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LETTER FROM THE EDITORS While bubbles may be synonymous with celebrations and wine is an absolute must, there is no denying that we as a society have once again fallen in love with the art of the cocktail. Perfectly at home at weddings, rehearsal dinners, welcome receptions, and birthday parties, the artisan cocktail has once again become a “must have” element at celebrations of all kinds. Jehrome Thigpen, founder of Craft Cocktail Catering, has built a business around all things bar related. What we at The Wedding Editorialist love about his work is the time and dedication he and his staff put into every menu they design, and every offering they present. Each spirit is carefully selected then mixed with fruits, herbs, and enhancements to create the perfect color, style, and flavor. Whether designing a cocktail to enhance the decor of a space, or finding the perfect flavor to pair with a meal, the team at Craft goes above and beyond to ensure that each drink if personal, intentional, and damn delicious. This issue is guaranteed to inspire your next cocktail hour. And after all, it’s 5 o”clock somewhere.... Cheers! The Wedding Editorialists



Craft is a luxury cocktail catering service specializing in elevating events through sophisticated bar programs, five-star service and an unrivaled passion for creating the perfect drink. Craft was born from the realization that, while many were curating incredible events, with painstaking attention to detail as far as the venue, décor and culinary menu, few ensured that their bar program was at the same high level. Beverage was an afterthought. After working in some of the best-known cocktail bars in Las Vegas, we believed we could bring the same caliber of hand-crafted product and first-class service to the special event market. When you choose Craft to be a part of your team, you are entrusting Las Vegas’ leading bartenders, mixologists and brand ambassadors to make your beverage program a unique, memorable part of your event. We pay attention to every detail, from using fresh fruit, juices and syrups to creating specialty cocktails designed for your taste and theme. We offer a variety of bar packages: Combined with our enhancements, we can customize our services to meet—and exceed— the vision for your event . Craft specializes in providing sophisticated cocktails, but we also partner with some of Las Vegas’ most prestigious venues to offer beverage services in which we design and execute your program in cooperation with existing management and staff. Simply inform your planner or coordinator that you are working with a beverage event services company, make the introductions and we’ll take it from there. At Craft, our team, our cocktails and our service set us apart from the competition. Our bartenders and mixologists are our number-one stakeholders. We can’t execute a spectacular event without a highly skilled team. This mindset has enabled Craft to recruit the best bartenders in Las Vegas…period. Each member of our team is a passionate, career-minded beverage professional dedicated to their craft. Our Cocktails Our specialty cocktails are individually curated to please the most discerning tastes. The creation process begins with a questionnaire in which we explore your favorite cocktails, flavor preferences, color scheme, glassware selections and, of course, your culinary menu. Based on those preferences, we will design several options for you to select from. Once a cocktail is chosen, we will further refine your concoction until you declare it “PERFECT”! Our Service Our goal is simple: Make your bar service a memorable part of your event, using seamless luxury service to deliver cocktails that people will talk about after the party is over. Simply contact Craft and we can begin to plan the ideal beverage program for your event.

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We provide beverage service for

• Weddings & Showers • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties • Corporate Events • Holiday Parties • Social Events • Festivals

LIQUOR CATERING We have a variety of bar packages and beverage enhancements BAR PACKAGES

• Beer & Wine • Deluxe • Premium • Platinum


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Champagne Toast Whiskey Tasting Molecular Mixology Frosé or Margarita Stations Bottled Cocktail Station Specialty Cocktail Bar Cart

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From pouring water as a kid to mixing masterful cocktails as an adult, Jerome Thigpen has always known how to fill a glass. A native of San Francisco, he grew up in a restaurant family, where the young “JT” bussed tables and mixed salads for candy money. ​“My work ethic comes from my Dad. He wanted me to know the value of money from an early age so he always made me work for things,” he recalls. ​He attended Cornell University’s world-class hospitality program and worked briefly in Newport, RI, before returning to his hometown. There, he owned a sports bar in the Marina District and a restaurant in the San Francisco International Airport. He left both San Francisco and the service industry for a move to Las Vegas, but eventually returned to his first love, making people happy by making them exceptional drinks. He got his Sin City start opening the M Resort before going to the Mandarin Oriental (now the Waldorf-Astoria), to mix elevated cocktails in their elegant lounge 23 stories above the glitter of the Strip. From there, Thigpen’s next move was to join the team that launched the lauded beverage program at The Cosmopolitan. Jehrome has worked extensively on developing luxury beverage service for banquets and events. During his development as a Las Vegas mixologist, he was mentored by some of the industry’s most lauded cocktail creators. He worked with Charlotte Voisey at the Mandarin and then with Mariana Mercer at The Cosmopolitan, both of whom he credits with changing the way he looked at cocktails. Along with that experience, Jehrome was certified as a bartender and spirits expert by Francesco Lafranconi’s Academy of Spirits, Las Vegas, as well as achieving other official credentials such as passing the Bar Smarts Advanced exam and being sanctioned as a bourbon steward by the Stave & Thief Society. He is also a member of the United States Bartending Guild. Jehrome has also participated in some of the industry’s most important events, creating drinks at Las Vegas’ For the Love of Cocktails and being accepted into the fellowship program at New Orleans’ Tales of the Cocktail. In 2016, Jehrome opened Craft Cocktail Catering & Bartending Service. The company is dedicated to creating and providing a wide array of high-end mixology for corporate functions, weddings and other special events, be it classic drinks or one-of-a-kind custom libations, mocktails or whiskey tastings. Craft Cocktail allows him to use his years of bartending and service experience to add a unique flavor to clients’ special occasion. “​We create cocktails that make sense for the audience,” he says, “whether that’s an Amaro Manhattan for a group of investment bankers, a pre-Prohibition old fashioned for a whiskey tasting, or a fruity Champagne cocktail for a wedding party.” Even when Jehrome isn’t behind the bar, it’s never far from his mind. The father of two says his wife is the main beneficiary of his cocktail creativity and, even on his vacations, he enjoys distillery tours and discovering new libations, whether it’s sipping a Sazerac at New Orleans’; Carousel Bar or traveling to ​Anguilla, St. Martin, and St. Barts in search of the perfect signature rum punch recipe. Jehrome considers Craft Cocktail Catering & Bartending as the summation of his food and beverage experience. “My airport experience introduced me to high volume, the sports bar was also high volume and was my first bar as opposed to restaurant,” he explains, adding “Las Vegas experience has further honed my banquet and special events skills, developed my passion/skills for mixology, and formed lasting relationships.”​Consider it another Jehrome Thigpen recipe for creating the ideal cocktail.

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ELEVATE YOUR EVENT WITH BEVERAGES Whether it’s an original signature cocktail or the full range of top shelf, a show stopping presentation or evocative flavor, a professionally curated beverage program raises the bar for any wedding reception. Cocktails especially crafted for an event always add a unique touch but, at a wedding, they add another thread to the tale of the couple tying the knot. It’s about more than just serving Martinis with the bride’s favorite gin or making sure the groom’s hometown brew is stocked. As ​The New York Times ​recently said, “​Now, couples are opting for entire custom bar programs, which tells their love story through unique mixed drinks, molecular gastronomy, craft beers, mock-tails and even new inventions.” The bride and groom can each have their own cocktail, inspired by their favorite flavors and spirits, or a bartender can blend the two--or perhaps create something to honor a specific place or event in the newlywed’s journey to the altar. ​Professional attention to details such as making sure the beverages’ color, garnish and service complements the rest of the wedding aesthetic. As noted by The Knot: “​Little extras, like monogrammed napkins or bar ware, can go a long way in making your wedding feel totally personalized,” as well as making instant keepsakes for guests. If a well-planned event is about balancing where to save and where to splurge, the cocktail hour is a good place to loosen the purse strings. ​“It’s an hour long and people are busy catching up and getting cocktails. Have an awesome bar arrangement and use your money where your guests are for the most amount of time, the reception,” explains ​Bride Magazine.​ Part of making a big splash with cocktails can be creating a space that is both inviting and instagrammable.​I​nStyle Magazine​points out that “one of the elements of good decor is having a focal point” and a bar provides the perfect opportunity to create something that is “stylish in design, but also a cool and inviting place where your guests could hang out during the reception.” Naturally, the people creating and pouring are an essential ingredient to a well-crafted cocktail. Along with being able to create specialty cocktails and mock-tails, they’ll also be able to handle a wide variety of guests--and guest requests. As the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation explains, “​In the standard bar scenario, the people in the bar share a lot of affinities. But with events, it’s a totally different ballgame: the audience demographic factor is much more mercurial and guests of different generations don’t have the same kinds of tastes.” When it comes to the bar itself, consider the possibilities of the plural. A main bar, augmented by smaller ones serving wine or a specialty cocktail can offer choice both to the eye and the palate. An elegant wedding reception could be the site of a flower-banked bar serving Champagne cocktails; a more casual, outdoor event could feature a re-purposed wood Margarita station. There’s a wide range of possibilities, according to ​Martha Stewart Weddings:​​“​You can plan a bar that’s devoted entirely to your personalized drink, or you can create a station where guests can go specifically to grab beer, wine or another spirit.” Or consider a bar that goes beyond liquor, such as a Scotch and cigar bar, or wine and cheese pairings. Stations set up with water or an unusual assortment of tonics or sodas also offer a fast, festive options for those who don’t drink or are busy dancing. That motion is another upside to the multiple-bar approach--it offers guests more chances to mix, mingle and meet and isn’t that what a wedding reception is all about?

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EVENT BEVERAGE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Planning the bar used to be an afterthought, attached to whatever space or whichever caterer was hired. Today, specialized beverage service can lift cocktails from a necessary function to a special attraction. In Las Vegas, Craft Cocktail Catering & Bartending Service is the leading beverage service specializing in the special events market. Craft has worked with luxury hotels, resort casinos and worldclass private venues, elevating the beverage program and enhancing the guest experience. In Event Beverage Management Service, Craft doesn’t provide alcohol, but rather the capability to elevate a beverage program. They can curate and execute the complete cocktail experience, working hand-in-hand with venue management and staff and supplying all products needed, from liquor to mixers to garnishes. For a Johnnie Walker Black event, Craft created a “living garnish wall” for adding a just-picked sprig of lavender, basil, mint or thyme to a guest’s highball. Craft’s Jehrome Thigpen explains that the company “started off as a service strictly for our luxury liquor brand and public relations clients. When trying to impress their most discerning clients, the brands wanted to ensure the beverage program was over the top.” At a Casa Buchanan’s event for the Latin Billboard Awards, Craft served as an advance team sourcing specialty spirits, syrups and produce. On site, they became mixologists working hand in hand with the Mirage’s Villa Butlers to execute a program that included a build-your-cocktail station during the day and an evening filled with multiple bars featuring handcrafted specialty cocktails for celebrity guests including J. Balvin. The company’s strong working partnerships with the world’s leading brands and event planners are based on passion for all things beverage, attention to detail and commitment to clients’ needs. “Some resort banquet beverage managers don’t have access to the products we need to elevate a program because it isn’t already in their purchasing system,” explains Thigpen. “We’ve built relationships with local farms, produce companies, distributors, garnish specialists and specialty ice companies.” At an event for Speed Vegas, the client wanted to offer an exclusive whiskey tasting to VIP guests featuring vintage limited releases and the “whiskey unicorn”, Pappy Van Winkle. The existing caterer didn’t have staff with the expertise to present the tasting or the capability to source the rare whiskies. Craft could, and did. Craft has built cutting-edge beverage programs for a wide array of events from corporate functions to late-night parties, as well as weddings. “Weddings are the one occasion that I find clients want be.perfect, like the fairy tale. That’s exactly what we do at Craft... create picture- perfect beverage programs for your event.” Whether it’s custom signature cocktails created to fit a theme, molecular mixology activations or a full “mocktail” service, they can raise the bar. Craft Cocktail Catering & Bartending Service believes that beverages are just as important as food and will go to any lengths to ensure that the guest experience will be unique and memorable.


LAVENDER COSMOPOLITAN Purple, in all of its shades, was a popular color choice amongst brides in 2018. We are often asked to incorporate a wedding’s color scheme into our cocktail design; and as a result, the Lavender Cosmopolitan was born. We’ve riffed this numerous times to fit exactly what a client wants; whether it’s adding champagne to create a sparkling Cosmo or topping with an elegant and creamy foam to add a bit of complexity and a velvety mouth feel; the Lavender Cosmopolitan has yet to disappoint. Tanqueray Ten is a gorgeous, citrus forward gin that adds sophistication to this classic cocktail. The Tattersall Crème de Fleur and lavender syrup bring in a fragrant and floral element, especially noticeable on the nose. White cranberry adds balance and a hint of sweetness while its color (or rather lack of color) help achieve the stunning purple hue. RECIPE: Lavender Cosmopolitan 1.5 oz. Tanqueray Ten Gin .75 oz. Tattersall Crème de Fleur 1 oz. Ocean Spray White Cranberry Juice .5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice .25 oz. Monin Lavender Syrup Combine all ingredients in a mixing tin, add ice, shake and double strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with fresh lavender sprig.

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When I sit down with clients I’m often asked....”What’s hot? What’s popular?” Bringing cutting edge mixology trends to the events industry has been a large factor in Craft’s success in creating our niche in the special events market. Here are the top trends in the craft cocktail world: Health The number one trend I see in the mixology world is an emphasis on health; health for employees, health for consumers, and utilizing health promoting ingredients. Offering low-ABV cocktails or having a mocktail option at luxury events is becoming the norm, and these non-alcoholic beverages can be just as sophisticated as any cocktail on the menu. For weddings, I love featuring low-ABV, floral, champagne cocktails. For me, that’s the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Right now bartenders are also using fresh, green ingredients to appeal to health conscientious guests. Additionally, fermented beverages that boast health benefits such as kombucha or kefir are also finding their way onto cocktail menus in the country’s top bars. Fortified Wines Fortified wines are a diverse category which have been used in cocktails since before Prohibition. Port, sherry, and vermouth have made an enormous comeback due in large part to the popularity of classic cocktails. We also have less familiar representations such as Amaro, Masala, or Pineau des Charentes now finding their way into mixologists’ shakers nationwide. Gin Spirits experts have been predicting the rise in popularity of gin for almost a decade now and at last, gin’s time has come. I credit the current craft gin craze to the new style of gins which are less juniper forward than your father’s gin, and much more approachable. These recent innovations have created a product that appeals to an entirely new audience. Mixologists are also largely to thank for the surge as gin based hand crafted cocktails have demonstrated how perfectly suited the spirit

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is for creations beyond the standard G&T. (Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from knocking the gin and tonic. The Spanish G&T is an absolutely gorgeous cocktail and a personal favorite.) An explosion in color changing gins, pink gins, and the use of a floral botanicals in gin production, make for unique riffs on stunning cocktails like The Clover Club. Rum, Rhum, and Tiki Rum producers have been trying to convert whiskey aficionados for quite some time now, and for good reason. There are numerous similarities between whiskey and rum, with aging the spirit in oak barrels being the most significant. The variety of flavor profiles in the rum category is just staggering and I think this diversity can sometimes be overwhelming to the masses. Just when you think you like rum because mojitos are your thing, someone goes and puts a Jamaican funk bomb in front of you (Whoa baby, watch out!!), and you’re not so sure anymore. Everyone remembers the tiki bars of 70’s & 80’s with the traditional Scorpion bowl (group sized punch bowl set ablaze with over proof rum). Today however, with books like Smuggler’s Cove on the shelf for mixologists to study, well- crafted, premium tiki cocktails have experienced a resurgence. Above all else, who doesn’t like the sound of pineapple, guava, passion fruit, and other exotic fruits? Developing our Tiki Enhancement has been my pet project over the past year and is designed with that WOW factor in mind. Anchored by our signature punches, we can customize even further with rum tastings, cigar-rolling stations, authentic tiki glassware, or if you’re going all out, a wall of “Shaker Boys” to elevate the experience. Talk about a Mic Drop!



A bar is a mandatory part of virtually every event. It’s usually a small counter off to the side of the space dispensing Merlot and Martinis, many of which wind up forgotten on a side table as guests drift off to seek amusement elsewhere. One way to turn your beverage selection not only into an asset, but an an event unto itself is with a whiskey tasting. Whiskey is as classic as a Faulkner novel and as trendy as an influencer’s Instagram account. When sipping straight, you can choose varieties from Bourbon to rye, Japanese to Irish, old reliable brands to upstart new distilleries. When mixed, it can take a simple splash of soda, step up in a spirit-forward Sazerac or add a subtle spike to a lemonade. “​We love seeing weddings with an interactive aspect, such as a whiskey tasting area. Amp up your cocktail hour by setting up a corner of your reception space and offer samples of your favorite whiskey or bourbon, says Jehrome Thigpen of Craft Cocktail Catering, adding that “Whiskey and cigar bars go seamlessly with this style of wedding.” ​Adding cigars to a whiskey tasting not only creates a vintage vibe, but a sweet cigar with a bourbon or a powerful stogie alongside a malt Scotch enhances the flavor of both. With a skilled mixologist making the selections and setting up the equipment, a whiskey tasting bar can become a form of entertainment for guests. Savoring and discussing the spirit encourages conversation, while the appropriate glassware, specialized ice cubes and water droppers evoke an alluring scientist/steampunk aura. Set up the area with amber lights, monogrammed napkins and tables made of whiskey barrels... and don’t forget to highlight ther star of the show by adding signage providing information about the origin, flavor and history of each of the whiskeys on offer. If you are planning a series of events, such as a wedding weekend, whiskey can have a role in each chapter of the story. The more intimate, relaxed gathering at a rehearsal dinner is a prime audience for a cocktail-hour tasting, where guests have the time to learn about and savor several varieties while catching up with friends and family. A whiskey flight can give a lift to bachelor/bachelorette events and the larger crowd at the wedding itself can enjoy a variety of whiskey cocktails, from on-the-rocks to more exotic creations. “There are so many ways to customize and elevate your whiskey tasting station,” says Thigpen. “A whiskey barrel bar, whiskey cocktails, specialty ice, hand-rolled cigars, and of course, the whiskey itself. There are no limits when it comes to the juice, we can get you Pappy

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Van Winkle if it’s in the budget.” He also points out that a whiskey station can be created to suit a variety of audiences and price tags. Earthy and elegant, whiskey fits a variety of atmospheres and palates; a whiskey tasting offers an experience that is both flavorful and memorable. It’s definitely a way to add spirit to any celebration.



Written by Andrea Eppolito. Images by Susie and Will. Wedding Planning and Event Design by Scheme Events. Champagne may be nice, but liquor is quicker when you want to make a major statement at a wedding. In this styled shoot, the Las Vegas wedding planners at Scheme Events knew that they wanted to include custom crafted cocktails as both a design element and a way to enhance the culinary experience of their guests. Jehrome worked along side the owner, Tara, and the floral designers at Layers of Lovely, and together they brought their creative vision to light. While beautiful on it’s own, the addition of cocktails and bespoke spirits shows that each and every element of this event was thought of and planned with great intention.

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Planning a wedding or other major event involves contemplating and choosing variety of services, beginning with the location and extending from the gowns and suits through the florist and the DJ and, of course, the caterer. Or should that be caterers--as in the food and the liquor provided by two separate companies, each working within their own expertise? People’s taste in drinks has evolved beyond Bud/Bud Light and red/white to exploring Mezcals and microbrews, or at least the difference between IPA and rose. A beverage program adds flair and atmosphere to an event, but it requires hiring an expert who knows how to stock, shake, serve--and even invent a specialty cocktail. As Bride Magazine says, “Along with a good meal, having a great bar setup goes a long way in making sure your guests really enjoy themselves.” “A lot of the couples that I speak with don’t even realize they can hire multiple caterers. There is a misconception that if your food caterer provides liquor catering services, you have to go with them....and that’s just not the case,” explains Jehrome Thigpen. “Quite often you can save money and end up with a better product by obtaining quotes for each service separately.” When the to-do list is longer than a cathedral train, it may seem easier to just let those who bring the food bring the booze and leave it at that, but libations add too much to the energy and, ahem, spirit of an event to leave bar service as an afterthought. As the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation website says, “Drinks are, more often than not, the lifeblood of a good event. Why would someone shell out all that cash for Pinterest-perfect table settings while leaving thirsty guests hung out to dry?” One could even expand the separate caterers concept to pulling in specialized providers for a favorite cuisine or particular treat. In this time when everything can be customized to your specifications, why not let the same attention to detail make your wedding unique? If the perfect event would involve a raw bar, a pyramid of macaroons and whiskey tasting, why not seek out the experts in each field and let them do what they do best? “There are a lot of reasons we don’t enter into the food service arena but simply put, that’s not our wheelhouse. We specialize and excel in beverage. There are numerous companies already doing food at a high level but I didn’t see anyone raising the bar or putting the same focus on beverage,” Thigpen says. After all, when you’re raising your glass to a new life, don’t you want what’s in that glass to be as magical as the moment?

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OVER THE BAR AS SEEN IN BACK BAR USA’S WEEKLY NEWSLETTER MIXOLOGIST OF THE WEEK: JEHROME THIGPEN AUGUST 9TH, 2018 Where do you currently work? I’m currently a banquet mixologist at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, where I’ve worked since it opened in 2010. I am also the owner of Craft Cocktail Catering, a liquor catering company that I started (last year). How did you get your start as a bartender? My first bartending job was in college at The Statler Hotel on the Cornell University campus. But it was not until my time at Mandarin Bar that I found my passion for whiskey (especially bourbon) and started studying on my own. It was there that I met Charlotte Voisey and was introduced to true craft cocktails. From there I jumped to The Cosmopolitan, where I met Mariena Mercer, who probably has been my biggest influence and best mentor. She’s been extremely approachable and willing to help since Day One. I always try to pick her brain and take away something from our batching sessions. Tell us a little bit about the vibe and cocktail program at your current bar. The banquets department is a different beast. Every day is unique. One day I’ll be on a showroom floor and the next day I’ll be working a Bruno Mars concert in The Chelsea. At The Cosmopolitan, I have a beverage manager who not only allows but encourages creativity. We create cocktails that make sense for the audience, whether that’s an Amaro Manhattan for a group of investment bankers, a pre-Prohibition Old Fashioned, or a fruity Champagne Cocktail for a wedding party. What is your signature (or favorite) cocktail to make for your guests? I created a cocktail called Marriage for my Academy of Spirits & Fine Service class and it’s been Craft Cocktail Catering’s best-selling specialty cocktail by far. Marriage is a Champagne cocktail inspired by two of my favorite classics: the French 75 and the Clover Club. Designed as an ideal wedding reception cocktail, Marriage comes from the French word “mariage,” meaning “wedding” and refers to the unification of the individual flavors in the cocktail: botanicals, orange blossom, raspberries, grapes and lavender. Both the prosecco and silver-dusted raspberries represent luxury and extravagance—fitting for such a celebratory occasion. Ingredients: 3 raspberries ¾ oz. Lavender Syrup ¾ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice 1 oz. Frey Ranch Barrel-Finished Gin No. 1 ¾ oz. Pavan Liqueur 2-3 oz. Mionetto Prosecco Garnish: Lavender Sprig Silver-Dusted Raspberry on a Cocktail Pick Mist of Orange Flower Water Method: Muddle raspberries with lavender syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add lemon juice, gin and Pavan. Fill the shaker with ice, cover, shake and double-strain into a cocktail coupe. Top with Prosecco and garnish with a lavender sprig and raspberry pick and mist with orange flower water.


UP & COMING MIXOLOGISTS What is your signature (or favorite) cocktail to make for your guests? One of two cocktails. One is on the menu and is a drink I created called Valley of Tranquility which s the translation of Glenmorangie from Scottish Gaelic. It is Glenmorangie 10 Year, housemade spiced Demerara, Lustau Oloroso Sherry, black walnut bitters and orange bitters. Another one is something off-menu that I named The Choke Out. It’s a lower-ABV cocktail but with a high “chugability” rating: 1.5 oz. Cynar, .5 oz. Angel’s Envy Bourbon, .75 oz. simple syrup and .75 oz. lemon juice. Hard shake and serve over ice. I recently served this to 400 people at the Unstripped event Downtown and it was extremely successful. - Terry Clark

How is bartending in Las Vegas better/different from anywhere else? Bartending in Las Vegas allows me to serve all walks of life. I’ve been working at Oak & Ivy for about a year and a half now and I can tell you that no two days have ever been the same. We always have such a variety of characters walk in and out of our quaint 7-seat bar. Opportunity is truly endless in Las Vegas. There is always a new restaurant or bar opening up and new events and festivals. Another thing I love about bartending in Las Vegas is the diverse jobs there are out there for whatever kind of bartender you want to be. It is a lot of fun bartending in Las Vegas and so unique to any other city. - Katie Cruz

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ON THE SCENE Tell us a little bit about the vibe at your current bar? We have an array of people who come through Onyx Bar. It’s located across from T-Bones Steakhouse on the main casino floor above check in, so we have a flow of players, stop-ins after a golf tournament, visitors and destination guests. Even our corporate team likes to stop and enjoy a great cocktail. We have no gaming, so it’s mostly business people having meetings or convention attendees between breaks, guests who stop in for a cocktail while waiting on reservations at a restaurant and regulars who like to enjoy a craft cocktail, smoke a cigar and listen to music. - Nadine Medina

"Backbar's newsletter does a great job featuring local mixologists in its' weekly mixologist spotlight. I couldn't agree more with their selection of our own Nadine Medina, Tim Weigel, and Terry Clark" - Jehrome Thigpen What do you love about bartending in Las Vegas? Well, the excitement factor is always there and I love the diverse groups of people that visit our city. For instance, you might have a group of savvy prolific Italians that drink Campari for breakfast and on the other side of the bar a group from Wisconsin that has been saving for the past year to visit Vegas for the first time and only drinks PBR. (My favorite memory) is of going to Brazil and researching for my USBG Master Mixology accreditation, I met producers, bartenders, and journalists that shared their passion of ages cachaca, a spirit subcategory that is not heavily exported and not much information is known about it. - Tim Weigel



Craft is proud to partner with brands throughout the nation, providing innovative cocktails and liquid elements that enhance store openings, product launches, re-branding events, and networking mixers. Recently, acclaimed floral designer Javier Valentino hosted a preview party of his newest designs, inviting the event glitterati into his space for butler passed hors d’oeuvres, inspiration, and libations. Craft Cocktail Catering proudly provided all bar services, ensuring that each guest’s needs were catered to, allowing Javier to relax and focus on the beauty he creates each and every day.

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CREDITS CREATE YOUR OWN ISSUE THIS ISSUE OF THE WEDDING EDITORIALIST IS DEDICATED TO: Craft Cocktail Catering Corporate Photos: Images by Jose Salinas Wedding at Smith Center: Images by Susie and Will How to Elevate and Whiskey Tasting: Images by Jose Salinas Event Beverage Management Are Two Vendors Better Than One: Images by Jose Salinas Articles )Meet Jehrome Thigpen Whiskey Tastings How To Elevate Event Beverage Management Are Two Vendors Better Than One? Written by Lissa Townsend Rodgers


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Javier Valentino Best experience ever! I am sure to send clients your way. Our event was a total success because of you and your amazing team! The cocktails were a huge hit, delicious and the presentation was beyond amazing! Thank You! - Javier Valentino Sharde, Art of Luxury Pop Up The CraftLV team and service went well above my expectations! We hosted a intimate Luxury event planning business conference and the CraftLV added the “cherry on top” for our event. Every cocktail was delicious, the staff was amazing, great customer service. The team was quick, clean, professional and so personable. The cocktails were creative and beautiful. CraftLV gave our event that extra Wow Factor that put the event over the top! Thanks again Jehrome and team!! Jacob Smith, Matt & Mattingly’s Podcast No complaints at all. Wonderful service. Craft Cocktail Catering and Bartending Service did a fantastic job with our event. They were all very punctual and a real pleasure to work with. I plan on using their services for any event that I host going forward. Eileen, One7 Communications Jehrome and CraftLV are amazing, punctual, professional and perfect for our event. They created two delicious craft cocktails for our event and everything else you would expect at a bar. They were fast, efficient and friendly. Camile Tanner Must Hire! Craft LV goes above and beyond at great prices to ensure quality cocktails for events and more. They make hiring them easy and convenient for everyone with no hassle and beverages that are delicious, appealing and unique. Highly recommend. Stacey, Atomic Style Lounge I can’t say enough good things about JT and his crew! We recently held a bridal event and CraftLV was the cocktail caterer. They provided a very professional service. We were very impressed with their delicious cocktails and friendly bartenders. Their drinks were unique and refreshing! We would definitely hire them again for our next event!

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