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The Result Having installed the Duplo Digital System 5000, HenDi has a much more efficient and stress-free means of


producing the personalised booklets. Using Puzzle Flow software, the files are imposed and a barcode added to each sheet before being sent to the Xerox Nuvera 120 for printing. The DSF-2000 Sheetfeeder then uses the barcode to determine the number of sheets in the document which typically range randomly from 3 to 25 during the run according to the number of client’s

Duplo Success Story: HenDi

investments. The code is also used to detect missing and double pages and that each book only contains the correct sheets all in the right order for that client, ensuring that the book has been securely validated and avoiding the need for additional manual inspection. The barcode is removed at the end of the line by the DBM500T Trimmer. “We are using our litho presses to produce the booklets’ covers, which are then over-printed on the Nuveras”, says Browning. “The job itself is printed 448mm x 297mm before being finished to A4.” Clearly, HenDi is impressed with its latest Duplo

“The System 5000 is so reliable, that we don’t actually

installation, as is the particular customer which

need another line!”, he explains. “For us, the reliability

ultimately played a large part in its acquisition. “Duplo’s

factor is as important as the final finish. We simply

Digital System 5000 was just the solution we were

cannot afford unnecessary downtime in our workflow,

looking for”, says Browning.

especially when you consider that so much of our work is quite literally requested at the eleventh hour for delivery

“As a company, quality is something we strive to assure

the next morning.”

for all our clients every time. Our stockbroker customer is delighted with the professional quality finish achieved

Having fully integrated it into its overall print/finishing

with the System 5000 and they are now planning to

operation, HenDi is also using Duplo’s system with

introduce colour to future reports”, he adds.

it’s stable of digital colour presses. “The System 5000

The need for a high quality, efficient finishing solution to fulfil specific client needs, lead London printer, HenDi Systems to Duplo. The subsequent installation of a nearline bookletmaking system 5000 arrived in time for HenDi to ensure £300,000 worth of client work was safeguarded.

delivers a great deal of benefits”, says Browning. Browning admits to having considered the need for a second System 5000 at the time of the initial installation,

“In fact, looking back it seems a miracle that we ever

but the performance of the one machine has meant that

managed without it in the first place!”

he hasn’t given this another thought.

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Digital System 5000

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The Solution

a specialised print provider to the overnight financial research and financial services market. As a result, its fully integrated litho and digital facilities comprise prepress, printing and finishing processes that are maximised for speed and efficiency. The company currently employs 100 people at its 28,000 square feet facility and is expected to record a turnover of around £8m in 2007, £3m of which will come from its digital operation.

The Challenge

“Wiro binding the documents was a complicated

“We had been keeping a close eye on the marketplace

and costly option”, explains Browning. “Every book

and having operated Duplo equipment in the past, they

had different page amounts and the order had to be

were clearly on our radar”, admits Browning. “To be

maintained. This proved to be slow and necessitated a

honest, we were also quite impressed with a competitor,

thorough check once we received them back from the

but the value for money and feature-rich attributes


of Duplo’s offering made for a much more viable proposition”, he continues. HenDi subsequently installed

Having ruled out this option, HenDi used the tape binding

Duplo’s nearline bookletmaking solution, the Digital

facilities of its Xerox 6180 printers, but Browning felt that

System 5000, to manage the finishing of the quarterly

this fell short of HenDi’s exacting quality standards and

reports for its customer.

did not meet the original objective. Furthermore, HenDi found that this method introduced inefficiencies into

The Digital System 5000 comprises the DSF-2000

its workflow by slowing down the speed of the digital

Sheetfeeder, which is designed to handle the pre-


collated printed pages from any of HenDi’s digital colour or black & white printers, providing a centralised finishing

HenDi prides itself on its ability to deliver fast turnaround

A further option saw HenDi trying to staple with the

path regardless of which of the multiple engines the

print at a superior level of quality. In order to uphold its

6180s, but this again proved to be unattractive to the

work has been printed upon. Browning and his team

reputation, the company often works closely with clients


also benefit from Duplo’s SCC (slit, cut, crease) module which offers the capability to accept sheets directly

to ensure the correct level of creativity and functional “By this stage, we were fast running out of ideas and

from HenDI’s digital colour presses, trim the non-printed

realised we needed a fast and effective finishing system

border and crease along the fold line for a full bleed and

As HenDi’s Director for Digital Printing, Tim Browning,

to work with our Xerox printers and handle this type

crack-free finished product, hence avoiding the additional

explains, this is best exemplified by one of its stockbroker

of job with ease”, admits Browning. “The fact that this

post-press tasks of guillotining and scoring on separate

HenDi Systems, part of the HenDi Group, is a Central

clients who sought a more artistic and eye-catching

particular contract represented around £300,000 of

machines before loading into the bookletmaker. The

London based printer, providing fully integrated

method to produce its quarterly financial reports.

business per year emphasised the importance and the

Duplo PC controller means that the crease, stitch and

need to find the right solution quickly.”

fold are in an identical position and allow the book to lie

quality in the finished printed product.

The Company

digital and litho print communications services 24/7. Formed following the merger of specialist and digital

“This particular client, the largest independent

printers, Hendy Banks, and Direct Image Systems &

stockbroker in the country, requires around 200,000

Communications, HenDi Systems offers printing and

bespoke personalised booklets, every year”, says

automation solutions for research and financial clients,

Browning. “Quite simply, they wanted to stand out from

as well as corporate, commercial and magazine printing.

the competition by producing something that not only

HenDi’s clients predominantly comprise blue chip

looked good, but was correctly collated and accurate.”

flatter, important for a high value document.

businesses, including; global and regional investment banks; government organisations; the financial media;

With the need to produce 50,000 booklets each quarter,

pharmaceutical companies; accounting and law firms;

HenDi considered various methods of meeting this

charities; and publishing and design houses.

particular customer requirement. Initially, Browning and his team looked at wiro binding the documents – each of

Thanks to its continued investment in state-of-the-

which comprised an average of 28 pages – but without

art equipment and a desire to deliver output of the

the means of performing this in house, the job had to be

utmost quality, HenDi has carved a niche for itself as

outsourced to trade finishers.

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