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SEO Myths That Just Will Not Die

In Digital Marketing and especially search engine optimization, there are a lot of things to consider. There are many hacks and trends that are involved and many marketers try to spread myths about them dying. But there are certain SEO myths that will never die. It becomes very difficult for marketers to identify what is the truth and what is not., The best search engine optimization agency will know

the right tactics for SEO and what are the truth and a myth. Today we will go through some SEO myths that will not die no matter what. 1. Without content there is nothing Yes, it is true that content is the most important things in digital marketing and also for SEO. However, one cannot just say that without content nothing can happen. Content is needed in everything but with links and value, it can

have an effect. Links are also very important. Hence, content should be with links to make it valuable. Just as links without content is nothing, content without links means nothing. 2. Page speed is not very important Google had recently said that page speed only matters when everything else on the page is equal. However, this is not the case every time. Page speed does have a lot of importance

when it comes to rankings. It is true that there is more relevancy when it is equal to the other factors but page speed also is linked to the user experience. One of our clients got an increase in traffic of 100,000 sessions a day when the page speed of their website was significantly increased. Page speed doesn’t only mean the site load time but it also means to cut down the page load and content and visuals of your page. Google doesn’t

only see the speed of your page load but they also see the loading speed of the objects on your website. The Google bots can crawl your website easier when your page speed is fast. 3. Links are dead There are many marketers that believe the links are dead. However, this is a complete myth. Content is the most important part of SEO but without links, it has no meaning.

In case you have purchased the links of some dollar, it can be a harm for your website, but if you have relevant and properly placed links, they can be counted for ranking your website. Google looks out for legitimacy and relevancy and if your links contain both they can be highly important. 4. The density of keywords placed There was a time when keywords were considered as

the most important thing and hence marketers started with keyword stuffing. Well, keywords are still relevant and important but adding them everywhere makes no sense. The recent Google update even banned websites with keywords stuffed. Make sure that you have your keywords in the content at relevant places internally and externally in place of optimizing for them and wasting time.

5. Pay to submit your websites This is a complete myth that one needs to pay in order to get visibility from the search engines. There might be times where you have to submit URLs in order to be noticed but paying someone makes no sense. When you upload new content or want search engines to notice some change, one can submit urls. Google has become very smart now and it can automatically detect websites

that have been live or even registered on the domain. One can also use tools like Google Search Console Fetch and Render and Google’s URL submit form, but never make a mistake of paying someone for submitting websites. 6. Sitemap is not important Well, many marketers claim that including sitemap is not very important. But in reality, a sitemap can help in finding pages more effectively.

On the off chance, some part of your website is not indexed then sitemap can help in crawling these pages in a better way. XML and HTML both are useful in detecting, crawling and indexing the websites easily. 7. There should be freshness in a query Yes, we agree that freshness is needed, but not for all the websites. News websites might need fresh queries. Content should be fresh but

updating content every day is not possible and also is of no use. There are many websites that need fresh and new content every day or on weekly basis, while there are many that do not need. There is some content that is evergreen and does not need to be changed. Just make sure that you keep a blog active by adding 2 to 3 blogs a week and invest in that rather than updating it daily.

These myths about SEO should not be believed. There are marketers who do not understand that every website has a different purpose and hence they work differently for SEO. Visit us for the best SEO services in Mumbai.

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