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Hannah and Jason May 14, 2016


All about us and our wedding

Hannah and Jason

Thank You Our big day has finally arrived, and we couldn't be happier to have you here to celebrate it with us! We would first like to thank our amazing families. We wouldn't be here without all the love and support you've given us throughout our lives. Second, we'd like to thank the members of our wedding party. You have all helped us with so many wedding- planning details and have given us so much emotional support over the hectic period of the past few months. We would also like to honor all of our family members and friends who could not be here today. We love you always, and will forever be thinking of you. Now, let's all eat, drink, and dance! Sincerely, Jason and Hannah

May 14, 2016

Hannah and Jason

About Our Wedding St. Joseph's Catholic Church 300 West Mountain Ave Fort Collins, CO May 14, 2016, 4:00 p.m. Wedding host(s): Chuck and Aya Winfield

The Reception Sunset Event Center 242 Linden Street Fort Collins, CO May 14, 2016, 5:30 p.m.

May 14, 2016

Hannah and Jason

About the Bride and Groom Bride


March 22, 1985

Birth Date

July 26, 1984

Denver, CO

Birth Place

Lincoln, NE

Fort Collins, CO

Current City

Loveland, CO

Event planner


Sports editor

Cherry Creek High School

High School

Mountain View High School

a happy mother and wife

In 10 years, I'd like to be...


May 14, 2016

Hannah and Jason

How We Met As Jason puts it, "I never thought I'd feel so lucky to have my flight cancelled." If it hadn't been for the extra hour Jason spent waiting at the Denver airport after bad weather cancelled his flight to Boston, he'd have never met the love of his life. "I was in a big hurry to catch a flight to Phoenix for a business trip, and I must have looked really worried," Hannah says. "Jason was standing in line in front of me to get lunch and asked if I needed to go ahead of him. He seemed like the nicest guy, and super cute, too." The two struck up a conversation, and Jason ended up walking Hannah to her gate for her departing flight. Knowing just enough to find Hannah on Facebook -- Jason sent her a friend request the next day. The two became fast online friends, and Jason asked Hannah out on a date a couple weeks later. The rest, as they say, is history.

May 14, 2016

Hannah and Jason

Our Favorite Things Bride


Moonrise Kingdom

Favorite movie

Old School


Favorite food


Happy (Pharrel)

Favorite song

Scarlet Begonias

Valentine's Day

Favorite holiday



Favorite color


His sense of humor

Favorite thing about your spouse to be

Her positive attitude

May 14, 2016

Hannah and Jason

Our Favorite Photos

Our dog Bryce in Crested Butte, CO

The best camping trip ever!

In our element

Chamonix, France

My favorite photo from our trip to France!

Jason's nephew enjoying the fall colors

May 14, 2016

Hannah and Jason

Bride or Groom? Trivia How well do you know the Bride & Groom? Decide if the following clues relate to the Bride (A) or the Groom (B). *Answers found at the bottom of the page. _____ 1. Takes 17 vitamins and supplements every day. _____ 2. Won a poetry contest at the age of 12. _____ 3. Has climbed 27 of Colorado's fourteeners. _____ 4. Loves to dance. _____ 5. Favorite animal is the sloth. _____ 6. Wants five kids. _____ 7. Wears long underwear when it's 50 degrees out. _____ 8. Loves triathlons. _____ 9. First job was a carhop at Sonic. _____ 10. Was a vegetarian for 6 years.

Answers:1) B - groom 2) A - bride 3) B - groom 4) A - bride 5) A - bride 6) B - groom 7) B - groom 8) B - groom 9) A - bride 10) A - bride

May 14, 2016

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