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“CERTIFIED” HIGH-PERFORMANCE FABRICS DRY TOUCH® is made from high-tech functional channel cross-sectioned yarns that are produced at the Korteks AŞ yarn factory employing special techniques. Advanced technology and functionability come together to create DRY TOUCH®, a genuine high-performance fabric that is also natural-looking and soft to the touch and provides perfect moisture absorption, breathability and improved cover.

This booklet details the technical features and advantages of DRY TOUCH® fabrics.


Technical features of DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics DRY TOUCH® fabrics derive their special qualities from the physical structure of the yarns from which they are woven. Unlike other fabrics on the market that claim to offer the same features, the special qualities of DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics are not the result of the application of chemicals during the finishing process after weaving. Any attributes that are added to cloth through the use of chemical processes after weaving will eventually disappear as the fabric is repeatedly washed. This is because with every washing, some more of the chemicals applied to the cloth will be broken down by detergents and be lost. The yarn used to weave DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics consists of a bundle of many thin filaments, very like an electrical cable does. The pictures below show the usual cross-sections of cotton, normal polyester, and 5-channel functional yarns. The yarns that make up DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics are not round in crosssection like normal polyester yarns are. Instead, they have a channeled cross section that gives DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics their unique properties.





Five-channel filaments are shown in the picture at the left. A large number of these filaments are combined together to form the yarn. The channeled structure of the filaments facilitates the fabric’s air and moisture transport. These channels bring air from the outer surface to the inner one while conveying moisture in the opposite direction



Five channel functional filaments have three times more surface area than normal polyester filaments with the same weight. The rough structure of the filaments is what increases the surface area.

The Benefits of DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics Advanced Moisture Management Health professionals know that imbalances in body temperature and moisture management cause skin problems and irritation. Most experts nowadays advise wearing garments and hosieries that breath naturally. DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics are used in the production of active sportswear, medical garments, military wear, and hosiery. The channeled structure of the filaments facilitates the fabric’s air and moisture transport. These channels bring air from the outer surface to the inner one while conveying moisture in the opposite direction. Because the functional yarn’s filaments (and thus the yarns and fabrics as well) have a greater surface area than normal filaments, the fabrics also dry faster. When DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics and normal fabrics in the same size are wetted with the same amount of water, the water poured on the DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabric spreads out over three times more surface area than it does on the normal fabric, which means that it dries more


quickly. This property gives a DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabric user a continuous feeling of dryness and comfort.




Allows fabric to breathe naturally Draws moisture away from the skin Balances body temperature Dries faster Body loses moisture content so it cools down faster Maximizes performance over time

Softer to the touch The five-channel cross-section filaments that make up DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics result in a softer texture than fabrics that have round cross-section filaments. The bending and stretching abilities of channel cross-section filaments are greater than those of other shaped filaments. This feature comes from the 5-channel filaments’ string-like structure. This structure gives 5-channel filaments a flexibility module that is three times less than other filaments. In other words, it requires three times less energy to flex 5-channel cross-section filaments than filaments that have round cross-section.

Better resistance to bending in pile fabrics While it is easier to bend the filaments that have a 5-channel cross-section in the longitudinal axis, it is also harder to bend them along the vertical axis. Due to this property, yarns recover their original shape more easily and faster after being bent and released. As a result, when a force applied to a DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabric is removed, the fabric reassumes its former smooth surface structure. The ability to resist deformation through pressure, which is especially important in upholstery and pile fabrics, is excellent in DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics. For example when a DRY TOUCH® Performance velvet fabric is pressed with a finger, virtually no finger mark remains on the surface of the fabric, unlike normal velvets.


This feature also gives DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics better non-wrinkle values and provides for better ironing performance.

Advanced cover These string-like filaments with their 5-channel cross-section have better cover properties and maximum optimization in fabric construction compared with yarns that have round cross-section filaments. The string-like shape of the filaments increases the cover of the fabrics and also makes them fuller with the result that DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics are considerably lighter than are other fabrics with the same appearance.

Higher productivity The advanced cover feature of the DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics makes them more economical than fabrics woven from round cross-section filaments and this reduces manufacturing costs. For example even when the amount of pile used in a DRY TOUCH® Performance velvet is reduced 10% or even 15%, the fabric has the same cover as comparable fabrics made from round cross-section filaments.

More saturated colors The greater surface area of the functional yarns that are used to make DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics provides for better dye absorption resulting in greater color saturation in the fabric.

More natural look DRY TOUCH® Performance Fabrics made from filaments with 5-channel crosssections have a more natural look than normal processed PES fabrics do. The scatter reflectance resulting from the multichannel cross-section gives fabrics a natural and highly aesthetic appearance.


DRY TOUCH速 Performance Fabrics Test Results In performance tests, garments made from DRY TOUCH速 Performance Fabrics absorbed water ten times faster and dried two times faster than did garments made from cotton. Drying Time Test In this test, a standard amount of fabric was wetted with a standard amount of distilled water and the drying time of fabric was measured. The DRY TOUCH速 Performance Fabric dried completely in 52 minutes.

Fabric Drying Test Results in Minutes. 100 90 80 70 60 50 40

DRY TOUCH速 Competitive Brand




Absorbency Test In this test, conducted according to International AATCC 79 test standards, a standard amount of water (approximately a drop) is placed on the fabric and the amount of time for the fabric to absorb the water is measured in seconds. DRY TOUCH速 Performance Fabrics have excellent absorption properties and absorb water faster than any other known fabrics.

Absorbency Test Results in Seconds 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 DRY TOUCH速 Competitive Brand




Vertical Wicking Test In this test, one end of standard size strip is vertically immersed slightly into distilled water. The height to which the water was transported along the strip after 10 minutes is measured and reported in centimeters. Higher wicking values show greater water transport ability. The water on the DRY TOUCH速 Performance Fabric was transported to a height of 14 cms in 10 minutes.

Vertical Wicking Test Results in Centimeters (After 10 Minutes) 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 DRY TOUCH速 Competitive Brand




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