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March 22, 2013


Change on the Supervisory Board of Ahlers AG On the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of Ahlers AG on May 7, 2013 in Düsseldorf, the shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board, who are to be appointed by the AGM, will be elected (agenda item 8). The Nomination Committee has proposed the following candidates: Prof. Dr. Julia von Ah, tax expert, Zurich Prof. Dr. Carl-Heinz Heuer, attorney, Königstein Prof. Dr. Ulrich von Jeinsen, attorney, Hanover The Annual General Meeting is not bound by these election proposals. Prof. Dr. Julia von Ah and Prof. Dr. Carl-Heinz Heuer are already members of the Supervisory Board of Ahlers AG; their term of office ends with the next Annual General Meeting. Mr Jan A. Ahlers, who has served on the Supervisory Board as Vice Chairman since 2002, will no longer run for office for reasons of age. Following the death of his father in 1968, Mr Ahlers took over the helm of the company, took it public in 1987 and served as CEO of Ahlers AG until 2002. In his capacity as majority shareholder, Mr Ahlers will continue to maintain close relations with the company. Drawing on his long-standing professional experience, he will remain available as an advisor to the Management Board and the Supervisory Board whenever requested by the latter.

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