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IVF Procedure in India Gives an Easy Way to have babies

What is IVF?  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the

best way to treat infertility  Here the process of fertilization

that takes place outside the female’s body  It has been successful in helping

the patients fight from any kind of infertility problems and has resulted in giving them a healthy child.

IVF Procedure in India Step 1, with the help of ultrasound images, female’s ovulatory process in

closely monitored Step 2, after examining the ovulatory process, she is given medicines

called as fertility drugs. These medicines increase the production of eggs. Step 3, the effects of these medicines are seen. It determines that if the

medicines have been successful in producing healthy eggs. Step 4, sperm of the male is collected.

Step 5, female’s best quality egg and the male’s sperm are kept together in a

laboratory setting. Sperm begins to fertilize the egg. Step 6, embryo is formed as a result of fertilization. Seventh step, embryo is transferred to the female’s body Eighth step, female’s blood samples are collected to check if IVF has been


IVF procedure cost India comes as a competitive one. If compared to the cost of the same treatment in countries abroad, it is 50-60% lesser in India. Many of the patients have already benefitted from this low-cost treatment .

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Ivf procedure in india gives an easy way to have babies  

This will include a telephonic verbal explanation of the procedure (supported by written email information) where obviously you will have th...

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