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DEFINING THE  MODERN  COUPLE   Who  are  they?  Why  does  it  ma>er?  

From 1999   to  2014  

bride &  groom   bride  &  bride   groom  &  groom  

Maggie Winters  Photography  

REACHING THE  MODERN  COUPLE   WHERE  are  they  looking  for  me?   WHAT  do  they  want  to  hear?   WHAT  do  they  need  to  know?  

SERVING THE  MODERN  COUPLE   WHAT  do  I  need  to  know?         HOW  do  I  express  what  I  know?  

From Gay-­‐Friendly  to  Gay  Wedding  Competent   •  Understand  who  the   LGBTQ  community  is   •  Understand  what   LGBTQ  couples  need   •  Understand  how  our   experiences  &  legal   opQons  shape  our   choices  

THE LEGAL  LANDSCAPE­‐sex-­‐marriage-­‐map

LEAD with  love   LISTEN  with  love   SERVE  from  love…    

… and  you  can’t  go   wrong.  

READY TO  REFINE  YOUR     SAME-­‐SEX  WEDDING  SKILL  SET?   Join  me  at  2:45  pm  today     (Ashe  Auditorium)  

Wed We Can: Defining, Reaching & Serving Modern Couples  

Presented by Kathryn Hamm