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Energy efficiency is vitally important for him – and for your company

Your contribution to climate protection: Improve the ecological footprint of your food manufacturing processes The carbon footprint is still a relatively new term in the context of global environmental discussions. It is defined by the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused by production processes. Industrialised countries have committed themselves to reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent by the year 2020. The consequence: in all areas of our society large efforts are being made in order to prepare new laws and regulations. But alongside discussions concerning electric cars or energy-saving light bulbs seen in the media, many other profound changes are occurring in silence: in a wide range of industries, entire production processes are being modified or replaced by more energy-efficient technologies. This change is posing a challenge for all companies: whoever ignores this development, is taking the risk of being shut out of the market, as avoidable CO2emissions can cause higher additional costs. Hence it is time to question one’s own production facilities. The KMA AAIRMAXX® filter system for the food processing industry does not only remove smoke and bad odour from the air, it additionally – thanks to an energy-saving operation – reduces CO2-emissions significantly. Consequently KMA AAIRMAXX® was awarded with acknowledged innovation prizes such as the DLG FoodTec Award.

Energy consumption and CO 2-emissions generated by production processes are examined in the course of all discussion related to climate change. The modular KMA AAIRMAXX ® air filtration system reduces the amount of power necessary to clean the air by up to 80 percent. And preserves the environment.

The most important factor for industrial environmental protection: efficiency KMA waste air filtration systems can be applied to many fields within the processing industry. During the course of development our engineers and process technicians consistently focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. As a result, the KMA waste air filtration system consumes up to 80 percent less energy in comparison to conventional post-combustion systems! Lowered energy consumption equals: lower costs! Consequently a KMA waste air filtration system is paid off in a relatively short time due to the reduced energy costs. KMA Umwelttechnik stands for quality and innovation. More than 2500 filter systems worldwide provide evidence of this. Their use achieves sustained success by avoiding environmental pollution such as smoke and odour. At the same time they make an important contribution to climate protection due to minimum energy consumption.

The most important areas of application are:

䡲 Frying facilities / continuous frying systems 䡲 All areas of application for smoking meat or fish 䡲 Baking facilities and baking ovens 䡲 Roasting plants for coffee / cacao / nuts 䡲 Large-scale catering establishments, canning factories

䡲 Livestock breeding and fattening facilities The Greek letter Eta (␩) in Physics symbolises the effectiveness and degree of efficiency for the utilisation of energy. Efficient environmental protection in any industry is the consistently used synergetic effect between the maximum degree of efficiency and the minimal energy input. AAIRMAXX® waste air clean up is effective and efficient in environmental protection!

The degree of efficiency is crucial!

The modules of the KMA AAIRMAXX速 air filtration systems:

Many production processes in the food industry cause a waste air composite made of smoke and impurities resulting in odour. The six energy-saving modules of the AAIRMAXX® air filtration system provide a solution to any problem created by waste air in the food processing industry. Electrostatic precipitators for the separation of smoke and dust

Activated Lignite Filter

The AAIRMAXX® particle filter effecti-

the removal of odour at food processing

vely separates aerosols such as grease,

factories. Odorous substances and air

tar (smoke), or oil from waste air with-

molecules settle on the surface of the

out clogging. It is made of one or seve-

Activated Lignite. For a cost-effective

ral metal tubes with an ionisator in the

operation it is necessary to have an

middle of each tube. The particles are

effective pre-treatment of waste air

charged by electrostatic energy and

as well as the right dimensioning well

settle on the inner surface of the tubes.

adapted to each case of operation.

The cleaning process of the filter takes

Therefore the range of application is

place automatically and at regular


Activated Carbon and Lignite are often considered to be a universal remedy for


Biofiltration Waste Air Scrubber

The Biofilter from the AAIRMAXX®

The scrubber is designed for the sepa-

modular system is designed to remove

ration of odour, gas, and fumes, and

odour and gas of a low concentration

operates according to the absorption

from large volumes of waste air. The

principle. The gases and fumes contai-

operation of a Biofilter is particularly

ned in the waste air are first captured

cost-effective in the case of constant

and then separated by the use of an

waste air flow.

appropriate washing liquid. Furthermore the scrubber can be applied as a humidifier before waste air enters

Air Cooling, Heat Recovery

into the biological filter.

In the case of cleaning waste air of a high temperature (> 40° C) and high humidity the AAIRMAXX® air cooler

UV Light Oxidation

can be used in the conditioning stage,

Malodorous VOC molecules (e. g.

in particular for Biofilters and Activated

from frying processes or large-scale

Lignite filters. Waste air vertically passes

kitchens) can be oxidised by means

through a heat exchanger made of

of UV light. The result is a considerable

stainless steel tubes. Separated oil,

reduction in odour, and in many cases

grease, and water are then discharged

odour eliminated altogether.

by a condensate drain. Heat recovery in the form of hot processing water can be achieved in combination with a KMA Ambitherm heat pump.

The modular KMA AAIRMAXX速 air filtration system can be used for all applications in the food processing industry. Tunnel Frying Units

Two KMA AAIRMAXX速 filter systems were installed to purify the waste air (grease, smoke, odour) of several tunnel frying units with an overall waste air volume of 12 000 m続/h. The filter system consists of air-to-air heat exchangers, scrubbers, and biofilters. The system was mounted on the rooftop, directly above frying units.

Ham Smokehouse

This smokehouse facility with more than 20 smoking chambers was equipped with a central KMA AAIRMAXX速 filter system which consisted of an electrostatic filter for the removal of smoke and tar as well as a waste air scrubber. The filter has a modular design and is cleaned by an integrated automatic CIP cleaning system.

Protecting the environment: saving energy as well as costs. No problem with a KMA waste air filtration system

Production facility for fish food

Fish food production processes cause highly malodorous waste air. In order to avoid annoyance to neighbouring residences waste air is being purified by an AAIRMAXX速 air filtration system. The filter system consists of a waste air scrubber and an activated lignite filter. The pH level control and the water exchange take place automatically. The activated lignite filter is composed of two separate towers providing a capacity of 12 500 m続/h each.

Hot Dog production line

The production process of hot dogs on a smoking and scalding continuous line creates a large load of smoke and odour. Initially a thermal post-combustion system was used for this application, however due to high operating costs and enormous CO2 emissions this system was replaced by a KMA AAIRMAXX速 smoke filtration system, providing a capacity of 1 500 m続/h. The annual energy cost savings therefore add up to more than 60 000 Euro; leading to the annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by more then 200 t!

AAIRMAXX ® filters purify waste air while saving energy and CO 2! This is active environmental protection which pays off.

an energy consumption of more than 50 000 m³ of natural gas. While simultaneously generating a CO2 burden of approximately 100 tons! This is where an enormous potential for cost and CO2 savings lies for many smoke houses and frying facilities: By replacing an old air treatment device with an energy-saving AAIRMAXX® filter system energy

In the food processing industry the largest potential

consumption is decreased by around 80 percent. This

to avoid CO2 emissions, apart from refrigeration tech-

is accompanied by a considerable reduction of CO2

nology, lies within waste air filtration technology.

emissions. In the example mentioned above, the re-

Conventional catalytic or thermal post-combustion

sult is an annual reduction of CO2 emissions by over

systems require large amounts of oil, gas, or electri-

80 tonnes! The expenditure for a new filter system

city for waste air purification. High energy consump-

will therefore be amortised in less than 3 years.

tion is therefore accompanied by a corresponding amount of CO2 emissions. For example: a thermal post-combustion systems providing a capacity of 1 500 m³/h (corresponding approximately to a smokehouse with 6-8 smoking chambers) requires more than 50 m³ of natural gas, even when used in combination with a modern heat recovery system. This is not only costly, but leads to



CO2 emissions equating to approximately 100 kg every hour. The consequence: even if the annual use is only 1 500 hours (equivalent to approximately 6 hours of smoking per day) an operator will face

KMA Replace your post-combustion system now and save money!

Compact and energy efficient: The smoke filtration system KMA AX 750 purifies the waste air of up to 6 smoking chambers

Ask us for a free operation cost comparison adapted to your specific application. AAIRMAXX® waste air filtration systems purify the air and reduce your consumption of natural gas at the same time! You will save energy, reduce the consumption of our resources, and preserve the climate. This is active climate protection!

The advantages of AAIRMAXX ® waste air filtration systems at a glance KMA AAIRMAXX® fits to any production process! Whether you are roasting, frying, baking, smoking, or drying. With the KMA AAIRMAXX® air filtration system it is possible to deal with any waste air problem, while staying flexible with your production processes.

Refurbishing an old plant with KMA AAIRMAXX® KMA waste air filtration systems have zero negative impact on processes taking place during production. Existing production plants are able to continue operation without modifying their original design and will in turn meet the requirements of the TA-Luft* regulations. The advantage: established food products can remain the same in relation to their manufacturing techniques and sensation of taste kept 100 percent identical.

The operating costs of a KMA AAIRMAXX®waste air filtration system are considerably low KMA waste air filtration systems use the most advanced, as well as the most cost-effective method for waste air clean up by combining both the techniques of electrostatic precipitators as well as gas scrubbers. In comparison to conventional methods of postcombustion, energy costs are decreased by up to 80 percent.

High filtration efficiency KMA AAIRMAXX® waste air filtration systems ensure compliance with the emission limit values according to the TA-Luft* regulations and the VDI** directives.

Operation almost free from wear KMA AAIRMAXX® waste air filtration systems are not vulnerable to thermal wear. More than 2 500 systems installed in numerous manufacturing works, and some with over 50 000 hours of operation, serve as evidence of this.

* German TA-Luft are the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control ** Association of German Engineers

What remains to be said The company KMA is characterised by people who, above all, are convinced that producing energy-efficient air purification systems makes an active contribution to the continued protection of the environment. We hope that we have been able to give you some valuable information in terms of energy-efficient solutions for waste air and odour issues in the food processing industry. We would be happy to work out a configuration proposal - free of charge of course – with a sample appliance which would be adapted to your exact requirements. By means of a comprehensive system description and a detailed operating cost comparison we can then find the most economically favourable solution to meet your needs.

Our range of services comprises:

䡲 Consulting, design, tender 䡲 BImSchG* applications 䡲 A supply of complete air purification systems 䡲 Service Call us, send us a message, or visit our website. We look forward to your enquiry. EN ISO 9001:2000

Certified Company

* German Federal Immission Control Act


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