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Choosing Wedding Bubbles For Any Bride

Today there are many different things that a couple can do with their wedding to make it more environmentally friendly and enjoyable by all guests. In the past it was common for the couple to leave the church in a shower of rice but today this is not advised because it was found to be unhealthy for the birds that would eat the rice. One of the best ideas for wedding bubbles is to use them as a replacement for this rice and to be sent from the church in a beautiful cloud of bubbles that the guests blow. These bubbles are made in a special way that is non-toxic and non-staining so that the brides gown is not harmed in any way. There are actually different varieties and choices that one will have as well. They can come in small plain bottles or more elaborate choices with labels and designs on them. The Simple Choice For the couple that has little time to prepare the wedding bubbles simplicity is best. This will include choosing the simplest decorations and something that they can do on their own. These choices are also great for a couple that does not have the largest budget because they are affordable and putting them together themselves can really save a lot of money. The majority of the choices come with wedding themed decorations and the couple can easily add curling ribbon in their wedding colors to make them unique and perfect for their special day. If curling ribbon is not available you can find fabric ribbon that will work as well. Tying the ribbons on the neck of the bottle is also a great choice. Go with More Elegance There are additional choices that can make wedding bubbles more elegant and are a classic upgrade to the traditional choices above. With enough time the design can

even become quite complex and something that requires more attention and time to put together. There are many different options for adding elegance to bubbles. One great choice is to add small crystals or rhinestones to the lids with glue. This can be quite time consuming and can require special tools like tweezers if the crystals and rhinestones are small. They can come in different sizes so if a bride wants something easier then they will want to choose a larger stone. These stones can be chosen in colors that match the wedding colors or can be picked from a general clear/silver hue that will add elegance to any colors. In addition there are a variety of ways in which the bubbles can be packaged. Small cloth bags are a great choice and can even be printed to be kept after the bubbles are used. Lots of Fun for the Guests In addition to the wedding bubbles being used to send the couple off after the ceremony, they can be used as favors for guests as well. Bubbles can be a lot of fun during the reception and can easily be placed in baskets or even at place settings in small bags or baskets for the guests to take home. With so many choices they are a perfect accompaniment to any wedding and something that guests and couples will enjoy alike.

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Choosing wedding bubbles for any bride  

Today there are many different things that a couple can do with their wedding to make it more environmentally friendly and enjoyable by all...

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