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Photographs are the easy and everlasting way to keep your memories alive, doesn’t matter what is the event is but photographs help you to make those moments alive again for you, leaving a smile on your face. It is true that life can be lived joyfully through memories and photographs are the best way to keep your memories with you for your lifetime. Photographs have always had their important role in birthday party, wedding, anniversary, any function, small gathering or we take photographs sometimes without any reason for memories only. We have photographs of our childhood with our whole family through which we can recall our childhood days and our family. Photographs from earlier times have the same importance as they have now. They are the best mate for our memories. When it comes to wedding photographs, wedding photography is the photography of wedding and all its activities. It involves photographs of the couple before marriage and after marriage. Wedding is considered as important day of every one’s life from old days and hold the same values for coming years as well. Every person has dreamed about this D-Day in their life. Many special preparations need to be done for this day. Wedding is an important phase and everyone wants this special day to be more special so that everyone can remember. Preparation for this starts from few months before for dresses, gifts, functions, venue, guest list and off course last but important wedding photographer. All these preparation have to be done in advance so that you cannot skip any of these at last moment. Venue should be decided in advance as per your convenience, need and budget. After that search wedding photographer who is experienced and skilled in capturing moments of your wedding. There are many professional wedding photographers available you can approach to few of them you considered as best and can ask for their portfolios and discuss your budget and all in advance. Make your family introduces with him before so that he can take the snap of everyone and make him aware about the wedding location as well so that he can make his arrangements in advance only. Ask him to capture every moment in his camera so that you can enjoy again all the memories. The photographs must be natural and have true emotions and love in them. On the whole wedding is the most suspicious day of everyone life and photographs of that day make them more special and lovable. Photographs filled your eyes with memories which you want to live your whole life and this all can be possible only because of good, professional and experienced wedding photographer.

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