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Real Wedding From the bride: THE STYLE Eclectic! I was not the type of little girl who planned out my wedding, but having Scottish heritage, I did know I would get married to a man in a kilt. It ended up being coincidence that Jesse too, has Scottish ancestry and we were able to incorporate both of our family tartans (plaids) with the kilts that the male family members wore. The kilts and tartans were definitely what we ended up using for our color scheme of green and blue. We also added some glass and gold details. THE DRESS My mom is a seamstress and I had always wanted her to make my wedding gown. She spent nine months making me the perfect dress. She also hand-sewed the five traditional kilts that my father, brothers, and nephews wore. This turned out to be a lot more difficult than my dress because it all had to be hand-tailored, and she spent weeks creating them. Thank heavens she enjoys this kind of thing! MEMORABLE MOMENT We had our “first look” at the lake and were able to take our canoe out for a few minutes of alone time before everything begin. We got to take a little breather, just the two of us, before we became husband and wife. I’ll cherish those moments forever!


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