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Dear Patrons, We have great pleasure in submitting to you the first issue of our Online Newsletter WeCan about the activities of CaN Trust. CaN (Care for the Needy) was formed by a group of close & like minded friends, committed towards serious social contribution at grassroots. CaN members share a common vision of making a deep and long term impact by enabling the society to engage proactively in the change process so as to provide the resources to our next generation to create a better tomorrow. With this philanthropic bent of mind, CaN’s focus and entry point is child. Most of us were fortunate to enjoy childhood, thereby able to “live” it to the best. However, there are a lot of children who are not fortunate/ deprived of those childhood benefits. At core, CaN believes that it is just not the money that can solve the problem, but to build the platform we all need to exploit all our strength for a social cause - empowering children with education, social awareness and skill to lead a healthy and dignified life. Vision: * A medium that can improve the living standards of the underprivileged * Instrument which can help them to make informed of intelligent choices about their lives and future * Weapon to fight poverty and truly empower the children who, tomorrow, will be the face of India Mission: * To closely work with economically & socially deprived children so as to make them self reliant & equal members of the society by understanding their problems & solving them through innovative activities * To carve out an educated, responsible and skilled youth for the future by making children realise their self worth * To act as catalyst and form collaborative association with other governmental and non – governmental agencies * To find innovative solutions to social issues in alignment with the business needs of companies and willingness of goodhearted individuals

The objective of presenting this Newsletter, in addition to give an update, is to instill inspiration. We CaN and We Will ! Regards Manoj Kabre 1

Upcoming... ‘CaN’ Knowledge Hogger Cloud Inspired by Sugata Mitra’s concept of “Granny Cloud”, here is an initiative to facilitate a knowledge sharing session wherein a person from any location in the world, spends time to demonstrate a science principle or fact through a simple experiment to a group of school children at a remote location in India. It could be a simple pendulum principle or an experiment to easily make the children understand what is refraction of light. This session is conducted through Skype every Friday at a predefined time schedule, mainly for children in age group fo 15 ~ 17 years. The session is conducted by a person of any age who is passionate about spending time with children. The activity of locating the ‘knowledge sharer’ has been done by spreading a word of mouth about this initiative and identifying a person (Indian or foreigner) who enjoys spending time with children, and is eager to share his/her experience or knowledge in form of an experiment or story with them.

Venue :


Completed ... Success Story : ‘CaN’ Storytelling Cloud Inspired by Sugata Mitra’s concept of “Granny Cloud”, here is an initiative to facilitate a storytelling session wherein a person from any location in the world, spends time to narrate a story to a group of children at a remote location in India. This session was conducted for the following school, co-ordinated by Mrs.Annapurna : Venue : Sevalaya, Chennai ( ) Sevalaya is a charitable Trust based at Chennai, which runs a Tamil medium Higher Secondary school totally free of cost. There are nearly 1710 students studying in this school, coming from rural underprivileged families. Montessori system of education is followed in the Preprimary level and play way/ activity based method in Primary and High school wherever possible. The session was conducted by Mrs.Seema Dahad from London (UK) and attended by about 25 Primary kids aged 6-8 years. Thanks to Manisha from UK for co-ordinating this effort and the entire team of Mr.Murali of Sevalaya.


School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Story Teller!!!!!!!Stories told!!! !!! !!! !!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Manisha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Cheeky Tailor!!! !!! !!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Raju!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Giant Talking Crabs!!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Jacqueline!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tomlin,Thumbelina!!! !!! !!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Rajan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Hare and the Tortoise!!! !!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Meena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Story of Caterpillar!!! !!! !!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Seema Dahad!!!!!Story of Lord Shiva!!! !!! !!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Ameya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cat in the hat & the Stone Cutter!!! !!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Kushal Jaju!!!!!!!!!!Rhymes & Songs!!! !!! !!! !!Shishu Mandir!!!Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How full is your bucket and who is afraid of big bad book! !!Sevalaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Krishnan!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord Ganesh, Crow & Snake, Donkey & Fox !!! !!Sevalaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Krishnan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jack & the Beanstalk, Unity is Strength!!! !!Sevalaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Isha Angadi!!!!!!!!!Goldie Locks and the Three Bears!!! !!




Our Team: Manoj Kabre – Vice President - Marketing, Indo-US MIM Tec - Bangalore “The pleasure of giving has only to be experienced. It is our moral duty to give back to the society in some form, which has given us the space and resource to live…..”

Ritika Bhutada – Senior Software Engineer – Cisco - Thane “I feel privileged to have great opportunities and amenities bestowed upon me. But at the same time I felt incomplete relishing them because someone somewhere is craving for that one percent of my opportunities just for its survival…..”

Nitesh Bhutada – Manager – BD and Corporate Strategy at Raychem RPG –Thane “It’s about recognizing that our society requires the investment of every individual, no matter their lot in life. In taking personal responsibility and investing in our world, we not only make our mark on it, but we find a home for ourselves and other people…..”

Dhiraj Kothari – Owner – Kothari Ventures "The true essence and purpose of Human Living is in Giving....."

Hari Shanker – Managing Editor – MediaMart Infotech Pvt Ltd – Bangalore "Every citizen in our country have the social responsibility to do their best towards the society. Often it becomes difficult for an individual to contribute. With CaN, I am able to fulfill my responsibility better and in a meaningful way....."

Laxmikant Dasrao Bhakre – Director – Deven Group, Pune “We came from and are part of this society. Its our obligatory duty to return in the form of various mediums and towards varoius needy or under previledged against what we have received from this society” Jagadeesh B Patil – General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Hampson Aerospace - Bangalore “It gives immense pleasure and satisfaction when you help, support the real needy people around you. This was lingering in my mind for quite some time and when like minded people to support this cause (our team) joined hands, i realised we have layed the strong foundation to help support and care for the needy….”

Rajesh Angadi– Program Manager – Unisys India - Bangalore “It gives pleasure and satisfaction when we help as well support needy people around you. I am very Happy to be part of this TEAM who layed the strong foundation to help, support and care for the needy.”

Swapnil Birla –Marketing Manager at Epigram Advertising – Mumbai !!!!“I am a firm believer that everyone loves giving, everyone wants to contribute, everyone wants to do something for the society but confused about where to start from, worried about if they contribute will it be utilized for the right purpose. But when ‘Can be trusted’ people come together everything automatically falls in place..I thank CaN Trust for giving me this opportunity in showing me the path. For me - its like Charity begins at home..proud to be part of CAN TRUST as today my small contribution gives me a BIG satisfaction.. 5

CaN Trust News Letter March 2014  

CaN (Care for the Needy) was formed by a group of close & like minded friends, committed towards serious social contribution at grassroots....

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