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Sarah Goss Photography

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a c c o m m o d a t i o n s , r e h e a r s a l d i n n e r, v e n u e / C A M P L U C Y b r o w n i e b a r, c a t e r i n g , d e c o r / r e n t a l s / W H I M H O S P I TA L I T Y

b r i d al g ow n , b r i d e sm ai d s’ at t ire / S E R E N D I P I T Y B R I D A L e n t e r t a i n m e n t , l i g h t i n g / A LTA R E D W E D D I N G S & E V E N T S


photog raphy / S A R A H G O S S P H OTO G R A P HY realized what was happening. After reading a cute note he had written her, Ben

SW E E T BE G INNI NG S: First meeting in kindergarten, Brooke and Ben were best

asked Brooke to marry him. Of course said yes! Back at the house, Brooke was

friends, May Day partners and Valentine’s Day dates. Unfortunately, due to both

surprised by a room full of family and friends.

families moving, the two drifted apart. It wasn’t until freshman orientation at Texas Tech University that the two reconnected. After a school transfer, space was put

BEAUTIFUL BLO O MS: Brooke’s bouquet was a stunning wild design of white and

between them again, but they kept in touch. After her senior year, Brooke moved

hot pink garden roses, ranunculus, freesia, spirea branch, white hellebore, seeded

in with her brother for an internship. She, her brother and Ben would occasionally

eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus designed by Sweet Magnolia Floral Studio.

go out for drinks, but neither told the other their true feelings. Finally, after a

It had the perfect pop of color to help her stand out on her big day.

friend’s wedding in May, Brooke asked Ben to meet up with her group after. He agreed and after that, their relationship took off!

SAVO RY SWEETS: Not wanting a traditional cake for the groom’s cake, Ben opted

for a brownie sundae bar. Whim Hospitality provided delicious brownies, vanilla

A P E RF E CT P RO P O SAL : It was Brooke’s birthday, and Ben was flying in from

and chocolate ice cream and an assortment of toppings such as hot fudge and

a business trip so he could spend the weekend with her and her family. With

Reeses Pieces.

Brooke’s entire family behind the surprise proposal, her mom and dad told Brook she needed to dress cute because she had not seen her boyfriend in a while.

other local vendors: Kara’s Cakes • Puckett Pro • Sarah Sallis • Megan Milstead

After picking Ben up from the airport, Brooke’s parents asked her to stop by the

Makeup Artistry • Thacker Jewelry • Salem’s Jewelry • Deer Run Chauffeur

campground and pick up a tackle box that was “forgotten” by one of their family

Service • ILC films • Frills Boutique Event Consulting • Connar Joy Calligraphy •

friends. Not suspecting a thing, the two made their way to the dock. It was not

Hodgepodge Design

until Ben grabbed the tackle box from her and led her onto the pier that she -A73-

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