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POLO at Twilight 25 YEARS of Twilight Polo at Great Meadow. A model that works.


You can feel

the arena wall reverberating against your palms as you lean forward towards the roar of the fast approaching ponies which are completely encircled in a cloud of dust like a cyclone trapped inside a barn. The cheers of the crowd are deafening, almost equaling the ominous roar of the hooves, drowning out the shouts and commands of the players as they strategically and relentlessly drive the ball forward. You duck as the ball goes sailing past your head seeming to momentarily pause in midair right before your eyes before sailing off in a long arc down field towards the goal. It was a 2 pointer and the actions thick tonight. Its Saturday night. And you’re at Great Meadow for a fun and thrilling evening of Twilight Polo.

Equestrian events including the International Gold Cup, the FEI Nations Cup and more. During this time his son Peter began taking Polo lessons. And seeing Peter travel to other areas to play didn’t make sense. Nick, an avid Polo player himself decided to leverage the center to help bring spectator polo to a wider audience and drive interest and participation in the sport. But he didn’t build a Polo field. Instead he built an arena. While field Polo is the traditional venue, Arundel felt Arena Polo would be easier for spectators to follow along and feel more involved. “Polo is much easier to watch and understand in the arena if you have never seen the sport.” – Teresa Connors Condon, Director of Operations

Just an hour out of the nation’s capital and a brief 2 miles off the freeway nestled among the trees and rolling hills of Virginia sit 380 acres of equestrian wonderland known as Great Meadow. Founded in 1982 by Arthur “Nick” Arundel, a former US Marine Combat officer of 2 wars (Korea, Vietnam) who went on to become a well-known News Executive and Philanthropist. Arundel saw the potential of the land which had previously been slated for a 500-home development project. His father had been chairman of the Virginia Gold Cup since 1930 and with their lease expiring in 1982, Nick Arundel saw the opportunity to preserve the land and provide the Virginia Gold Cup a new home. So, in 1980 Arundel bought the land, then invested millions of his own money developing it into the sprawling equestrian Eventing center that it is today. Great Meadow went on to not only host the Virginia Gold Cup races but many other

Construction began on the arena stadium and on Saturday, October 23rd, 1993, Twilight Polo at Great Meadow launched its Inaugural match and it was an instant hit with the fans. “Twilight Polo was popular from the get-go. Once the lights were installed, it was full.” – Bobby Hilton, GM Grounds Manager.


Players came from all around the area, from DC businessmen to 5 goal professional players. The arena has also drawn its fair share of celebrity guests in the stands, including Academy Award winning actors Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. Celebrities have also played in the arena, including media personalities like news Fox news correspondent Shepherd “Shep” Smith, and news analyst (CNN\FOX\HBO VICE) David Tafuri. The biggest draws of course tend to be the professional players seen weekly in the arena. In April 2007 Former Captain of the United

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Elite Equestrian magazine march april 2018 issue  

Elite Equestrian magazine March April 2018 issue Celebrating the equestrian life style #eliteequestrian

Elite Equestrian magazine march april 2018 issue  

Elite Equestrian magazine March April 2018 issue Celebrating the equestrian life style #eliteequestrian

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