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Know the Facts on the Social Media Manager What is a Social Media Manager? A social media manager allows you to manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts all from one platform.

Why should I care? Engaged couples are relying on social media to gain insight on event professionals in their area. Many businesses may claim they have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn presence, but fail to post anything new or relevant. Creating consistent and engaging content on your social media pages is crucial for building your brand, connecting with potential clients, sharing your best work and showing off your personality.

How can WeddingWire help? The WeddingWire Social Media Manager will help you maximize your marketing efforts on the top social network sites in one, easy-to-use platform! Quickly schedule and share custom or pre-formatted posts, monitor your outreach with these updates, and review how your activity compares to other wedding pros. • Share updates on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles from your WeddingWire account • Pre-Schedule posts for a future date and time in a few easy clicks

•M  onitor your activity and view the number of comments and likes you receive for every post

How do I get started? Premium WeddingWire members have instant access to the Social Media Manager located within the Marketing section of their account. Simply log in to your account today to get started! Not a Premium member? Learn more about the Social Media Manager by speaking to your local WeddingWire representative!

Questions? We're here to help! Contact us: A representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

Step by Step: Social Media Manager The Social Media Manager makes it easy for you to manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles all from your WeddingWire account. Follow these simple steps below to get started!

Get Started! Set up and start sharing: Under 'Marketing' select 'Social Media Manager' 1: Connect Your Accounts

Under the ‘Overview’ tab you will see sections for three different

media networks: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Step 1: Add Facebook

• Click the ‘Add Facebook’ button

• Once logged in, make sure you check ‘allow’

Step 2: Add Twitter

• Click the ‘Add Twitter ’ button

• Enter your username and password and select ‘Authorize app'

Step 3: Add LinkedIn

• Clicked the ‘Add LinkedIn’ button

• Enter your LinkedIn email and password and click ‘Allow access’

2: Overview

Once you have linked any of your social media accounts, this section will allow you

to see a snapshot of all your activity and its impact over the past 30 days 3: Share & Schedule

Share or schedule updates to your social networks!

• Click the ‘Compose New’ button

• Select which networks you want to share this content with by clicking their associated icons • Select ‘Share Now’ once complete or schedule your post for the future by selecting

‘Send Later’

• You can also share any of the suggested posts on this page and showcase your recent activity on WeddingWire by clicking ‘Share’ next to that specific item

4: My Activity

Here you will be able to reshare and review all of your recent activity including

how many likes, retweets, and comments were associated with that post 5: Social Stats

See how your activity compares to other wedding pros!

Questions? We're here to help! Contact us: A representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

Quick Start Guide: Social Media Manager