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In Our Katie & Mike Redmond The Redmonds, Forest Park-based musicans Katie and Mike Redmond are The Redmonds, a Forest Park-based musical act. Mike Redmond has performed professionally for 30 years. He first entered the music scene as a teenage soundman for Soundz Music in 1979, working with such bands as Cheap Trick, Molly Hatchet, the Dixie Dregs, and America. Katie Hull Redmond joined Mike in music and marriage in 2005. A trained singer, she has performed professionally at weddings, corporate events, festivals, and other social functions around the Chicago area for 20 years. How long have you worked in Forest Park? We’ve been working together as The Redmonds for the past 10 years. Mike was here first and has managed a professional music career based out of Forest Park since 1997. What brought you to Forest Park and what keeps you here? Mike moved to Forest Park to be close to his bandmates in the area; I joined him in 2005. It’s the perfect location for us to run our music business, allowing us to play at small local venues as well as clubs like FitzGerald’s and Wire.


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Katie and Mike Redmond with their daughters. Its central location also enables easy access to the city as well as the suburbs for festivals throughout Chicagoland. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Our kids get us out of the bed in the morning — literally and figuratively! We are raising two daughters, ages 8 and 9. Both attend Forest Park public schools and participate in many programs offered through Forest Park organizations. They are learning music — our youngest takes drum lessons and our oldest is learning guitar. Both sing and we spend time doing what we all enjoy most: music! What keeps you awake at night? The same things that oth-

ers worry about I suppose — finances, our children’s well-being and such. We are grateful we all have our health and thankful to live in a community that has our back. What do you love about Forest Park? We love the continuity between all aspects of the Forest Park community. The schools, park district, community center, police and fire departments, etc., operate under the same motto with our community’s kids — Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe. They follow the same guidelines everywhere they go. The workers in our community know us, know our children, and support our family and business 100 percent.

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2016 - 2017 Forest Park Answer Book  

2016 - 2017 Forest Park Answer Book