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Wedding Favor Boxes

When attending a wedding, the best part of the occasion to the guest, other than the cake, food, and drinks is a great parting gift. Wedding favor boxes are a great way to express to your quests that you truly appreciate them honoring you with their presence at your wedding. Some think of wedding favors as cheap non-meaningful items that take no thought when choosing, but this should not be the case for your special day. Wedding favors should have a great deal of planning and thought because, it is, mind you, the last impression that you will give of your special day. Instead of handing out trinkets in frilly bags that may or may not make it through the night of the wedding celebration, the favors can be distributed in wedding favor boxes. Favor boxes are affordable and will give your tokens a little more flair. They can be chosen in various colors and designs that will match or compliment your wedding color scheme. They can also be purchased at most local dollar stores. The boxes can also be adorned with items such as ribbons or bows which can also be purchased at your local stores. Now that the vessel has been chosen, the items that will adorn the boxes must be selected. Wedding favor boxes are able to withstand weight and somewhat larger items than cellophane gift bags, so there are more choices in what can be placed in them. When choosing favors they should be practical or edible. Either way the recipient can utilize the item instead of tossing them into the garbage on the way out. Items that can be eaten are virtually fail resistant because guests are provided something to eat on the way home from the celebration. Homemade cookies, specialty candy and br chocolate bars, or cup cakes are some viable edible choices. Within the boxes, pretty liners

can be added for dual purposes: 1. To soak up any deposits that may come from your goodies 2. Make the wedding favor boxes look like actual presents. On the other end, some may choose to fill their wedding favor boxes with a practical, more useful gift that can be used multiple times. Depending on the nature of your guest these can include personalized mini wine bottles, wine glasses, coasters, or golf tees I balls. Granted one must be weary of personalizing favors because many people are not fond of pictures of others strewn across an item on their mantel. Lastly, it is always nice to personalize the wedding favor boxes with a customized label of the event. The wedding favor boxes can be arranged on a single table for distribution upon leaving or be made a part of the wedding table decor. However you chose to deliver and whatever you decide to fill your carefully chosen and decorated wedding favor boxes, ensure that it is thoughtful and practical. This will ensure that your guest leave with a fond memory of your special day and it will become a special day for them as well.

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Wedding favor boxes  

When attending a wedding, the best part of the occasion to the guest, other than the cake, food, and drinks is a great parting gift. Wedding...