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Easy science projects for kids can be found anywhere, even in your own house or backyard! There are many fun and easy projects kids can do, such as testing to see what flavor of water ants will prefer, like plain water, lemon water or sugar water. Other projects can focus on racing snails, or seeing if cockroaches have a sense of direction. Another easy project involves learning how plants grow. All you need is paper cups, dirt, water and some seeds. Fill a few cups with soil and plant some seeds in each one. Place one in a sunny spot such as a windowsill, place another in a shady spot such as in your living room, perhaps on a shelf, and place one in a closet. Water them all regularly and let your child see which one grows best. A similar project is to show your child how plants absorb water. Simply get a few paper cups and fill them with water, add a different food coloring to each cup and place a white carnation in each one. The next day, let you child observe the flowers. By then, they should have changed color to match the food coloring you put in. You could also show your child how sound is caused by vibration. To do this you need a few small drinking glasses, a spoon and some water. Fill each glass with a different amount of water and have your child tap each glass with the spoon and observe how each glass makes a different sound, depending on how much water is in the cup. For more easy science projects for kids and step-by-step instructions, visit Be sure to check out the site for tons of simple science projects elementary science experiments, middle school, and high school science. Š Copyright 2008. Feel free to reprint this article on your site as long as the article is not modified in any way and the resource information (about the author) is listed as above.


A Simple Science Project  

A simple science project that gets the attention of everyone...that's exactly what you are about to discover! Not one but 5 amazing experime...

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