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BCF BALTECH CARD FORMATTER cSecurity Hierarchical security concept (administrator/user) for handling of sensitive data

Secure Mifare Smart Card Programming and Project Handling

cFlexibility Sophisticated built-in mechanisms to exchange card formatting information without security gaps between project participants

cFully integrated solution Encrypted transfer of secret keytable from BCF to BALTECH Mifare Readers. Export of BCFjobfiles to other BCF-Terminals for secure card programming within distributed applications.

cCompatibility ODBC- and ActiveX-interface to exchange data with external databases and management-/ printer-software

cI/O-port-controlled operation mode which allows an easy connection to e.g. Printers and card dispensing machines.

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The BALTECH Card Formatter consists of the Card Formatter Software and a read-/write device (module for integration or desktop terminal). With this solution, Mifare card encoding can be done without the need to write project-specific software. The card structure is defined by an administrator, who needs a basic knowledge in Mifare technology. The administrator creates a jobfile, which contains all data required to encode the project cards. In detail, the jobfile contains fixed data to be written to the card, a software-controlled unique card number which can be stored at several locations in various data formats and variables to exchange data through ActiveX or ODBC with external databases and application software. The secret keys and access conditions as well as the security settings of the jobfile can also be defined by the administrator. Once the jobfile has been created, it can be exported and sent via e-mail to a specific or non-specific Card Formatter Terminal. The recepient just needs to import the file and starting the encoding process based on a simple user interface. All card encoding data is stored in a logfile which can be re-exported to the administrator to let him know which cards have been generated.

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BCF Datasheet Rev. 2.1