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Pretty in Purple Our programs were in the form of an eight-page Playbill, which included the wedding’s “cast” (with bios and anecdotes of our relationship to each member of the wedding party), three-titled “acts” with “scenes” describing the timeline of the wedding, a page dedicated to our vendors, and the menu with descriptions of the tapas and the threetiered cake. We wanted our invitations to be a cross between an old western “Wanted” sign and a saloon marquee. We spent a lot of time creating and formatting them. It started to rain exactly when the ceremony was about to start. But it ended up being perfect—it cooled the atmosphere and made for some great pictures. It never really rained—it only sprinkled a bit—and that gave us an excuse to pull out a white umbrella. We wanted the ceremony to be fun, unique, and fit in with our subtle western theme. In addition to writing our own vows, we prepared a back-andforth exchange of exactly what we love about each other. The vows were romantic; the exchange was fun and entertaining. The ceremony culminated with everyone donning personalized purple shades (the wedding favor) while Reverend Chessa Gill read something we prepared about becoming one person and achieving one perspective. The “Kissing of the Bride” was followed by explosive trumpet fanfare from the Star Wars motion picture score (“Medley: The Throne Room/End Title”).

Our centerpieces included brown-paper packages tied up with string. Our guests were invited to open the packages as gifts. Inside the packages were our favorite games : cribbage, personalized playing cards, Apples-To-Apples, and Bananagrams.


Durango Weddings Magazine - 2013 Issue  
Durango Weddings Magazine - 2013 Issue  

20 amazing weddings from southwest Colorado.