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MILESTONE Summer 2021


What did the 2021 session mean for transportation?


Are you missing out on the benefits without more employee participation?

INVISIBLE CRISIS IN CONSTRUCTION How to address the mental health risk in our workforce



As a family-owned business spanning three generations and more than 80 years, our family’s vision and values are woven through the fabric of Kansas’ history. We’ve grown that vision from one store to 15 locations serving 144 counties. While a lot has changed, Foley’s commitment to empowering the progress of our customers and the communities we serve has remained constant.

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Summer 2021


Volume 1, Issue 1

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Find out what the 2021 legislative session meant for transportation, your business and your employees

Chris Spray, President Venture Corporation Scott Anderson, Vice President Hamm, Inc. Chris Rech, Treasurer A.M. Cohron & Son, Inc. Curt Mauler, Immediate Past President L&M Contractors, Inc.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Trey Bowen, Director-at-Large Superior Bowen Asphalt Company, LLC Chad Girard, Director-at-Large APAC Kansas, Inc. - Shears Division Shane Ham, Supplier/Service Division Foley Equipment Co., Inc. Mike Hoffman, Grading & Railroads Division Alan’s Excavating, Inc. Heather Jantz, Director-at-Large MJE, LLC Kevin Koehler, Director-at-Large Dustrol Inc. John Koger, Jr., Supplier/Service Division Koger Agency, Inc. Travis Rose, Director-at-Large Bridges Inc. Jeff Shaw, Utility Infrastructure Division APAC Kansas, Inc. - Shears Division Josh Smith, Director-at-Large Klaver Construction Co. Jeanne Waisner, Rigid Paving Division Koss Construction Co.


Michael White, Executive Director Jamie Lane, Director of Member Services Nancy Delgado, Administrative Assistant

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Safety First:

KCA Members Earn 2021 Safety Awards

President’s Message:

When we say we build Kansas, we mean it

5 Tactics:

How to increase retirement plan participation

Member Milestones:

Recognizing our industry’s leaders

The Invisible Crisis in Construction:

Shining the light on mental health & suicide

Member News:

Awards, recognitions, promotions & more

The Extra Mile:

A message from KCA’s Executive Director Published bi-annually by the Kansas Contractors Association

800 SW Jackson, Suite 100, Topeka, Kansas 66612, 785.266.4152 EDITOR: Stephanie Mullholland,

KCA members earn Safety Awards Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group

Category II Winner

Klaver Construction Co., Inc.

Category III Winner

Runner-Up: N/A

Runner-Up: PCiRoads, LLC

Runner-Up: Wildcat Concrete Services

Category I Winner

RD Johnson Excavating LLC

Category IV Winner

Category V Winner

Runner-Up: Wildcat Construction Co. Inc.

Runner-Up: APAC Kansas-Shears Division

Pearson Construction

Hamm, Inc.

The awards were presented in January 2021 based on 2020 safety records PAGE 2




When we say we build Kansas, we mean it BY CHRIS SPRAY, VENTURE CORPORATION KCA PRESIDENT

2023 will be a monumental year for our industry as we prepare to celebrate KCA’s 100th anniversary. It’s been a century of dedication and solidarity – for our companies, our families and our trade association. With a unified voice, we have weathered economic downturns and overcome infrastructure cuts; we have fought and won new transportation investments; and we have helped drive economic growth and certainty for our state.

we also understand we cannot rest on our laurels. The political climate is constantly changing and becoming more competitive. This pillar will involve continually increasing the influence of our voice in both state and regional advocacy. We'll be looking for more ways to tell our story through local media and social media. In fact, the launch of this digital magazine – The Milestone - is the beginning of our new marketing and outreach.

When we say our KCA tagline – “We Build Kansas” – we mean it. Our companies build the infrastructure that transports $4.67 billion in ag exports each year ... that carries 492,231 Kansas kids safely to school every day ... and that employs more than 43,000 Kansans in good-paying jobs all across the state.

2) Workforce Development. Recruitment and retention of workers as well as preparing our next generation of company leaders is critical. This pillar will focus on new delivery methods for training, creating training and resources for Hispanic-speaking workers, and engaging in measurable efforts to promote careers in the construction industry.

But, we know not everyone readily recognizes the economic benefits that our industry produces. Educating lawmakers, the next generation of construction leaders and the public about the impact and job opportunities in our industry will take a concerted effort by our association and by each of us. That’s why your KCA board recently embarked on a strategic planning initiative to identify how we can best position our industry for our next 100 years. To that end, we came up with three pillars to tackle together over the coming year: 1) Advocacy. Our industry has consistently been a leader in advocacy and political action efforts, but PAGE 3



3) Member Engagement. Our future depends on all of us. This pillar will take into account the fact that, as our industry faces consolidation, the number of KCA member companies will continue to decrease. We cannot allow that to diminish our impact or involvement. In fact, it's an opportunity to increase our engagement so our companies and our industry can thrive together. As we embark on this new century, we welcome and need your input, ideas and active involvement. Reach out anytime you'd like to chat at (620) 792-5921 or


2021 LEGISLATIVE ANALYSIS An overview of the most significant issues impacting your business

IKE Transportation Plan Improvements. House Bill 2201 made several changes to improve the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE), which was passed by the Legislature last session. In addition to some technical cleanups regarding the State Highway Fund debt cap for bonding, the bill reduces the minimum threshold that had been set for any project to use an alternative delivery approach from $100 million down to $10 million. The bill also removes the T-WORKS first phase letting requirement for new projects funded by the federal stimulus so that infrastructure dollars can start working in the economy as quickly as possible, pending legislative approval for use of stimulus-funded IKE projects. Scholarships for Building Trades Programs. House Bill 2064 creates the Kansas Promise Act, which establishes scholarships to help steer students into high-demand job sectors. The building trades are specifically identified as one of the targeted sectors in the Act. The scholarships will be available to Kansas high school graduates who complete an approved two-year program at a Kansas trade school, technical college or community college in an approved program. Scholarship recipients are required to fulfill a work/community service requirement while they are in school and are requried to work in Kansas for at least two years following graduation. Unemployment Insurance Protection for Employers and Employees. House Bill 2196 involved a comprehensive reform of the state’s unemployment system after significant reports of fraudulent claims during the COVID shutdown. The bill requires that employers be held harmless and not owe the state for any claim determined fraudulent or improperly paid. It also directs the use of federal COVID relief funds to re-stabilize the Employment Security

Fund rather than requiring employers to fund shortages in the fund due to the state's payout of fraudulent claims. The Legislature additionally took steps to protect Kansans who were victims of fraud, including prohibiting the state from taxing them for unemployment payments they did not receive. Corporate & Personal Income Tax Advantages. Senate Bill 50 decouples the state from the federal 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on corporate taxes. Specifically, the bill removes the Global Intangible Low-Tax Income (GILTI), interest limitation deductions and capital contributions provisions from the Kansas corporate income tax base. It reinstates the small business expensing deduction, allowing for indefinite Net Operating Loss Carryforward. The bill also allows individual income taxpayers to itemize on their state returns even if they do not itemize on their federal returns, and increases the state standard deduction. Loan Relief for Businesses with Extraordinary Natural Gas Bills. Senate Bill 86 makes lowinterest loans available to employers that were hit with extraordinary utility bills after the February cold spell. The loans are available through your financial institution up to $500,000. Property Tax Relief for Businesses Impacted by COVID. House Bill 2313 allows eligible businesses that were closed or harmed by the COVID shutdown to seek reimbursement from their county for property taxes levied during the shutdown. The reimbursement would be calculated as 1/365th of real property taxes for each day the business was ordered closed. New Protections for Critical Infrastructure. Senate Bill 172 makes it a felony to commit certain intentional acts against critical infrastructure, such as pipelines and water treatment plants. The bill proved timely when, shortly after passage, an attempt was made to hack into the Ellsworth water treatment plant in an attempt to shutdown its purification process. Questions or want more details on any of these bills or other legislation? Contact Michael White, KCA's Executive Director, at



RON RYCKMAN Speaker of the Kansas House

Ron grew up in Meade (pop. 1,466) and moved to Olathe 31 years ago to attend MidAmerica Nazarene on a basketball scholarship. He has served in the Kansas House for nine years, the past five as Speaker. Here’s what we asked Ron when we sat down for three questions:

As transportation people, we have to ask – what was your first car? It was a 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

You have a claim to fame in the Legislature. What is that? I don’t know

that it’s a claim to fame. I usually say it’s because no one else wanted the position. But, in all seriousness, it’s a privilege to be the first legislator in Kansas history to serve three terms as Speaker. It’s something I pursued because my colleagues asked me to. Once COVID hit, I think the continuity and stability of a seasoned House leadership team was even more important than we realized going into it.

Throughout your time in the House, you’ve been a leader on infrastructure. What stands out to you as the biggest reason why the state should invest in transportation? I'm a spreadsheet guy and

a former House budget chair so, for me, it's about the bottom line. The dollars we invest in infrastructure tend to get circulated back into our local economies pretty rapidily and in a way that our communities and job market can see and feel. That's before we get to all the other reasons – like safety, preservation, how spending a little now can save a ton down the road, and how important infrastructure is to our ability to transport goods.


Employees fail to enroll in their retirement plan for a variety of reasons. They may be intimidated if it’s their first time around or they might not fully understand and appreciate the benefits (or the downside of not participating). Some could be concerned about “locking up” their money — and others might worry so much about making the “wrong” investment decision that they procrastinate making any decision at all. As a plan sponsor, you know the advantages of offering a retirement plan for you, including: employee recruitment, increased retention, reduced worker stress, higher productivity and tax benefits. Higher participation and contribution rates can also reduce the chance the plan will fail discrimination testing and be PAGE 6



subject to financial consequences if needed corrections aren’t made on time. However, the key to unlocking all the retirement plan benefits for both you and your employees is not simply having a plan, it’s making sure that enough workers actually use it. Here are 5 things you can do to help grow your participant ranks. 1. Enroll everyone. A recent Vanguard survey of 8,900 small business retirement plans found a dramatic effect of automatic enrollment on employee participation rates: 83% participation with automatic enrollment versus 58% without.1 And if you need more convincing, Vanguard’s How America Saves 2019 Report found that contribution rates were also

higher in automatic-enrollment plans versus voluntary plans: 7.1% to 6.7%2 2. Offer a Roth. For employees who want to enjoy tax-free income in retirement, providing a Roth option may motivate enrollment. And with no income cap, this move may also be appreciated by highly-compensated employees who earn too much to qualify for a Roth IRA. Additionally, you may tempt younger workers with a longer timeline to retirement who want to take advantage of the lower tax rate they’re paying now as opposed to what they believe they might face in the future.

3. Go multimedia. Offer retirement plan information to participants across a variety of modalities. Some may prefer in-person meetings, while others would rather watch a YouTube-style video at their leisure. And still others might prefer scribbling notes in the margins of a pamphlet. Provide education about retirement plan benefits in a way that’s accessible for everyone, no matter their degree of financial sophistication. Answer questions in short- and long-form, at basic and more advanced levels — and in as many erving mediain formats as possible. s owners


isions and 4. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. It should be goals.easy and straightforward for participants to

sign up or make changes to their retirement plan elections or contributions. Changes and holistic should only take a few clicks, whether from Wealth has been a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Optimize a mplement seamless web experience for each platform.

Want to take the notion of instant gratification one step further? Consider allowing immediate vesting, which can help make your organization more competitive to draw top talent and further encourage participation in the plan. Through thoughtful plan design and holistic financial wellness programs, IMA Wealth has been helping employers design and implement effective retirement programs since 2001. As the consultant for the Kansas Contactors Association, I can help you determine the overall effectiveness of your retirement plan and identify any potential areas for improvement. Contact me at (913) 802-6977 or for a complimentary plan review.

Kevin Tessmer is a Retirement Plan Specialist for IMA Wealth, Inc. in our Kansas City location. Prior to joining IMA Wealth, Inc., Kevin served as Managing Director of Workplace Solutions for MassMutual and Regional Vice President for Nationwide. He graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. He earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) designation through Fi360. Kevin holds the FINRA Series 6 and State registrations 63 and 65. SOURCES: 1 researchcommentary/article/InvComHASsmallBusinessInsights 2

Kevin Tessmer, AIF®

The statements and opinions expressed are those of the individual and not necessarily those of IMA Wealth, Inc. (“IMAW”). Material presented herein is gathered from what we believe are reliable sources and should not be regarded as complete analysis of these subjects. IMAW cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any statements or data. All content is for general information purposes only and does not take into consideration your individual circumstances, financial situation or needs, nor does it present a personalized recommendation to you. Content is not intended to provide legal, accounting, tax, ERISA, or investment advice. No investment strategy, such as diversification or asset allocation, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining value.

Retirement Plan Specialist 5. Why wait? Shorter waiting periods allow 913-302-3339 new employees to start a saving habit straight Contractors out of the gate. It can also be an attractive

nce 2001.

Investment advisory services are offered through IMA Wealth, Inc., an investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). IMA Wealth, Inc. is also an SEC registered securities broker-dealer, Member FINRA, and an insurance agency. This is not a solicitation or offer to sell investment advisory services, securities, or insurance except in states where we are registered or where an exemption or exclusion from such registration exists. All written content is for general informational purposes only.

mine feature the overall when recruiting seasoned candidates plan. who don’t want to interrupt their retirement 9393 W. 110th St, Ste 600 savings. So, consider shortening — or even eliminating — waiting periods altogether.

mentary PAGE 7



Overland Park, KS 66210

A lot more than asphalt. In the 1970s, Orville "Butch" Spray got his start with a handful of employees and a small asphalt plant in Larned, Kansas. Over time, he and our dedicated team of industry experts have grown Venture Corporation into one of the state's largest asphalt contractors. Today, we do a lot more than just asphalt paving. With more than 150 employees, four portable plants, and production of over 900,000 tons of asphalt annually, we can do everything from parking lots and running tracks to highways and interstates.

(620) 792-5921


w w w.Ve n t u r e C o r p K s . c o m

MEMBER MILESTONES This year, we recognized our industry’s long-time leaders. Congratulations to these KCA member companies on reaching significant membership milestones this year.


Koss Construction Company


Hall Brothers Construction Co.


L&M Contractors, Inc. Smoky Hill, LLC


Bryan-Ohlmeier Construction Ideker, Inc.


Bryant & Bryant Construction Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises James H. Drew Corporation Miller’s Pro-Cut Inc. RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc. United Contractors, Inc. PAGE 9




Shining light on mental health, substance misuse and suicide prevention BY JOE TIERNAN AND CAL BEYER

A robust construction industry is the foundation of a healthy economy. Construction and industrial tradespersons help build America. From the hands of trades workers come the necessary infrastructure and buildings where we conduct our lives in every way. The construction workforce helps build the economic prosperity and social progress we all enjoy.




Social isolation and loneliness


Stress and anxiety

High-blood pressure


Tobacco use

Propensity for risk-taking

Cardiovascular disease

Heavy/binge drinking

Musculoskeletal disorders

Substance misuse

Chronic pain


Unfortunately, the construction workforce is paying a steep price for their efforts. There is mounting evidence the construction workforce is at high-risk for various physical and behavioral health conditions. The construction and industrial trades have high PAGE 10



incidences of several (inset) representative ailments and conditions. There are statistics to support each listed condition. However, the purpose of sharing the issues is to create awareness and understanding that the construction workforce

is considered high risk for both physical and behavioral health. More importantly, this is a call to action for construction employers, labor unions, associations, workforce development specialists, and even medical and behavioral health care professionals to take note and provide resources to help employees take care of themselves, families, coworkers, and friends. Why are the risks so high in the construction workforce? There are many fundamental industry factors that influence the risk factors. The ebb and flow of economic cycles, combined with end-ofproject furloughs and seasonal layoffs, impact the financial wellbeing of workers. Construction is a pressure-packed industry with increasing demands to meet rising performance standards in schedule, budget, productivity, quality, and safety. This stress undermines the wellbeing of the workforce. Additionally, workers are paid on an hourly basis, so if work is canceled by weather, schedule, or sequencing delays, there is no pay. This creates access barriers to adequate medical healthcare and behavioral health services.

Case Study: Koss Construction offers new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Jeanne Waisner, CFO of Koss Construction in Topeka is a board member of the Kansas Contractors Association. Waisner asserted that Koss Construction is “highly concerned about the mental health, substance misuse, and suicide risk within the construction industry." Waisner shared that “most of Koss’s employees perform long-term travel, and as an employer, we are conscious of the emotional toll that takes on an individual and their family." Waisner affirmed that “it is vital that we remain attentive and informed of this harmful industry trend and continue to make proactive advancements in providing support." Waisner shared that Koss Construction “absolutely agrees with the importance that our company’s programs and practices intertwine mental health awareness and suicide prevention." Waisner shared the following narrative to help other Kansas Contractors Association members consider strategies to address mental health and wellbeing services for their employees and family members: CONTINUED ON PAGE 12




Continued from page 11

THE INVISIBLE CRISIS IN CONSTRUCTION Mental health still holds a significant stigma in our society. Koss provides confidential help through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Koss recently transitioned to a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider which offers a more robust service to our employees and their entire household. The service is available at no cost, 24/7 and provides multiple ways for employees and household members to confidentially engage with the provider (by telephone, web portal, mobile app, and texting). The provider also has Spanish-speaking support which is important since we have many employees who are Spanish-speaking. The traveling construction industry, and our organization’s unique structure, innately

Joe Tiernan, CRIS, ARM is an Account Executive and Shareholder at Holmes Murphy. Joe is dedicated to construction risk management. He worked in the field for an electrical contractor while attending college. Joe is active in the Kansas Contractors Association, The Builders Association of Kansas City, and the AGC of Kansas City Construction Leadership Council. Contact Tiernan at or 913/449-7003.




develop close bonds between employees creating a true Koss family. Koss remains committed to making advancements and improving mental health awareness in our culture.

In conclusion, Waisner said “my biggest advice to all KCA members is to review the EAP programs currently in place to ensure they provide the service you expect”. She shared they “found out first-hand that our previous EAP fell short when she contacted our EAP on behalf of an employee who needed help with an issue”. Waisner concluded that “this was the driving factor to explore and implement an enhanced EAP solution, so our employees and their families have the resources available when they need them”.

Cal Beyer, CWP, SCTPP is Vice President of Workforce Risk & Worker Wellbeing for CSDZ, a Holmes Murphy Company. He’s been dedicated to construction risk and safety management since 1996. From 2014-2020, he was director of risk management and safety for a paving contractor in WA, OR, and ID. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. Cal was instrumental in the launch of the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention. Contact Beyer at or 651/307-7883.

Emergency Crisis Resources National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line Text HELLO to 741741

Kansas-Specific Non-Emergency Resources Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center Headquarters or 785-841-9900 Greater Kansas Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Barb Mares, Area Director - or 816-516-5060 Kansas Chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness - non-crisis support Sherrie Vaughn, Executive Director - or 785-233-0755

Additional Resources Center for Workplace Mental Health 1-hour webinar on Mental Health, Depression & Stigma-Ending in Construction Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention Posters, sample toolbox talks, and other free resources are available Free construction suicide prevention videos 9 short videos less than 4 minutes in length Washington Department of Industry and Labor 2-minute video on opioids and suicide prevention



-TALK -273 (82 00 5 -8






tH E


Mental Health Toolbox 4 L LO t o 7



BAYER WINS MIDWEST BUILDERS’ CASUALTY RECOGNITION Midwest Builders’ Casualty recently honored Bayer Construction Co., Inc. of Manhattan as a recipient of its 2021 Recognize Safety Excellence Award. The award is based on business operations, employee safety training, and risk management practices. “The driving force of safety within Bayer Construction comes from upper management supporting the activities of the safety committee, which is comprised of employees from different divisions within the company,” said MBC in its announcement of the award. “The safety committee is tasked with reviewing existing safety processes and determines whether they are working or if need to be changed. This type of leadership from within their own workforce drives employees to keep everyone accountable and committed to safety every day.”

FOLEY NAMES NEW CFO Michael Collins has been named Chief Financial Officer for Foley Equipment. He will lead the dealer’s finance functions and operations —including Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Tax, and Credit — as well as oversee the IT and Enterprise Process Management teams. Collins




most recently served as a senior strategic and financial leader at C.H. Robinson. Prior to that, he led finance, strategy and business development at SPX Corporation, and was a senior auditor at Ernst & Young. Collins holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Kansas.

KCA MEMBERS EARN PERFECT SAFETY RECORDS Congratulations to these KCA members on achieving a record of zero lost-time injuries in 2020: APAC Kansas Inc.-Shears Division B&B Bridge Company, LLC Bob Bergkamp Construction Emery Sapp & Sons Hamm, Inc. Klaver Construction Co., Inc. Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group PCiRoads LLC Pearson Construction RD Johnson Excavating, LLC Superior Bowen/O’Donnell Wildcat Concrete Services Wildcat Construction Co., Inc.

Thoughtful, Curious and Personal. IMA Wealth is passionate about serving individuals, families, and business owners in helping them make financial decisions and progress towards their financial goals. Through thoughtful plan design and holistic financial wellness programs, IMA Wealth has been helping employers design and implement effective retirement programs since 2001. As the consultant for the Kansas Contractors Association, I can help you determine the overall effectiveness of your retirement plan. Contact me to schedule a complimentary plan review.

Kevin Tessmer, AIF® Retirement Plan Specialist 913-302-3339 9393 W. 110th St, Ste 600 Overland Park, KS 66210


Kansas Construction Education Foundation

BEVERAGE CART SPONSORS Monarch Cement Company Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co.


Hamm Companies Wildcat Construction Co., Inc.


Ash Grove Cement Company Bayer Construction Co., Inc. Bridges Inc. Cornejo & Sons Cornejo Materials Inc. Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. Foley Equipment Company Holmes Murphy & Associates Ingevity Pavement Technologies J & R Sand Co., Inc. Lockton Companies Pearson Construction LLC PetroChoice Lubrication Solutions Smoky Hill Construction Sporer Land Development, Inc.

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Con Ed Golf Tournament raises $46,000 for construction education More than 140 golfers teed off June 3 at Colbert Hills in Manhattan in support of construction education. KCA’s annual Construction Education Foundation tournament raised $46,000 for scholarships and college and university programs that are designed to prepare the next generation for careers in the construction industry. Congratulations to this year’s Con Ed tournament winners!

CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT David Dishman Julio Franco Rob Lauer Rob Roudybush


Jason Cole Rob Eichman Brady Romine Bernie Schmidtlein


Tim Kane Scott Navarro Steve Strube Sam Thadium



LONGEST DRIVE #16 David Dishman

LONGEST PUTT #18 Dan Scherschligt


Welcome to the first issue of The Milestone BY MICHAEL WHITE KCA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Well, I must say I am thrilled today to be writing an article for the inaugural issue of The Kansas Milestone. A digital magazine has been a goal of mine since I started with the KCA. I hope you find this magazine – your magazine – to be relevant and informative. The Milestone will be used not only to highlight your company's accomplishments and our industry's successes, but also to provide you with timely and actionable industry information. Take mental health for instance. I did not realize mental health was such a critical issue facing the construction industry until I started working for the KCA. I have talked with many professionals and recently met Cal Beyer at an AGC of America chapter executive event. Cal’s presentation opened my eyes to the seriousness of the mental health issues our industry is facing. I hope you find the article by Cal and Joe Tiernan to be enlightening. They are a great resource for our industry as we work to shed some light on mental health and the resources readily available to our workforce. I hope to have Cal speak at a future KCA convention. Also highlighted in The Milestone is Speaker Ron Ryckman who was instrumental in passage of the IKE plan in 2020. This PAGE 16



monumental transportation plan was passed in the final hours of the 2020 session just before the COVID pandemic struck. Speaker Ryckman understands the value of transportation and remains steadfast in his support of infrastructure investments. Stay tuned for more exciting information to roll out this fall on our new website. We are preparing for our 100th anniversary as a state association in 2023. It is hard to imagine that KCA is about to celebrate a century of accomplishments. While I have only worked at the KCA for a small part of those 100 years, I can assure you, the KCA is well poised for the next 100. I would love your feedback on The Kansas Milestone and welcome guest articles. If there is something you would like to share as member news, please send it our way for the next issue. This is your association and your digital magazine. We are here to make it something you can be proud of, so please share your ideas and your accomplishments so we can commemorate and celebrate them together as an industry.

GET MORE WITH MURPHY With 31 locations offering a full complement of equipment, parts inventory, service technicians and field service capabilities - We are ready to serve you! 855-246-9124

Back in person. Back in Kansas City.

Keynote Speaker


Former NFL player Jon McGraw will headline our 2022 convention. He played for K-State before going on to play 10 years in the NFL, including with the Kansas City Chiefs. Today, Jon is a sought after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and Performance Mindset trainer. He co-founded Vision Pursue where he has guided hundreds of corporate teams and sports franchises to success. Jon has completed business management and entrepreneurship programs at Harvard Business School and Wharton Business School.

KCA’S 99TH ANNUAL CONVENTION JANUARY 26-28, 2022 Save the date and plan to join us at our new location, The Sheraton Hotel in Overland Park, for our Annual Convention and Action Auction. Watch for the full schedule and registration information in the December issue of The Milestone.