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Scholarship Application for Postgraduate Studies Academic Year 2013-2014 Student’s Personal Details

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BCA College is committed in offering equal opportunities to all applicants independent of their nationality. Just for statistical purposes please note your nationality.

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Full Scholarship

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Programme of study MSc Accounting and Finance

MSc in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

MSc Computing

MSc Shipping

MA Digital and Experiential Marketing

DMS Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies

MSc Information Technology

DMS Postgraduate Diploma in Shipping

MA International Human Resources Management

Graduate Certificate in Computing

MA Management

Graduate Diploma in Psychology Management

MA Marketing (Advertising and Public Relations)

Pre Master’s in Business Studies

MBA Master of Business Administration

Pre Master’s in Shipping Studies

MBA Hospitality & Tourism Management

University Certificate in Psychology Mode of attendance



Academic semester of entry October


Educational Qualifications Started Awards Obtained Month

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Employment information (if applicable) Started Employer’s Name and Address


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English Language Qualification If English is not your first language this section must be completed. Please specify which English language qualification you have or intend to take, and give the relevant grade/score for all components.

Personal Statement-Continue on a separate sheet if required Please complete this section and include the following:

− Your reasons for choosing the programme. − The knowledge, skills and positions of responsibility you have obtained through your work and/or education which might be relevant to the programme.

− Please describe the work experiences and/or personal developments which have been most important to you. − The challenges you expect to face in your studies, work or personal career development. − Your future plans.

Please complete this application form and attach a certified copy of your high school diploma, two recommendation letters, a copy of your id/passport, a copy of your income tax return form, and a copy of English language certification. Please send the application packet to the following address: BCA College Scholarship Committee Dr. Spyros Kostakis BCA College 95, Poseidonos Blvd & 1,Fivis Str., Glyfada, Athens, P.C. 16674 Contact information Τel.: +30210 8986 086 Fax.: +30210 8943 604 e-mail: