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GRACE ORMONDE ILLUSTRATIONS: Giuseppe Zanotti; HEADSHOT: Courtesy of Vicini


Ellen Ho The Photographer of the Week www.hong-photographycom


Ellen Ho: Every Portrait conveys an emotional message, “Her photography moves me. I get excited when she tells me she is going to submit. I love the way she captures love.� -Grace Ormonde

> engagement shoot:

Ellen Ho is an international photographer who runs a top boutique-style-photography studio based in Vancouver BC Canada. Ellen graduated

from University of Victoria with a Bachelor degree of Visual Arts. After university, she started a small fashion line and worked as a web site designer and a photographer. Realizing that her true love lies in photography, she decided to pursue this passion. With the background of art and fashion, she incorporates her innate sense of design in her photography and gives something fresh, chic, and cosmopolitan to her photos. A refined and polished boutique elegance has become her signature style. And GRACE ORMONDE WEDDING STYLE

while seeking to embody the very essence of haute couture and luxury, she also captures a person’s unique personality and inner beauty. Ellen’s work has been well recognized and published in various top wedding magazines in the world, newspapers, TV shows, radio shows, and well-know online blogs. Her latest addition Allure Boudoir Photography has also defined her as the most inspiring Boudoir Photographer in North America. Ellen has the talent to bring out the unique essence of everyone and capture the most beautiful side of a subject. She believes this is what makes each photo unique.





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Hong Photography  

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine picks Ellen Ho from Hong Photography as photographer of the week

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