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Real Wedding From the bride: THE STYLE I am a picker at heart! I love salvage, vintage, and antique items. I fancy myself as a bit of a repurposer. I like to use old items in new and unconventional ways and I’m not afraid of rust. I also love this beautiful place we are blessed to live in so, I tried to incorporate a lot of natural elements in our wedding. It doesn’t hurt that I love to shop and craft so that also helped to shape the style of our wedding. My color palette was pink, gold, and various wood tones, along with shades of white and cream. THE CEREMONY It was a beautiful sunny day. It had snowed the night before so, the snow was pristine and sparkly white. I was told that right before the ceremony there were birds circling above which was a good omen for our marriage. I was walked down the aisle by my best friend (we are 7 days apart and lifelong friends) to the Postal Service, which is one or our favorite bands. Our officiant, Reverend Chessa Gill, was very funny and read lovely proverbs. My favorite memory was when I got to kiss my husband for the first time.

Durango Weddings Magazine

HANDMADE DETAILS We filled all the nooks in the event center with salvage pieces, mason jars, string lights and fake snow. We made all the napkin rings out of old silverware and folded the napkins in the shape of a box. For the centerpieces, we took green bottle brush trees and bleached and dyed them two shades of pink. For the table numbers, we used a series of our engagement photos where we posed with a chalk board and then I added the numbers digitally. I hand glittered bottles of champagne and made a sign that said “Bliss� out of an old shelf. I created a free standing backdrop to go behind the head table. It was a large piece of wood naturally weathered to look like a mountain range which I attached different ribbons and burlaps strips creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art. I love how the light shone through some of the ribbon pieces, but not others, creating a romantic and dramatic look. Our favors were handmade hot chocolate mix that I placed in jars embossed with a snowflake, tied with a thank you note and a rusty jingle bell.

FAVE VENDORS Photographer: IlluminArts Photography (page 39). I love their style and how they always seem to get shots that have a different perspective. I really appreciated how they were willing to work with me to get all the images I was looking for no matter how crazy they were. Hair & Makeup: Hair Fusion (page 94). Marybeth is the absolute best. She made sure I looked just how I wanted and taught me a lot about hair and makeup. She is a doll. Officiant: Reverend Chessa Gill (page 95) // Venue, Caterer, Lodging: Ridgewood Event Center (page 11) Durango Weddings Magazine

Real Wedding From the bride: THE STYLE Simple, outdoorsy, and a little bit rustic. We are the typical young Durango couple – we love biking and being outside, we are not very fancy. I chose a natural color palette of brown, sage green, and cream. THE CEREMONY It was a cloudy, stormy day. As we were getting ready, I felt sure it would rain. But, the minute I began to walk down the aisle, the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was perfect! THE RECEPTION We enjoyed delicious food, heard heartfelt and hilarious toasts, and danced the night away to an amazing band, Hello Dollface. ADVICE Cut your budget in half, in the end it will be double what you think you’ll spend. Have a detailed timeline of events so everyone is on the same page.

Durango Weddings Magazine

FAVE VENDORS Photographer: IlluminArts Photography (page 39). WOW, Drew & Amy went above and beyond fantastic. Such a wonderful and talented couple. Our guests loved them as much as we did. Caterer: The Yellow Carrot (page 84). The food was delicious! Favors: Honeyville (see inside back cover). Our guests loved the local treats. Full vendor list on page 90.

Durango Weddings Magazine

Real Wedding From the bride: THE STYLE We wanted to showcase our laid back side, but also wanted some elegance. We both have farming/ranching in our family and we love to get dressed up. We chose a color palette of pink, green and white. The groomsmen wore seer sucker suits, to represent my husbands southern roots. That was one of the only things he had an opinion on, so I wanted to honor it (even though I had no idea what seer sucker was until he showed me). THE CEREMONY The ceremony was very simple, but perfect. The cottonwoods were in full bloom and set a very magical tone. The sky was blue with great big puffy white clouds scattered around. Walking down the aisle with my dad was very emotional and special for me. He has been through 4 hip surgeries in the past five years and I wasn’t sure if he would be in a wheel chair. He was doing so well he didn’t even need a cane. Each of my 7 bridesmaids had a little note, which they delivered to Franklin as they came down the aisle (I got this idea form Durango Weddings Magazine). We were married under the same arbor my mom used for her wedding (we had to drive it out from Crested Butte). Our moms performed a water unity ceremony where they both captured water from our hometowns and joined them into a vase. They also brought us rocks from different points in our childhood that were placed in the bottom of the vase. Soon after the ceremony ended, we had quarter sized hail.

Durango Weddings Magazine

Rochelle & Franklin RECEPTION DECOR We used a lot of barnwood, ribbons and lace. We also incorporated cotton from South Georgia, (where Franklin is from). Our table numbers were handmade booklets which everyone wrote their advice in. We plan to read each booklet on the corresponding anniversary (table 1: 1st anniversary, table 2: second anniversary, etc). Franklin and I made a picture timeline using barnwood, tacks and ribbon that helped tell our stories and how we met. MEMORABLE MOMENTS My 11 year old brother had been practicing “It Had to Be You” on his saxophone for months leading up to the wedding. Part way through the reception, he surprised us by playing it on the back patio. It was incredible.

At the end of the night, everyone was blowing bubbles in a circle around Franklin and I. We did the final dance of the night to “Lean on Me”. It was so emotional.

ADVICE Just take it in, every single moment leading up to the big day as well as the day of. Look around you and be thankful for all of the love around you! FAVE VENDORS Photographer: IlluminArts Photography (page 39). Drew pretty much knew what was going on more than anyone that day! He was more than just a photographer. Caterer & Cake: The Yellow Carrot (page 84). They were amazing, organized, and fun. Venue & Lodging: Ridgewood Event Center & Blue Lake Ranch (page ). AH-MAZING. So beautiful. We rented the whole ranch and everyone had a beautiful place to stay!

Durango Weddings Magazine

Real Wedding From the bride: THE STYLE Eclectic! I was not the type of little girl who planned out my wedding, but having Scottish heritage, I did know I would get married to a man in a kilt. It ended up being coincidence that Jesse too, has Scottish ancestry and we were able to incorporate both of our family tartans (plaids) with the kilts that the male family members wore. The kilts and tartans were definitely what we ended up using for our color scheme of green and blue. We also added some glass and gold details. THE DRESS My mom is a seamstress and I had always wanted her to make my wedding gown. She spent nine months making me the perfect dress. She also hand-sewed the five traditional kilts that my father, brothers, and nephews wore. This turned out to be a lot more difficult than my dress because it all had to be hand-tailored, and she spent weeks creating them. Thank heavens she enjoys this kind of thing! MEMORABLE MOMENT We had our “first look” at the lake and were able to take our canoe out for a few minutes of alone time before everything begin. We got to take a little breather, just the two of us, before we became husband and wife. I’ll cherish those moments forever!

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Alix & Jesse THE CEREMONY We got married at Ridgewood Event Center’s riverside site on the La Plata River. Jesse and I met working at a local rafting company, and rivers have a very special place in our hearts - we knew that we wanted to get married next to a river and that was how we were able to decide on the location. We hung a homemade lace bunting (I scoured thrift stores for vintage lace doilies, table runners, and other textiles for pieces to make into a bunting), brought blankets for our guests seated on the wooden benches, and Jesse built a gorgeous and simple arbor for our ceremony. We didn’t have to do much decorating with such a beautiful outdoor setting, but we did want it to be “us.”

Bagpipers led the procession and the whole wedding party, including guests, followed them out to our reception celebration! THE DÉCOR My mom is a collector, and we did almost all the tables differently with the things she already had. We borrowed a few lanterns and used lots of candles. My mom found an antique ladder and we put old family photos on it to celebrate our families. Everyone enjoyed looking at the old photographs of our grandparents, parents and us as children. To keep the kids occupied, we had a full size teepee set up with blankets and pillows and lots of yard games. We served pies instead of cake. We found a cool old wicker serving cart on wheels and made a pie display naming all the types of pies to choose from. We draped the table with my mom’s wedding dress, which ended up being one of favorite details. LOOKING BACK We hated that we were so busy and were unable to spend quality time with every guest, but we were also incredibly grateful to have all of the people who matter most to us helping us celebrate! ADVICE Enjoy the planning process, after all you are only going to do this once! Ask for help, family and friends want to be involved and it is worth taking them up on their offers! FAVE VENDORS Photographer: IlluminArts Photography (page 39). Drew & Jana were great! Hair & Makeup: Hair Fusion (page 94). I was very pleased with the look for the day! Venue: Ridgewood Event Center (page 11). Full vendor list on page 90. Durango Weddings Magazine

Real Wedding From the bride: WHY DURANGO We both really enjoyed Durango when we went up to visit Labor Day weekend of 2014. We were engaged the next week. We wanted a destination wedding and fell in love with the beauty of Durango and therefore decided that it would be the perfect destination for us. THE DESIGN I have been in many weddings and knew that for my wedding, I wanted something relaxed and fun. We both are very family oriented and wanted the feel of our day to be more of a family get together than a formal wedding reception. We personalized the day by making sure it reflected us as a couple.

I tried to kiss my groom before we were announced man and wife. What can I say I was a little excited.

LOOKING BACK After being in 8 weddings myself, I knew that the small things may not go as planned, but as long as the overall day goes off fairly close to planned, I would be okay with the small hiccups (we forgot to bring all the beverages and the ambulance was called out twice). As it turned out, my vision for the perfect wedding day played out perfectly. ADVICE Create the feeling and vision for your wedding that reflects you both as a couple. Try not to set up false expectations by creating a vision for the pinterest perfect wedding.

My most memorable moment was our first dance! I think I cried most of the time.

FAVE VENDORS Caterer: Durangourmet (page 90). The food was GREAT. The staff was polite and fast at serving our guests. We received many compliments from our guests. Photographer: IlluminArts Photography (page 39). I really wanted someone who had more of a photojournalist approach and Drew fit that description. He was very easy to work with and captured all the details. We are beyond happy with our photos. Venue: Ridgewood Event Center (page 11).We really loved the venue because it gave us the rustic look we were looking for as well as the natural beauty of Colorado. We also chose it because of the bed and breakfast at Blue Lake Ranch, which allowed our many friends and family to enjoy a mini vacation over the weekend. Full vendor list on page 90 Durango Weddings Magazine

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