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From the bride, Mandy: WHY DURANGO I think Durango is just absolutely gorgeous and so uniquely beautiful with a fun, chill vibe. My mom lives up near Silverpick Lodge, so I’d been eyeing the lodge as a possible wedding venue for a while (Ben and I live in Littleton, CO). THE STYLE Rustic, earthy, Bohemian, organic with a color palette of teal/ earthy blues and greens, brown, cream, and coral. I love the cozy, woodsy, down-to-earth feel. Our number one goal was to get to spend time with all of our loved ones for longer than the typical wedding. We booked the Silverpick Lodge for three nights (Fri/Sat/Sun) so we could spend some quality time with everyone, it ended up being perfect. 44

THE CEREMONY I was a little nervous the morning of the wedding since it was raining and I really, really, wanted to get married in the beautiful meadow we’d decided on so long ago! Then, just in time for our ceremony, the clouds parted and it was absolutely beautiful. We rode up to the marriage meadow in a pristine white carriage pulled by a magnificent black Percheron draft horse. It was straight out of a fairytale! THE DÉCOR The chairs were set up to have our guests facing the mountains. Our amazing florist, Lilia Floral Design, did a perfect job on our flowers and arbor incorporating all the beautiful colors of fall.

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