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From the bride, Kaylee: WHY DURANGO We are both outdoorsy people and could not think of a better place to get married than Southwest Colorado. Beyond the obvious beauty of the scenery, nature is a foundational piece of our relationship. Prior to meeting, work for each of us meant a day outdoors under the sun. We met at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, where we both studied the environment. As the most famous alumni of our school, Aldo Leopold said, “There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.” My husband and I definitively cannot. These landscapes are a large part of our story, our altar of choice, and we couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. THE INSPIRATION Our style really emerged by accident, because my husband is a huge birder (he loves bird watching, identifying species, and going on long hikes with his binoculars) and I’m super cheesy (I love sappy movies, inspirational quotes, and silly jokes. Simply put, I love love!). When we put those two things together, the theme of “lovebirds” emerged and it captured us perfectly!


THE COLOR PALETTE Our color palette centered on the dusty blue/green/gray color of a succulent, and accented by a softer hue of the orange/copper color of a Rufous hummingbird. The palette was rounded out with light pinks and off-whites. Our flowers were local, most from the gardens at Blue Lake Ranch. We wanted to draw in the natural beauty of the landscape as much as possible.

Right before our ceremony started, the cottonwood trees started dropping their cotton seeds. It looked like it was snowing in June. It was magical and memorable. WOW MOMENT We didn’t see this happen but several of our guests commented afterwards that while we were reading our vows to each other, two birds flew right behind us and landed together on a tree branch, facing each other in the same way we were facing each other. Now that’s true love (birds).

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