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Cover Photo Credits: Photography: Marcie Costello Photography [(]) Bridal Gown & Hair Lace: Marcie Costello Jewellery: Accessories by Talia [(]) Florist: Biane Presta, Verona Florist ( Hair: Leanne Hermenegildo, Creatively Beautiful Inc. [(]) Makeup: Caroline CB. Buzzanga, Creatively Beautiful Inc. [(]) Props: Happily Ever After Events Inc. ( Model: Christin Twitchin & Ryan Cummings Location: Healing with Horses Farm (

Brides, Grooms, and Wedding Enthusiasts, With the onset of winter comes heavy jackets, scarves, snow gear and staying warm inside. You wouldn’t think it was a romantic time for anyone to be outside, never mind get married. Here at the magazine, we have been counting our blessings with the warm weather we have had so far in the Greater Toronto Area, even as the months approach the end of the year. We were able to head outside to the Healing with Horses Farm and capture the elegance of a bride and her beloved with the gentlest horse we have met. We also attended many different cultural weddings, featured in our Real Weddings section and were able to get a glimpse into the past life of one of our writers through the Way Back Weddings article from her wedding day! We were able to feature another special wedding put together by the Wedding Saviours GTA team, bringing together a couple that hasn’t been so fortunate in the past and giving them the wedding of their dreams. The proposals featured in our Perfect Proposals section will be sure to bring a tear of joy to your eye as you read through how the most creative and thoughtful men asked the woman of their dreams for their hand in marriage. Also featured in this magazine is our dear friend and photographer, Marcie Costello Photography, who has loyally been working with the magazine since it’s inception and is a great asset to the team. Make sure you read through our Industry Experts columns to be well prepared for whatever life throws at you with tips on fitness, healthy eating, saving money, buying a home, wedding day photography, makeup, and our new interior design expert! Without further ado, we hope you enjoy the Winter 2013 issue of The Wedding Planner Magazine! Enjoy!

Carmelina Karas Editor in Chief

Letter from the


To submit comments, questions or ideas about the magazine to the editor, please email and include your name, age (optional) and city that you are from. You may also include a picture. Photography by Marcie Costello Photography

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Raph Nogal

Bill Giannos Marcie Costello


Writers / Columnists Andre McCalmont, Writer Joseph Andre McCalmont is a financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial. He can be contacted by cell phone at 647-669-4684 x243 or by email to

Barbara Kowalski, Photographer/Writer Barbara Kowalski is the owner of Real & Blush Photography, a studio that specializes in soft and documentary style wedding and portrait photography. She is a tea-obsessed, blogcrazed, Pinterest-addicted lover of beautiful things and admits to crying at every wedding she has photographed so far.

Christin Twitichin, Writer

Elizabeth Kogan, Writer

Currently employed as a designer at Jennifer Brouwer Design in Markham, ON, Christin holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Sociology and Minor in Anthropology from Wilfrid Laurier University as well as an Interior Decorating/Design diploma from the Sheridan Institute of Technology. She is looking forward to a successful career, establishing relationships with her clients, and making their dreams a reality.

A York University graduate, became a freelance writer after having worked in the insurance industry for 12 years. Her passion for the twist that the creative word brings to everyday life is what compels her to remain true to the leap of faith she’s taken by joining the writing world. She is ecstatic to be working for The Wedding Planner Magazine GTA as its Bridal Show Correspondent.

Heather Nedham, Columnist

Helen Kats, Writer

A motivated and talented business associate, she keeps herself fit by attending an intense bootcamp in addition to a personal fitness routine in the comfort of her own home. A “Tough Mudder” that is going to give brides and grooms the tools they need to get in shape for their big day!

Long-time professional makeup artist, teacher and creative director of Makeup Fit Workshops, Helen Kats has been writing and talking about beauty, fashion, makeup products and tools for more than 15 years. Her expertise in makeup artistry ranges from business to casual chic beauty, to bridal photo finish, to high fashion, to catwalk, to stage to film.

Kimberly Clark, Columnist

Renu Eapen, Writer

A fantastic Real Estate agent turned writer who has offered her services to the magazine as a columnist. Currently resides in Markham, ON and loving mother of two, she is an active participant in local extracurricular activities including recreational soccer.

Renu Eapen, currently a student studying advertising at Sheridan College, grew up in Dubai before moving to Canada with her family. She has a passion for anything and everything creative and is a huge movie buff. She loves nothing more than a good movie marathon.

Angela Hickman, Writer Patricia Pereira, Writer

Steven Freiria, Assistant Editor

Craig Belanger, Layout and Design

Steven Freiria’s attention to detail and love for writing gives him passion both on paper and in life itself. His keen eye has been a huge help to The Wedding Planner Magazine.

Craig Belanger, a freelance designer started his career working in the printing industry. Now working as a technology consultant, while designing on the side. He loves to be outdoors, traveling the world, and just experiencing new things.

Photography by:

Anne Edgar Photography


lright brides! We all know, when you have found your man, you need your girls to help you plan your big day. Being a bride is hectic, but being a bridesmaid is not a piece of cake either. When you ask someone to be a part of your wedding party, you’re not just asking them to stand next to you as you get married, you’re asking them support you, help you cling on to your self esteem as you try on dress after dress, and be there to wipe your tears every time you think about walking down the aisle. A good bridesmaid will do whatever it takes to make your big day as enjoyable as possible. However, if they are going to work hard for you, you better treat them right.

Playing Dress Up

Even if it’s YOUR big day, it’s a big day for your bridesmaids too. Everyone wants to look gorgeous at a wedding, so instead of picking out a bridesmaids dress, let your girls pick out their own dresses. Give them colour swatches to choose from and let them

pick a dress that matches their style and body shape. At the end of the day, your girls will feel confident, look stunning, and how cute will it be with mismatched dresses? You can give your honest opinion, but let the bridesmaid have the final pick of what dress they want to wear.

Provide Comfort

If you and your bridesmaids are going to be wearing heels, make sure you take care of their feet. I’m sure they will put up with wearing high heels for you, even if they end up with blisters or a twisted ankle. However, if they are going to be walking on grass, get them some heel stoppers. The last thing you need are some girls wobbling and falling down on their face as they try to walk down the lawn. Also, when the music turns loud and it’s time to hit the dance floor, give your girls some pain free dance shoes, aka: cute little flip-flops or flats. Provide them with these things. This is your party after all, you are the host and they are your guests. The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 6

Don’t be the Wicked Bride from the West Treat your bridesmaids the way you would want to be treated - Renu Eapen

Fun in the Morning

The morning of can be stressful and busy. However, before you start running around doing your hair and makeup, take a moment to spend time with the girls. Have a fun breakfast, some drinks, bring on the pampering! It’s the perfect time to share your appreciation to everyone who has helped you plan your day. After a great breakfast, everyone will be happy and energetic.

Gifting a Thank You

Gift your girls. They have worked hard and helped you so gift them with cute things that are special to both of you. Another great gift is a hangover kit. Let’s face it. You know they are going to need it. So pack a box with some cute shades, a water bottle, some painkillers, mints and a barf bag. Also, a personal thank you gift is a great touch. They will appreciate it and will always remember being a part of your wedding day. The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 7

Don’t ask them to pay

If you want them to rock some complicated hairstyle, you better be ready to pay for it. Your girls may not be ready to cough out cash to get her hair and makeup done. Either you can let them do their own hair themselves, or you can offer to pay a professional to do it for them. Being a bridesmaid can be costly, so it’s only fair you chip in wherever you can. That goes along with the makeup. If you want your girls to look the same, then you should offer to pay for their makeup. If the look is not that big of a deal, then let your bridesmaid take care of their own makeup by doing it themselves. That way, they are not spending too much money when they really don’t need to be.

Avoid Awkwardness and Introduce

If some of your bridesmaids don’t know the rest of the bridal party, make sure you introduce them to everyone. Plan some fun

Photography by:

Bill Giannos Photography

lunches and outings so that everyone can feel comfortable and have fun. After all, you would want everyone to get along. This is a team effort and a happy team can do great work! With that being said, make sure you are paying the same amount of attention to everyone in your bridal party. Don’t make them compete for your attention. There is nothing more awkward than standing next to a group of close friends and feeling like an intruder. Pay attention to your sister, your best friend and your distant cousin. Make sure they are all feel welcomed and comfortable.


Talia Massaroni OWNER


Don’t be a grouchy cat

There are so many crafty DIYs that can be done for a wedding. That being said, ask if your bridesmaids are free to help you and plan a date for you all to come together and work. Do not expect them to be free at the last minute and do not get angry if they cannot make it. They have a life of their own! Another thing to avoid: do not expect to have your bridesmaids be your chauffeur. If you need to go somewhere, then you take them along with you. They should not be taking you along with them. It’s a matter of respect and if you keep asking for rides, it can get a bit annoying. Lastly, always be grateful you have your girls to help you. Planning a wedding is chaotic and you may come across moments when you want to burst out crying. At those times, you girls are going to be the ones wiping away your tears, making sure your drunken uncle does not ruin your dress, and helping you write down your vows. Remember to take a moment and say that you are thankful and blessed to have them in your lives. The wedding will last for a day, but the memories of being together will last forever. The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 8

Colour Trends for Winter!

Photography by:

Anne Edgar Photography

Styled by:

Little Details and Too Nice to Slice and Style & Elegance Wedding Coordination

- Christin Twitchin


electing your wedding day colours can be an overwhelming decision for most Brides-to-Be. There are typically two categories of brides we see – those who know exactly the colours she wants and those who have absolutely no idea where to start. The second type is uncertain because of the sheer amount of options available. The world is their oyster, but with the help of this article, we are hoping that it will no longer be a point of wedding planning stress. Ask yourself these three questions: 1) Do you or your significant other have a favourite colour? 2) Would you consider yourself to be trendy or a risk taker? 3) Is there a location, art piece, season, movie, character, part of nature, animal, etc. that inspires you? After answering these questions, the colour wheel in your brain will start turning and the theme will be pulled together in no time. If you find yourself wanting to stick to this season’s colour trends, then this is the section for you. The Pantone colour for Winter 2013 is Emerald Green. This shade is lively, radiant, and lush. It is a colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of wellThe Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 9

being, balance, and harmony. Emerald Green is a great colour choice for any wedding scheme and it suits the winter season perfectly. Two wedding colour schemes that incorporate Emerald Green are: 1. Traditional holiday colours – such as red, green and white 2. Enhance the Emerald Green with Neutrals – such as white, crème, grey, beige or a metallic Both can be used tastefully in your décor, wedding apparel, and other aspects, such as wedding stationary and flowers. Whether you go with this season’s trend or with what your heart has always desired, it needs to make you happy. For more inspiration on this season’s colour scheme and others, you can visit our Facebook page at Happy Colour Choosing!

Photography by:

Anne Edgar Photography

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 10

The Waiting Game Elizabeth Kogan & Patricia Pereira A

t the Wedding Planner Magazine GTA, we love to hear the stories from you the brides and grooms as you plan your weddings, and of course those of the wedding planners – the wedding wizards who bring the big day together! We connected with a wedding planner recently, Patricia Pereira of Pristine Weddings and Events, and she shared with us a story that piqued our wedding curiosity and we are only too enthusiastic to share it with you, our readers. Wedding Planner Magazine GTA (WPMG): Patricia, you have a rather interesting wedding tale to tell, please share it with our readers. Patricia Pereira (PP): This wedding story is based on a real-life wedding that I attended this past June. I was at the wedding as a guest, and not working as a wedding planner. I arrived at the ceremony location approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Just a few minutes after 1pm, the groom walked up to the front of the room accompanied by his groomsmen. WPMG: So, what happened next? Did the bride glide ever so gracefully down the aisle to join her anxious groom? PP: Not quite, and as you can imagine the anticipation was mounting. Guests’ eyes were darting around the venue looking for a glimpse of the beautiful bride – there was no sight of her. No sound of music playing to announce the grand entrance. The room was eerily silent. The groom, being a quick thinker, decided to tell a few jokes, very likely to ease his own nerves and relax the guests. At that moment, the “wedding planner” in me was itching to get up, find out what the hold-up was and solve the problem so we could move ahead with the ceremony! But, of course, we waited ever so impatiently! WPMG: What was going on? PP: Well, after about 20 minutes of playing the waiting game, the processional music began playing. Everyone was alert and at attention – heads swirling around, straining to see the bride and her bridal party make their way to the front where the officiant had been standing. She came in looking stunning and radiant, the ceremony proceeded, and all was well. WPMG: Isn’t there a piece missing to this story? Why was there a delay?

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 11

PP: My curiosity got the better of me as well and I did ask the bride what had occurred. Knowing that she was living in a new subdivision, my imagination had fantasized about all kinds of scenarios: perhaps the limo driver got lost and they ended up in another part of town. The funny thing is, she told me that she had actually arrived on time. In fact, she was even a few minutes early. WPMG: We didn’t see that one coming. What’s the behind-thescenes scoop? PP: The bride was waiting outside the entire time! It appears that nobody thought to let the officiant, or musician, or anyone at all (including the waiting groom), that the bride had in fact arrived. So, there the bride was, standing outside for 20 minutes for no good reason. It turns out the groom had texted the bride to ask: "Where are you? The ceremony was supposed to start 20 minutes ago!" and she replied, "I'm here! I've been waiting outside for the past 20 minutes.” If a moral were to be gleaned from this lighthearted story, it’s that of the importance of having someone there to coordinate and organize the flow of events on that most important day. While it’s true that we wouldn’t have had the benefit of a good fit of the giggles without this story having happened, it’s equally true that the bride and groom were likely under considerable stress as they wondered what was happening. The groom must’ve wondered what happened to the bride. Meanwhile the bride was standing outside of the venue all along. She in turn was likely wondering why nobody was cuing her to make her entrance. A wedding planner would’ve ensured that such a waiting game would never have happened.

Mandap Ceremony Photographer: Leon Chai Photography Planner, Designer and Florals: Bimera Events Favours: Kate Aspen Favours Model: Neetu Moondi Hair and Makeup of Model: Blush Pretty

WPIC Transforms Paletta Mansion Outdoor CEREMONY Photographer: Phat Dog Visuals Planner: The Wedding Planners Designer/Florals: Designing Trendz Stationery: The Wedding Planners Favours: Kate Aspen Favours Cake: SweeterE


he Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc. has certified over 4800 wedding coordinators throughout the world. WPIC strives to give its alumni the best experiences and opportunities possible by always providing exclusive networking events, continuing education seminars, and photo shoots. It is important for alumni to remain active and relevant within the wedding industry to stay on top of trends. WPIC Inc. put together their second Working Shot and Head Shot Extravaganza Event for its alumni. Six of Toronto’s top wedding designers and planners came together to each create a gorgeous style shoot inside Paletta Mansion in Burlington, Ontario. Each style shoot had its own personality, style and theme. The set-up’s consisted of a colourful outdoor Mandap ceremony setup, a whimsical outdoor Christian ceremony set up, Hollywood Glamour head table setup, 50 Shades of Grey guest table set up, Classic Vintage tablescape and a Paper Floral Backdrop. These style shoots were photographed by some of Toronto’s great photographers.

PAPER FLORAL BACKDROP Floral Backdrop: The Beginning of Forever Photographer: Purple Martini Photography

Each style shoot was then opened up to the 80 WPIC attendees to take head shots and working shots within their working elements. So often on the day of the wedding a Wedding Planner doesn’t have the time to take working photos as they are busy tending to the bridal couple. A style shoot can cost anywhere from $500 - $2000+ for a single planner to create on their own and head shots can cost anywhere from $250 and up. This event made it affordable to have glamorous shots for each wedding planner. These shots will be used for their own websites, social media websites and promotional materials. In addition to each room being fully stylized, each room also came with a bride and groom for the wedding planners to take photos with. Each bride was styled by She’s So Beautiful Consignment and Bridal Boutique and the groom’s wore various suits provided by Andrew’s Formals. All of the hair and makeup for the attendees and models was provided by BlushPretty. To find out more about The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc. and how you can become certified and attend these types of events please visit

50 Shades of Grey Photographer: Life Creations Planner/Designer: Morganley Events Linen: The Linen Closet Florals: Velvet Rope Florals Rentals: Higgins Event Rentals Stationery: Creative-E Dress: She’s So Beautiful Consignment and Bridal Boutique Jewelry: Lauren Elan Collections Hair and Makeup: Blush Pretty Model: Meagan Papizewski

Outdoor CEREMONY Models: Kasia and Richard Kovacs Dress: She’s So Beautiful Consignment and Bridal Boutique Suit: Andrew’s Formals Hair and Makeup: Blush Pretty Designer: Designing Trendz Planner: The Wedding Planners

Vintage Photographer: Richard Emmanuel Planner: The Wedding Decorators Designer: The Wedding Decorators Florals: The Wedding Decorators Doves: Dove Releases Toronto Favours: Kate Aspen Favours Cakes: Sweet Avenue Cakery

Hollywood Glamour Photographer: Avenue Photo Planner: Tracey M Events Designer: Decor with Grandeur Florals: Decor with Grandeur Stationery: So Pretty in Print Favours: Kate Aspen Favours Cake: Fine Cakes by Zehra Artist: Olga Pankova

Photography by: Anne Edgar Photography (



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Photography by:

Xero Digital Photography



Jessica & Luke Our Love Story April 1, 2011.

Luke and I met at a local café for the first time. We had never seen each other in person before. We were set up by our mutual friends Nick and Maria. First we chatted through text messages and then on the telephone and from the first moment we met in person there was a special chemistry between us. I always felt a positive energy and very comforting vibe from Luke. He was always patient and kind, caring and affectionate. I learned that he brought out the best in me and allowed me to be my complete self in his presence. Little did I know he would end up being my soul mate.

The Proposal

July 11th 2012.  Jessica left for a spin class; I had 30 minutes to prepare. 

I set up white Christmas lights all throughout the family room and on the stair railing. Turned on the stereo and set up the song I was about to sing.  “Grow Old With You,” by Adam Sandler.  Everything was set up and and so I hid in the bathroom and waited for  her to come home.  Jessica opened the door and called out my name... nothing.  I pressed play and came out of the bathroom scaring her a bit but I didn’t hesitate and began to sing. I grabbed her hand and we danced while I sang.  She smiled.  At the end of the song I sat her down, reached behind the couch pillow and pulled out the ring box.  Knelt down and opened it and asked her to marry me. She said yes. The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 16


he engagement started off with Bryan giving me a package that said “secret tour” on it for our 2 year anniversary. There were 24 envelopes in it, and each had a card with a rhyme/riddle on one side and a map on the back. Most of the cards were different destinations that we would go to throughout the day. When I opened the first card, it led us downtown to a scooter rental shop where Bryan had reserved a scooter for us. I then opened each of the envelopes and each envelope led us to a different destination (which we scootered to). Each of the destinations turned out to be one of our old date places which we re-visited and took pictures of. The last destination ended where we first became official. There were 3 envelopes left, so I opened them one at a time and they were poems. The last one said “Will you marry me?” with the ring tied to it. Then, Bryan got on his knees and proposed!  The night ended with us going back to his house where he had invited everyone over for my surprise “birthday” party. As it turned out, we celebrated with a “surprise” engagement party!

Bryan & Abby

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 17

Photography by:

Erin Blackwood Photography

Marco & Nadia

Photography by:

Michael Fantauzzi Photography

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 18


t was around the New Year of 2012 that I started thinking about mine and Nadia’s 1 year Anniversary coming up in March. After giving it a lot of thought, knowing that I had found my soulmate, I knew I didn’t want to wait any longer and decided it was time to pop the question and take our relationship to the next level. As much as I wanted to surprise everyone, Nadia’s parents are somewhat traditional so I did the right thing and showed up at their door one night when I knew Nadia wasn’t home. While her dad was eating, and my heart was beating out of my chest, I asked for their blessing. After he almost choked on his food, her father said of course they were very happy for us and promised to keep my little secret from Nadia! I knew that I wanted to make my proposal to Nadia as perfect as our relationship had been from day one, so I got to work planning a very special day. I decided to do it on the day of our anniversary so Nadia wouldn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. I planned the whole day as a walk down memory lane of places that were very special to us. We started the day off at my house and little did Nadia know that I had kicked the rest of my family out so I could put my plan in motion, obviously they were all in on the secret too! After months of practice, I surprised Nadia by playing one of our favourite songs on the piano which was Everything I Do by Bryan Adams. The words of the song are everything I wanted to say to her and definitely set the tone for the rest of the day and judging from Nadia’s tear-filled eyes, I think she loved it. Next stop was the pool hall. We drove out to Arizona B-Bar and Grill where we had our first date and Nadia kicked my butt… once again, in a few rounds of 8 Ball. After a few laughs and drinks we moved on to The Keg for dinner which is also where we had our first dinner date and just like that first date, Nadia goes to the Keg to order French fries. We had a wonderful dinner and I made sure we took our time chatting and enjoying our wine before we headed to our next special spot. I was getting more excited and nervous as the night went on, knowing what was around the corner. After a few hidden text messages to my brother and brother-in-laws, and a REALLY slow drive to the lakeshore, we finally arrived at Sunnyside beach to go for a walk by the lake as we liked to do. At this point, my heart was seriously beating at about a thousand miles a minute and Nadia still had no clue and was just enjoying the scenery. I had messaged the boys previously to ensure that they were in position to help execute my plan, and of course, ready as always to get into trouble, they were ready and willing. We walked along the boardwalk for about 20 minutes (which seemed like an eternity) and when we got to the spot where it all began one year ago, where we had our first kiss and I told her I was falling in love with her, I knew now was the right time. We were standing on the dock and it was nearing midnight, almost exactly the time of our first kiss. We starting reminiscing on what an incredible year we had together and all the amazing things we had done and then the time came, I got down on one knee and poured my heart out to the love of my life and future wife(but if you ask her she doesn’t remember a word I said). But she DOES remember saying YES so that’s all that matters! We hugged and kissed and then in the distance, fireworks started shooting up into the night sky courtesy of our trouble making brothers, their timing was perfect. It really was an incredible day that led to an unforgettable wedding. But you will have to stay tuned to read about it in the next issue as this is one wedding you don’t want to miss out on.

Brian & Julia


rian and I started dating in January 2012 after a mutual friend worked her matchmaking magic. Having gone to the same church for 4 years, we became friends and had hung out a few times in group settings. Once we started “officially” dating, things moved pretty quickly. We talked a lot about the future and worked through some resources to help us figure out if we were truly meant to be together. Lots of prayer, talking with wise friends and with each other led us to one conclusion, this was it! We started ring shopping in the beginning of April talking budget, browsing online, visiting Birks and Tiffany, and discovering what we both liked and didn’t like. At that point the ball was all in Brian’s court. I tried my best to wait patiently not knowing if

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 20

he had ordered or purchased a ring but I didn’t do

a very good job. One Friday night we were hanging out at my apartment having a spa night (Brian is a

Prince, he let me put clay masks on him and scrub

his feet!) when I said to him “I just need a timeline, are we talking weeks, months, years?” He looked me

square in the eye and said “It won’t be romantic if you know.” At that point I knew I had to stop talking about it. I had to let this wonderful man do his thing in his own time.

On Saturday we went to a friend’s wedding where we got some razzing about when our turn was. We just

brushed off the comments with smiles and laughed but I sure wished I knew the answer too.

On Sunday we went for a walk near Brian’s condo which is on the lake. He had to run back up to the

condo to get a jacket because it was chilly out. I waited patiently clueless as to what was coming. Here is how the conversation went: B: Do you like stuff?

J: Nah, I like things better.

B: What about sparkly things? J: YES, I like sparkly things. B: Like sparkly belts?

(In reference to my comments about my pants)

J: Yes, Brian, I like sparkly belts.

(Annoyed because he was messing with me)

B: What about sparkly rings?


And that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I said “of course I’ll marry you”! And asked him to put the ring on my finger right away because we

were on a bridge over the lake and I didn’t want my gorgeous ring to end up in Lake Ontario!

We kissed, we hugged, and we cried and enjoyed that amazing moment in our life together.

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 21

Paul & Julie Photography by:

dia Cacciola

Matt Mclennon & Na


aul and I have known each other since high school and we started dating each other soon during the summer after Grade 12. We quickly fell in love and talked from very early on about the possibility of getting married one day. We were young (17 & 18), we had some maturing to do, but the attraction was so strong. As time went on our love only grew. It was pretty much understood that we would get married; the only choices were when and where. Two months before our fifth anniversary I was wondering what he was going to do to celebrate since he hadn’t mentioned it. Thinking that he had nothing special planned and that he just wasn’t interested, I vented to my coworkers “I can’t believe it’s our five year anniversary and he has nothing planned for it!” I even began to confront him about how I had been working on a special craft for his gift which took a lot of hard work and a lot of time. He just kept laughing and saying “Oh you’ll see.” A week before he told me, he had finally planned something. He told me he was taking me to a place that I would really like and then afterwards we were going to a fancy restaurant; I was relieved and overjoyed. The day of the proposal he gave me my gift which was a beautiful figurine and he wrote a very beautiful poem and told me that the place where he was taking me was Casa Loma; a place I have wanted to visit for many years! We toured the whole building (which was beautiful) and ate lunch at Sir Henry’s Café. The last place we wanted to see was the garden in the back. In the garden there was a path with a lonely bench and a lot of shade. He suggested that we sit there for a bit, so I agreed. As we approached the bench he started speaking in rhyme (but I didn’t quite notice that) about how I thought for so long that he had nothing planned for our fifth anniversary and I got so angry at him. And that’s when it hit me. That’s when I realized he was going to propose to me. Everything from that moment on was a bit of a blur to me because I was so happy and so excited that it was actually happening! Suddenly my body went into a very strange mode where my hands and legs began to shake. I started hyperventilating, laughing and crying tears of joy. Because of this, I couldn’t even focus on what he was saying. (Below is the poem Paul recited) He then flipped the lid open to display the ring and asked me if I would be his wife, to which I replied “YES!! YES!! YES!!” and he slipped the ring on my finger. After this we took pictures of ourselves with the ring and the bench, and then called some family and friends to let them know about the big news. We then had our romantic dinner and I concluded that I never should have doubted him. It was the best day of my life so far and we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

The Poem:

(As we are walking on the path, get her to complain about how I had nothing planned) Oh Julie, this was all planned! From a very long time ago, It was always in hand, All those nights you thought I was a jerk, I had to hold in my laughter and hide every smirk, You thought I didn’t care, you thought I was lazy, Given everything you know about me, you have to admit that was pretty crazy, I took so much flak! And you talked so much smack! I bet I had this planned before your gift to me, (wait for her to complain) So stop your whining and listen to me, I bet you are wondering why I speak in rhyme, That’s because this is a special time, (You were hyperventilating at this point) A time for Casa Loma and a beautiful day, A time for speaking in a special way, It’s a time to remember the moments we have had together, And make another that will last forever, We have been together for five years, That calls for a celebration my dear, But you know five years is too long to date someone like you, 4 years and 364 days is the best I can do, If I stay your boyfriend any longer I will lose my mind, And as for relationship Paul, he has had his time, What I mean Julie is I want a change in my life, It’s time for us to become man and wife, I once asked if you would be my girl, Now I am asking, will you marry me? The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 22

Teresa & Rob


ob had a very special weekend planned since we hadn’t spend time together in a while. I always had a fascination with lighthouses and hoped to one day be in one. His romantic weekend had planned more than I ever imagined! He had the innkeepers, captain, tour guides, and even the lady in the gift shop in on his plan. Our ride up to Bruce County included music from our favourite band, the Avette Brothers. A song came on about getting married and I exclaimed to Rob, “When is it my turn?” Little did I know, the proposal was only hours away. We checked into a beautiful bed and breakfast, Chantry Breezes, and walked around the gorgeous town. Before we left for our boat ride, the innkeeper insisted that I take her running shoes in case I couldn’t board the boat with my sandals. Rob never gave off any impression he was nervous and I didn’t think anything was going on. Riding on the boat, just the two of us, didn’t seem out of the ordinary since the captain explained the previous day didn’t have a lot of passengers either. Since I was really cold on the boat ride,

I put my hands in Rob’s pockets. He must have hid the ring very well! We arrived at the island and went on a tour of the lighthouse keeper’s house and storage garage. It was beautiful! There was a guest book in the home and we added our names to the list, creating a lasting keepsake. We saved the best for last and climbed a very hot and sticky lighthouse tower, finally reaching the top. The tour guide explained that since it was quite small up there, he wanted to give us some time alone. As soon as we were alone, Rob turned to me saying he wanted to ask me something. In the most spectacular 360° view of water and Bruce County, Rob got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. When we returned to the bottom, a teary eyed tour guide presented me with a Chantry rose, only grown on the island. I cherish these memories deeply and am so happy I found a loving man like Rob to call my husband, my love and my partner in life! I still have my Chantry rose. It symbolizes beauty, uniqueness and love – exactly what that day meant to me and what my husband means to me every day.

Photography by:

Marcie Costello Photography

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 23

Photography by: M&L Fotographics

Jared & Nikki


ared proposed in the Mayan Rivera, Mexico in January 2012. It was our first real vacation together after 4 years of dating. We were having an amazing first few days….but I knew Jared was up to something when from time to time he would disappear for 25-30 minutes… little did I know his ploy at the time. On the 4th night Jared had reserved a special dinner by candle light, the restaurant was a beautiful French restaurant and our table was right beside the pool. Conveniently, we were the only ones there dining at that time. Jared was super quiet that night, which if anyone knows Jared is unheard of. After our lovely meal, we were waiting for dessert and Jared “accidently” dropped his fork, as he bend over I noticed he started to go down on one knee, reached into his pocket and opened a box… “Will

you marry me?” It took me at least a full minute, which Jared described as an eternity to say “YES!” This was a magical moment for me, I was vacationing in paradise and my best friend had now asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. So let’s back up a bit, as Jared opened the box, and right after he asked the question… he had to explain the ring to me. He told me this wasn’t my “real” ring and explained why he disappeared a few times. He was busy talking to the jewelers at the resort about buying a ring, they had rings brought in from Cancun but he felt skeptical about buying one in Mexico. As coincident would have it, he ran into jewelers who happened to be vacationing at the same resort. They advised him not to buy a real ring in Mexico and would be better off buying a sliver ring and coming back to Canada and shopping for the real one together. All of that was a blur and all I was thinking about was—he just proposed! I was just happy to be engaged! Once we came back to Canada we started looking for my ring…. Jared, up to his tricks again… found a ring on his own wanted me to see it before he bought it. I did and I fell in love, it was a few days before valentines and I was hoping he’d buy that find. He told me let’s hold off on buying the ring because of the cost. I understood even though I felt it was the most perfect ring. Valentines came and Jared came with a dozen roses, a few minutes later he pulled out a box… and it was the ring! The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 24

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What OSL can provide DIY brides: • Pipe & Drape Systems for head tables or to drape entire rooms • Portable Staging, stairs, and accessories • LED Ambiance Lighting or full stage lighting • Red carpet runners • Stanchions/ropes • Delivery & Pickup in GTA area, Monday-Friday only (extra charges will apply) • Fast, efficient, and stress free ordering process. Make your selection from our online rental catalogue, then call & place your order over the phone or make a appointment to come in and place your order in person • Credit card is required to book, and payment is due in full upon delivery of goods • Tutorials can be provided on how to assemble equipment upon request



Photography: Marcie Costello Photography

Florist: Biane Presta, Verona Florist

Venue: Healing with Horses Farm

Hair: Leanne Hermenegildo, Creatively Beautiful Inc.

Located 20 minutes north of Hwy 401 & Hwy 404, Healing with Horses Farm programs are a fun and positive way to strengthen individuals, couples, families and groups. Customized workshops and private sessions are available. (All activities are non-riding). Create the change you want and overcome life challenges. Let our horses show you the way. Call Janine at 647-927-4778. Bridal Gown & Hair Lace: Marcie Costello Jewellery: Accessories by Talia

Makeup: Caroline CB. Buzzanga, Creatively Beautiful Inc. Props: Happily Ever After Events Inc. Models: Christin Twitchin & Ryan Cummings

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 28

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 29

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 30

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 31

Real Weddings Heidi & Dino

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 32

Names: Heidi and Dino Date: March 1, 2013 Venue: Le Treport Banquet Hall, Mississauga, ON Dress and Veil: Elizabeth Stuart Bridal Bridesmaids Dresses: Le Chateau. Invitations: Michaels Craft Store Limo: Majestic Limo Services Jewelry: Swarovski Hair: Anthony DiBiase, Creative Image Make-Up: Nancy Lin, All Dolled Up Dino’s Tuxedo: Tuxedo Royale, Yorkdale Shopping Centre Cake: Diane Pasticceria FlowerGirl/Ring Bearer: Sasha, Heidi’s Shih-Poo Florist: Urban Florist DJ: DJ Alex, Musik Entertainment Photographer: Hina Photography Bombonieres: Rosie’s Sugar Shack Caricature Artist: Valerie White, Bigcatartworks Wedding Planner: Carmelina Karas, The Wedding Planner Magazine The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 33

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 35

Real Weddings Lindsay & Nick

Names: Lindsay and Nick Date: July 12, 2013 Venue: Steam Whistle Brewing, Toronto, ON Dress: Beckers Bridal Hotel: Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, ON Caterer: Eatertainment Photographer: Tamara Lockwood Photography Video: Leslieville Media (David Ward) Flowers: LaBelle Flowers Entertainment: D&W Entertainment Group Hair: Hayley Madigan Makeup: Jennifer Kirwin

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 37

Real Weddings Sarah & Keith ~ Elizabeth Kogan


Andrew’s Formals

Bridal Gown:

Winterfall Brides

Bouquet & Boutinniere:

Late Bloom Florist

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 38


he groomsmen stood outside, their deep red coloured scarves serving as a sharp contrast to the grey skies on the afternoon of October 27, 2013. They were waiting for the groom – Keith Childerhose – a man whose story is incredibly powerful. After having been diagnosed with a rare lung disease more than 16 years ago, Childerhose received a double-lung transplant in January 2013. Standing by his side through it all was his beautiful girlfriend Sarah Taylor. On February 14, 2013, Childerhose passionately proposed to Taylor from his hospital bed; Taylor blissfully said yes. “A day does not go by without my giving thanks to my donor and his family. I hope somehow having him live on in me helps console their loss,” Childerhose has said. The newly engaged couple learned about the Wedding Saviours contest in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and applied. Wedding Saviours was founded by Brenda Holdsworth: a big-hearted woman who had a simple but formidable vision - to bring businesses together to help a couple encountering hardship to have a dream wedding – all for free. The couples competing in the Wedding Saviours contest need to pay-it-forward by giving back to their own respective communities. In the GTA, the couples participating in the Wedding Saviours contest raised over 24,000 pounds of food for local food banks. Holdsworth’s Wedding Saviours has gone from a whisper of a dream to a national reality with Wedding Saviours teams now all over the country. Childerhose and Taylor won the Wedding Saviours GTA contest, which had a prize package valued at over $80,000. The Wedding Saviours GTA Team was led by Team Leader Jane Dayus-Hinch, of reality TV show Wedding SOS fame, and Assistant Team Leader Eddie Suliman, owner of Mystical Weddings & Event Planning.

Photography By: Kelly Elliott, Virtuoso Photography Photo Session Location: Glenerin Inn

When the Wedding Saviours GTA couple’s big day finally arrived, smiling guests filed into the picturesque The Vue venue as “Wind Beneath My Wings” played melodically in the background. When it was time for the ceremony, the bride, who was a vision of porcelain perfection, glided towards her groom as the lyrics of “Feels Like Home” hung beautifully in the air. Guests listened attentively as the wedding officiant relayed to the couple three important

words to remember and live by throughout their lives together: love, communication, and commitment. Following the ceremony, the newly married couple beamed as they walked down the aisle together. The cocktail reception was the epitome of elegance – guests nibbled on delectable hors d’oeuvres and sipped on refreshing drinks as the stunning view from the aptly named venue, The Vue, served as a fairy-tale backdrop. The event carried with it an intangible yet overwhelming feeling of love and excitement. Heartfelt speeches were given throughout the evening, including touching addresses by Jane Dayus-Hinch and Brenda Holdsworth.

The tear jerking speeches from the newlywed Childerhose and Taylor had everyone passionately moved. As Taylor once said, “After over 6 years together, it is wonderful that Keith and I can be married. Truly, Keith didn’t see much of a future for us because of his health, and when he managed to get down on one knee, despite chest tubes being in the way, and proposed to me – it was surreal and still brings a tear to my eye.  We are so perfect together, and plan to live every day with gratitude and love.” This inspiring couple’s wedding day was nothing short of amazing, made possible by an extraordinary team of Wedding Saviours.

Brenda Holdsworth

Founder of Wedding Saviours


The Vue

Decor & More:

4 Ever Yours Inc. Giulia’s Invitations The Happy Thoughts Shop

Wedding Cake:

She Bakes Me Cakes

Wedding Planner:

Eddie Suliman of Mystical Weddings & Event Planning


Mon Petit Bijou

Bridal Makeup & Hair: Belle Beauty Boutique

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 41

Real Weddings Teresa & Rob Names: Teresa and Robert Date: September 8, 2013 Venue: Bellvue Manor, Vaughan, ON Decor: Covers Couture

MC/DJ: Digital Entertainment Group

Photographer: Marcie Costello Photography

Wedding Cake: Just Temptations

Videographer: Level Studios

Florist: Floral Finish

Wedding Planner: Carmelina Karas, The Wedding Planner Magazine

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 42

Transportation: Lavish Limo Brides Dress: Private Label by G, New Bridal Invitations: That’s So You Inc.

Brides Shoes: Kate Spade, David’s Shoes Groom’s Tux: Don Lee, Trend Custom Tailors Jewellery: Joanna Cappello (The Jewellery Girl)

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 43

Hair and Makeup: La Couture Hair Lounge and Nadia Patrizi

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 44

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 45

Haute Outside

Creative Director: Margarita Oudalova, Owner & Creative Director of The Bouquet - Couture Florals & Events Makeup & Hair: Katerina Rapoport Cake & Cupcakes: Nanny D’s Gowns, Hair Pieces and Shoes provided by: Reena Green Wedding Studio Wedding Dress/Designer: Stationary Designer: Puja Malhotra Photographers: Dan Speer & Tiffany Smith of Aura Atelier Venue: Terra Cotta Inn, Caledon, ON

Beautiful Simply

by Helen Kats


hat is Elegance? Is it synonymous with Beauty?  Is it innate, or is it translated into what you wear?  Is it equivalent to sexy shoes, long strands of pearls or welltailored clothing? Can just anybody be ELEGANT? Can anyone learn the refined language of style, manner and grace? The answer is YES!!!!!! According to G. Douglas, “elegance is maximum effect with minimum amount of effort”.  In other words, make it look easy, effortless and chic! On the Spring/Summer 2014 runways we see easy to wear pieces that marry a modern, multi-tasking woman with the high charm and sophistication of a lady. The designers are urging women to make elegant choices as well as letting the fun side of their personality shine through.  In makeup we see variations of that same classic elegance featuring flawless faces, a perfectly lined cat eye, and a matte bright lip paying homage to the Old Hollywood Glamour Pin-up Chic.  This playful approach to makeup demonstrates that when leveraged with a red lipstick, even the simplest outfit will have a touch of that flirty, yet classy effect. 

elen Kats Makeup by: H

Matte red lipstick in various shades and tones is having its moment this season. It can be fun and playful, or serious and sophisticated. Its timeless beauty has the power to transform the language of the face. When applied properly, red lipstick will draw attention and focus eyes on your lips and on your face. For balance, the rest of the colours in makeup and clothes should be minimal or neutral. Black Cat Eye is another classic favoured by many elegant ladies.  Throughout the decades, the traditional cat eye has been altered many times in thickness, tilt, length, colour, etc.  When applied properly, its sleek swooping line instantly transforms your eyes. Paired with great mascara, cat eye will make them look wider, more open and awake.  Your look will be refined and self-confident. And finally, to learn the language of elegance - relax and be yourself! Know who you are and work with that. You don’t even realize that what comes naturally to you isn’t easy for everyone else. Be willing to make mistakes with both fashion and makeup, and let the process be fun! To me, you my dear reader, are and always will be SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 51

Way Back Weddings Liz & Viktor


by Elizabeth Kogan

t’s a story that I’ve told many times over the years with enthusiasm and unabashed dramatic flair. I had never thought of writing it down, and I must sneak in a smirk as I admit such a truth given that I am a writer.

My fiancé at the time, Viktor (now my husband of 12 years) and I, taking into consideration our diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, made a decision to have a non-religious ceremony. One particular individual, a reform Rabbi, truly captured our hearts and made us feel incredibly excited about our upcoming ceremony. He listened to us as we said that we preferred not to have any religious items and references at the ceremony. He assured us that he was very experienced in officiating mixed marriages and proudly showed us his collection of pictures of inter-racial and inter-faith couples that he had married in the past. We left his office feeling confident that our wedding was now in his capable hands. A few months later, on a remarkably sunny day in November 2001, our wedding day had arrived. When I arrived at the Old Mill I was ready for action. In fact, as I exited the champagne coloured 1969 Rolls Royce I exclaimed: “Let’s get this show on the road!” Soon, I found myself standing alongside my parents ready to walk down the aisle of the intimate and classically beautiful Old Mill Chapel. The string trio played Enrico Morricone’s “Gabriel’s Oboe” and I was filled with an incredible sense of happiness as I walked towards Viktor standing at the altar. It appears fate had comical plans for our charming moments toward wedded bliss. The Rabbi had decided to bring a chuppah and I noticed Viktor’s groomsmen (my own brother, Christopher, being one of them), dutifully holding a structure of substantial weight. Before I had time to digest the religious significance, Viktor and I were being asked to sign a document before the ceremony began. My face betrayed little confusion as I smiled for the cameras and signed my name as Elizabeth Marques for the last time on a document that I later learned was a ketubah (marriage contract). The Rabbi then proceeded to announce to the guests (and at this point, I prefer to refer to them as the audience as the ceremony began to take on the feel of a theatrical production), that he was marrying us “before all of Israel, Russia, and all of the world.” Being of Portuguese descent, I muttered, “What about Portugal?” The Rabbi was a charismatic and skilled entertainer. The crowd loved him. He had our wedding audience enraptured by his quick wit and dramatic presentation from the signing of the ketubah to the final exuberant cry of Mazel Tov as Viktor struggled to break the glass (and I suppressed my laughter) wrapped in cloth signaling the end of the ceremony.

Photography by:

ography Lisa Crispo Phot ac www.lis

The ceremony was incredibly quick, only twenty minutes long. It was, however, as we were told by our wedding audience, highly entertaining. As we kissed and hugged friends and relatives after the ceremonial show was over, we were bombarded with animated proclamations of: “Oh my god! That was the best ceremony I’ve ever attended.” One particular individual, a dear friend of Viktor’s family whom is no longer with us today, said: “It felt more like a movie or a TV show than a real wedding. Normally I fall asleep at weddings but yours was so entertaining. I loved it!”

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 52


Bringing Your Wedding Day

How to incorporate your wedding day into your home decor. by Christin Twitchin


am pleased to introduce “Bringing your wedding day Home” as a new reoccurring article that will be a part of this magazine. As you may or may not know my passion and background is Interior Design. I am all about design psychology and how your environment can affect your mood and behaviour. Since your wedding is such a memorable day, most people like to be reminded of this special occasion on a daily basis. I have seen the traditional wall gallery of wedding day photos, but there are plenty of other home décor ideas that you can do that don’t have to be as noticeable to your guests. Thus the idea for this article was born and now I am excited to share with you in each issue some unique and new ways to include your wedding day memories within your home décor and design. For this issue’s suggestion you will need: • River rocks • Sharpies (Gold, Silver, Black) • Glass Vase(s) Somewhere at your ceremony/reception area set up a little station with a large empty vase (two vases if you have a large wedding), sharpies, and a pile of river rocks. Have a little sign on the table directing your guests on how to take part in the fun. Ask your guests to please write on the river rocks with the sharpies and place it into the vase once done. You can write one word, a quote, an inside joke, warm wishes, or anything you want! By the end of the night the bride and groom will have a large vase filled with river rocks to take home. Not only is this a very beautiful abstract décor piece, it also will subtly remind the couple of their special day. They can place the vase in an appropriate spot within their house where they can see it and appreciate it on a regular basis. The benefit to this idea is that only people that were there on your wedding day will know what the meaning behind the décor piece is and your guests may or may not even realize. This idea I LOVE because it can quickly cheer you up even if you just briefly look at it during the day. In addition, if you have the time (or if its cleaning day) you can take out each of the rocks together and remind yourselves of all of the guests that came and the memories created on your wedding day. I hope you enjoyed the wedding home décor ideas in this issue. I am looking forward to sharing many more creative and fun ideas for your home! Happy Wedding Planning! xoxo CT

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 53



Eating Habits of the Healthy and Fit by Heather Nedham

So now that you are engaged to the man of your dreams, you’re busier than ever planning the Wedding day of your dreams. Inevitably you have seen someone with the body you want to have as you walk down the aisle and have thought to yourself “Wow, she must workout like crazy!  I’ll never find the time to do THAT while planning this Wedding!”  We all know that proper exercise and nutrition are THE main ingredients in any fitness routine - the question is, how do we figure these things out if we don’t already know about them, and how do we fit these things into our busy schedule?   Working out maybe a little bit easier to get started with: join a gym, a boot camp or just go for a run.  It’s that nutrition stuff that can get tricky - and any athlete will tell you it’s the foods that we eat that make all the difference.  Fear not - this is actually good news!  That means smaller changes in this area can give us bigger results, so we have pulled together a few nutritional tips to get you started:

The Wedding Planner Magazine • Winter 2013 • Page 54

Eat Breakfast Sometimes people skip breakfast thinking they’re avoiding calories when they’re not hungry anyway. As it turns out, this often results only in binge eating at lunch time and dinner time, and can also lead to mindless nibbling throughout the day on whatever is available, and readily available is probably going to be less nutritious than it should be (hello vending machine!)

Don’t Buy Junk Food It’s a lot harder to eat cookies, chips and pop in front of the TV when you don’t buy them! A little bit of restraint when doing your grocery shopping can go a long way - chances are if you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it.

Stop Eating After Dinner Try to set your dinnertime so that by the time you go to sleep, you haven’t eaten for about 4 hours or so. If you go to sleep with food in your stomach your body is focusing on digestion, not sleep and repair which is necessary when you’re working out to see results.  Also, calories that we eat at night tend to settle in the stomach and mid-section area - exactly where we don’t want to see them!

Drink Lots of Water Drinking water can help you feel full, but more importantly lets remember that at least 80% of our body consists of water! It’s necessary for every aspect of bodily function!

Eat Small Meals More Often This a big one many of us have heard, but why is this helpful? This has to do with the stress hormone cortisol; when we go longer than 3 hours without eating, our cortisol levels start to rise and higher cortisol levels tell the body to store fat in the abdominal area.  Eating throughout the day will also help you resist the temptation to give in when that box of Timbits brought in by a coworker is staring you in the face.

- Angela Hickman


hen this fiery red head walks in to a room, she lights it up. At only 34 years of age, Marcie Costello has made quite the name for herself. You can’t help but want to get to know her better when you see her infectious smile and I was thrilled to be able to share her story with you. Coming from a family with a strong corporate background, Marcie spent 7 years in the design industry. “I never felt as though I fit in. I have three years of design education and one post graduate year of design for an aging population/ universal design putting me in a very specialized category of design qualifications and virtually none of it was creative. For the most part, it was the same standard preset designs my need for creativity was suffering. I wasn’t able to play the game, schmooze and fuss over a $200 square foot piece of travertine while there were hardships happening all around me and starving kids in this world.” Photography is the perfect outlet for Marcie’s creativeness. Being a single mom to 3 children, she was determined to make a life for her family that she chose. She did not want to “become a product of the system or hinder my personal growth or the growth, opportunity and happiness of my children just because I was so young at the time they came into my life. My children are everything and although there have been countless sleepless nights and work hours meshing into family hours, I have done this for them so that one day

I can truly enjoy life with them. I have also worked very hard to prove to them that they can achieve anything in life, despite the obstacles. I love what I do, which I think is one of the most important choices we can teach our children to ensure however they choose to spend their working years in life it is done with joy and passion.” “I ask myself often why I do what I do and YES I LOVE MY CAREER but some often ask how I do it? Often 18 hours a day, often over booked (not a bad thing)... I think many of us are not friendly with change in life. I have been there. It’s not easy. Although marriage and having babies is certainly a beautiful experience we are blessed to have in life, it can come with strain and self-doubt, fear and worry. I try to bring experiences to my clients that help them to enjoy their moments, see the love in each other, embrace change by celebrating in every tiny moment and help them to move through these life journeys with something beautiful in their hand afterwards so they can reflect on it with love and laughter, emotion and gratitude for one another.”

Many of Marcie’s clients will become lifetime clients. From sharing their first day of marriage right to sharing the lives of their most precious gifts, her work brings out the happiness and love that is felt. What does the future hold for this amazing young woman? Along with shooting weddings and families she hopes to move into more “commercial photography and specific glamour sessions that take the visions of my clients to a magical level to make them come true including hair, make up, unique locations etc.” It is another step into making dreams come true!

Website: Twitter: @marciephoto Facebook: Phone: 647.409.1722 Email: Studio located in Port Credit, Mississauga

Real in Real Estate

Keeping it

5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs Lower energy bills are great for your wallet this winter and impress buyers who are increasingly concerned with past utility costs when it comes time for the buyer to pay bills.

1. Don’t let heat escape through the doors and windows!

Put new seals around old windows frames and panes. Also, slide draft stoppers under doors within your home and attach draft guards to outside-facing doors to keep heat where you want it - inside.

2. Close the big gaps.

Once you’ve sealed the small leaks, walk around your house with a candle and see where it flickers to find hidden drafts. Some walls may need their internal air/moisture barriers replaced or more insulation added if they are cold to the touch. Leading Edge Realty Inc. Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated


3. Wrap your home in an insulation duvet.

Some provinces offer grants for energy efficiency upgrades, such as adding insulation. Pay special attention to the roof and attic. Ice on your roof is a sure sign of heat escaping.

4. Give your heating system a break.

Some provinces offer grants for energy efficiency upgrades, such as adding insulation. Pay special attention to the roof and attic: ice on your roof is a sure sign of heat escaping!

5. Use a smart thermostat.

Not to be confused with a smart meter, smart thermostats let you program different temperatures throughout the day and night. Set your thermostat to be cooler at night when everyone is cozy in bed, and warmer only during times that you are at home. If you would like to make major changes to your heating bill, you can contact a professional in the energy efficiency industry who can do a thorough assessment. Have a cozy Winter!


Flowers & Gifts





Five strategies to help you pay less tax by Andre McCalmont

Help reduce the tax you pay next year and put money in your pocket that you can save toward a financial cushion, a legacy, your retirement, debt repayment, someone’s education or the vacation of a lifetime.

1. Maximize registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) contributions Money you contribute, up to your maximum allowable limit, can be deducted from taxable income. The growth on these contributions isn’t taxed until funds are withdrawn from the plan. Remember, you can confirm your carry-forward room (unused contributions) for the current tax year, by checking your previous year’s notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency.

2. Set up a spousal RRSP Contributing to a spousal or common-law partner RRSP will help reduce your current income and increase your partner’s income in future years when the funds are withdrawn – accomplishing a form of income splitting at retirement. At withdrawal, the funds can generally be taxed in the hands of a lower income spouse.

3. Open a tax-free savings account (TFSA) A TFSA allows Canadian residents 18 years or older to save $5,500 a year, earning taxfree income for life. Withdrawals aren’t taxed, don’t negatively affect your eligibility for government benefits and can be contributed the following calendar year. Note, contributions to a TFSA are not tax deductible.

4. Purchase permanent life insurance Permanent life insurance usually builds cash value and provides a tax-free death benefit to a named beneficiary. Within certain legal limits, cash value accumulates within the policy on a tax-advantaged basis. If the accumulation stays within prescribed limits, the cash value is only subject to income tax when it’s withdrawn. If necessary, you can withdraw cash or borrow against its value. Tax-exempt life insurance can be a powerful tool in a financial security planning portfolio because of its unique tax structure. Permanent cash value life insurance (for example, participating life insurance and universal life insurance) provides cash at death to help cover taxes and other estate planning needs, as well as a pool of taxadvantaged capital that can be accessed during the life of the insured.

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5. Invest for a child’s post-secondary education There are two ways to do this with children under the age of 18: An informal in-trust account or a registered education savings plan (RESP). In an in-trust account, capital gains may be taxed in the hands of the minor child while any income may be attributed to the contributor, depending on the source of funds. RESPs defer taxes on income until the funds are withdrawn during the post-secondary education period. Contributing to an RESP lets you take advantage of the Canada Education Savings Grant – free money from the government. You may also be able to catch up on missed grants from prior years. Low-income families may also be eligible for the Canada Learning Bond. Consult with your financial security advisor or your tax professional to develop a tax reduction strategy that’s right for your needs and your financial security plan. Joseph Andre McCalmont is Queens University Graduate. He is a financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial, a division of London Life Insurance Company, and an investment representative with Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. He can be contacted by cell phone at 647-669-4684 or by email to The information provided is based on current laws, regulations and other rules applicable to Canadian residents. It is accurate to the best of the writer’s knowledge as of the date of publication. Rules and their interpretation may change, affecting the accuracy of the information.

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What if it Rains? How to Plan For Potential Rain On Your Wedding Day Wedding photographers Zach and Jody Gray from Nashville, Tennessee often remark about the fact that it very rarely rains on the wedding days that they photograph. So rarely, in fact, that they have thought about making rain-free weddings a unique selling point for their business. (Imagine the legal ramifications to guaranteeing weather!)


In a Different

by Barbara Kowalski

We here in Canada are not so lucky. Spring, summer, and fall – all of our prime wedding seasons come with a chance of rain. Instead of dreading it, the most prudent way to go about dealing with rain is to be prepared. Here are a few simple tips on planning for potential drizzle on your big day:

Plan B Location Have a backup plan for all the outdoor locations you will be utilizing on your wedding day. If you are having an open air ceremony or plan to have portrait sessions outdoors, make sure to have a rough idea of alternate locations in case the skies open. Talk to your venue about their rain backup services, and keep an eye out for any covered areas in the vicinity of your portrait session location that could protect you from the rain, just in case.

Have Fun with Rain Props Equip your whole wedding party with umbrellas. There are great and inexpensive umbrellas available online and they can make for fun photographs. Especially be on the lookout for see-through plastic umbrellas as they allow for more light to pass onto faces and ensure that no one is blocked from sight.

Talk to your Photographer Be sure to discuss the possibility of rain plans with your photographer before your wedding day. Go over alternate photo shoot locations and see if they have any ideas about incorporating rain into the photos. There is a lot of room for creativity with puddles, reflections in water and falling raindrops.

Don’t Worry If it rains on your wedding day, it is just another part of the experience. Accept it and do not stress yourself out about it. It might make your day a little more wet and muddy, but if you are properly prepared with the tips above, it won’t add too much more hassle. There is no reason why a rainy wedding day should not be embraced and, above all, documented.

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