Spring 2014

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Olga Pankova She appears before you as though she’s a painting


and not a woman made of flesh and bones. Hers is a classic beauty; that evokes images of silver screen stars of years past. The striking brunette is Olga Pankova, a portrait artist in the Greater Toronto Area. Pankova says that she always knew that art was always her lifelong dream and passion. She discloses, “I have always wanted to be able to paint. As a child, I loved to draw and paint and continued to paint right into college. ” After completing art-college in Uzbekistan, Pankova says that it was difficult to earn a sustainable living as an artist. She reveals, “I really had no time to paint and had to focus on other jobs. Eventually, however,the opportunity arose for me to live and work abroad in Dubai; and with my spouse’s support, I was able to paint professionally.” When asked what path led her to wedding portrait art, Pankova explains, “I started off by doing a few

Live Event Artistry by Elizabeth Kogan

paintings for myself and my family and that helped me start a portfolio to show potential clients. Shortly after coming to Canada, a wedding planner asked me if I would paint live at a wedding.” Pankova’s reaction to the request was one of surprise. Candidly she says, “It was a scary thought. I typically paint in my studio without an audience. All of sudden I was going to be thrown into an environment where I had to perform.” Deciding to research the proposition, Pankova so on learned that she would be offering an exclusive service in the Canadian marketplace. Feeling bravely optimistic, she decided to pursue event-based portraiture. Of her decision, Pankova states, “ I am so glad that I to ok this chance. I now really enjoy painting live at events.” Her desire for her craft is what keeps her motivated and inspired. Smiling she states, “I really have to control my