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VII. Visa Arrangement

IX. International Airfare

Visa used for joining this program is a Social Visit Visa (VKSB) for 60 or 90 days that can be obtained through the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia where the participants live. This visa should be converted to Stay-Permit for 1 (one) year upon arrival in Indonesia through the Immigration Office where the participants study.

The participant is responsible for the international airfare to Indonesia.

The participants are prohibited to use the Tourist Visa or On-Arrival Visa to study in Indonesia, since it will have effect in processing the StayPermit.

VIII. Coverage Scholarship Each participant will be exempted from tuition fee and he/she is entitled to monthly allowance of Rp. 2.000.000 (two million rupiah) with the following details:


X. Health Insurance MoEC will not provide for health insurance. Participants are expected to have the international insurance.

“Indonesian Scholarship Program�

XI. Website For further information please visit:

Komodo Island, NTT

The Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation, MoEC will transfer allowances for the participants every month through the University or College where they study. Komodo The Giant Reptile

Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation Ministry of Education and Culture The Republic of Indonesia C Building, 6 - 7 Floor Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Senayan Jakarta Telp./Fax. (+62-21) 5724707, 5738181, 5709445/46 Website: E-mail:

Reog Ponorogo, East Java

Ministry of Education & Culture Republic of Indonesia 2011

II. Program


Darmasiswa Scholarship Program is conducted in three schemes, i.e: 1. Regular 1 (One) Year

“Indonesian Scholarship Program”

Regular One Year program is a one-year scholarship program offered to foreign students who would like to study Indonesian language, traditional music, traditional dance, and Indonesian craft in selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions.

I. Introduction of Darmasiswa Scholarship Program DARMASISWA is a non-degree scholarship program offered to all foreign students from countries which have diplomatic relationship with Indonesia to study Bahasa Indonesia, arts, music, crafts and particular subject*) in 53 selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions in different cities in Indonesia. This program organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) in Cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). The main purpose of the Darmasiswa program is to increase and foster interest in Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian culture among citizens from other countries. It has also been designed to enhance mutual understanding and provide stronger cultural link among different countries. The interest of international students to participate in this program keep increasing year by year, especially in the last five years as can been seen as the following table.

2. Regular 6 (Six) Months Regular six-month program is a six-month scholarship program offered to foreign students who would like to study Indonesian language in selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions. 3. Summer Program Summer three-month program is a three month scholarship program offered to foreign students who would like to study particular subjects in selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions such as: ISI Yogyakarta, ITB, IPB, UNESA, UNAIR, UIN Jakarta, UNUD, UGM, UI *)

III. Schedule 1.

Registration (September 2011-February 2012)

2. Selection: (March-Mid of April 2012) a. Administrative (March 2012) b. Academic (Mid of April 2012)

5. Commencement: a. Summer 3 (three) Month (June–August 2012) b. Regular 1 (One) Year (September 2012 - July 2013) c. Regular 6 (six) Month (September 2012 – January 2013)

IV. Qualifications of Applicants

2. The applicant can apply using the following address: along with attaching all documents (point a-e) above or filling out application form available at the Indonesian Embassy/ Consulate General in their country. 3. In case the applicants apply online, he/she should notify Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General. 4. The application form should be submitted together with : a. Copy of academic transcript

Each participant has to fulfill these requirements as the follows: 1. Not more than 35 years of age. 2. Completed secondary education or its equivalent 3. In good health as proved by Medical Certificate 4. Able to communicate in English and additional Bahasa Indonesia is required 5. Have basic knowledge of the field you're applying for.

b. Health certificate c. Passport size color photograph d. Full-page copy of passport valid for at least 18 months from time of arrival in Indonesia.

VI. Regulations 1. Signing a statement of declaration containing obligations of the participants provided by Indonesian Embassy where the participant resides before his departure to Indonesia.

V. Application Procedures

2. The original signed statement should submitted to the MoEC upon arrival in Indonesia.

1. To apply the Darmasiswa scholarship program, participant must submit a complete application package that includes all the following items:

3. To refrain engaging in political activities or any form of employment for profit or gain.

a. Completed admission application form b. Copy of academic transcript and certificates c. Copy passport valid at least 18 months from time of arrival in Indonesia.

3. Announcement (End of April 2012)

d. Curriculum vitae/resume

4. Confirmation (April-May 2012)

e. Passport size color photograph (5 pieces)

4. Not to involve in any misconduct and any form of harassment. 5. Not to bring any member of family during study period in Indonesia.

Darmasiswa Leaflet  
Darmasiswa Leaflet  

Leaflet darmasiswa