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The a-z of wedding dresses....33

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the Locations...

insider’s guide to reception venues

Regardless of whether you choose to have a traditional or modern wedding, pick a reception venue that will suit the formality, theme and ambience of your wedding. With - you can filter the reception venues into the following sub-categories: Reception Halls and Restaurants. This should already help considerably if you haven’t yet decided on your ideal venue. Indoor or outdoor? Formal or informal? Did you know that although many weddings in Houston are very formal events with realtively strict dress codes and etiquettes, in other parts of the world the events can be much more relaxed with only semi-formal attire yet without losing any of their charm? It’s certainly worth picturing your ideal venue scene, also factor in what time of year will your wedding be in as this will also play a big part in the overall theme and ultimately venue choice. www.WeddingsandQuinceañ



There are limitless possibilities when it comes to selecting your wedding reception venue. That being said, they can be booked up well in advance which is why they are at the top of our list of priorities and we recommend getting yours booked as soon as you can.

Bear in mind that you will need about two hours to set up for the reception. If there is a lunch scheduled before your dinner reception, make sure you allocate enough time to get everything ready and set up before your guests arrive. Ensure that the venue is set up so there is enough room for reception events such as cutting the cake and the first dance. You might find that a room that fits 200 for cocktails will not be big enough for a sit-down dinner and dancing, so always be sure to ask. Find out how much the deposit is to secure the venue and ask about their cancellation policies. Will you receive your deposit back if you cancel? Will there be any fees involved? Most weddings include dancing, so you will want to ask your reception venue if there are any restrictions on music. There might be noise restrictions you need to be aware of. Find out if there will be enough electrical outlets for your musicians or DJ. Always get everything in writing and ensure that the contract you get from your reception venue covers all the items you’ve discussed and agreed upon.

Reception seating etiquette Cover Location

VIP by La Fontaine

The guest list at your wedding reception needn’t be a nightmare. These days there are few hard-and-fast rules governing seating arrangements, however it is important to ensure that all your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your reception goes smoothly and a good time is had by all.

We have a good selection of indoor reception venues that are available all year round. Then again, if the weather will accomodate your preferred time of year, a garden scene is something certainly atypical and will be incredibly memorable!

A formal seating plan is often necessary, particularly if you have a large guest list. Not only will it allow you to maintain some control over who sits where, it will also assist the waiting staff. If you’re having a smaller celebration you may not want or need a seating plan. Seating lists are also inappropriate for less formal receptions such as cocktail parties where guests are standing for a long time. 713. 466.2800 - 713.874.7299

Here are some extra points from a featured article: Past brides are a wealth of information. If you know anyone who has gotten married recently, ask them for recommendations and suggestions. They will have first hand experience and be able to give you ideas for your own wedding. During peak wedding seasons, reception venues are in high demand and can often book up very quickly. Make sure you have enough time prior to the wedding date to research and book your venue. You do not want to wait until the last posible minute as this will often result in not getting what you wanted. It might be a good idea not to book your wedding or quinceanera around major events. An example of this might be if you are having your wedding in the city, your guests might have a hard time finding accommodation during Grand Final weekend! Prices may rise around events and holidays so try to steer clear of them. Always ask your reception venue if they hold more than one reception on any given day. Ensure that if another reception is booked for after yours you will not be rushed out as soon as your time elapses. Also ask what happens if your wedding does run overtime and if there are any fees that might be involved.

Consult with the wedding reception venue early in the process to get a clear idea of the venue layout and position of the tables. Seating whole groups of friends together (for example, work colleagues or a group of old highschool friends) won’t do much to encourage your guests to mix and meet new people. At the same time, a table full of strangers might make for awkward conversation. Try to arrange your seating plan so that each person knows at least two or three other guests on their table, but ensure that there are some new faces. You might like to arrange tables so that your guests are seated with others of a similar age group or interests. A printed seating plan displayed at the entrance of the venue will assist guests in finding their place. Arrange guests names alphabetically (followed by table number) rather than by table to speed up guests’ arrival. Printed name cards placed on every table will indicate the correct seat for each guest. Be mindful of any particular family relationships that might cause tension at the reception. Divorced parents of the bride or groom may not wish to be seated at the same table, but ‘host’ their own tables instead. If you are unsure, consult each parent before the wedding and give them this option.

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the Dress...

The wedding dress we imagined ourselves getting married in as little girls is probably a world away from the wedding dress we will actually choose as adults for our big day. Growing up, we come to the realization that our figures may not actually suit the big, puffy meringue creation of our childhood dreams and that we don’t actually have squillions of dollars in the bank to pay for it either. So without that girlish invention of a dress to go by (or the naïve unlimited budget), most of us are at a loss to decide what to wear on our wedding day. If that’s the case, this A-Z guide of wedding dresses should help you find your way again.

Accessories do have to match your wedding dress

Accessories should complement your dress and enhance the look that you are going for. If you’re after elegant and understated, you can’t go wrong with a simple strand of pearls. If the feel is romantic, team your wedding dress with antique jewellery.

Bridesmaid dresses don’t have to match your wedding dress

Although it’s still done, matching dresses are somewhat outdated now. Brides often choose a contrasting colour to their wedding dress which is carried throughout the wedding as the colour theme. www.WeddingsandQuinceañ



the a-z of wedding dresses

Hiring your wedding dress

If you’re on a tight budget and not fussed whether you keep your dress or not, then hiring your wedding dress may be the best option. Hire companies such as Ferrari Formal and Bridal will provide advice on which styles will suit your figure and are able to supply matching accessories too. They can also outfit the entire wedding party to take the headache out of coordinating the wedding attire at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase it all new. To find few companies in your locality search for hire wedding dress in melbourne or hire wedding dress in Sydney or what ever you locality is.

Ivory wedding dresses

Ivory is a gorgeous colour for wedding dresses. It’s light enough to enable you to have a white wedding yet dark enough so as not to offend anyone if you’re not quite virginal enough to wear pure white.

Jewellery and your dress

Why not dress your bridesmaids in different shades of this contrasting colour for a modern twist.

Check the workmanship of your wedding dress

Whether you hire, buy or make your wedding dress, you should always check the quality and workmanship. You don’t want to have to deal burst seams, falling hems and loose beading on your wedding day.

Designer wedding dresses

We’d all love a Vera Wang original, but why source overseas for your wedding dress when we have amazing bridal couture on our very own doorstep. Look out for Australian designers like Mariana Hardwick and Alex Perry (who is commissioned regularly by celebrities to create their wedding gowns).

Ego in a wedding dress

Do you want your ego boosted or an honest opinion when trying on wedding dresses? Don’t take all your gushing girlfriends with you when you shop for your

gown. Choose one or two trusted people who will tell you truthfully whether the wedding dress suits you or not. That way, you’ll get a genuine ego boost when you arrive at your wedding looking absolutely stunning.

Flattering wedding dress styles

For the full-figured bride, choose simple lines that skim rather than hug the figure as they are more slimming. Pear-shaped brides should consider A-line wedding dresses as they tend to hide the hips and thighs. Tall, thin brides can pretty much get away with any style but should steer away from straight, tight dresses as they often produce a matchstick look rather than to accentuate the feminine curve.

Garters and wedding dresses

Love them or hate them, garters (and the removal of them by single male guests during the wedding reception) do feature often at weddings. As long as they don’t spoil the line of your dress and are hidden from the eye until the time they are supposed to make their appearance, there’s no harm in continuing this fun tradition.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but too many of them won’t do you any favours. A good rule of thumb is: the fussier the wedding dress, the simpler your jewellery should be. Don’t make the mistake of looking garish on your wedding day. To get more idea browse the particular category on Bride Online.

Keeping tradition with your dress

It’s considered bad luck in Western Cultures for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. This tradition began in England and has spread throughout the world but nowadays has more to do with surprising your beloved than pandering to superstition.

Length of your dress

A bride’s love affair with floor-length gowns will never die but it may not always be an appropriate choice. On a sweltering summer day you may wish you had opted for something shorter and cooler. Likewise, the effect of a long wedding dress will be ruined if you find you can’t walk without tripping over it.

Money on your wedding dress

In many cultures money is pinned on a bride’s wedding dress. It’s traditional to place money upon the dress of a Polish, Cuban or Greek bride in exchange for a dance.

Cover Dress and Accesories

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Red wedding dresses Red is considered to be a very lucky colour in the Chinese culture so brides often wear red wedding dresses. If white doesn’t appeal, why not do the same and spice up your wedding day.

Something old, something new... your wedding dress

For your something old, why not wear a wedding dress that has been passed down from a relative. It adds a touch of tradition to the wedding and will please your family too.

Tans with wedding dresses

Tans look great with wedding dresses - especially if your gown is strapless, sleeveless or backless. Opt for a spray-on tan instead of the real thing just to avoid sunburn or peeling skin.

Underneath your wedding dress

What’s underneath the dress is important too. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, you may need some extra bust support. If you want an hourglass figure, a corset may help, but if you’re just feeling a little cheeky, wedding lingerie specialists justweddings. can whip you up some cute briefs with ‘bride’, ‘just married’ or your new name written across the backside.

To veil or not to veil

The general rule is :the more formal the wedding and wedding dress, the longer the veil. If you do decide to wear a veil, you’ll need a headpiece to finish it off - a tiara, flowers, a circlet or a jewelled comb.

When to start looking for a wedding dress

Nip, tuck and your wedding dress

As strange as it may sound, a trend has emerged recently where brides opt for an inexpensive, off-the-rack wedding dress and spend the thousands they have saved on plastic surgery instead. The reasoning behind this is that the cosmetic surgery they have undergone will enhance their appearance more positively than any dress ever could!

Out of your wedding dress

After the reception, many brides change out of their wedding dress into a ‘going-away outfit’ - usually a light coloured suit or a simple shift dress. Some brides change for comfort, others change as a symbol of closure to the wedding.

Preserving your wedding dress

After the wedding, wedding dresses should be professionally cleaned, wrapped in acid free tissue and stored in a dust free, acid reduced box to prevent mildew and yellowing. Make sure the box is then placed in a cool, dry storage area that is away from direct sunlight.

Queenly wedding dresses

As the undisputed queen of the day, you may want your wedding dress to reflect your status. Sweeping wedding gowns with long trains, gloves and tiaras are popular with royal brides.

Begin your search for the perfect dress six to nine months before the wedding. It can take between three to six months for a wedding dress order to come in or for a dress to be made. You also need to factor in the time it takes to make alterations. Choose ones closer to your place as its flexible to make any alterations. Search for wedding dress Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

Xtra advice about your wedding dress

Make sure that you are comfortable in your wedding dress. With all eyes on you during the ceremony and reception, you don’t want to be constantly caught pulling, tugging, smoothing and readjusting your dress.

You and your wedding dress

You should love the look and the feel of your wedding dress. Don’t choose your outfit based on the latest trends because it won’t reflect your personality and taste.

Zipping your wedding dress

It sounds simple enough but you’ll be surprised just how many brides and bridesmaids have neglected to take the appropriate amount of care when zipping up their wedding dress. Most wedding dresses are made of delicate fabrics and snags can cause serious damage to the gown so be careful! Now that you know what to look for in a wedding dress, the only question that should remain is how to go about getting it.

z n

the Beauty...

My 18 Best Makeup Tips Makeup I swear by, what to pack in your purse & how to keep lip color in place

It was widely reported that Kate Middleton chose to do her own wedding makeup because she wanted William to recognize her as she walked down the aisle. If you wear little makeup in your regular life, your wedding day is not the day to try out a smokey eye. You should look like you, only enhanced. The same rule holds true if you are a huge makeup junkie like Kim Kardashian. When she walked down the aisle at her 2011 wedding in a full face of makeup, she still looked like Kim Kardashian.

Should You Have a Pro Do Your Makeup? Many brides get their hair done professionally for their wedding and many of these stylists do makeup, too. If you’re booking a pro for your hair (find out more about hair trials and consultations in ask if you can have your makeup done, too. Make sure to consult with the artist and do a trial run before your big day. You don’t want your wedding day to be a big surprise, makeup-wise.




The Key is To Look Like Yourself, Only Better

This is the Day to Whip Out the Eyelash Curler Unless you’re one of those people with such amazingly long eyelashes you are regularly asked if you use Latisse, you’ll benefit from an eyelash curler. Curling lashes will make your eyes “pop.” I like to heat my eyelash curler for 3 seconds with a blowdryer before I curl my lashes. Just be sure to test the curler first on your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot. Some women with super short eyelashes go the false lashes route. I’d advise getting them professionally done, but some of my friends are really good at applying their own and swear it’s super easy.

Two Words: Waterproof Mascara Perhaps you will be in that 5 percent of women who don’t tear up at some point at their wedding, but if you’re not, today is the day to whip out the waterproof mascara. And ask your maid of honor to carry a tissue for you. Also, if you have light skin and blonde hair, don’t wear black mascara, brown is your better bet.

Cover Make Up & Hairstyle

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You Know That Friend Of Yours Who Really Knows Makeup? Enlist Her Help If Kate Middleton can do her own makeup for her wedding, I suppose the rest of us can, too. Unless, of course, you have never worn makeup in your life, in which case you might ask a friend to help you out. When my friend Anny got engaged a couple years ago, she asked me to help her figure out her makeup. Together, we went to Makeup specialist in Houston and I pointed out the makeup products I felt Anny would love including my favorite eye shadow. At every station, Anny sat down with a makeup expert and tried out the product. I hit a homerun: she learned how to use each product, she bought everything I suggested (no commission for me!), and she looked AMAZING at her wedding. More on what I told her to buy in a bit.

Prime, Prime, Prime Just as you would prime a wall before you paint, you should prime your face before you apply anything powder-based. I swear by eyeshadow primers -- nothing, and I mean NOTHING works better to keep your shadow from melting into your eyelid crease. I use a primer every single time I wear eyeshadow. If you’re wearing foundation or tinted moisturizer, apply primer beforehand. Primer fills in pores and fine lines and you’ll find your foundation glides on effortlessly.

Invest in a Highlighter Pen One of the products I recommended to Anny was Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Concealer, the makeup artist’s secret. Although it’s called a concealer, it’s really a highlighter. Trust me, nothing brightens the face more. Apply a bit under the eyes, above the brow, in the creases of the jowls (along your nose) and under the chin. Pat in with the pad of your finger. One great tip is to look in the mirror with your chin down. Apply Touche Eclat to the dark, shadowed spaces. There are many highlighters on the market.

The Most Important Part of Your Makeup: Your Skin Tone

The Trick to Keeping Lipstick in Place

It doesn’t matter how big your eyes are or how glossy your lips look, if your skin looks blotchy or oily, you won’t look your best on your wedding day. Your first priority should be making sure your skin looks great, then move on to your eyes, cheeks and lips.

Who has time to apply lipstick or gloss every half hour when they have 200 guests to entertain?

A basic rule of makeup is to either play up your eyes or your mouth. Play up both and you risk looking like a clown. So if you decide to go all-out on your eye makeup, keep your lips light with a gloss or a light pink lipstick. If you want to play up your full lips, do so with a bright or deep color, but keep your eyes relatively light.

I took Anny by the Chanel section to show her Chanel’s longwearing lipstick, Chanel Ultra Wear Lip Color, which she loved. Once you put this stuff on, it’s like a stain and doesn’t budge. The problem is there aren’t too many colors, so if you don’t LOVE the shade, you can try this 3-step process using any liner and color: The morning of the wedding, exfoliate lips by slathering them with Vaseline. Scrub them in a circular motion with an old toothbrush.

Su piel esta expuesta diariamente a los elementos ambientales. Con el paso de los años, los rayos solares, la polución y otros agentes nocivos van dañando su piel.


es el tratamiento mas seguro y efectivo para el cuidado de la piel

La microdermabrasión es una técnica que se desarrolló a partir de la dermabrasión, un tratamiento para el cuidado de la piel que ha sido utilizada por generaciones. La Microdermabrasión DermaTouch es la más suave y segura de todas. Gracias a sus diminutos y finos cristales, la técnica permite remover, de manera segura, la piel muerta. Al remover las celulas muertas esto estimula la produccion de una nueva

capa subyacente de celulas de la piel con niveles mas altos de colageno y elastina. La piel queda suave, fresca y rejuvenecida, tambien se puede usar en el cuello, las mejillas, las manos, los codos, los brazos, rodillas y la espalda.

“Beneficios de microdermabrasion” - Empareja el tono de la piel - Disminuye el tamaño de los poros - Mejora el acné - Revitaliza la apariencia de la piel - Aumenta la elasticidad de la piel - Suaviza la piel - Aclara las manchas de la edad - Reduce las líneas de expression - Aclara las manchas de sol

Riesgos y beneficios de la microdermabrasión

Es un procedimiento no quirúrgico, que se puede realizar “en la hora del amuerzo”, y que brinda muchos beneficios. La microdermabrasión reduce o elimina las líneas finas, las arrugas y otros signos de envejecimiento del rostro; atenua las cicatrices del acné y otras cicatrices leves; y le otorga a la piel de cualquier color y tipo una aparencia fresca y saludable. Todo esto practicamente sin efectos secundarios. Además, gracias a que la microdermabrasión usa cristales hipoalérgicos y orgánicos para rejuvenecer la piel. El procedimiento es ideal para personas con piel sensible a las sustancias químicas. Algunas personas pueden experimentar una leve irritación en la piel después de la microdermabrasión, lo cual es normal. Nuestro equipo es certificado y profesional, permítanos ayudarlo a tener una piel saludable y radiante que todos le van a envidiar….

Recupere años este 2013! Para una consulta gratis llámenos o visítenos

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before you walk down the aisle, but don’t keep overpowdering skin as the day and night wear on. Instead, carry blotting papers. This way you don’t have to keep powdering your face all night long. The blotting papers soak up the oils leaving your makeup in place.

Don’t Go Overboard With the Fake Tan If you like the tanned look, get a spray tan or at least use a self-tanner you know works. If you’re new to fake tanning, be careful because the orange look on your wedding day is not cool. Also, self-tanners reek (find out why). You don’t want to reek on your wedding day.

Say “I Do” to a Classic Manicure and Pedicure Personally I hate French manicures and pedicures (I wrote a blog about it in May 2006 and to this day get comments from people who either vehemently agree or disagree with me). I also loathe long, fake acrylic nails. A classic look for a wedding is a soft pink.

When you apply makeup, fill in lips with a lip liner. Apply lipstick or gloss over this. The lip liner is key to keeping color locked in place. Keep your lip liner close at hand so you can refresh your lips a few times during the evening. Better yet, put one of your bridesmaids in charge of lipstick/ gloss duty.

Thou Shalt Not Wax the Day Before Your Wedding You may be able to cover up a red upper lip or brow with a thick concealer, but trust me the redness will wear through at some point. It’s best to wax no less than 48 hours before a big event.

The same goes for your bikini line. Unless you get regular bikini waxes and know how your skin reacts, give yourself at least 48 hours before your wedding to get a bikini wax or Brazilian or risk walking down the aisle with Talcum powder liberally applied to the inside of your thighs. If you’re a newbie at waxing, take 2 Ibuprofen at least an hour before your appointment. The more waxings you get, the less painful they are.

Oily Skin? Carry Blotting Sheets To keep your oily skin at bay, definitely set your makeup with a loose powder

On the other hand, I always wince when I’m told a bride is not going to paint her nails for her wedding (my friends tend to be the laid-back, no-frills sort, so this happens to me sometimes). Even if you have no interest in painting your fingernails (I can’t imagine you’d be reading this article if you’re that sort, but who knows?), at least get them professionally shaped and ask to have them “buffed.” As for your toes, a pedicure will make you feel spiffy even if the only person to see your toes on your wedding day is your husband.

Exfoliate in the Weeks Up to the Wedding To make sure your skin looks its best, exfoliate your face and neck once or twice a week a couple months before the wedding. You can make your own facial scrub by mixing a generic white sugar with coconut oil, grapeseed oil or even olive oil or you can buy one. The days before your wedding, I always recommend treating yourself to a professional facial (give yourself at least 48 hours for the skin to calm down) or do your own at home. It’s easier than you’d think.

Aprende a cuidar tu Cabello ¿Alguna vez te ha pasado que compraste ese producto que a todas tus amigas les ha dejado el cabello hermoso y en el tuyo no funciona? Lo más probable es que no estaba hecho para tu tipo de cabello. Comúnmente, existen tres tipos de cabello es importante que conozca cuál tipo de cabello posees para que realices una compra inteligente. - El cabello normal es aquel que tiene cuerpo, brillo, suavidad y una apariencia saludable. Si este es tu caso, eres afortunada, sólo necesitas darle mantenimiento con productos dirigidos a este tipo de cabello e hidratarlo periódicamente con una mascarilla suave. - Si tienes el cabello grasoso, ese que tiende a verse y a sentirse sucio a veces hasta horas después de lavarlo, lo ideal es buscar un champú a base de menta y un acondicionador liviano que debes aplicar sólo en las puntas. - El cabello seco es uno de los más comunes. Se caracteriza por ser opaco, propenso a puntas abiertas y a partirse con facilidad. Debes lavarlo con un champú hidratante y aplicar un acondicionador profundo que ayude a restaurar la hebra. En éste caso, el ‘leave-in conditioner’ es esencial para mantenerlo saludable y bonito. Este tipo de acondicionador ayuda a eliminar la estática, a la vez que le brinda al cabello cuerpo, brillo y textura. Lo ideal es que este producto contenga ingredientes que hidraten la hebra del cabello, como son la sábila, proteínas, silicona, almendra, keratina entre otros ingredientes.

off before head to bed. Other good chafing relievers include Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, DERMAdoctor Med-E-Tate and BodyGlide anti-chaff stick.

Just Say No to the Gum Another good item to pack is breath strips. Today is not the day to be chewing gum or sucking on mints.

Finally, A Quick Tip About Your Hair Stylists always talk about how dirty hair makes the best updos. To this I say, “Gross.” If you are like me and you can’t bear to show up on your wedding day with dirty hair, try the hair stylist secret and ask your stylist to use baby powder or dry shampoo to give hair that “dirty” texture so needed for an updo. And don’t forget to pack extra hairspray and pins. My updo fell in the middle of my senior prom and I couldn’t do a thing about it. To ensure you don’t get caught in the same position as me (or in a downpour), make sure you’re prepared.

The Day of the Wedding

A Word About Teeth Whitening One of the best investments I made was professional teeth whitening at my dentist’s office years ago. I still have white teeth. There are a bunch of over-the-counter teeth whiteners that work, too. Just be careful not to go too overboard with teeth whitening.

How to Keep the Sweat at Bay Wedding dresses are hot. Very, very hot. And since many weddings take place outdoors in the early summer months, you may find yourself a sweaty mess on the day of your wedding. But have no fear, I have major tips to keep you sweat-proof on your wedding day. If you have tons of money at your disposal, I recommend getting Botox in your armpits a couple weeks before the wedding. It’s expensive

($1200 in Houston), but so was that chocolate fondue machine you insisted on. And the Botox will last you at least 3 months -- enough time to get you through the wedding and the honeymoon with sweatless pits. A less expensive option is to pack baby wipes and deodorant on your wedding day. Why the baby wipes? It’s best not to apply deodorant to moist skin. Wipe your armpits with a baby wipe first, let it dry and then re-apply deodorant. To combat sweaty thighs and the chafing that comes with it, I strongly suggest swiping anti-perspirant on your inner thighs. Some people wear by baby powder, but I find baby powder sweats right off, while a potent antiperspirant won’t. Note: Wash

Your stylist will know how much time is needed to do your hair so be sure to schedule that into the day. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time, especially if you have long hair. Keep in mind the timing of your wedding party hair appointments as well. Your stylist should know how much time to schedule. Some brides with fine hair opt not to wash their hair the day of or even before the wedding because the dirtier hair is, the better it will stay in an updo. Personally, I can’t imagine not washing my hair for my wedding, but whatever works! Bring extra pins and hairspray along to the reception just in case your updo starts to fall. You can run a hair dryer sheet on your head if there’s static in the air and your hair gets frizzy.

Your wedding may very well be the biggest event in your lifetime. All eyes are on the bride on her big day and the expectation is that you’ll look your very best.


En Polo’s Salon y Beautiful Secrets Spa estamos comprometidos a hacer que ese dia tan especial no se convierta en “el mas estresante”, por eso hemos creado 5=1, un concepto que está lleno de frescura, belleza y glamoure. 1. Empezamos con un refrescante Facial para relajar los musculos de tu cara y quitar todas las impurezas para logar ese toque juvenil que tanto deseas lucir en tu gran dia. 2. Masaje Relajante: Lograr que te olvides del stress que produce cada detalle de la fiesta será fácil para los profesionales de PSS. 3. Body Wrap: Porque sabemos que mereces lucir bella de pies a cabeza, nuestros productos están diseñados para que tu piel luzca suave y tersa sin esos molestos bellos en tu cuerpo. 4 y 5. Pienado y Maquillaje: El toque final que te hará lucir como la princesa de la noche, hermosa, juvenil y elegante como las estrellas de la pantalla grande. Dejate consentir por nuestro Staff para que estos Quince sean Inolvidables! Este paquete puede ser para Quinceañeras, Bodas o cualquier tipo de evento que requiera un toque especial.

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the Invitations...

Cómo elegir las invitaciones de 15 años?

Enseguida algunos puntos básicos a tomar en cuenta al seleccionar las invitaciones de quince años, veamos. Elige tus invitaciones con los colores de tu fiesta Algo muy común en las fiestas de 15 años de la actualidad es el que se elijan temas para decorar el evento, así que dependiendo de cual sea la temática de tu celebración una buena idea es agregar los colores principales en el diseño de las invitaciones. Elige un diseño creativo Todos conocemos las clásicas invitaciones rectangulares así que para tus tarjetas sean creativas elige un diseño innovador como por ejemplo un estilo que se despliegue en abanico. Personaliza tu diseño con una fotografía Para que tus tarjetas sean un diseño único no hay mejor manera que personalizarlas agregando una fotografía tuya. Invitaciones por correo Las invitaciones no tiene porque ser impresas, una nueva forma de invitar a tus amigos puede ser utilizando el correo electrónico, o ¿qué tal hacerlo mediante facebook?




Hoy te traemos algunas recomendaciones que te ayudarán a elegir tus invitaciones de 15 años, una pieza muy importante de tu fiesta ya que no debes de olvidar que son la primera impresión que tus invitados tendrán sobre los que les espera en tu celebración.

¿Cuál es la mejor frase para la invitación a una fiesta de quince? Estos días he estado leyendo un montón de frases para las invitaciones que entregamos a los amigos y familiares que deseamos que asistan a nuestra fiesta de quince, es complicado decidir qué vamos a escribir en la invitación, hay frases muy largas otras más concretas, algunas muy cariñosas y otras más serias y sencillas, la frase es algo muy personal que cada uno debe redactar a su gusto, pero hay que tener cuidado de no pasarse, porque queda de recuerdo con los años y si puede suceder que con el tiempo la frase elegida ya no nos guste… Hoy es un día muy esperado y especial para mi, Mis 15 años. Tu eres unas de las personas que está dentro de mi corazón y que va a estar para siempre. Por eso te invito a pasar una noche inolvidbale conmigo en…… día…….. hs….. Te espero, no me falles!! Yo creo que algo así podría estar bien, hay que nombrar la fiesta, darle al día especial la importancia que se merece, mostrar por los invitados el cariño que corresponde, pero tampoco exagerar en plan sensiblero, porque luego podemos arrepentirnos… y a vosotros ¿qué os parece? ¿qué frase elegiríais o cual habéis utilizado para vuestra invitación a la fiesta de quince?

Chocoinvitaciones, para una fiesta muy dulce OMG!! Con lo golosa que yo soy y que me muestren estas invitaciones… ¡Que delicia! Si alguien me invita a una fiesta con una invitación de chocolate, desde luego que no podré negar mi asistencia. La invitación es una especie de carta de presentación del evento y ya se sabe que la primera impresión muchas veces, es la que cuenta, así que hay que elegirla bien. Las chocoinvitaciones pueden ofrecer ciertos problemas en países de clima muy cálido, aunque un buen aire acondicionado, eso lo soluciona, obviamente hay que tener cuidado de que no se derritan, consisten en tabletas de chocolate a nuestra elección con un envoltorio personalizado del que elegimos los dibujos y colores y en el que se indican los detalles de la fiesta, lugar, día, hora… Si queréis algo diferente para anunciar a tus amigos y familiares la celebración de tus quince, puedes pensar en la opción de una chocoinvitación como esta, la pena es que son tan bonitas que da pena abrir el envoltorio para comerse el chocolate, pero haciéndolo con cuidado el envoltorio se puede guardar como recuerdo y el chocolate al fin y al cabo está para disfrutar.

¡El día después

Lo último en invitaciones, cajitas de cartón

Todo comenzó hace ya casi un año. Pasaste meses pensando en la decoración, el vestido y las invitaciones. Fotos, sesiones de maquillaje, pruebas con tu vestido, degustación de menús y emoción, mucha emoción para preparar tu fiesta de 15 años. Pero ahora que ya pasó, que ya estás descansada de tanto stress y de tanto bailar el día de tu fiesta, yo te sugiero que vayas un poquito más alla.

iEstas empezando a preparar tus quince, una de las primeras cosas que buscaras serán las invitaciones, hay que hacer una lista con todas las personas que queremos que asistan al evento, contarlas y encargar para cada una de ellas una invitación, hoy en día es más que habitual encargarlas por internet, hay muchos modelos para elegir y se consiguen buenos precios.

¿Por qué no les envías a tus invitados una tarjetita de agradecimiento? Es simple, fácil, original e inclusive lo puedes hacer tú misma con un poquito de paciencia. La idea en realidad es darle la gracias a los que te acompañaron en tu fiesta y que la hicieron posible.

Uno de los diseños que está más de moda últimamente es el de las invitaciones en forma de cajita, es más original que la clásica tarjeta en sobre y además permite que incluyamos un regalo en el interior, no tiene por qué ser nada caro, puede ser un bombón u otro dulce, o podemos colocar un regalo u otro, dependiendo de para que invitado sea. Los mismos dibujos de muñecos, figuras, símbolos o paisajes que antes veíamos en modo tarjeta, ahora los hay en caja, podemos elegir el dibujo de nuestra elección, las cajitas se decoran además con un lazo y una pequeña tarjeta en el que se escribe el nombre del invitado, como antes se hacía en el sobre.

Las puedes mandar a hacer antes de tu fiesta y las puedes repartir, mesa por mesa, cuando saludes a tus invitados. O, si lo prefieres, puedes enviarlas unos días después de la fiesta. No tiene que ser nada caro o elegante, se trata de dar un simple ¡GRACIAS! pero que cuando tus invitados la reciban sepan que en verdad te tomaste el tiempo para agradecer su presencia en tu fiesta y algo aun mejor no te olvides de hacer una super especial para tus padres o las personas que hicieron de tu sueño una hermosa realidad!!

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the Food...

catering tips and advice If you advise your caterer of your budget, they will be able to help you work out an arrangement to suit it. Buffets are not always cheaper than sit down dinners so always ask about all your options. Prices usually depend on the price of the food that you select for your menu, not the way it is served. If you have already decided on the level of formality that your wedding will have, inform the caterer as this will provide a good outline for them to create a menu for you. Find out if your caterer uses fresh food and produce. Ask if any of the items are canned goods. Your caterer should be able to provide you with a timetable that will state what courses will be served and when. This will help you to structure any other events at the reception, eg: speeches, cutting the wedding cake. Food sometimes looks better than it tastes, so always be sure to ask for a sample of the food as this is the only way you will find out if it’s good or not. Find out if your caterer offers wedding cakes in their packages. Some wedding caterers may be able to provide you with one, so this will save you going to another provider. Find out if GST included in the quoted price or if it needs to be added on. Does the price include table linens, napkins, dishes, and glassware? You may want the catering staff to wear uniforms on the day, so find out if this is an option with the catering company of your choice. It is not uncommon that caterers will be able to incorporate your wedding theme colours into the decorations and floral arrangements of the buffet table or food station. If this is what you do want, be sure to ask if the caterer can facilitate this. www.WeddingsandQuinceañ



It is important to take great time and care when choosing your caterer. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your caterer and tips to ensure your feast won’t be marred by any surprises.

low-cost catering ideas In most cases wedding catering is the largest expense of a wedding. The cost of your wedding reception includes the food, beverages, kitchen staff, waiters, rentals, decorations, and the cost of the site itself. Receptions don’t always have to be held at dinner time. You might find that choosing a different time of day for your reception will result in a significant saving. Below are some suggestions and ideas for alternative receptions. Tea receptions are held between 2-4 pm. You can serve things such as canapés, finger sandwiches, tea, scones, pastries and a variety of cheeses. Contact your wedding caterer for different options they have. A hors d’oeuvres reception is takes place between 11am5pm or after an evening wedding. As the name suggests, you would serve light finger foods such as chips and dips, fruit and vegetable platters, cheeses, and crackers. You can also include meat and cheese trays, shrimp cocktails, oysters, egg rolls, sausages, chicken wings, and tea sandwiches. A cocktail reception might include passed trays of food as well as small stations with finger food. Be sure to have to have plenty of napkins, plates, cutlery and seating on hand to avoid messy dining. Be clear in your invitation that the reception will include cocktails and hors d’oeuvres only. The reception’s finale will be the cake-cutting ceremony and coffee service, which can be supplemented by after-dinner drinks and petites fours. Decadent Dessert Receptions are held from 1- 4pm or after an evening wedding. Serve an extensive assortment of rich desserts such as cheese cakes, tarts, tortes, cookies, pies, cakes, pastries, cobblers, biscotti, ice cream, sundaes, and candies. Serve coffee, tea, and other beverages. Your wedding catering provider should be able to provide your with a wide range of options. A Simple Cake and Punch Reception is perfect if your reception is not during a normal mealtime. Mid morning or mid afternoon is ideal. You can also include candies, cookies, and nuts to the menu. Include “Cake and Punch Reception Following Ceremony” on your invitations and this inform guests ahead of time not to expect a full meal. You can cut costs by using paper and plastic goods instead of glassware, china plates, cloth napkins, and silverware. If the event runs over you may have to pay overtime charges. Be sure to find out how long you have the reception site/facilities for.

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the Experts...

A French themed wedding is a popular choice for couples looking to add a touch of classical romance to their big day. French cuisine is superb and adding chic French touches to your wedding outfits will create a stylish effect. So what about your wedding decorations? How do you add French inspiration to your overall wedding scheme? Here are three popular French themes and ideas for decorations that complement them:

1. Marie Antoinette theme

A Marie Antoinette themed wedding is all about luxurious surroundings, sumptuous fabrics, and decadent delicacies. For this theme to work you should look for a light, bright, traditional venue decorated in neutral or pale colours; the theme will be hard to pull off in a dark or overly modern venue. Extras to look out for are elaborate chandeliers, satin drapes, and over the top mouldings. The colours to aim for with a Marie Antoinette theme are pastel pinks, peaches and blues, along with darker shades such as dusky rose. Vintage gold should also feature strongly in your wedding palette. Make use of a variety of textures including silk, lace, satin, and damask, and use layered table clothes, large feathers, and satin ruffles to create a dramatic impact. Use food to make to a decorative display, and add decadence with a chocolate or champagne fountain. Your wedding cake should be a towering pastel creation, and other www.WeddingsandQuincea単



French themed wedding ideas

comfortable place where friends can gather together, and to find classic dark furniture and fittings that are of a high quality but have aged gradually over time. The main two colours to look for if you want a rustic French theme are red and yellow. Reds can range from tomato to burgundy and yellows from butter to golden mustard, but any combination that works well together will help to create a rustic French feel. Look for gold or cream textured fabrics with a rich floral pattern in red, yellow, and green. Add plenty of ceramics; large pots of flowers make great decorations but don’t use them as centrepieces as your guests won’t be able to see around them. Red and gold goblets are an ideal alternative to champagne glasses. Ideally your venue should have neutral décor, with textured walls where possible. If your venue is minimalist, try installing some dark wood open shelved cabinets and upholstered chairs. Look out for heavy ornamental ironwork, basketwork, and ceramic jugs filled with lavender to complete the look.

Wedding Decorating Ideas If you’re trying to conjure up some original wedding decoration ideas but are stuck for inspiration, these contemporary tips should get the ideas flowing:

sweet treats could be arranged on vintage cake stands of different heights to create a colourful display.

2. Café de Paris

This is a cute and colourful theme that works well for a less formal wedding. Try to recreate Montmartre, the last village of Paris, with its red striped canopies, bright coloured flowers and potted plants, vintage posters, and wrought iron furniture.

Hire a caricaturist to draw pictures of you and your guests, and have small café style tables lit with candles in French wine bottles. Make sure you have baskets of French bread on the tables and a live accordion player performing as you eat.

3. Rustic France

If you are looking for a warm and welcoming feel for your wedding, rustic France might be the inspiration you need. The principles behind rustic French décor are to create a relaxing

1.If you want tall dramatic centrepieces, but still want your guests to be able to see each other, look for tall candelabras and just have a single flowered garland twisted around the stem. Alternatively have flowers arranged in giant martini glasses so guests can chat underneath them. Finally you could choose low arrangements for the tables and just have a couple of towering arrangements in the corners of the room, or either side of the top table. 2.Place mirrors strategically around your reception venue to maximize your decorations and make your venue appear larger. This works especially well if you have a lot of colour and are using lights, candles, or sparkly accessories such as crystals.

3.Make a decorative feature of the food you serve by paying attention to what it looks like and what it is served on. Choose colour coordinated canap?s and have them stacked on cakes stand style plates, or served on glass boxes full of rose petals or coloured pebbles. Combine large platters with tall food stands to create an impressive display. 4.To take your wedding colour scheme to extremes you could stipulate a coloured dress code for your guests. Black and white is a popular choice as you can guarantee your guests won’t clash with whatever colours you have chosen. You could also try dress codes such as ‘something blue’ or ‘autumn leaves’. 5.For simple yet effective floral centrepieces, place a bunch of roses in a vase and scatter similar coloured rose petals on the table beneath. Use low square arrangements for the dining tables and taller vases for other areas such as the bar. 6.Feather are becoming a popular alternative to flowers in wedding decorations as they are soft and feminine, yet more modern and edgy than flowers. Feathers can be incorporated into your bouquet, table arrangements, and hair accessories, and can also be attached to place names or escort cards. Hang a feathered circle from the ceiling instead of a chandelier. 7.Coloured glass is rarely used in wedding decorations, but it can create a stunning effect whist serving a practical purpose at the same time. Look out for coloured champagne and wine glasses, and coloured vases for your flower arrangements. Place a small coloured glass with a tea light inside in each place setting for a romantic glow. 8.If you want to add character to your wedding venue, consider hiring or borrowing a few pieces of furniture that reflect your wedding decoration theme. These could be a few vintage tables for the bar area, or a couple of modern sofas for the lounge. You don’t have to change all of the furniture at the venue; just a few well placed pieces will give the right impression. 9.Accessorising your chairs is often seen as too fussy, but unless you have chair covers, the backs of chairs are crying out to be decorated. Simply attaching an ornament such as a fabric flower or butterfly on wire can be effective, or you could add ribbons in your wedding colours. 10.Wedding trees are an unusual choice for wedding decorations, and are made by bundling together a number of thin branches or twigs and placing them in a decorative vase. These trees can be used on the floor or as table centres and can be decorated with fairly lights, sparkling ornaments, baubles, or tiny framed photos.

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the Transportation...

Photography by Cayupe

Photography by Cayupe Ph: 520-358-5590

10 tips para alquilar una limusina Alquilar una limusina tiene varios propósitos, obviamente el primero es llamar la atención y es un símbolo de status. Queremos ayudarte con estos tips para alquilar una limusina.

2- Aunque son caras las limusinas no son imposibles de alquilar. En muchas universidades los estudiantes con anticipación ahorran entre todos para alquilar limusinas para irse a celebrar. 3- Algunas agencias de renta de limusinas tienen paquetes especiales como en la renta por X numero de horas, ellos ponen las bebidas y las botanas gratis. O hacen un descuento en el arreglo floral de la limusina. 4- Antes de contratar una limusina pide revisarla. Fíjate que no tenga manchas los asientos, daños en las tapicerías, que las cerraduras funcionen bien, que los conductores tengan vestidos apropiados, sin daños o abolladuras en la carrocería. 5- En caso de contar con enfriador de bebidas, sonido, televisión, etc. pide una demostración de que Si les parece que exiges demasiado al pedir una demostración, diles que nadie quiere beber bebidas tibias. www.WeddingsandQuinceañ



1- Las limusinas cobran por tiempo, en algunos casos se puede llegar a un arreglo para que al rentarlas por 3 horas te regalen 1 hora mas. Esto es muy practico en las bodas pues mientras dura la ceremonia es tiempo muerto que estas pagando.

Lo primero que uno debe saber, mientras que alquila una limusina es que hay miles de empresas en EE.UU. que ofrecen servicios de limusina. Estas compañías varían no sólo en los precios que cobran, sino también en la calidad de los servicios que prestan. Usted debe esperar a hacer una investigación sobre la empresa que tiene la intención de contratar y tratar de entender si el servicio que ofrecen es el lo que usted está buscando. También hay otro punto muy importante que uno tiene que entender. Uno no debe esperar que las empresas de servicio de limusina para cargar ligeramente en los destinos turísticos de interés como Galveston, San Antonio, Austin, etc más que probable que las empresas tienen mayores gastos que una empresa similar en otra parte del país. Por lo tanto, es probable que venir a través de empresas que van a cobrar menos por los servicios comparables si usted sucede estar en un estado más pequeño. Muchas empresas, en la actualidad, se han convertido en expertos en cuidados en el alquiler de autobuses y limusinas para las bodas y quinceaneras. Por lo tanto, si usted está planeando ninguna como el alquiler a continuación, no se sienta sorprendido si el servicio de limusina pide la aprobación de su tutor en la forma de un contrato escrito y firmado antes de confirmar su pedido. Servicios de limusina también han impuesto restricciones más severas sobre el tabaco y algunas empresas incluso pueden incluir en el acuerdo de alquiler que no habrá prohibición de fumar en la limusina.

6- Hay agencias de renta de limusinas que lo pueden recoger en el aeropuerto y le pueden organizar un tour turístico de primera. Por ejemplo si visita Barcelona no olvide contratar alquiler de limusinas en barcelona. 7- Un detalle bonito para los padres, es cuando celebren sus bodas de plata y oro. Es que los hijos les alquilen una limusina. Por lo general siempre cuentan con modelos clásicos. 8- Si perteneces a un grupo musical rentar una limusina puede ser una buena inversión para llamar la atención de los medios periodísticos al llegar a un evento. Te hara lucir bien ante los fotógrafos. 9- Recuerda hacer un recorrido físico por donde la limusina debe transitar. Hay caminos y calles donde podrían meter en aprietos la limusina por ejemplo calles muy cerradas, rampas muy altas, etc

10- Recuerda escoger bien el modelo y el color para que combinen con la ropa que usaras en ese gran día. Calcula las personas que invitaras a subir para que no vayan apretados y el numero de bebidas para que no hagan falta.

Qué esperar cuando alquila una limusina “El conocimiento es poder”, dice un adagio. No es así incluso cuando el alquiler de una limusina se refiere. Antes de salir a contratar a una empresa de limusinas, uno debe tener cuidado con las expectativas que él o ella debe tener de los servicios de limusina.

Si usted está esperando encontrar alguna empresa de limusinas a través de Internet a continuación, usted también debe tener en cuenta de un gran número de empresas que falsifican su flota, tamaño, etc Sin embargo, esto no significa que no debería encontrar ningún servicio de limusina con Internet. Por el contrario, algunos de los mejores servicios de limusina atraer a un gran número de sus clientes a través de Internet. Esta pregunta para usted ser un poco de cuidado para evitar caer a cualquier estafadores que puedan surgir en su camino. Por último, hay que entender que la calidad tiene un precio. Si usted está buscando una fecha especial, para su boda o quinceanera, y piensa que necesita una limusina especial en tamano, color o estilo debe tener en cuenta y estar dispuesto a pagar un precio un poco mas elevado de lo comun, por otra parte la mejor manera de alquilar una limu, es con bastante tiempo de anticipacion sumado a un buen contrato por escrito.

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Photography by Cayupe

Photography by Cayupe Ph: 520-358-5590

Mi Pastel En una celebración, un momento clave y emotivo que atrae la atención de todos, es la presentación del pastel. Según la tradición, los novios cumplen con el rito de cortar juntos el pastel. Esto simboliza el comienzo de una vida juntos. A la hora de elegir el pastel hay que tener en cuenta diferentes aspectos. A continuación te damos algunos consejos: El sabor: El bizcochuelo: su elección será en base al gusto general de los invitados. Los sabores más tradicionales son el chocolate y la vainilla. Para el relleno, lo usual es la crema o mermeladas, las frutas y frutos secos como las almendras o nueces. Es importante que antes de encargar el pastel no sólo te fijes en las fotos sino que pidas alguna prueba. Esa degustación es sólo para probar y no para decidir el estilo del misma. El estilo: Tiene que ver con gustos y modas. Como parte integral de tu fiesta, el pastel deberá estar en armonía con todo lo demás: la ambientación del salón, tu vestido, etc. En este caso los que deciden cómo lucirá su pastel son los novios o quinceanera. Entre los detalles que deberás considerar están: La base: Hoy en día puedes elegir entre diversos materiales: madera, plata, plástico, vidrio, acrílico. Una base bien elegida no sólo sostiene al pastel, sino también lo embellece. Color: Las tendencias actuales permiten que te inclines por el color que prefieras, teniendo en cuenta que armonice con el color de la fiesta. Para ayudarte puedes tomar como referencia tu vestido o los colores predominantes en las flores, mantelería, etc. La forma: Hay asimétricas, redondas, cuadradas, de todas formas. Una nueva tendencia es el pastel armado con cupcakes. Cobertura del pastel: El más usado es el fondant, pero puedes elegir además entre chocolate, crema, dulce de leche o merengue.




Los accesorios del pastel: Pueden ser decoraciones de fondant o pastillaje, encajes, organza, flores, siempre en armonía con la ambientación de tu evento. Y no te olvides de los muñequitos coronando la torta, hoy en día hay mucha variedad, desde los clásicos hasta los más divertidos. El tamaño:Lo más importante es la cantidad de invitados. Otras variables son: el tipo de menú (buffet o cena), el tipo de evento (formal o informal), etc.

Is One of Houston’s Newest Cake Shops with the best variety of Cake, Cup Cakes and Cake Dot flavors. We are constantly creating new flavors and designs.

Para su mejor atención, permitanos diseñar su pastel con previa cita llamando al 832.208.2402

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the Momenst... Photography by Producciones Cavazos

Producciones Cavazos Ph: 281.935.3646

booking a photographer

So, what do we need to know?

Establishing open communication and an honest, helpful relationship with your photographer is important because your photographer is an important part of the day. The better photographers do more for you than simply take photographs. They help with planning, timing and even with the fine details.It is important to have an understanding of the industry and basic business practices before embarking on a search for a professional photographer. The following information provides a behind the scenes understanding and should be used as a guide to help you select your photographer.

How much should we budget?

When starting out, it is hard to know what wedding photography costs, because photographers are not prone to advertising their prices. An important factor to remember is that any price quoted will be a starting coverage or package price only. Every wedding is unique, as is every couple. Generally, the prices between different wedding photographers reflect their qualifications, experience, skill, and creative style. The quality of the overall product and level of service will also vary with price. www.WeddingsandQuincea単



A skillfully photographed wedding or XV album will be one of the most adored and precious items that is kept and loved many years after your especial day. As well as conveying the emotions, romance and humour of the day, they are a testament to your relationship. Needless to say, such an important part of your lives should be captured by a highly qualified professional photographer.

Why does wedding photography cost this much?

When should i book my photographer?

How should we choose a photographer?

Should we sign a contract with our photographer?

Photography today is expensive today because of labour and material costs. Good professional photographers also use professional equipment, film, labs and albums and unlike amateur products, these are higher in cost. There is the photographers high overheads and their time to consider. Even though you may only see them for about 15 hours before, during and after the day, they will also spend at least 30 to 40 hours producing your album. You really though, are paying for the value of a photographers style, experience, qualifications and expertise and not just for time, materials and overheads. A referral from family or friends is a good starting point. Also browse through Bride Online’s Gallery or through our huge list of Photographers in our wedding directory.These can be sorted according to your location. From these sources it is best to only choose two or three photographers to start with. Picking more at the beginning will only be confusing. A lot of studios are now single operations, meaning there is only one photographer and they are usually the owner. Some have more than one photographer, and some are fairly high volume studios that call in part-time photographers to shoot for them. When choosing a studio like this it is important to meet the person that will be photographing your wedding so you can establish a trust based relationship before you even book with the studio.

Cover Photography

Photos by Gabriela | 832.245.4166 Basically, like many services, you generally get what you pay for. Therefore, the more paid, the greater the quality of photography and professionalism. Most wedding photographers will have a starting package or coverage which allows for the time that will be spent together on the day and will either include a basic amount of photographs in a basic album (package) or a credit that will go towards an album afterwards (coverage). Starting amounts are usually around $1500 and generally will provide only about 20 to 30 photographs. Remember these are basic or starting amounts only, and generally do not include all the extras you will want. Also, generally 20 to 30 photographs is not enough photographs to tell a full story of your wedding day, so most couples want more and better than the basic album. You won’t really know what and how many pictures you will need until you see the images, so you need to budget for the extras of additional photographs and a better album. Prices can range anywhere up to $5000 for a full photography package. Great photographs are hard to resist. A decision to employ a photographer based purely on price however, and not skill, generally ends in heartbreak, so think carefully before choosing a cheaper option. You will invest a lot of money on a wedding and all will be for only that one day, except the photography. This will be the one thing that you will have forever that will bring all the wonderful memories of that one day back. If money is an issue however, organise to get a better wedding photographer, but spend a little less time with them on the day and choose a few less photographs. It will be the quality photography you remember, not the cost.

Make sure the work you are viewing is that wedding photographers work and look at complete weddings and a full set of the original images and not just the best shots from various weddings.You cannot pick a photographer based on a brochure or a phone call price enquiry. The only way to establish the value is to meet with them, so make an appointment with the studio. In the initial enquiry allow about an hour so you can base a decision on the style, creativity and quality of the photos and albums as well as the compatibility and qualifications of the photographer. As photographers work weekends and some have days as a break through the week, evening appointments can often be arranged. Try to select one near to your place so that arrangements can be made easily and will be much flexible. Search for Wedding photographer Melbourne, Wedding photography Sydney or Brisbane or enter your locality along with the search term and you would find one definetly nearby your area.

Why should i even bother booking a photographer when my uncle harry has a great camera?

Remember, it’s not the great camera that takes the photo, it’s the photographer. Although a friend or family member may be a great amateur photographer, they will not have the experience, equipment or knowledge of a professional photographer. Quality wedding photography does not happen by chance. It is created by a specialised professional who has a creative eye and a genuine love of people and wedding photography. Your photographer will also need to co-ordinate the flow of the day, know all the types of shots that need taking and must be able to do all of this in variable weather and sometimes difficult time constraints. A specialist wedding photographer can provide a fantastic story telling role and will be able to help you before during and after the day. Before you dismiss the thought of using a professional photographer for financial reasons, perhaps look at ways you may be able to afford one. You may be able to re-prioritise the wedding budget, or you could ask guests to provide money towards the photography as a gift. Some photographers have credit vouchers and you can include them on the bridal gift ideas register. Most wedding photographers also offer layby to spread the payments for you.

It is a good idea to start looking and booking your wedding photographer as soon as you have decided on a wedding date. It is common to book a photographer 12 to 18 months (or longer) in advance.The busy wedding times are from September to May and Saturdays are highly sought after. Remember, it is worth booking this far in advance to get the photographer you want. When you have found the photographer that you are comfortable with, pay the deposit to ensure you have the photographer that you want, on the day that you want.

Most definitely. This is your assurance that the studio will honour its commitment to you. A contract is nothing more than an agreement confirming all the things the photographer has explained to you. There should be no surprises and therefore no reason not to sign. Before you do sign, make sure you have all the relevant information as to individual print, album and page pricing, cancellations, payments etc. Make sure you understand everything that you are signing.The wedding photographer should have all the information in writing for you (called full disclosure). If there is anything that you are unsure about, and that hasn’t been explained, don’t book. Wedding photography is very unique and there is a lot of trust you place in your photographer for their future performance. There is also the trust the photographer places in you. The contract covers both yourself and the photographer for your upcoming wedding.

Why do we have to pay up front?

It is normal practice for your photographer to ask for a deposit, and the rest of the money before your actual wedding. The booking deposit is usually 50% of the package or coverage, and sometimes more. The reason for this up front payment, is that you are ensuring that the photographer you have chosen will be exclusively available to you for your chosen day. Also the photographer starts working for you from the day you pay the deposit. The remaining amount is due before the wedding, so that you will be able to view your photographs when you return from your honeymoon.Remember your package is not all you will spend on photography, as you will be investing more on your album afterwards. So paying the package up front, isn’t really paying for everything, Wedding photography is very unique and paying beforehand is also the photographers insurance. The photographer is turning away other weddings on your day because they are only available to you. For instance, if a couple separated before or shortly after the wedding (which is not unheard of) the photographer is left with a day not booked, or worse, has a set of unwanted photographs.

What happens after i book?

You should receive written and/or verbal communication regarding the procedures the studio will take to ensure that you get what you paid for. If there are any aspects of the wedding that you think would effect the photography, ensure that you tell the studio prior to arranging details. If you wish to have pre-wedding photographs taken, you will need to advise your photographer at least three months prior. The pre-wedding photographs are a fantastic idea, especially if you haven’t any photographs of yourselves and are a great way to start your album and have some lovely wall portraits.

The studio should contact you prior to your wedding day to make a pre wedding appointment to discuss the fine details with you such as timing, locations and any special photographic styles or techniques you would like. When deciding on how long you will require your photographer on the day, remember, the longer the photographer stays, the more photographs are taken. If you want to save, then keeping the photographer up until the start of the reception is ample.

How much time should we set aside for photography?

The amount of time will vary with each wedding, however it is a good idea to discuss with your photographer what would be appropriate prior to booking your church and reception times. Things to keep in mind are the size of your bridal party, family, length of service, travel time and what locations you have in mind to travel to. You will need around one and a half to two hours free photographic time (excluding travel) after the service in order to do family groups, bridal party and your more personal shots at one or two locations.

But we hate posing for photographs!

Many couples prefer to have their wedding captured candidly. That is to say, they don’t

want to pose for photographs. However, there is a misconception that a wedding can be successfully photographed totally candidly. Candid photographs can be taken whilst your attention is elsewhere but there are times during the day that you will need to be directed or posed. It actually requires more time and takes a very skilled photographer to both capture and create the atmosphere, mood and feeling that enables a candid feel to arise.A good wedding photographer will make people feel comfortable and will be able to “pose” you so your images will then look candid or unposed. The directed photographs are important in an album, as they gather and include the family and bridal party. It is rare to have you and all of your family, or friends or bridal party and even the two of you in a candid situation looking good at the one time at a wedding. You will need to cooperate with the wedding photographer and allow yourselves to be comfortably directed by them. That is the skill of the better photographers and this is what you should look for. It is also what you are paying for.

what happens after the wedding?

In most cases the studio will produce a set of viewing prints (either proofs, previews or originals) to assist you in making your

purchasing decisions. There have always been many ways that these prints are presented and you should ask to see samples. Remember that there is no such thing as the proverbial free lunch, and if the studio includes the set of prints in the initial package deal, you really have paid for them anyway. These prints are costly for a studio and if you are to keep them then expect to pay for them.Most studios will expect that you purchase an album, although some studios have options where you don’t have to. Studios will be very well set up to help you with the album making process, and most photographers view it as a major part of the creative process. Your album is very personal, and there are many variations to choose from. The album planning process generally takes four to six hours. This is generally done at the photographers prior to the initial prints leaving the studio. This is because they are usually loose to make it easy to do the plan and the photographer can help you with the creative design of the album. An album is a excellent way to finish the creative process and the final product is immensely rewarding. It keeps your photographs safe and clean and allows you to view your wedding in a logical sequence. The photographer’s album is an excellent way to keep your treasured memories together and display them as a coffee table presentation.

So what if i have a problem with my photographer?

If you do encounter a problem, try to discuss this calmly and rationally with the photographer or the studio. If you feel your problem has not been rectified, then put your concerns in writing. If there is still not a solution by this stage, then find out if the photographer is a member of an organisation such as the BBB. By contacting the organisation and detailing your problem in writing, they will in turn contact the photographer if they are a member.The organisation can also help with advice, and view the work and be a mediator. If you discover that your photographer is not a member, the organisation may not be able to help. It will still be beneficial to record a written complaint as it will tarnish the photographers record if they wish to join in the future. If after this course of complaint, your problem is still unresolved there is the Office of Fair Trading (Consumer Affairs) and after this the small claims tribunal. However, by choosing a qualified specialised wedding photographer, you are very unlikely to encounter problems.

24 tips on how to avoid frustration and achieve great photographs. 1) Book a qualified specialised photographer early (usually 12 to 18 months prior). 2) Establish an open communication and discuss what you want and what can be achieved.

9) Allow enough time to comfortably do the photography (usually two hours). 10) Involve the family working together to cooperate with the photographer. 11) Plan the times and meeting spots with family for the photography locations to avoid delays and disappointment with missing people. Supply Melway map numbers prior to the day to help find the locations. 12) Plan transport for family and bridal party to get to these locations quickly.

3) Be aware of limitations and have realistic expectations.

13) Supply Melway map numbers and photography locations to the car drivers.

4) Be on time, so plan well and allow extra time for unexpected delays.

14) Designate key people from each side to help coordinate the family for the photography.

5) Rehearse the ceremony and work with the priest to obtain professional photographs.

15) Don’t allow family and friends to shoot in front of the photographer as it spoils your professional photographs.

6) Plan positioning and organise a coordinating person for civil ceremonies. 7) Have earlier services in non daylight saving time ie. the end of March to the end of October, to allow for light for the photography (book usually one to two pm services). 8) Have wet weather alternatives for photos and out door ceremonies.

16) Organise some drinks and snacks for the photography shoot and bring them with you. 17) Plan, obtain permission, book and if required, pay for any special places you wish to go for photography 18) Book a professional makeup artist and

go for a trial. Ask to keep the makeup a flat base to avoid shine. Don’t do it yourself, be pampered on the day. 19) For the groom and attendants - shave on the morning after a couple of days growth. 20) Provide cover up for the groom and attendants to blend in shaving rash and blemishes. 21) Book a professional hairdresser. Go for a trial. Keep the hair off the face with no loose pieces. Use lots of pins and spray to keep control in the wind. Loose hair blowing across your face spoils your photographs. 22) Use lots of pins and spray for the veil to avoid falling out. 23) Coordinate with the florist to have buttonholes (and a spare) and the brides etc. flowers, delivered to the correct locations before the photographer arrives. Have the florist identify whose flowers are whose. 24) Most importantly, because of the little detail pre-wedding planning, relax, enjoy and have fun with your photographer.

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the Diversion...

Photography by Cayupe

Photography by Cayupe Ph: 520-358-5590

wedding bands: 10 things you need to know !!! Hiring fabulous Wedding Entertainment will ensure an amazing atmosphere and the success of your special occasion. Your choice of Wedding Music may be one of the most important decisions that you will make in regards to all the elements of your Wedding Reception.

Brides and Grooms in Houston spend between $10,000 and $40,000 on their entire wedding, according to statistics. It is wise for couples to allocate around 10% of their budget on entertainment. There isn’t much point in paying thousands of dollars for a photographer and videographer at your reception, if there are no people on the dance floor! Professional and talented Wedding Entertainers will ensure that there are! www.WeddingsandQuinceaù



Bands, in general, are a dime a dozen. But, high quality, professional and experienced (not to mention, lively and fun) Wedding Bands, with great reputations, are a little harder to find. You have come to the right look no further! Some very highly respected Duos, Trios and Bands are right here on the Bride Online website in the Wedding Music section. So, if you want to hire Top Quality Live Entertainment, please take a moment to check out the talented Wedding Bands.

Make sure that the band will “fit” into the space provided by the venue (Many venues only have a stage that will fit a Duo, Trio or Four Piece Band, which are all perfect for weddings of up to around 300 guests). Some venues can accommodate a much larger band. It is very important to be able to read Reviews from previous Brides and Grooms about the band. Glowing testimonials are a good indication of a quality act! (You can find these on the band’s website. Generally, the Testimonial, a photo of the couple, the date of the wedding, and the venue will be proof enough the review is real! The band should provide a quality P.A. System, Lighting, a Cordless Microphone and Break Music. Please don’t be fooled into thinking that these are additional costs. They should be included in the fee for a standard sized wedding. (Please note, that for a ‘very’ large function, the band may be required to hire extra sound equipment or lights, which will understandably cost a bit extra.

Top three tips for your wedding entertainment Tip Number 1

When budgeting for your wedding, Live Entertainment may not be your ‘least’ expensive item. But it is definitely something that you will not regret afterwards when you realise that the Cost of a Wedding Band was well worth the money, and a big part of the reason that you, and your guests, had the best night of your life! …..Apart from actually getting married, of course! ;-)

7 things to consider when booking a wedding band

Does the band have both Female and Male Lead Vocalists? (Do you really want a girl singing Michael Bublé or a guy singing Beyonce?!)

Ensure that the band plays the type of music that will suit your wedding. (Would you like a classy / elegant / casual / relaxed / or party atmosphere?) The band should provide a variety of styles of music. (Wedding bands really do need to be able to cover Top 40, Retro, and many other styles of music, to be able to please a variety of age-groups) Find out when the band was established, and do they specialise in weddings? (It’s probably not a great idea to have a band that has only been playing in pubs, or only formed six months ago to be your wedding entertainment!)

Please don’t risk the success of your wedding celebrations by just playing your own cds or ipod music. An ipod cannot judge whether the guests are enjoying the music, and change the song selection at a whim! An ipod cannot motivate people to get off their seats and onto the dance floor! An ipod cannot create an ‘atmosphere’! But, a great Wedding Band will!

Tip Number 2

When booking band, please make sure that who you see, and more importantly, who you hear on the band’s website, is who you will get at your wedding!

Tip Number 3

Book your Wedding Entertainment early! At least 6 to 12 months before your wedding is preferable.

choosing the right music The music played on your wedding day is important in setting the tone and mood. A special song shared between the newlyweds or an upbeat dance number that gets all the guests on the floor will be sure to make your wedding day unique and memorable. Try to remember that there will be a variety of different people of varying age attending your wedding. This is important when selecting wedding music for the day as most couples want to accommodate their guest’s tastes and play a wide variety of music from romantic ballads to the latest commercial tunes. It is also important to specify to your DJ or singer what their role is. Whether it is to keep the wedding music flowing or to double as a master of ceremonies, ensure you have discussed your expectations. Let the musicians know where they will be performing so that they can adequately prepare and be sure to check your venue for adequate power sources and room for the band to perform. Also ask your musicians if there is an extra charge for learning new music and allow them plenty of time to do so. Finally, make sure you book your wedding music as early as possible. Provide the musician with a deposit to secure the date and ensure you have a signed and written contract stating what you expect from them. Wedding music during the ceremony is usually of a softer and more romantic tone to ease the guests in. Instrumentals are a favourite amongst brides and serve as good unobtrusive background music. If the ceremony is to be held in a church it is important to remember to ask about any restrictions with musical pieces. Some churches may request that only sacred music is featured. At the reception a wider of selection of music may be played that properly reflects your tastes and those of your guests. You may prefer a traditional string quartet or soothing jazz band for a romantic feel or perhaps a band or DJ if your mission is to get all the guests involved and on the dance floor! Approximately 10% of the cost of the wedding is set aside for wedding music and entertainment. A popular alternative to having a band play at your wedding is to hire a DJ to play pre-recorded CD’s. This trend has become which is become increasingly popular due to the high cost of live entertainment. In addition to this, using mixed CD’s ensures that you can have all the songs you want played non stop on your wedding day without the worry of hiring a band and figuring out where they will be located and how well they will execute songs.

Quinceanera Playlist A Quinceanera (15th birthday) is a wonderful milestone event for a girl in the Latin community. For many, this coming of age celebration has become quite the social event – some of these parties are almost as elaborate as weddings! One of the most important parts of planning a fabulous Quince is hiring the right entertainment. Bands, DJ’s and Variety Entertainers are all very popular selections for a Quince party. When you hire a Band or DJ you want to make sure that they have the perfect playlist for your event. We’ve put together some song suggestions for your Quinceanera playlist –with a mix of English and Spanish songs. This playlist has some classic songs that are sure to please everyone from Mom and Dad to the birthday girl herself! But, don’t forget to also mix in some of your favorite current pop tunes that will get your guests moving on the dance floor! Lee Ann Womack, “I Hope You Dance” The Temptations, “My Girl” Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t She Lovely” Rascal Flatts, “My Wish” Marc Anthony, “My Baby You” Julio Iglesias, “De Nina A Mujer” Vicente Fernandez, “Mi Viejo” Phil Collins, “You’ll Be In My Heart” Martina McBride, “In My Daughter’s Eyes” Chayanne, “Tiempo De Vals

Tips For Booking A Party DJ Hiring the right party dj can be challenging, but W&Q makes it fun and easy! Here are five helpful tips for booking the perfect party dj for your special event: 1. Listen to audio and watch video of as many party djs as you can. party djs are plentiful on W&Q, and the typical party dj has multiple audio and video samples available on our website. 2. Thoroughly read client feedback. Many W&Q clients who have hired a party dj have left useful feedback about their experiences. 3. Book early. A great party dj might need to be booked 3 to 6 months in advance. 4. Get a contract and read it carefully. Most professional party djs will also require a deposit in order to secure them. 5. Follow up with your party dj as often as you need to. Don’t be shy about making sure your party dj knows exactly what type of entertainment you want!

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the Dance...

Photography by Cayupe

Photography by Cayupe Ph: 520-358-5590

Hiring A Choreographer for Your Quinceanera – a Do or a Don’t? A father and daughter dance along with a formal waltz known within this custom as your ‘valse’. Not until a few years ago has the trend been to incorporate a modern dance known as a surprise dance. The surprise dance consists of your court and yourself putting together a fun dance for all your guests to see. So should you hire a choreographer? Or go on YouTube and gather up some dance moves from the many videos of quinces. Well ask yourselves these questions…




In the last few years a trend of having several dances included for the night of the quince event has grown dramatically and has become a standard in the Quinceanera celebration.

Photography by Cayupe

1) Is it within your budget to do?

now more and more choreographers are booking dance studios to practice.

A professional choreographer will charge an average of 35 to 60$ an hour. An average full program choreography can run about 20 hours long to learn two 3 to 4 minute routines.

3) Are you as the host/parent willing and able to handle a group of 10 or more teenagers?

2) Do you have the space to practice? An average court is 15 members and you will need a well lit and weather proof area that you can comfortably practice in. The ideal place is a space that mimics the dance floor at your event center. Many choreographers come to you but

Pick up and drop them off as needed, Hand out refreshments and show them a routine or are they disciplined to handle on their own? If the answer is no. Then a choreographer would be an essential part of your vendor team.

4) If a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ show stoping performance is your dream then a choreographer is an ideal solution.

Especially if you have a group of non dancers in your hands. You should however have realistic expectations of what a group of non dancers will be able to accomplish and in the number of sessions your budget allows.

Most of all you should remember to have fun with it ! Stay tuned for updates on our blog where I will discuss how to pick the ideal choreographer and interview one of our in-house choreographers to give you an insight on how to have a successful event that includes choreography.

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the Destination...

honeymoon checklist Before you go on your honeymoon to that tropical island getaway, pay a quick visit to your pharmacy. You will need to shop very carefully to get all the things you will need. Brides that will fly to their honeymoon destination have quite a struggle with airline limitations, so let’s have a look at your shopping list. A few pointers and ideas: You will be restricted when flying to 100ml of any product and in total to one litre of product. This sounds like a lot, but when you combine all that you need to take with you, you will quickly see that you need to leave essentials at home. Buy combination products to take with you like shampoo and conditioner in one and body cream with 30+ sun screen already mixed in. This way you save two bottles. Most shops have ‘ready to fly’ product lines especially packed to pass inspection. You can buy these with confidence or simply decant some of your normal product into 100ml clear plastic bottles. That way you know and trust what you have with you.

Any chronic medication you may be on must be accompanied by a prescription from your doctor. This include birth control pills. Some countries will not allow certain medicines in and you may be left without it. Also make sure you have at least a thirty day supply with you. Have fun on your honeymoon and relax, you packed everything you know you may need. www.WeddingsandQuinceañ



Liquid soap and hand cleaners are essential when travelling so find a product that you simply rub on your hands. You will find that you need a few drops, so a 100ml will get you far. Make up combination packs are fantastic and if you can do your base, lips and eyes from one compact you are styling. Take with it your best brush and you are set.

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Weddings & Quinceaneras Winter 2013  

This publication is oriented to costumers that are looking for the best quality in the organization of their social events. We have an exten...

Weddings & Quinceaneras Winter 2013  

This publication is oriented to costumers that are looking for the best quality in the organization of their social events. We have an exten...