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BASIC LINE ONE Allround Model The best machine for beginners! Frame: Fork: Board: Color:

Cr-Mo Cr-Mo 1-1/8" Aircell cap / P-TEX 2000 Blue / Black / Yellow

COMPACT Allround Model About 10% smaller than the standard Snowscoot for ladies, and upcoming racers! R

Frame: Fork: Board: Color:

MINI Allround Kids M High performan KIDS!! Frame: Fork: Board: Color:

Aluminum Cr-Mo 1-1/8" Aircell cap / P-TEX 2000 Green


Aluminum Aluminum Aircell cap Sky Blue

The 3 different sizes available in BASIC LINE.

From front to back: Mini, Compact, One Choosing the correct size will allow to have more fun and ride safely.


ADVANCED LINE cing Model 㫐㩷㫄㪸㪺㪿㫀㫅㪼㩸㩷㪮㫀㫋㪿㩷㫀㫋㪷㫊㩷㫊㫋㪸㪹㫀㫃㫀㫋㫐㪃㩷㫐㫆㫌 㫀㫅㩷㪸㫅㫐㩷㫋㪼㫉㫉㪸㫀㫅㪅 ll e tricks. re Carbon/P-Tex Electra

Comparing p g with ONE model


STYLE-R Racing Mode S640 / S675 / S700 different head angles made f full aluminum.

The short for will make yo increasing th Frame: Fork: Board: Headset: Color:

Frame: Fork: Headset: Set:

Aluminum (HeadAngles 64㫦,67.5㫦,70㫦) Aluminum 1-1/8" FSA PIG Foot Strap / Leash / AntiSlip Pad Flex Support Washer / Screw Set Rubber Bush

Alum Alum Type FSA Red

STYLE-C he lightest frame available made of Carbon & Aluminum

Aluminum & Carbon Aluminum 1-1/8" Internal Headset Foot Strap / Leash / AntiSlip Pad Flex Support Washer / Screw Set Rubber Bush Color: Polish Silver & Carbon

Frame: Fork: Headset: Set:

Frame: Fork: Color: Headset: Set:

㶎Comparing with ONE model

This is absolutely the Ultimate model with the best material. Available in 3 ifferent head angles.

Titan (HeadAngles 64㫦,67.5㫦,70㫦) Titan 1-1/8" Titan FSA PIG Foot Strap / Leash / AntiSlip Pad Flex Support Washer / Screw Set Rubber Bush

The S series and the Tiablo series are also offered in 3 different head angles. The head angles are: 67.5 as standard head angle (middle), 64q(front), and 70q(back). 1. The all new curve-shaped top-tube designed for Style-F. 2. Comparing the height of the fork and the head-tube of Style-R & Style-F 3. S640/675/700/Style-R are using the all new Hydro-foaming top-tube for increased strength. 4. The all new fork plate used in all the Advanced and Ultimate models. 5. STYLE-R's foot bar. This will keep your foot position secure at higher speed.

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