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"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn. -Ben Franklin


We believe youth livestock projects are some of the most beneficial extracurricular activities to help build our next generation, not only in agriculture but in developing a strong sense of leadership, commitment and a great work ethic.

This is why we strive every day at Wedig Cattle to produce and market the most functional, dependable and eye appealing cattle. We would be honored to be part of your family's journey to success.

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Lot 1

IGWT x 220 Char DOB: February Steer

Materal sib

Materal Sib


Over the last few years, we have heard from most of the steer traders that there just isn't enough state fair-sized animals in the countryside to fill their homes. Well, I think this year we have a whole pile of them starting with this bovine version of the abominable snowman. He's big and burly, ready to go early and got the build and hair to do it with authority. He's a Real American Man.

Lot 2

Wynne In Doubt x Nick/Cervesa DOB: March Steer #6725

Lot #2 Pasture Shot

A standout since he was born, this WID is built awesome everywhere from how his toes hit the ground all the way up through the upper portions of his skeleton. It’s tough to build them this unique and still have enough muscle to be competitive. If you are lucky enough to end up with a green box around this dude at the end of the sale, hopefully you’re good with having your feet taped to the bicycle, cause you’re in for the ride of your life.

Lot 3

IGWT x Irish Whiskey DOB: February Steer

Materal sib

Materal Sister


It is believed that it takes 30 days of consistently doing something to form a habit. Well Tipsy here has done it for the last 3 years; so she’s got the gig down pat! Smokey calves of hers have been highlights in our sale the last few years, including Lot 1 in 2018 who went onto win her county fair and was Reserve Market Animal at her respective Iowa Showdown.

Lot 4

Here I Am x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: February

Full sib



Not much to say here, the calf and pedigree speak for themselves. We know how this one works and think an awful lot of this rascal, we think he can ride for the brand.

Lot 4A One Conventional Flush Donor Cow #7 (Irish Whiskey) Your Choice of Sire

Lot 4B Set of 3 Embryos Broker x Donor Cow #7

Sale Sunday September 20. 2020

Lot 5

Hi Ho Silver x Irish Whiskey/Rowdie DOB: February Heifer



Ho, Hi Ho off to the backdrop we go! Unique color, great build with the size and shag to compete at all levels. This one will also make an incredibly unique breeding piece to have in the pasture once she gets done filling your trophy room with hardware.

"Lead me, Follow me or Get out of the way" -Gen George Patton

Lot 5A

Set of 3 Embryos Ali x Donor Cow #4

Selling Sunday Septmeber 20, 2020 7pm SConlinesales.com

Lot 6

Good As It Gets x Daddy's Money/Ice Pick DOB: February Heifer


Good as it Gets fits this one perfectly. If she had her own Instagram, she would be raking in the dough being an influencer. Use the Place Bid button to make sure you’re the one following her all year.

Lot 7

IGWT x 220 Char DOB: February Steer

Materal sib

Materal Sister


This one has the, you know the one thingy. C’mon man. Unlike Sleepy Joe, you won’t be hiding out once you unload this behemoth at the show. He’s got the pieces to do big things down the road. We hope this one can stay in WI and fight for the belt on his home turf.

Lot 8

Here I Am x Ali/Who Da Man/Meyer DOB: February Steer


We call this one peaceful protest, because when he comes to town he’s gonna burn it down. When you think of a state fair steer at this age, this is how we feel one needs to be built. Stout featured, sound, hairy but still green enough in his condition to know he’s still got plenty of gas left in the tank to turn into an ultra-competitive fat steer. We left his boys in place an extra 2 months than the rest of the steers in the sale because we had such high hopes for him but we decided to change gears on this final destination so he is a bit more raw in his condition and not quite as haired up as his contemporaries.

Lot 9

Here I Am x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: February Steer

Materal sib

Full Brother


Mr. Smooth here is impeccably constructed, so attractive from the side you wouldn’t think you could pack that much punch from behind but he does and does it with authority. This one has closely resembled the Grand Steer at Indiana last year his whole life. Simply stated, we think this one slaps, and hopefully the judge will too.

Lot 10


"I will prepare and someday my chance will come" -Abraham Lincoln

Justin 608.482.3124

Mitchell 608.482.4123

Levi 608.482.4185Â

Lot 11

Ain't Bluffin x Connealy Thunder DOB: February Heifer


This one’s picture Ain’t Bluffin, she’s that good. Breeding heifer masterpiece here, we don’t breed for many true breeding type animals, but our track record for the few that we have attempted has been very successful, most have ended up at a state fair backdrop.

Lot 12

IGWT x Firewater/Whiskey DOB: February Heifer

This outstanding market heifer was created out of an experiment we thought went horribly wrong years ago. We took our best whiskey donors and flushed them to Firewater and Game on, and anyone who has attempted anything similar knows you just end up with a litter of rat, tails. The calves were built so well that we knew we needed to keep a few around and see if we could breed out of it in one generation. And now that we have figured out how to use these cows effectively, you will be seeing many more sale features out of them in the future. We think this is as good of a market heifer prospect as we have ever raised. Or if producing smokey show steers is your jam, she would be a stand out in that field.

Lot 13

IGWT x 220 Char DOB: February Steer

Materal sib

Maternal Sib


They say where there’s smoke there’s fire and this flush proves that true because they are all coming on hot! 3rd in the sale of the flush, where he sits in comparison to the others, that’s up to you guys tonight. We think all 6 of these in the right home can do what they need to do with the right management, so if you’re after a white one, we don’t think you’ll find a group this consistent anywhere else in the country.

Lot 14

Risk It For The Biscuit x Whizard/Whiskey DOB: February Steer


There will be no risk involved with this steer unlike what his sires name implies. As massive featured of a calf as any in the sale, this guy looks to be a fault free fat steer prospect. Who doesn’t love a little Whizard/Whiskey combo on the bottom side to insure a great feeding calf. When it’s time to get that bread, make it a biscuit.

Lot 15

Here I Am x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: February Steer

Materal sib

Full Brother


When writing this many sale descriptions, sometimes you get a writers block. We think this one speaks for himself so IYKYK

Lot 16

IGWTÂ x 220 Char DOB: February

Maternal Sib



If you’re looking to take care of business, then this is a great way to do it. She will excel in the showring whether you go composite or feed her hard and run her market. Then take her home and kick her out to be a prolific producer in your herd and bring home the bacon, in the form of greenbacks.

Lot 17

IGWT x 220 Char DOB: February Steer


This stranger might be ghost white pale, but he will be be giving your program a light. As David Allen Coe put it, you’re in for a long hard ride. Keeping this guy clean might be hard, but if you can master that, he will end up as the king of the castle. Bid now or forever hold your peace.

Lot 18

Wynne In Doubt x Hard Whiskey DOB: February Steer


This steer here what Tom T Hall would classify as a “Sneaky Snake”. He might not stand out when compared to a few of the lads in front of him in the offering but he will take you dancing in the end that’s forsure, we think this one has the running gear and overall build to be as good as any calf in the offering when its time to sort the diamonds from the salt.

"...Farmers, I LOVE YOU" @RealDonaldTrump

Lot 19

Getcha Some

x 7 Irish Whiskey

DOB: March

Materal sib

Steer Maternal Sib #518

A new twist on the 7 cow in 2020, a little different in his build while still maintaining the top shelf quality you’ve come to expect from Ol’ #7. Simply stated, this dog can hunt.

Lot 20

Kearney Man x Rowdie

Maternal sib

DOB: February Rowdie



Seeing Rowdie on the bottom side of a pedigree still gets our hearts pounding like a phonebook in a dryer. She’s the cow that put us on the map and we feel this direct daughter of hers could do the same for your program. She’s elegantly designed and looks like a lady but she’s got the horsepower in her genes to hit a homerun with the best of them. The pedigree might sound a little crazy but sometimes that what it takes to win.

Lot 21

Monopoly x 220 Char DOB: March Steer


They say the only things in life that are certain are death and taxes. Well add Monopoly x 220 calves feeding into phenomenal fat steers to that list. This mating goes together like peas and carrots, it just flat works. Greener in his build and more extended through his front 1/3, while still maintaining the massive pin design and sound skeleton of his predecesors, look for this guy to be the pick of the Mono/220 litters we’ve had over the past few years.

Lot 22

Here I Am x 749 Maternal Made DOB: February Steer



This HIA steer might not have the boots with fur, but if your little girl is showing him, the whole barn will be lookin at her. He is phenomenal in his build, just got a little shorted on the ol try hard gene. He can be a stand out at any county fair and even play ball in a breed at a state fair even with his lack of body whiskers. Backed by an incredible cow family, he will feed into a beasty creature.

Lot 23

Monopoly x Irish Whiskey DOB: Februaury Steer


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Monopoly + Whiskey = Banner Time And time again its worked,Backed by a powerful cow from Griswold, we feel this guy can play ball.

Lot 24

IGWT x Game On/7 DOB: March Heifer


One of our favorites from day one, this gal has been on our radar like the big boy in Austin Powers since she made her arrival. Diverse in what you can do with her as a show heifer and then as a cow we think once Smokey finds her bandit, she will not be held to just being eastbound and down, she will be able to go any direction. We think this one hauls the big load home with time and patience.

Lot 25

IGWT x 220 Char DOB: Februaury Steer

Materal sib

Maternal Brother


Just getting through the top half of the order, and we are already on our last 220 in the sale. Can’t have 6 white ones in a row so this is how the cookie crumbled. Big stout nice haired ½ char that can do big things in the right hands.

Lot 26

Here I Am x Dubia DOB: February Steer


Gene Simons here will have your tongue hanging out wanting to call Dr Love once you see him. He is meant to stand out in a crowd, so don’t be shy if you buy him he’s gonna want to Rock and Roll All Night

Lot 27

Monopoly x 627 Benz/Whiskey DOB: Februaury Steer

Materal sib High Selling Maternal Brother


Every sale has a sleeper, and instead of letting ours hide we will call him on the carpet. Maternal sib to 2 high dollar calves last year and one is still getting ready to compete at his endpoint later this fall. We think this one is super loose in his skeleton, extremely attractive in his front 1/3 while still having overwhelming mass through the center portion of his body out through his pins down into his stifle. Don’t sleep on him.

Lot 28

Here I Am x Irish Whiskey DOB: February Heifer


There is a reason we have 10 full sibs to this lady coming next spring. Get in on the ground floor cause this train is going up the mountain and in a hurry. Great young cow from G- mixed with the baddest boy in the business is a recipe for success.

Lot 29

Here I Am x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: February Steer

Materal sib Full Sib


Good bovines are like fine wines, the same thing never gets old no matter how many times it comes to the table. Another HIA x 7 that has same shag and mass as the other brothers in the offering with an easier feeding look than some of the others.

Lot 30

Here I Am x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: February

Full Sib



HIA x 7, seeing a trend yet? This float works, that's the deal.

Lot 31

Here I Am x Ali/Irish Whiskey DOB: February Steer


Clean built, great patterned calf that with the right person on the feed bucket can be turned into a champion with relative ease. He has a little more frame than needed so if you’re looking for a place to try and rid of this cheap corn, he needs a bunch of it and will be better option than just giving it to the local elevator.

Lot 32

Getcha Some x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: March

Maternal Sib



This little gal may be small but has a big future. Her freaky look combined with the genetic potential that lies deep within her leaves the door wide open as to what you could do with her.

Lot 33

Wynne In Doubt x I Da Man DOB:March Steer


This steer has been a standout since day 1. His substance of bone combined with a massive hip structure and a freaky front end will be sure to work to his advantage as time goes on. This one has gotten better every day and has a ton of potential to go on and do big things.

Lot 34

Big Shooter x Maine Cross DOB: February Steer


Talk about one that can get out and move. This guy is built extremely well, always going to be monster bellied and good haired. Look for him to be competitive wherever he ends up; if fed and cared for the right way, he has the potential to do some great things.

Lot 35

Here I Am x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: February Steer

Materal sib Full Brother


If you haven’t seen a pattern in the HIA x 7 lots, it’s pretty apparent that HIA works well on our 7 Irish Whiskey cow. They are all put together well, good temperament and sound. Lot 35 is no exception to that rule. Massive in his hip and top design, with a chiseled front and big bold rib cage.

Lot 36

Here I Am x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: February Heifer

Full Sib


Wicked fronted, huge structured and hipped, and hairy as all get out. This market prospect is as stout as you can make one while still maintaining that cookie cutter look from the side. Backed by the #7 Whiskey cow, she’s got the potential to do big things.

Lot 37

Holy Smoker x Monopoly/Rowdie DOB: February Steer

Materal sib Full Sib to Dam


It’s only inbreeding if it doesn’t work, so this one is a product of line breeding. Holy Smoker x Monopoly/Rowdie is a little hot on the pedigree but when it works it works.

Lot 38

Wynne In Doubt x Who's Got The Heat DOB: February Steer


This cow having a calf in the sale is like playing Russian roulette with a semi auto, its gonna happen. Big feets, big hair, big back, he’s got the heat.

Lot 39

Here I Am x Irish Whiskey/WMW DOB: March Steer


Don’t mail it in on this one, your bid might get lost. This one is a sure bet to win come November. Smaller in his size, huge in his potential. This one is a holdover buyers dream.

Lot 40

IGWT x Firewater/Whiskey DOB: February Heifer


Get a load of this little honey. Practical bovine right here, built well everywhere and great haired. Backed by a great pedigree, this one will produce.

Lot 41

Simplify x Ali/Whiskey/Rowdie DOB: March Heifer


High Maine with higher potential. Line up these bloodlines and things are sure to happen kids.

Lot 42

Wynne In doubt x Predator DOB: February Steer


It may not be deer season but when it comes time you’ll want your sights set on this white tail. The last steer in the offering but no slouch, he wins most county fairs just with a feed bucket, add a little elbow grease into the equation and the sky is the limit here. Backed by a powerful cow from Holtkamp, this one will feed.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out" -Dr Seuss

Lot 43

Getcha Some x 7 Irish Whiskey DOB: March Heifer


This broody Getcha Some heifer may not have the hair that some of the others do but her extra rib and body and excellent build should pull her to the top of anyone’s list.

Lot 44 One IVF Cycle of ROWDIE to Sire of choice

Lot 45 One Conventional Flush of 1503 (Cervesa x Yardley Maine) to Sire of choice

Justin 608.482.3124

Mitchell 608.482.4123

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"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory" -Gen George Patton

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