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INTRODUCING THE WEDDING EDITORIALIST What is the Wedding Editorialist? Which issue is best for you?




Showcase every stunning inch of a wedding by dedicating an entire article to the details of the day.

Wedding Creatives have complete control over the way in which their work is shown and shared.



























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LETTER FROM THE EDITORS “Print is dead.” No, print is not dead. Print is reserved for luxury. Both the luxury client, and the luxury brands that service them. Today, everyone has a blog and a social media program. There’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. People are brands. People are influencers. Brands interact with us, as if they were people. In the sea of sameness, how do you set yourself apart? With something that is both high tech and high touch. The Wedding Editorialist was created as a gift; a unique offering from a wedding planner to her clients. It was intended to celebrate their time together and document the couple’s behind the scenes experience. Soon, it became a beautiful accompaniment to the wedding album, a way to print and preserve a larger number of photos alongside stories, snippets, and contributions from the couple’s creative team. Not long after, a Destinations Issue was requested by a bride and groom. Press pieces were ordered by resorts and professional planners. Legacy issues documenting new babies went in production. The practical applications of the magazines were limitless. Today, The Wedding Editorialist is the fastest growing division of our parent company, The Editorial Collective. We offer four different issues; The Wedding Editorialist Features, The Wedding Editorialist Luxe, The Destination Issue, and The Professional Issue. Each one has it’s own look and feel, with unique advantages designed for a specific client base. The Wedding Editorialist Features Issue is ideal for a couple that wants to show case their wedding photos in a unique way, without too much work or writing. It allows couples to go deeper into the experience, sharing their love story in their own words, along with their engagement photos and behind the scenes images from wedding planning. The Luxe Issue takes it a step further, allowing couples to customize their articles and write from a more personal place. The Destinations Issue is both a gift and a guide for those attending weddings away, putting the spotlight on the location, the venue, and outlining the itinerary for the guests. Lastly, our Professional Issue gives wedding creatives the chance to showcase their work in a way that they can be proud of. Our team of editors work side by side with planners, photographers, designers, and even entertainment companies to ensure that they have completed control over the way in which their story is shared. The Wedding Editorialist helps our partners identify and showcase their unique perspective and vision in a way that gives weight and credence to their creative process. High tech and high touch, The Wedding Editorialist features one couple or wedding professional at a time. Available both online and in print, we are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to work with our team of to create an issue of your own.

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INTRODUCING THE WEDDING EDITORIALIST Welcome to The Wedding Editorialist. We believe that every love story deserves to be told. Our team of editors and graphic designers will work with you to create a stunning, one of a kind wedding magazine that you can print, send, and share online.

Your publication is hosted online, printed as a hard copy (yes, you get an actual, real magazine!), and your publication comes with a collection of images and icons for social sharing.

The Wedding Editorialist is a wonderful keepsake for couples, and a valuable marketing tool for pros. The applications are endless, the printed issues are gorgeous, and the digital publications are completely responsive. They look great on iPhones, iPads, laptops, and desktops.

We consider our purchases to be submissions, and we offer four products for our clients to select from. The Feature Issue is more photo driven, with a personal love story told in the couple’s own words. The Luxe Issue offers even greater customization and additional articles. The Destinations piece is created before a wedding as a welcome gift and itinerary. The Professional Piece is a marketing tool for wedding creatives, allowing them to publish their work, their way.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE Unlike other self-publishing sites which provide you with basic templates or digital downloads you can modify online, The Wedding Editorialist is both high-tech and high-touch. Our magazines are at minimum 40 pages a piece, with some growing to as large as 60 pages or more.



Simply identify the issue you wish to create, complete your purchase, and download your submission packet. This packet will walk you through the creation of your articles and the selection of your

photos. When your intake form is completed, return it via Dropbox along with your images. Upon receipt, you will be assigned a personal editor who will review your submission, set your pages, and design the magazine to tell your story with a mix of words, messages, and images. Your preview will be sent to you online in approximately 4-6 weeks. We include one set of revisions, which ensures your publication is absolutely perfect. The final piece will be created and published digitally within 7 - 10 business days. You will receive a link to the hosted publication, an embed code, and a collection of images you can share on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Additionally, you will receive one hard copy of your publication, with the option to purchase more. And that’s not all! Select couples will be featured on The Wedding Editorialist blog, Facebook, and Instagram page, giving you even greater exposure.


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience that you can’t help but want to relive and share! The Features Issue allows you to tell your love story in your own words, and then leave the rest to us! Our Editors have created the perfect commentary about what it means to be a bride, a groom, and a couple. We include notes on details, and document the full story of the day with your photos. The Features Issue includes 40 pages of photos and text....Perfect for the couple that LOVES their photos, but hates to write!

LUXE The Luxe Issue of the Wedding Editorialist is reserved for those couples that want to tell the entire story of their relationship. With up to 50 pages of stunning photos, the Luxe Edition allows you to include your Engagement Photos, Behind the Scenes Planning Photos, and your Wedding Photos. Additionally, the Luxe Edition allows to you write your own articles and text, or use ours. The Luxe Issue includes up to 50 pages featuring you and your wedding. The greatest keepsake for any newlywed couple, and an amazing gift for parents, the bridal party, and anyone who attended your special day! Everyone will feel like a celebrity with they see themselves in your magazine!


The Wedding Editorialist respects and values our creative partners. It is an honor and a privilege to assist you in curating a custom piece that showcases your style and services. With The Wedding Editorialist you have complete control over your presentation and your branding. Speak directly to your collaborators and clients with quarterly issues that you can email, print, embed, and send. Showcase your work in 40 - 60 beautifully curated pages.


Designed as a welcome gift for your guests, a favor, or just the coolest thing anyone has ever seen! It’s a wedding website, love letter, itinerary, and more that guests can hold in their hand. This piece includes everything that the original Wedding Editorialist does in terms of layout and style. Complete with an editorial introduction, your love story, and a section which allows you to introduce your team of vendors, the Features Issue gives celebrity coverage of your event! Guests will never need to wonder (or bother you with questions!) about where they need to be, what they should do, or when. This piece also includes an overview of the city, a venue profile, and any behind the scenes photos you wish to share. The Destinations Issue will serve not only as a unique favor to your guests, but as their travel guide. The agenda for the group with all start and stop times will never go missing, as it is included right there for all of your guests to see in up to 40 pages. When you return home, add The Features Issue onto your piece for one massive magazine that tells the entire story of your wedding! weddingeditorialist.com | 06

HOW HE ASKED Do you remember the moment you became engaged? Some couples plan their engagement together, while for others the moment one asks “Will you marry me?” is a total and complete shock. We often find that the proposals are being planned with intricate detail and production. Many times, a photographer has been hired to capture the proposal, with dinners, parties, and celebrations immediately to follow. If a couple is lucky enough to have beautifully shot, professional photos from the moment of their engagement, it’s only right to share them! Dedicating an article in The Wedding Editorialist to the photos from a couple’s proposal is a wonderful way to document this milestone in their life. As Editors, we recommend writing this section in a third person point of view. Adding a quote from each fiancé, along with one from the photographer and anyone else who participated in the planning of the proposal is also a beautiful way to personalize and editorialize the article. Here, we are sharing a proposal that took place as a part of a staged inspiration shoot, along with a series of other photos from various couples.


ASHLEY & WILL As a wedding designer and a previous wedding planner, it is very hard to plan something for someone as type-A, perfectionist, control freak like me. I plan everything! So Will thought, what better a way to get her to cooperate and to surprise her if she plans her own proposal. And that is precisely what happened. A few weeks prior, my dear friend Jodi from J.Anne Photography called me and asked if I would help her put together a styled shoot. We talked back and forth about who would model, what they would wear, what kind of decor and florals needed to be involved, where, when and everything in between! We came to the conclusion that we would have our friends Jace & Olivia be the stand-in “Bride & Groom” as they were just recently married and would be more than willing to go out to the middle of the desert with us for a random photo shoot. Jodi kindly ask me if I would be willing to stand-in as the “bridesmaids and groomsmen” in the shoot along with Will and my little sister, Kelly… with much

hesitation, I finally decided to get dolled up and be in front of the camera for a change. The day of the photo shoot arrived. The girls sat at the dinner table laughing and enjoying being pampered by the team at Your Beauty Call while the boys sat in the living room watching sports. I was so excited for what I thought was to be a styled shoot- just a fun evening with friends, hanging out with our favorite photographer, and pretending to be the highest paid models in town! Little did I know, this Saturday evening was soon to start a new chapter in my love story with Will- my best friend of 15 years. I arrived at the photo shoot location and was in complete awe of how beautiful it was– the sunset, the desert in its purest form was just breathtaking. After a few group photos and bride and groom shots, Jodi asked if Will and I would just take a few relaxed and candid “bridal party” pictures. We obeyed her wishes and after weddingeditorialist.com | 08


a few photos, she asked us to face away from each other and on the count of three, she would ask us to turn around and face one another. I turned around, faced Will, and he said to me, “You know this isn’t a styled shoot right? It’s time.” At that instant, I knew that this was about to be a moment that would forever change my life. For the first few seconds I was in such shock that I had no idea what was really happening, until he so perfectly got down on one knee, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Ashley, I love you. Will you marry me?” I didn’t want to ever forget the emotions of pure love that I felt in that very moment. After saying “YES!” and a celebratory sunset champagne toast, we headed back into town where I was greeted by a surprise engagement party complete with our friends and family from across the country. For so many people to be involved in helping create such a beautiful moment for the both of us is what truly made my heart sing. It was certainly a day that dreams are made of!

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ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS There are many reasons to take engagement photos. There is the chance for a couple to get to know their photographer in advance, the opportunity for the couple to see professional photos of themselves before the big day, and the chance to build a collection of gorgeous, high quality images that will last for all time. More importantly, however, is that taking engagement photos gives a newly engaged couple a chance to stop, reconnect with one another, and truly enjoy this unique moment in time. The months of planning and anticipation go by so quickly. There is so much anticipation, so many questions so much work to be done. But during an engagement session everything on the “To Do� list just fades away. All of the responsibilities...They are all gone. The couple can laugh and play, visit places from their past, or look towards their future.

Engagement photos can be used on a couple’s wedding website, as gifts for family and friends, or even submitted for publication. There are brides and grooms that make sign in books or posters, and others just print them for personal enjoyment. Engagement photos show a couple in a completely different light than their wedding photos do. They are light, playful, a the give us a peak behind the curtain. They are intimate, emotional, and beautifully worthy of being shared. Here we share a collection of engagement photos taken around the world.

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CHARLÈNE & FABIEN When a man unabashedly kisses a woman while she’s wearing bright red lipstick, you know you are in the presence of true love. And what more could you hope for with Paris as your background for portraits? Well, since you asked… When that man & woman show up in a dapper navy suit & fabulously sexy dress, set against the classic backdrop of the Louvre… then my friends, we’ve just hit the absolute tri-fecta of photo love in my book! Two people, totally in love and not afraid to show it, feeling their best all dressed up, and surrounded by an international setting 17 | WEDDING EDITORIALIST

just as romantic? Yes, yes and more YES! My photo brain nearly imploded spending time with Charlène & Fabien in Paris. The little bit of rain Mother Nature threw at us only added to the romance of the evening. They say “Paris is always a good idea” but I think that sentiment should be taken to the next level – “Paris Portraits are always a good idea!” Then again, I may be a little bias on that…

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VENUE PROFILE “Where are you getting married?� The venue a couple chooses very much sets the tone for the rest of the wedding. Choose a ballroom and guests know that there is a level of formality required, while a downtown restaurant implies a bit of a hipster vibe. Couples marrying on the beach are so clearly interested in one type of wedding, while historical monuments, nightclubs, and public spaces reflect another intention. By showcasing the venue a couple has chosen we begin to reveal their unique style and perspective. In the short term, the couple will be able to share their love of the space where they take their vows. Years from now, when they look back, they will be transported to the place and time where they officially began their marriage. In this section of the magazine, couples can showcase aerial photos, room shots, and drawings that speak to the venue they have booked for their wedding. Professionals may use this section to share a variety of venues they have worked in, and highlight properties that they love.


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LA VALENCIA Modern convenience and timeless luxury. There’s something for everyone in our 114 guest rooms of 4 types: Vintage, Classic, Villas & ICON. Dine in one of La Valencia’s two distinctive restaurants. Relax by the outdoor pool with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop. Experience all La Jolla has to offer from shopping, worldclass museums and fine dining, or simply relax in a beautiful sea-side retreat.


La Valencia Hotel announces a new luxury room category, the ICON – which includes the brand new, stunning, sky-high penthouse suite known as the Sky Suite, with sweeping views of La Jolla Cove and the Pacific. Iconic, culturally refined and globally appealing, the new room category also includes the expansive, La Valencia Suite and the apartment style, Pacific Suite, each with stunning ocean views.


La Valencia’s Villas, are the most modern and luxurious of La Jolla’s beach accommodations offering picturesque ocean views. Spacious and airy, they range from 400 to 1200 square feet. Richly 21 | WEDDING EDITORIALIST

appointed with comfortable furnishings that create a home-away-from home atmosphere, Villas are sure to become a necessary luxury. Each Villa offers a private patio area for intimate dining, conversation and relaxation, and most Villas offer in room fireplaces and vaulted ceilings on upper levels. All are furnished with flat screen HD televisions, and offer complimentary high-speed wireless internet. Luxurious bathrooms include separate shower and spa tub plus dual sink vanity. Options include Villa King or Villa Suites which feature a living room with sleeper sofa and separate king bedroom. All accommodations include elegant patio furniture along with spacious dressers and closets. Comfortable club chairs compliment with surroundings. In addition, Villa guests enjoy choice of daily newspapers. Villas also include complimentary Wi-Fi, imported linens, down comforters, plasma HD TV, Keurig coffee makers, extensive mini-bar, luxurious La Valencia Hotel robes and chic bath amenities.


Relax in residentially inspired spacious accommodations, the Classic rooms category ranges from 400 - 850 square

feet. These rooms feature King Beds and over sized bathrooms with bathtub/ shower combination and large vanity. Also included: complimentary Wi-Fi, imported linens, down comforters, plasma HD TV, Keurig coffee makers, extensive mini-bar, luxurious La Valencia Hotel robes and chic bath amenities.


Vintage rooms offer elegant chic comfort in cozy and efficient surroundings. Approximately 250 square feet, King Beds command the room which includes work desk, dresser and club chair. Euro-style intimate bathrooms feature standing showers with dual shower heads. These rooms include complimentary Wi-Fi, imported linens, down comforters, plasma HD TV, Keurig coffee makers, extensive mini-bar, luxurious La Valencia Hotel robes and chic bath amenities. Learn more at www.lavalencia.com

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Every little element of a wedding is painstakingly poured over and planned over the course of wedding planning. Every element has significance. Flowers. Colors. Paper texture and font size. Details emerge, slowly, revealing more about who our couple is. With all of the time and effort that goes into the art of wedding planning, we want to ensure that we give them the proper amount of coverage and respect. The flowers selected may have been grown in a family garden. The cologne may be one the groom’s father wore. The shade of blush or blue will someday remind our couple of the time they went to their wedding demo,

or the nights they spent in Greece that inspired their decor. Photographers take time to preserve these details because they matter. They matter now, and they will matter in the future. Captured in these pages are the shoes and socks, the ties and tones, the flowers and the formal wear that make a wedding. It’s the dress, the shoes, the little tiny details that fill create the much larger picture of the day. These are the details. weddingeditorialist.com | 26


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All roads lead to this. The moment one says “yes” to a proposal. Searching for the perfect dress. The hours of planning, a lifetime of dreams, the many moments of that have all brought her here. Or, perhaps, this the moment least likely for the one woman who said she would never wed. It doesn’t matter who she is or how she gets her. Becoming a bride is a magical moment for every woman who takes their vows.

her laughing with her family and friends. There is the moment she puts on her wedding dress, a photo of her sitting by herself, portraits that capture the last and final moments of her before she becomes a wife.

The photography of a bride tells a story of transformation. We watch as she sits for hair and make up. We see the photos of

Capture these moments. Preserve them for generations. Display them beautifully in the pages of The Wedding Editorialist.


Every bride is beautiful. And this bride, well; she will never look like this again. The way she sits, the way she moves.

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There is this long standing fallacy that men are cavalier about marriage and wedding planning. Nothing is further from the truth.

he stands, waiting, ready to publicly make a promise and take a vow.

The moment a man proposes, he is ready to take his vows. He knows. There are no longer any questions, no hesitation; only a man ready and waiting to say “I Do�. All grooms deserve to have their moments captured with deep reverend and respect.

When a man gets married, he takes on a totally new power, and yet is at his most vulnerable. It is good to see this change captured. A man has a story that deserves to be told. These photos tell it, as we show the end of one time in his life, and the beginning of another.

A tuxedo jacket. A bow tie. A pair of highly polished shoes. The quiet moments a man spends shaving by himself, and the laughs he shares with his groomsmen. Photographs of him as 39 | WEDDING EDITORIALIST

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BLACK & WHITES Shooting in black and white is a lost art. Advances in digital technology have allowed photographers to move between color and gray tones. To actually see the images in black and white before they are shot allows for the balance of light and dark. Black and white is like candlelight; everybody looks better in it. Eyes look brighter. Skin looks smoother. Removing the distraction of color strips away the noise, creating one singular focus. Even a blur of movement feels right in black and white. There is an archival quality to black and white photography that gives the photos weight and meaning. Whether a couple’s style is retro or modern, these images are a beautiful way to add timelessness and elegance to a couple’s legacy that will be appreciated by generations to come.

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CEREMONY AND RECEPTION Months, sometimes years, of dreaming, planning, and designing all come down to these moments. There is nothing more wonderful or exciting than planning to spend the rest of your life with someone. Once you make that decision, you want celebrate that love with an affair that is uniquely curated and designed for you and you alone. The wedding ceremony binds a couple in marriage, and is beautifully influenced by the individual’s cultural, spiritual, and social commitments. Words….promises…vows are exchanged. Where done in private or in front of hundreds of guests, these moments are transformative not only to the couple, but to all who know and love them. And yet it is often the wedding reception that gets the most attention. 51 | WEDDING EDITORIALIST

A wedding reception brings together the past, the present, and the hopes for the future; bringing the tri-fecta to life through the stunning use of location, flowers, lighting, and music.  The wedding experience is heightened as guests dine on a menu developed to the couple’s specific tastes, accented with wines from around the globe, and sweetened with more than just your average, every day wedding cake. The ceremony and reception sections of our issue are where the wedding itself come to life. This is where the full story of the day is truly told. This is the art of the wedding.

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PROFESSIONALS The Wedding Editorialist respects and values our creative partners. It is an honor and a privilege to assist professionals in curating a custom piece that showcase their style and services.   With The Wedding Editorialist, creatives have complete control over the way they present their branding.  The Professional Issue allow businesses to speak directly to clients and collaborators. We work closely with wedding planners, designers, photographers, and other creatives to create quarterly, biannual, and annual issues. All of our issues are available in both digital and print mediums. They can be embed on a website, posted in a blog, or sent via email. Digital issues can even be downloaded to a mobile device, and links can be added to drive traffic directly to your website, social media, and even to your creative partners. The Professional Issue is your business mantra. Your art. On your terms.


INTRODUCING PHILLIP VAN NOSTRAND “I love photography because it allows me to see the world through different eyes. I shoot in a cinematic way, influenced by my love of movies and theater. Good photography moves and inspires me, and I aim to inspire others in the same way.”

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REBECCA MARIE This is an art, but I do not do it for the art. I am a photographer because of people. The family photo we’ll take with you and your grandma may not win any awards. But what it will do instead will be so much more important than any of that. A seemingly simple family photo can transcend time. Documenting your story in a way unique to only you is all the creative drive I need.

“I am a woman of dichotomy, callused hands and a no-chip manicure.”

I have a love of learning other people’s stories that I inherited from my grandfather. He was the person who would strike up a conversation with a stranger in line at the grocery store. As the youngest in a large extended family, my upbringing not only deeply rooted the importance of strong relationships, but also my ability to observe others. Through authentic observation, I am able to document the moments in your life but more importantly, the feeling of those moments. I’m a farm girl at heart who has made her home in a big city and I love to photograph families’ legacies around the world.


CHEF ALEX EMERY The iconic La Valencia Hotel proudly announces the appointment of San Diego native and culinarian Alex Emery as Executive Chef – well known and respected for his operational prowess, passion for utilizing local and sustainable products and for being an active participant in a range of local culinary events.

“Alex is the right Chef at the right time to mark La Valencia’s 90th anniversary year,” says Mark Dibella, Managing Director. With more than ten years’ experience in leading kitchen teams and staying on the cutting edge of progressive food trends, Emery explains that his cooking benefits from multicultural influences. One of the chefs he most admires is a James Beard award-winner and founder of Husk Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, Sean Brock, who is known for his influence on modern Southern cuisine. Emery leans towards unique spices and locally sourced fresh products with an emphasis on seafood, making him ideal for the signature menus of THE MED.

“We are proud that our iconic property remains an industry leader as a mentorship and training platform for culinarians,” continues Dibella. “For instance, former Sous Chefs Stephen Gage and Mark Pultz honed their skills in our kitchens and went on to lead other local San Diego restaurants, and current La V Banquet Sous Chef Jahan Moetamedi was recently recognized for his aspiring talent by the San Diego Chefs Celebration Collaborative. It is a fitting part of his career journey that Chef Emery – who recently collaborated with other signature San Diego chefs during a Berry Good Foundation dinner at THE MED – takes on the mantel of Executive Chef for La Valencia. We are confident that Chef Emery will bring even greater stature and respect to La Valencia’s exceptional culinary lineage and traditions.” What does this mean for brides and grooms on their wedding day? Absolutely everything! With this level of skill and talent inhouse, the opportunity to customize your dining experience and create your own menu is limited only to your imagination. weddingeditorialist.com | 64

DESTINATIONS Destination weddings are one of the fastest growing trends in the wedding industry, and with good reason! A destination wedding brings together those people that a couple loves most. Whether that means 20 guests or 200, a destination wedding creates a captivating audience and offers a series of experiences that last for days as opposed to coming and going in one night. These affairs are planned with a deep commitment to the guests that are attending them. Often, we see agendas that include group activities, welcome receptions, rehearsal dinners, late night parties, and post wedding cabana day brunches. No matter the size or scope, taking the wedding on the road allows our couple to spend a dedicated amount of time with each and every guest. Guests are guaranteed to feel special and cared for, all while maintaining an inherent feeling of intimacy. The Wedding Editorialist Destination Issue serves as both a gift and a guide for guests. We love to see the magazine in print, preset in each hotel room. Imagine the surprise when someone casually picks up a magazine only to realize that the guests of honor are featured both on the cover and throughout the pages! Digital issues can be downloaded on mobiles, so that guests can carry the issue with them always. On he interior back cover we outline a day by day itinerary, ensuring that guests never miss a moment of the festivities! With a featured couple profile, a spotlight on the city, a venue overview, and including a guide of things to do and do, The Destination Issue is a most useful welcome gift. Add additional pages to cover the wedding after the fact, turning it into a one of a kind keepsake.


WHY THE BACARA I have always dreamt of a destination wedding in a place where my family and friends could gather somewhere beautiful and wouldn’t have to worry about work the next day—to take a moment for themselves, relax and enjoy life! After visiting the central coast of California a few times, Will and I fell in love with the relaxing yet super fun vibe of Santa Barbara. You get a great mix of what southern California has to offer with its beautiful beaches and laid-back culture with a mix of nearby vineyards and gorgeous mountainous views from northern California. We instantly had a love affair with Bacara the second we walked on property! After visiting a few other venues, our last stop was Bacara and when we walked the ceremony space, it completely

took my breath away (Will had the same reaction too, but his mind was set on visiting the pool overlooking the ocean for a beer.) We also thought about the excuse of being able to go back for anniversary vacations once a year… any excuse to get us back will do!

weddingeditorialist.com | 66

ABOUT THE VENUE Located along California’s most spectacular stretch of Pacific paradise, with 78 acres of oceanfront property, including two miles of natural beach, our resort offers luxury suites and guest rooms in an inspiring, sun-drenched setting. Enjoy vista views of the sea and sky while embracing an innovative, artful design of low-storied buildings terraced to the sea and connected by lush, meandering garden paths. With its spectacular setting, coveted location, beautiful architecture, and wonderful weather, Bacara Resort & Spa is the perfect beach resort in Santa Barbara, ideal for weekend getaways, leisurely vacations, family reunions, weddings, honeymoons, and conferences. Experience an enchanting getaway at this top luxury hotel. You’re golden when you stay at Bacara. Guests Of Bacara Resort & Spa Enjoy: • Signature dining in our restaurants and lounges, including our new oceanfront restaurant, Angel Oak. • The legendary Spa at Bacara, a 42,000-square-foot spa and wellness center • World-class golf at three nearby courses, including the adjacent Sandpiper Golf Club • Additional resort recreation, including beach activities, oceanfront zero-edge swimming pools, four lighted clay tennis courts, a seasonal kids’ club, specialty retail shops, and on site hiking trails • Close proximity to all of Santa Barbara’s many attractions, including Santa Ynez Valley wineries, ocean excursions, historic sightseeing, and upscale shopping



SUNDAY, JULY 23,2017

We will be arriving early to get settled at Bacara Resort & Spa to prepare for the wedding festivities! If you’ll be at the resort, look for the bride-to-be around with a mimosa in hand readying herself for the big weekend. Interested in hitting the links? Join Will at nearby Sandpiper Golf Club for a round of golf with stunning views right next to the Pacific Ocean.

On the final day of the weekend, we will be recalling the memories of the last few days fondly and wishing everyone safe travels. Whether you traveled a couple miles down the road or a couple thousand miles across the country, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to join us!



WEEKEND WELCOME While the bride and groom attend their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, make yourself acquainted with all of the fun that the Santa Barbara area has to offer. Then, to officially kick off the wedding weekend, join Ashley and Will at 8:30PM at Santa Barbara Brewing Company located at 501 State Street in the heart of downtown. We’ll be there in the back room to have a cocktail, play some games, and welcome everyone to town for a great weekend.


Today is the big day, and we are beyond thrilled to have you joining us. Please be at Bacara Resort & Spa (8301 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, CA 93117) by 3:30PM. Prepare yourself for breathtaking views! After the ceremony, stick around for a celebratory cocktail hour with hosted beer, wine, spirits, and passed appetizers. From there, we’ll move to the Oval Lawn for dinner and the reception. We hope you’re as ready as we are to let loose on the dance floor! For those who care to join the bride and groom well into the night of celebrating, we’ll be moving the party from the Oval Lawn to the Center Bar located inside the hotel.



Water? Advil? A Bloody Mary? Just a few recommendations to help you cure yourself of the fun from the reception (the groom personally recommends the “hair of the dog” route). If you’re feeling up to it, join us poolside at Bacara and pick up where we left off the night before- margaritas always taste better when you’re enjoying them by the pool with friends. If you’d prefer to explore the surroundings, there’s endless options for outdoor activity as well as dining and shopping options in Santa Barbara as well as in many nearby towns. At night, we plan on keeping the celebrations going in downtown Santa Barbara on State Street, where a multitude of bars/restaurants/entertainment options are conveniently located and readily available. We hope to see you downtown! weddingeditorialist.com | 68

SEEN & HEARD From the beginning, people have had a visceral reaction to The Wedding Editorialist. From our very first bride, who actually squealed when she got her surprise copy in the mail, to the many couples, parents, friends, and professionals who have since worked with our team to create issues of their own, The Wedding Editorialist never fails to impress! But don’t take our word on it. See and hear what others are saying about their custom issues!

“I want to give a big shout out to the team at The Wedding Editorialist. They made me a custom, high gloss wedding magazine that just looks SO. GOOD. They filled the magazine with my best images, designed it, added great copy, and gave me something I basically accepted on the spot. I ordered ten more copies to leave with venues around the city.” Phillip Van Nostrand International Destination Wedding Photographer

“Oh you know, just the cover of our own wedding magazine. This is the absolute best!!!” Cory Harwell Groom

“Our AMAZING Wedding Planner published a magazine for us!!! Lots of behind the scene pics from not only the wedding by through the planning process! Also information on all of the amazing people we worked with throughout the planning and execution of our fay! What a fabulous keepsake!” Jennifer Weber Bride

“I was lying down (when I saw this in my feed) and had to get up to look at this magazine. It was amazing.” Shaun Mark Guest and Magazine Recipient

“Loving it is an understatement! Fantastic.” Bobby Fader La Valencia Hotel

“OMG! I’m loving this! We cannot put our issue down. Seriously, we must have read it twenty times already!” Ashley Thompson

“How do I get one?” Everyone


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IN THIS ISSUE COVER: Front & Back Photography by Rebecca Marie Photography Bouquet by By Dzign Las Vegas Dress provided by Couture Bride Las Vegas

PAGE 1: Photography by Stephen Salazar Photography Dress by Berta Purchased at Lovella Salon Glendale PAGE 3: Photography by AltF Photography Wedding Planning by Andrea Eppolito Events Venue The Four Seasons Las Vegas Decor by Destinations by Design Dress by Sareh Nouri Beauty by Zee Clemente PAGES 7-14: Photography by J.Anne Photography PAGES 15-18: Photography by Rebecca Marie Photography PAGES 19-24: Imagery provided by La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla PAGE 25: Photo by Studio JK Shoes by Jimmy Choo PAGE 26: Photography by J.Anne Photography Dress by Monique Lluhlier Venue The Bacara Santa Barbara PAGE 27: Photography by AltF Photography Dress by P’Nina Tornai PAGE 28: Top Line Photography by AltF Photography Bottom Line Photo by Studio JK PAGE 29: Photography by AltF Photography PAGE 30: Photography by Stephen Salazar Photography PAGE 31: Top Line Photography by AltF Photography Bouquets by Naakiti Floral Bottom Line Photography by Shandro Photo Canada PAGE 32: Photography by Shandro Photo Canada Decor by Destinations by Design Venue The Four Seasons Las Vegas 71 | WEDDING EDITORIALIST

PAGE 33: Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand PAGE 34: Top Line Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand Bottom Left Photography by AltF Photography Dress by Vera Wang Beauty by Make Up in the 702 Venue - Bellagio Las Vegas Bottom Right Photography by AltF Photography Dress by P’Nina Tornai Shoes by Jimmy Choo PAGE 35: Photography by J.Anne Photography Bouquet by Blue Magnolia Venue - The Bacara Santa Barbara PAGE 36: Top Line Photography by AltF Photography Bottom Line Photography by Shandro Photography Dress by Berta PAGE 38: Photography by AltF Photography PAGE 38: Photography by Shandro Photography Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito Events Decor by Destinations by Design Venue The Four Seasons Las Vegas PAGES 39-40: Photography by Stephen Salazar Photography PAGE 41: Top Line Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand Bottom Line Photography by Studio JK PAGE 42: Photography by AltF Photography PAGES 43-50: Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand PAGES 51-52: Photography by AltF Photography Wedding Planning by Andrea Eppolito Events Decor by Destinations by Design Venue The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas PAGE 53: Photography by AltF Photography Decor by Flora Couture Floral 2000 Venue The Westin Lake Las Vegas PAGE 54: Photography by Stephen Salazar Decor by Naakiti Floral

IN THIS ISSUE PAGE 55: Photography by AltF Photography


PAGE 56: Top Line Left Photography by J.Anne Photography Top Line Right Photography by AltF Photography Bottom Line Left Photography by AltF Photography Bottom Line Right Photography by Shandro Photography PAGE 57: Top Line Photography by AltF Photography Bottom Line Left Photography by Shandro Photography Bottom Line Right Photography by AltF Photography PAGE 58: Photography by AltF Photography Decor by Naakiti Floral Venue The Mandarin Oriental PAGE 59: Top Line Photography by AltF Photography Bottom Line Left Photography by Stephen Salazar Photography Bottom Line Right Photography by Shandro Photography All Decor by Destinations by Design PAGE 60: Top Line Left Photography by AltF Photography Venue and Wedding Cake by The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Top Line Right Photography by Stephen Salazar Photography Bottom Line Photography by AltF Photography PAGE 61: Photography by Studio JK Venue Green Valley Ranch PAGE 62: Image provided by Photographer Phillip Van Nostrand PAGE 63: Image provided by Photographer Rebecca Marie PAGE 64: Image Provided by La Valencia La Jolla PAGE 65: Photography by AltF Photography Venue The Westin Lake Las Vegas PAGE 66: Sketch Artist Colin McCrae PAGE 67: Images courtesy of The Bacara Santa Barbara PAGE 68: Photography by J.Anne Photography PAGE 69: Photography by J.Anne Photography

Founder and Creative Director Andrea Eppolito is a luxury wedding planner based in Las Vegas, Nevada. After producing a number of personalized magazines for her clients, Andrea began receiving requests for custom publications from other couples, wedding creatives, and even corporations. In November of 2016 The Editorial Collective was founded as a self publishing company created to help couples, families, and businesses produce pieces that would stand the test of time. Keepsakes, marketing collateral gifts, and celebrations. Here, we have deep belief that love stories should not only be told, but celebrated and shared. We understand the instant gratification of the digital age, and respect the legacy of print. The Wedding Editorialist tells the greatest loves stories of all time...yours.

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Wedding Editorialist Magazine  

What is The Wedding Editorialist? How does it work? This master issue of our magazine walks you through each section, showcasing examples,...

Wedding Editorialist Magazine  

What is The Wedding Editorialist? How does it work? This master issue of our magazine walks you through each section, showcasing examples,...