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4 Royal Wedding Venues In India Where You Should Get Married At We just don't want to repeat ourselves that how majestic is India for hosting a wedding. Rather let's come straight to the point. These four royal wedding venues in India that we have listed below are nothing short of opulence and therefore, make the perfect choice for a grand and royal wedding. Located at five different locations in the country, each of them has a unique character and reflects a lot of heritage charm. Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

A wedding at this historic palace looks like straight out of a fairytale book. Featuring Indo-Sarecenic architecture, Jai Mahal Palace at Jaipur reeks endless splendour. It is one of the most majestic places to exchange the wedding vows and commemorate a new journey of life. Set amidst 18 acres of Mughal Gardens, it offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for the ceremony. While your guests will experience Maharaja style welcome, you will tie the knot in the most opulent way. Palace Grounds, Bangalore

This is another regal wedding venue in India that has been witnessing the most royal weddings on its ground for years now. Located in the heart of the electronic city of Bangalore, the Palace Grounds is not only a convenient place to host a wedding but also a prestigious one. The wooden structure with splendid carvings, paved lawns, rippling fountains, and beautiful flower gardens make this an ideal choice of venue for the wedding. While the level1 of the venue can accommodate about 800 to 1000 guests, level2 and level3 can accommodate about 1500 to 2000 guests. Taj Bengal, Kolkata

This classic, luxury 5-star hotel in the city of joy is not only a heritage landmark but also a great choice of wedding venue. Embellished with palm trees and dazzling lights, this place is known for infusing the necessary glamour to about any weddings. Also, its magnificent architecture adds a royal touch to the ceremony. So, if you are someone who wants to display a unique character and style in the D-Day, then look no further to it. Sahara Star, Mumbai

Owing to its convenient location in the heart of Mumbai suburb, this lavish 5-star hotel serves the best wedding venue in Mumbai. It has spacious accommodation with both indoor space and outdoor wedding lawn and offers a magnetic view of the tropical lagoon. Its contemporary style of interior with floor-to-ceiling windows and dazzling lights enthrals about any ceremony and gathering. So, host your wedding at this splendid venue and add the right blend of style and tradition to the occasion. For More Details Visit us at : OR Email us


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