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Real Wedding From the bride: THE STYLE We wanted to showcase our laid back side, but also wanted some elegance. We both have farming/ranching in our family and we love to get dressed up. We chose a color palette of pink, green and white. The groomsmen wore seer sucker suits, to represent my husbands southern roots. That was one of the only things he had an opinion on, so I wanted to honor it (even though I had no idea what seer sucker was until he showed me). THE CEREMONY The ceremony was very simple, but perfect. The cottonwoods were in full bloom and set a very magical tone. The sky was blue with great big puffy white clouds scattered around. Walking down the aisle with my dad was very emotional and special for me. He has been through 4 hip surgeries in the past five years and I wasn’t sure if he would be in a wheel chair. He was doing so well he didn’t even need a cane. Each of my 7 bridesmaids had a little note, which they delivered to Franklin as they came down the aisle (I got this idea form Durango Weddings Magazine). We were married under the same arbor my mom used for her wedding (we had to drive it out from Crested Butte). Our moms performed a water unity ceremony where they both captured water from our hometowns and joined them into a vase. They also brought us rocks from different points in our childhood that were placed in the bottom of the vase. Soon after the ceremony ended, we had quarter sized hail. 28

Durango Wedding Magazine - 2016 Issue  

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