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Natural Beauty My favorite trees are birch and aspen so we found ways to incorporate them into different parts of the wedding. Each of the bouquets were wrapped in birch wood, the arbor was made from aspens, the centerpieces for the tables were aspen logs with candles atop, aspen logs held each of the place cards, and the wedding cake was on a wooden stand. During dinner, we made it a point to stop and take a mental photograph of the current moment we were living in. We set our forks down and just looked around. We saw that we were surrounded by all of the people who have loved us, cared for us, and encouraged us since we were born. We saw our friends and family from completely opposite sides of our lives interacting and enjoying each other’s company. We saw a picture of something that was bigger than us, the bride and the groom, and we won’t ever forget that moment! My advice: Don’t stress over the small details. Make a list of the top ten things that are important to both of you and then make sure to take care of those things first.

We used local, native f lowers, and local foods that were inspired by the Southwest region.



Venue & Lodging: Blue Lake Ranch/Ridgewood Event Center (see page 78). We were very happy with the accommodations at Blue Lake Ranch. We rented the ranch for three days and both sides of our family stayed at the Ranch (over 60 people). Event Planner: Celebrations (see page 87) far exceeded our expectations. Everything down to the unexpected, such as a perfect timeline of events for the day and spectacular details, were taken care of without a second thought. Caterer: The Yellow Carrot (see page 24). Our guests are still talking about our food and we have yet to have a better cupcake. Our buffet was something out of a Hollywood movie scene. Flowers: April’s Garden (see page 79). The flowers were gorgeous. They listened to every wish we had and made the bouquets far more beautiful than we could have imagined. Rentals: Durango Party Rental (see page 67).


Durango Weddings Magazine - 2013 Issue  
Durango Weddings Magazine - 2013 Issue  

20 amazing weddings from southwest Colorado.