



Things You Didn’t Know About Westminster 1.

95 percent of tourists to London visit Westminster.


That’s 28.5 million visitors a year.


Business tourists to Westminster spend four to five times more than those here for leisure and sightseeing.


There are 182 different nationalities resident in Westminster, the highest of any London borough.


More people are employed in Westminster than in any other local authority area in Great Britain.


The largest industrial group in Westminster is banking, finance and insurance, which makes up over 37 percent of employment in the area.


Westminster has 250,000 residents but has 1,000,000 commuters, workers, students and tourists entering the district each day.


35 percent of London’s available bed space is in Westminster.


There are around 450 hotels and 30,000 bars, clubs and restaurants in Westminster.


Westminster is home to the Monarchy, the Government, many Commonwealth High Commissions and foreign embassies.


The City has over 11,000 listed buildings of architectural and historical significance.


The Palace of Westminster, better known now as the Houses of Parliament, used to be the primary London residence for the Kings of England until a fire destroyed a large part of the building in 1512.


The Houses of Parliament is a World Heritage site, one of only four in London.


London used to be made up of two ancient cities; the City of Westminster and the City of London.


Westminster was established as a borough in 1965.


The borough of Westminster spreads across 2,204 hectares of London.


The borough of Westminster is served by 27 Tube stations and 10 of the 12 London underground lines.


There are 52 theatres all within walking distance of each other in Westminster’s West End.


West End theatres outsell New York’s Broadway with over 13 million visitors each year.


The number of tourists coming to Westminster during the Olympics 2012 are hard to predict, but current estimations suggest that London may receive as many as five million visitors.

St Stephen’s Club is one of London’s most authentic private clubs. Situated in a listed Victorian town house at Queen Anne’s Gate, and with roots stretching back 130 years, this is a place that has always attracted the great and the good - from Harold Macmillan to Margaret Thatcher. Today St Stephen’s Club is both a social hub and a cosy retreat in the heart of Westminster, treating all guests with discretion, warmth and efficiency. Members span all ages and walks of life. What unites them is a shared love of the good things in life. From the discreet nameplate on the door, through to the elegant reception and dining areas, the club exudes integrity. Its central location makes this the perfect setting, whether for an intimate business meeting or a large-scale celebration. St Stephen’s Club is a part of the London Wedding Corner ( From your engagement and wedding rings, through to the invitations, the venue, the flowers, the photography and the all important wedding cake, the London Wedding Corner will be there to help and support you. No request too large, no detail too small. “A warm and friendly environment with excellent service and attention to detail”

St Stephen’s Club, 34 Queen Anne’s Gate, SW1H 9AB, t: 02072221382, f: 02072228740 e:

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