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Why Run your entire enterprise from a single solution is a Cloud based business solution with the operational performance of top of the line installed software systems. lets you manage all administrative sides of your business: • • • • • • •

Financials Accounting Project Management Supplier & BI Employees Logistics CRM

5 efficiency-enhancing features: 1. Accessibility anywhere on any device – always up-to-date information. 2. Full integration and single sign-on to dramatically improve your workflow. 3. Automated business processes to streamline your operations. 4. Role based interfaces help everyone work more efficiently. 5. Always the latest version. No more updates, installations and restarts.

Who is it for? Whether you are a small or medium sized enterprise, will meet your demands. The solution can easily be scaled up or down to support your ever-changing needs. satisfies the expert user’s demands for speed, functionality, and reliability. And stunning design and userfriendliness makes tasks easy and efficient to perform for all users.

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Reduce cost and complexity Four ways will help boost your profits


No large investments upfront

All services come fully integrated and ready to go. No costly and time consuming installations and integrations needed.


Flexibility to adjust to your demands

As a subscriber you only pay for the services you desire and the amount of users you require.

Add services and users as your business grows – or scale down to adjust to market fluctuations. Say goodbye to expensive solutions that no longer meet your needs.


Reduce your IT costs

Servers, back-up routines and installations are managed safely by us in the Cloud. This frees up resources currently tied up in IT management.


Faster time to value

From the moment you have placed your order to your services are up and running we are talking minutes.

The services A complete, fully integrated business solution Give your professionals the power tools they need to perform at the top of their game. And empower your managers and executives with accurate, up-to-date information anywhere, anytime, on any device. Financials

Coming services Financials offers a complete finance solution designed specifically to meet the professional user`s demand for functionality.

New services are imminent. Our next waves will include:

Automating tasks and providing electronic communication with business partners, suppliers, customers and banks, allows the professionals to focus on business issues rather than data entry. Invoicing

• Approval of Invoices • Expense Management • Logistics • Project Management • Business Intelligence • Government Financial Reporting AutoInvoice is a web based e-invoicing service. Tightly integrated with Financials it provides a seamless business process. Supporting a range of international formats, the process of issuing and receiving e-invoices is simplified. Payments AutoPay enables electronic transactions between you and your bank. Say goodbye to manual steps and experience how much time you save with tight integration between AutoPay and Financials. CRM SuperOffice CRM is a full-featured CRM solution designed to give you full overview of your customers. The award-winning solution supports all your needs – from contact management to sales and marketing – and is seamlessly integrated with’s many services. Run your business efficiently online.

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Extensive security Your data is safe Your trust is our most valuable asset. That is why we go to such great lengths to provide you with reliable and secure services in the Cloud.

Data security • All web communication is AES level encrypted • Web interfaces are SSL level encrypted • Dual restricted access data centers located in separate physical locations • Onsite security personnel 24-7-365, surveillance, access control and alarm systems System reliability • Redundant environment, power and telecommunication connections • Load balancers to ensure good performance at peak times • ISO 20 000 and ISO 9001 certifications Back up • • •

Redundant databases always have at least two copies Customer data is fully backed up every second day and transactional data every hour. Compliance with applicable regulations under local data security laws

Service availability • Visma guarantees 99,6% availability on quarterly basis excluding maintenance windows

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How to get started Getting started with is quick and easy

1. Point your web browser to 2. 3. 4.

Complete the Order Now form A representative will contact you for further assistances Start consuming the services

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Redefining business solutions  
Redefining business solutions