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4 In this document ...  What’s new? - We will give you an overview on all the new features which make PDF Annotator 4 more productive than ever.  Quick Start! - You will get introduced to the main concepts of PDF Annotator, to get started quickly. Scroll down! Tip: To get back to this tutorial at any time, click Help, Tutorial.

What‘s New in

PDF Annotator

4 New! Print Annotations Overviews  Print a detailed list with small previews of every single annotation in a document.

New! “Annotations” in the Sidebar  Get a quick overview of all annotations in a document.

 Print an overview only outlining the pages containing annotations.

 Navigate to any annotations quickly.  Perform operations on any selection of annotations.

New! Filter Annotations  Only display a filtered subset of your annotations in the new Annotations sidebar.  Filter by type, color, or page number.

New! Export/Import Annotations  Export any selection of annotations.  Reimport those annotations into a different document.  Or reimport annotations into a new version of the original document.

New! Group and Lock Annotations  Group annotations to keep them always together.

What‘s New in

PDF Annotator


 Lock annotations to avoid unwanted modifications or to avoid moving them.

New! Page Backgrounds  Select between various lined or squared papers for new documents or pages.  Additional pages with automatically use the right background.  Background lines will be saved into your document.

New! Edit Style Properties  Edit any style properties of existing annotations, i.e. colors, line widths or styles.  Edit styles of multiple annotations at once.

New! Auxiliary Lines  Display temporary lines to make writing on documents easier.  Select between a wide range of possible line styles.  These lines will not be saved into your document.

New! Semi Transparency  Select semi transparency level.  For Rectangle (Square) and Ellipse (Circle) tools.

New! Tool Groups


 Group your stamps in the Toolbox.

 Extract pages into a new document.

 Exchange stamps through the new export/import.

 Move bookmarks.

 We have also added a number of new default stamps for you.

 Automatically minimize text box size after editing.  Set DPI for snapshots.  Automatic backups.  Full Unicode support.  Switch between languages.  Many minor improvements

 See what was new in previous PDF Annotator versions, and  find out more about specific features in our Feature Spotlight articles on:

What‘s New in

PDF Annotator


Hint: To get back to this tutorial at any time, click Help, Tutorial.

Getting started

PDF Annotator


In this section ...  We will walk you through the main concepts of PDF Annotator, to get you started quickly.  You can look up more details in our online help by clicking Help, Contents, or just hitting F1. Scroll down to see it all!

Create PDF from any application

Only One Step!

 Create PDF documents from any application you can print from.

In your application, select Print, then select the Print to PDF Annotator printer and print your document.

PDF Annotator will open with your document being converted to PDF and ready to annotate.

Main Window

Document Tabs Tools Page Manager

Tool Properties

Bookmark Manager

Current Tool Preview

Annotation Manager


Document Area


Navigation Toolbar

View Styles

View Styles

Page View History Page Navigation Jump between pages with annotations

One Page One Page Continuous

Navigation, Zoom & View Styles

Two Pages Continuous

Two Pages Zoom Fit to Whole Page Fit to Page Width

Full Screen Mode

Press ESC to return

Tools Move and resize annotations


Erase annotations only, never touches original document



Converts lines drawn with pen and marker into straight lines

Move and resize annotations



Lasso Select Copy an image of a part of the document

Zoom In/Out


Snapshot Copy text from original document





Snaps lines and arrows to vertical, horizontal and 45째

Extract Text Resize pages, get extra space for annotations


Crop/Add Margins


Insert Image

Every tool has its own property set (color, pen width, background, styles, ...)

Manage stamps in the toolbox


Current Tool Preview Tools Tool Properties

Toolbox and Favorites

Favorites Toolbar (optional)

Favorites Dropdown Menu

Favorites toolbar, dropdown menu and toolbox display the same tools - your favorite tools. Pick preconfigured tools from the toolboxes. Edit, move and reorder your tools in the toolbox. Create your own stamps from the toolbox.

Favorites Toolbox Create your own tool Remove tool from toolbox Edit tool properties Make selected tool a favorite

Page Manager Page Commands

Document Commands

Move pages in preview to reorder document. Select multiple pages to apply page commands or print selected pages.

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