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The Real Wedding Italian Style Photo Shooting Maggio 2014

Mission: Creating a stylish photo shooting in order to promote luxury weddings in Tuscany in an Italian Style. Goal: Send the photos to an international bridal magazine/blog that target high-end clients, in order to capture more leads and increase the work of the vendors involved. How: We are inviting to participate to this project a very selected group of wedding vendors that are willing to exchange their professional services/goods for the featuring in the magazine/blog. After the publication, all the photos will be given to each of the vendors for self-promotion or commercial use.

Magazines/Blogs in mind: Grace Ormonde, Style me pretty o Junebug Weddings.

Cindy Salgado Wedding Design & Events Cindy is a wedding planner based in Florence, Tuscany. She helps professional couples plan an authentic Tuscany wedding experience that includes the best of Italy’s food, wine, culture and untouched romance and expresses their unique personalities...without the stress and overwhelm of planning all the details of a destination wedding. She has been feature in many blogs and magazines such as Style me Pretty, Jet Fete blog, Turismo in Toscana (official site) and 100 layer cakes just to name a few. She has also collaborated with celebrity wedding planners and designers such as Lisa Vorce and Karen Tran .

Wedding Vendors Photographer: Adrian Wood Published Destination Photographer and Educator accredited with numerous publications such as Style Me Pretty and Grace Ormonde



Magazine has turned his eye to shooting specifically for vendors advertising. Utilising only natural light and working with like minded creatives to produce commercial imagery in a styled manner with both Film & Digital capture. h t t p : /


Giada Piamonte Models She was one of the semi-finalist at “Miss Italia Pageant” back in 2012, and she has participated in several commercials for jewellery and fashion industry. Together with her fiancé, are going to be our lovely couple. fref=ts

Flower Designer :

Dario Benvenuti

Li v ing

DARIO BENVENUTI BIO’S Dario Benvenuti was born in 1979. He studied at the School of Art in Pisa (Tuscany – Italy) and he started his professional experience within the great ceremonies circle and events in Italy, boasting collaborations with the greatest realities all over the territory. For instance, he managed the artistic direction for Federico Salza catering collaborating in the presentation of the most important events of Italian jet-set. During his formative course he met the most important international flowers designers and he increased his experience within the specialized publishing circle. Today he arranges and realizes events all over Italy and in Hawaii.http://

Viviana Mioranza

Creative and talented, Viviana loves everything that is art. Partner of Darioin work & in life , she is very intuitive, immaginative and nice and she embrace wholehearteadly every challenge. Her main task is designing sketches and drawings in water color for events. Thank to her capability to capture the nuances that make a person unique, she draws much inspiration from the ersonalities of the clients , along whit many other influential elemnets emotions , moods , theme of the events , whit the goal of creating a project for an eventthat is expetional in visual aesthetic and unique in its reflection of those who will be the protagonist of the event.

Coselli Colletion The Coselli Collection is a family owned estate of some of the finest historic villas to rent in Tuscany. It is a collection of 6 luxurious villas in the beautiful Lucca and Borgo Bernardini is going to be our amazing backdrop for the photo shooting. These villas have hosted many celebrities and VIP’s around the world,

Bridal Gown desinger: Alessandra Rinaudo

such as Michael Moore and they are part of “The Finest Hotels of the World�

In her personal Haute Couture collection, the designer chooses the magic combination of the most beautiful and precious fabrics, silks and excellent embroideries. This collection is a result of an elegant play among volumes, high quality of the materials and refinement of Italian tailoring. The bride has a sophisticated but very natural look and at the same time she looks really elegant. In this limited edition collection, each dress is unique. The sensitive combination of high quality, tradition and fashion design give a timeless elegance. The range of accessories - starting from shoes created with the same materials as the dress, going to the very special gloves and to hairstyle decorations - is personally designed by Alessandra Rinaudo for every dress and make each of them a masterpiece Made in Italy. She also has her own TV show at Real Time "L'Abito dei Sogni" .

Stationary Il papiro is a company which produces items in hand decorated paper with techniques inspired by the tradition of Tuscany. Established since 1976 in Firenze, Il Papiro introduces as first again in Italy items realised with almost extinguished techniques such as the marbleizing of paper. This, in turn, contributed to the renewed taste for items in hand decorated paper. The highly artisan production of Il Papiro covers a variety of items going from bound diaries, journals, address books, photo albums as well as desk accessories (pencil holders,letter holders, memo holders, photo frames and boxes in different shapes and sizes). It also includes a vast selection of stationery with designs, such as cards, place cards, ex libris and hand marbleized paper with which most of the items described above are covered with. Items are also produced in a range of classic leather lines. Il Papiro has retail stores in various parts of Italy and the world. Each boutique is furnished in a personalized way with the purpose of maintaining the concept of Il Papiro.

Each store is designed to distinguish the pleasant and elegant atmosphere of the Fiorentine shops and tradition. Il Papiro was created out of the natural conception of the owners Francesco Giannini and Gianni Parenti, who were born and raised in Firenze and have always been in contact with the artisan world in this city. Producing items that find inspiration in the Florentine craft tradition, This is the reason why the items produced by Il Papiro never go out of style, and keep their long lasting charm through the years.

Make up Artist

Since she was young she was attracted by colours and shadows and she started from that time to play with textures and paints. Silvia known always well she has good sensibilities about art, but only after degree she started to grow in Make-up and Look-maker world. By the way she worked hard and in very few years she gained big successes. Silvia travels through Italy for job but her base is always in Florence, from where she is able to arrive from North to South Italy very easily. Silvia works a lot in photographic sets as Make-up Artist and Hairstylist, cooperating for editorial jobs too.

In 2010 you can find her in “Make-up Step by Step” magazine, as much as bigger italian Make-up Artists as Valeria Orlando or Stefano Anselmo and in 2012 in “Make-up Sposa Step by Step”, both by Trentini Editore.From few years she works as make-up teacher for MKC-Beauty Accademy in Rome in individual or group classes. Impassioned for all kind of Make-up, she learned about Special Effects and Bodypainting too: she co-operates with CreaFx team and every summer she takes part to the World Body Painting Festival in Austria to learn more and to have class. After beauty and fashion Make-up she is very interested in Hairstyling a lot. She started to learn it to being more competitive in job-world but she discovered very easy and funny for her. Silvia studied in Trieste, her born city, Bologna, Florence, Rome, New York and Los Angeles but she continues always to study and to improve, always confront herself in positive way with her colleagues.


La Luna 121 is owned by the architect Elena Pagliai. Her designs represents her passion for Florence and the “Made in Italy�. La Luna 121 produces contemporary and fine wedding favors, using exclusively Italian raw material for it elaboration. Elena explores, design, cut, paste, print, modify and create. Arch. Elena Pagliai Via Cento Stelle 5 Firenze

Cinema: Nikos Dimou

Photographer: Yiannis Sotiropoulos He is a professional wedding photographer located in Greece. He always say "enjoy your wedding day... and i'll be there to capture it..."! He  like the feeling and the emotions, there is always something beautiful to shoot. Wedding photography is part of his life and he loves to live the experience of every wedding as a unique event! He travels around the world to shoot weddings with his unique style.

His purpose is not to " set up his " and create a wedding video like everyone dreams or as he consider ideal for him . His aim is to find himself " there," as one observer and record with his

camera what is happening that day . Always , of course , under the light of his eyes and aesthetics. Watching the clips on his blog , you'll feel like you 're present , to feel emotions and to get a little " taste " of what happened that day .

Good food and much more........

Delizia Ricevimenti is a catering based in Florence, Tuscany. They are able to prepare coffee breaks, coffee points, working lunches, light lunches, brunches, aperitifs, gala dinners, cocktails, bars, weddings etc. from 2 till 2000 people. Professionalism, timeliness, and ability to find excellent solutions, make of Delizia Ricevimenti, a reliable partner to give support to any event and leave guests an unforgettable experience. Delizia Ricevimenti offers a wide choice of dishes for each situation. From the traditional Tuscan menu, to the east ones, Arabian, south American, to the classical Italian and Mediterranean recipes.

Delizia Ricevimenti pays a lot of attention to satisfy the costumers' needs about particular requests in the menus. They joined the AIC project  (food away from home project) and they even are on AIC network which is gluten free food away from home and on  gluten free away from home food guide. They are also specialized in vegetarian food, vegan and any kind of needs based on allergy or religion needs (kosher weddings, muslins , etc) Their philosophy: "Every guest has always to receive an excellent and detailed treatment which completely satisfies their needs".

The Italian Job  

Photo shoot in Tuscany 12/13 May 2014

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