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Discovering the Client Tools November 14, 2013

Client Tools

Presented By:

Brendan McClellan

Manager, Customer Success Team

The NEW Client Tools

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The NEW Client Tools

What is the Clients Tab? The Clients Tab, designed for event professionals, is the easiest way for Pros, like you, to manage your clients ‌ so that you can focus on what you love!

The NEW Client Tools

How Can The Client Management Tools Help You? You have access to a suite of industry leading tools that allow you to manage your client relationships from prospect to payment.

The NEW Client Tools

Advanced Lead Management From the Inquiries section, you'll be able to easily manage incoming inquiries from potential clients in your area, schedule appointments, and more! Choose Which Clients You Want to Work With WeddingWire provides the essential event details - event type, date, time, location, etc. - for each inquiry to help you get a better sense of the client's request so you can make an informed decision on which clients to work with. Book In-Person and Phone Appointments Easily schedule appointments, manage your appointment calendar, and even add the Appointment Scheduler to your own website! Activate the new tool and update your appointment schedule so clients can schedule appointments with you directly from your Storefront.

The NEW Client Tools

Create Customizable Digital Contracts Choose from either a digital contract or upload your existing contract. Provide your client with all the details by adding a new package, adjusting your contract terms, setting your payment schedule, and specifying who's required to sign. Save Time with Online Contract Revisions We know some contracts require revisions, which is why we made it easy for you to make any update as you finalize details with your client. From adding amendments to reviewing change requests, you'll have a history of all contract changes to provide your clients with ultimate clarity! Close the Deal Faster with Digital Signatures No more faxes or waiting for the mail to arrive! Now clients can easily access and electronically sign their contract directly through their own personal password-protected Client Site, whether on a desktop or mobile device. Both you and your client will receive confirmation when all parties have signed the contract.

The NEW Client Tools

Ask Your Clients the Questions You Need Answered Make sure you get all the essential event details you need by creating questionnaires. Use our pre-populated event questions or create your own custom questionnaire that will quickly collect the information you need to plan the perfect event for your client. Get Answers from Your Clients All in One Place With a few clicks, you can publish your event questionnaire and quickly collect responses from each client. Your client will have instant access to your questionnaires through their own password-protected Client Site, making it easy to complete and submit responses to you. The responses will be automatically attached to your client information, so there is no need to ever transfer information into your account. Create Questionnaires for Each Event Type We've made it easy for you to create as many different questionnaires as you want to support different occasions or event types. Even better, you can easily save each questionnaire so that you can quickly select one to use for the next engaged couple that knocks on your door.

The NEW Client Tools

eInvoice Based on your digital Contract details and payment terms, invoices are automatically prepared for your business. Simply review the invoice and publish to your client's password-protected Client Site. Your clients will automatically be notified that the invoice is available online. ePayments Online payments received via each Client Site flow directly to your bank account and are automatically tallied against the invoice for ultra-easy bookkeeping. Received a check in the mail? No problem. You can always manually record any payment you receive anytime. Payment Insights We know how important it is for you to get paid, that's why we've created a simple way to keep track of your payments. Our Payments dashboard lets you review all your incoming payments and even notifies you when one is overdue. There is no easier way to keep track of your incoming revenue!

The NEW Client Tools

A Personalized Client Site to Share Important Information Impress your clients with a personalized Client Site, which is branded for your business. The Client Site provides easy access to contracts, questionnaires, invoices and payment options, all in one passwordprotected, secure location that is accessible via desktop and mobile devices. Clients Can Pay Simply and Easily The Client Site allows your customers to view invoices and make payments directly to you. Simply enable the payment methods you accept and let your clients start making payments online or on their mobile phones. Stay on Track with Auto-Reminders We know your time is valuable and keeping in touch with your clients can often be challenging. You and your client will stay up-to-date with email reminders and notifications informing you where you are along the process, from contracts to invoices to payments.

The NEW Client Tools

Create Tasks Your life is hectic, which is why we've made it easy for you to stay organized and keep track of all the little details. Schedule tasks for today, tomorrow, or anytime in the future! Oraganize Your Time See what needs to be accomplished this month, next month or even next year! In addition, you'll be notified if your tasks are past due and we will help you get back on track. Let Us Organize for You Don't have the time to set up your tasks? Not to worry. Our system auto-creates tasks for each of your events based on where you are in the planning process with each client.

The NEW Client Tools

Set Your Appointment Schedule Easily schedule appointments, manage your appointment calendar, and more with our Appointment Scheduler! Simply activate the tool and sync your daily calendar so clients are able to schedule appointments with you directly from your Storefront. Appointment information will automatically update in your 'Clients' tab. Get Appointments from Your Website Looking to convert incoming users from your website? Not a problem! We've created a 'Schedule Appointment' button that you can easily add to your own website or blog in order to take online appointments and turn incoming visitors into clients. Simply grab your customized HTML code and add it to your website or blog. Never Miss an Appointment Just like you, we hate missed appointments and no-shows. Both you and your client will automatically be sent a reminder email 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. Can't make the scheduled time? It's not a problem! You have the ability to easily cancel or reschedule the appointment at any time.

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Create Multiple Questionnaires Send Inquiry Questionnaires to potential clients Ask Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Image, Free Response Questions Type in Signature Allowed Export Contracts, Questionnaires, and Invoices Edit Invoice Numbers to match your record keeping Save your signature for easy countersigning Select preferred email address for correspondence Archive old contracts Indicate Time Zone Ability to select primary contacts Option to display itemized pricing on contract

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