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Bay Area Couples 32



average age

household income

of affluent households




college educated

vendors in wedding

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Greater San Francisco Area Wedding Dates 18% 11%



12% 8%

6% 3%







1% Nov












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Greater San Francisco Area Engagement Lengths






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Greater San Francisco Area Costs $36,000 $24,000

Expected Spend

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36,330 searches for

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Who am I? San Diego-based Wedding Officiant Married over 800 couples since 2009 Business Coach & Industry Speaker Wall Street and Small Business Scuba Diver and Speak Japanese

I marry awesome couples!

Six Keys: 1.Ideal Client Whether new, 2.SMART Goals established, 3.Marketing or long-timer! 4.Selling Your Value 5.Relationships 6.Systems and Processes

Slides and Worksheets

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Ideal Client

IDEAL CLIENT = The foundation to a happy and successful business And an essential part of all of the other 5 keys WHY?

“I can’t give you a surefire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.” {Herbert Bayard Swope, first recipient of the Pulitzer Prize}

Why does this matter? Expectations were a match Event is smoother More fun = more passion + energy They appreciate what you did for them Leads to raving reviews + referrals!

You can tell the difference, can’t you?

Imagine This! Target your marketing to ideal couple… Your ideal couple finds & hires you… You all love working together… They leave you great reviews… And refer their friends and family… That brings more ideal couples…

Over and Over!  Your business builds in a great way!

Criteria to consider: • Price/Cost Level • Scope of Services • Style of Wedding • Size of Wedding • Distance from Home

• Values and Priorities

Sometimes we only learn this from taking on the wrong clients.

If you’re new‌ I want to work with couples who are ______ and ______ and want _______. Then you work with those couples and refine until you really know who is your ideal.

Has to be:  Genuine  Feasible


Make them SMART Specific: focused & well-defined Measureable: how much/many? Attainable: within reach & realistic Relevant: right thing to focus on Time-Specific: has a deadline

Example: I will book 10 weddings through wedding shows this year. My Action Plan includes: • Research local wedding shows • Evaluate booth, handouts, pitch, etc. • Look at post-show follow-up process  Make adjustments as needed

A dream written down with a DATE becomes a goal. A goal broken down into STEPS becomes a plan. A plan backed by ACTION makes your dreams come true. {Greg S. Reid}

Marketing Tools

“Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money.� {Jef I. Richards, professor}

Knowing: • Your Ideal Client • Goals you want to achieve  Focus & Plan with limited Marketing Money and Time for the best return.  Keeps from distraction of “amazing opportunities” aka Squirrels!

Lots of Tools and Avenues: Online and Print and Social Media Wedding Shows Networking and Professional Associations Venues and other Recommended Lists

Reviews Being seen as an Expert Real Weddings

What should you use & focus on? Depends on YOUR business & ideal client! Important: Track leads & bookings! Assign a time cost too

Knowing and Selling Your Value

“Marketing is telling a story about your value that resonates with people enough that they want to give you money.� {Seth Godin, marketing guru}

What is your story? Think about everything in terms of how it benefits your clients! Be it your experience, talents, equipment, relationships, awards, industry recognition‌

How does it benefit them?

…which allows me to… Camera w/ two lenses: …capture that perfect moment whether near or far. Send you homework: …create a ceremony that fits your relationship. Two laptops w/ 10,000 songs: …keep the dance floor hopping all night. Planned 250 weddings: …handle any family dynamics involved.

This leads you to…

Include both TEXT and IMAGERY that will attract those clients!

Use their words! Show what you want to do [and don’t show what you don’t want to do].


A large percentage‌ ‌of your business can come from vendor referrals: Colleagues and Competitors Past Clients too

Need Strong Business Relationships With colleagues (other vendor types) With competitors esp. those w/ similar ideal clients With your clients – during and even after

Benefits of Relationships: Referrals to their clients Wedding runs more smoothly Willing to jump in & help when needed Learning and sharing best practices Access to resources & info on potential opportunities Accountability partner Friend and even venting partner Friendly faces at networking events – even a wingman Get to know the nuances and details

Clients Even if little-to-no Repeat Business, some of us can do Follow-on Business: Future events or services • Follow-up Plan: – Immediately after – thanks & reviews pls – First anniversary – Newsletter, seasonal offerings, referral bonuses, etc.

Colleagues Other vendor types Focus on those: Work with regularly Share ideal couple or close

“Competitors” Community over Competition – enough weddings for all of us! Focus on those who: • Share your ideal couple… can refer dupes • Are very different… can refer for best fit Therefore: different price points & styles

Relationships‌ Need both trust and rapport And have to be built over time. Take effort to maintain And must be mutually beneficial.

Have to be willing to give, help, and support, not just take and receive.

Systems and Processes

What is the Customer Experience? They find you, until either: - They stop working with you (don’t hire you)

- You stop working with them (job complete)

Their path = your systems and processes

Your Systems and Processes Amount of Automation Number of Touchpoints Options for Communication with you Etc., etc., etc.… …All drive the journey and the experience.

Must be based on Ideal Client and their Expectations! And allow you to take on more clients with the same effort too!

External and Internal Business Management Software Social Media, Website, Blog Professional branding, email, web design How you communicate to inquiries & clients Internal systems, like back-ups and financials

“Systems are not sexy – but they really DO drive everything we do!” {Carrie Wilkerson, Author}

It All Comes Together!

1.Ideal Client 2.SMART Goals 3.Marketing 4.Selling Your Value 5.Relationships 6.Systems and Processes

Can I Help? Bethel Nathan Elevate by Bethel & Ceremonies by Bethel Want the worksheets & slides? Text ELEVATE to 345345

Instagram & Twitter: @bethelnathan Facebook: @elevatebybethel @ceremoniesbybethel Facebook Group: The Elevator: Moving our Businesses up Together

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WeddingWire Networking Night San Jose  

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WeddingWire Networking Night San Jose  

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