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What to wear... I have designed this document to help couples with the common question “What do I wear?�. The main factors that will help with your couple shoot are: Location, lighting & clothing. In this document I have included a collection of images from my favourite couple shoots. The style displayed is inline with a nice colourful edit. Each of the examples given have couples which both match their personality along with the location and time of day.


you wear can even effect the edit on the images.”

Colour works: Using bright colours works wonders. As seen In many of the examples, if one person is wearing a brightly coloured or patterned outfit the other person will be dressed in more neutral, plain clothes.

Try to compliment each other.

Shoes and accessories such as socks, handbags, bow ties, suspenders, picnic towel etc  

Can also play a big part in the end result of the photos. I don't typically like using ‘corny’ props as its not really my style. But working with things relevant to your out fit or the situation, can work wonders. In the example directly below the addition of a simple blue denim jacket with plain colours adds just the right amount of colour to the photos and really effects the final edit in a positive way.

I like Colours.


I like the use of colours in these image, blue denim tops, bright shoes etc. Work AMAZINGLY especially when we are shooting in a forrest , with some nice greenery or muted tone like the trees in the below image (top left)

Nevertheless, it is still important to dress as your selves and be comfortable in what you're wearing.You can break the rules and go with a more coordinated formal theme with less colour, but also be sure to bring a second outfit which is more colourful to add contrast.  

Remember accessories like bow ties are IN fashion at the moment and can make a massive impact to the look and style of the images‌

I hope this document has been somewhat helpful in deciding what you will wear for your couple shoot. At the end of the day this is just a guide. You still have to be yourselves and feel comfortable.

Factors in a good photo shoot: -What you wear. -Location. -Lighting. (time of day)

Food for thought: -Bow ties. -Suspenders. -Caps. -Colourful socks. -Head piece. -Picnic rug hats.

What to wear