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Majella andMark IWD Real Wedding Abroad

Sarah Young Wedding Planner •

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IWD Real Wedding Abroad Sarah Young Wedding Planner •

Whitening is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to improve the smile, and enhance the whole face, and it is very popular withgrooms

Mark and I met in Cavan town in January 2008,

We had decided that we wanted a smaller

on a night out with friends. Mark was out with

more intimate wedding day and decided on a

his friends for a farewell drink, as he was going

wedding abroad. So we did some research and

to Australia for six months the next day. But

looked at all our options regarding different

soon realised that he had met the girl of his

aspects of weddings abroad - language

dreams and he returned to Ireland within three

barriers, food, and legal side of marriages

weeks. It was love at first sight.

abroad etc. This is when we realised that Malta ticked all the boxes for us. We then decided to book a holiday to Malta the year before our wedding date and see the island before we committed to anything. We loved everything about Malta - the food, people, location and weather. Once we decided this was where we wanted to get married we contacted Sarah Young, who kindly agreed to be our wedding planner. We got married in Lapsi Church; St. Julian’s and had our sit down reception in Castello Zamitello on the 3rd June 2012 Sunday, followed by a BBQ the next day. We had 87 guests. From day one Sarah was amazing. She listened to everything we wanted and nothing was a

Our first date was dinner in the Nuremore

problem. She was so helpful and when we

hotel, Carrickmacross.

needed some advice Sarah would give us her professional opinion on different aspects of our

Mark proposed on 31st July 2010 at Cabra

wedding day, but always reminded us it was

Castle, Co. Cavan. We went for a walk around

our decision at the end of the day. Sarah is a

the beautiful gardens of Cabra Castle and I

perfectionist and every little detail was perfect

turned around to find Mark down on one knee.

on the day. She was very professional and no

It was a wonderful day and amazing surprise,

matter when I emailed her or her team, they

as I was led to believe we were going for a

would get back to me within minutes, she was

family dinner, but realised Mark had other plans

contactable 24/7 from day one, right through to

for us. We had dinner there and then broke

the actual wedding day and the days following

the good news to our family and friends that

on from our wedding.


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IWD Real Wedding Abroad Sarah Young Wedding Planner •

I have one sister and Mark has one brother, so

The wedding day was just perfect; the girls did

this was ideal for us to have just one of each.

a fantastic job on my hair and make up, my

This was perfect. Brenda and Ronan were both

make-up was still fresh at the end of the night.

amazing on the days and weeks leading up to

The florist arrived at our hotel, all flowers were

the wedding and the actual wedding day.

beautiful. Our photographer came to our hotel for a few snaps before I went to the church.

I had such a wonderful time looking for the

The ceremony was very special for us and

dress, I spent months searching for the perfect

everyone loved Fr.Tony, he was very witty and

dress, we flew over to Edinburgh to actually get

made our ceremony one we will all remember.

my dress, as I choose a Sassi Holford dress, I

The music in the church was fantastic everyone

got my dress in Rachel Scott Couture. I just fell

was talking about it on the day. Then on to

in love with it as soon as I tried it on.

Castello Zamitello for a champagne reception, everyone was blown away by this magical and

Mark and the men’s suits were hired from

romantic castle, it was a perfect venue. We

Malta, a local business Sarah had given us this

had two Maltese folklore musicians

contact, and the suits were perfect for the day,

entertaining our guests during this

as they were made to suit the Maltese weather-

stand up reception. Then inside we

which was very hot! 30 degrees on the day.

had the sit down dinner, following on from that we had music by

Malta was perfect, only 3.5 hours flight from

a four piece band, which were

Ireland. Malta has everything- the weather,

brilliant and played everything


we wanted. The partying really





suppliers (through Sarah). Our venue was


Castello Zamitello; it was so private and unique.

everyone out dancing. We



It’s a small castle that we had all to ourselves

enjoyed every minute of our

on the big day, I felt like a princess in a castle.

day and we wouldn’t have

Sarah had taken us to see this venue previously


and explained how everything would look and

our wedding day. Without

flow on the day. Words cannot describe our day,

Sarah we would not have

it was truly amazing, the best day of our lives

had our dream wedding.




and we couldn’t have done it without Sarahshe is the best. We had the most wonderful day

After athe wedding we

humanly possible. We will always keep a small

honeymooned in the Filitheyo

place for Malta in our hearts and will never

resort, Maldives for 10 days!

forget our magical wedding day.

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Irish Wedding Diary - Autumn 2012  
Irish Wedding Diary - Autumn 2012  

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