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Media Kit 2009 im rung e isi at m to

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Fachheft: Fertigungs- und Anlagetechnik

Deutschland: 11,40 EUR 路 Schweiz: 21,50 sfr 60. Jahrgang 路 1|2009

Schwerpunkt: Qualit盲tssicherung und Kontrolle

2 Media Information 2009

Media Kit Publication:

GIESSEREI-PRAXIS is one of the oldest trade magazines in Germany. High market penetration and the particular constitution of its readership within the foundry industry make the magazine a reliable and successful advertising medium. GIESSEREI-Praxis subscribers largely belong to foundry business management and more than 90 % of them influence their company’s decisions on purchases and investments. Regional distribution of the magazine covers foundry businesses in all of Germany. Abroad, a regional emphasis is put on Austria and Switzerland as well as on eastern European countries. GIESSEREI-PRAXIS is available world wide via the Internet. GIESSEREI-PRAXIS is an established and effective advertising medium when targeting managers and executives from the foundry industry in Germany and abroad.


Independent magazine


Fachverlag Schiele & Schoen GmbH


Volume 60, 2009


10 issues per year


Annual subscription Germany € 141.50 (incl. postage fee) Abroad € 163.00 (incl. postage fee) Single copy price € 11.40

Reader Profile GIESSEREI-PRAXIS readers largely belong to foundry business upper and middle management. They work in vital areas of the foundry industry and have substantial influence on investment decisions.

What is your position in the company?

In which field/s do you work? (multiple answers possible)

27% Owner, board member, chief executive

39% Management 26% Research, development, construction 20% Planning / scheduling 36% Manufacturing, production 3% Stock / transport

6% Business unit director, area director 20% Executive manager with power of proxy 26% Head of department 1% Commercial clerk

11% Sales 7% Administration, organisation 8% Purchasing 15% Quality control 7% Customer service 4% Not stated

8% Technical clerk 6% Foreman 1% Student, Apprentice 4% Other 1% Not stated

In which way do you participate in your company’s decision process? 18 % I am the final decision maker

Have you ever received any ideas for purchases or investments from adverts in GIESSEREI-PRAXIS?

52 % I am a co-decision maker 61% Yes 20 % I advise decision makers 32% No 4 % No influence on decisions 6 % Not stated

7% Not stated

Telephone interviewing



Media Information 2009

Advertising Formats and Prices in â‚Ź

Advert sizes

Format in mm Width Height




Additional Scale Colours + 1 colour + 2 colours

+ 3 colours (4c)

1/1 Page With bleed

167 210

262 297





3/4 Page vertical 3/4 Page horizontal Bleed vertical Bleed horizontal

125 167 146 210

262 195 297 212





131 151

182 211





81 167 102 210

262 129 297 157





Juniorpage: 1. Within print area 2. With bleed

1/2 Page vertical 1/2 Page horizontal Bleed vertical Bleed horizontal

1/3 Page horizontal Bleed horizontal 1/4 Page within print area A = 1 column B = 2 columns C = 4 columns





1/8 Page within print area A = 1 column B = 2 columns C = 4 columns 1/16 Page within print area D = vertical E = horizontal

167 210

85 112





40 81 167

262 129 63





40 81 167

129 63 30


40 81

63 30


Spread across gutter 2/1 Pages within print area With bleed

2/2 Pages within print area With bleed

376 420

262 297





376 420

129 146





A minimum trim allowance of 3 mm has to be added to all adverts with bleed.


6 Media Information 2009

Advertising Price List Nr. 37/ Valid from 01. January 2008 Print and finishing procedure, print data

Print procedure Printing screen

Offset max. 60 lines/square cm

Print data

Digital data (EPS, QuarkXPress or Freehand), offset colour sets (hardproof on picture printing paper in accordance with FOGRA guidelines). Delivery of other print data may cause additional expenses for layout and composing. Trim allowance of 3 mm for adverts with bleed, and of 5 mm for inserts per fore-edge. No trim allowance is required for the gutter. The number of inserts, enclosures, and attachments required for the individual print run is available from the publisher on request.

Trim allowance

Print run

Preferential placement

Cover page Cover page

Colour surcharge

Euroscale colour (see price list) Minor variance in tonal value may be due to the tolerance span of the offset printing procedure. No responsibility can be accepted for print results when using colour sets without colour scale. There is no discount available for colour surcharges.

Size 210 mm x 215 mm plus trim allowance 4c: â‚Ź 2900,00

Adverts with bleed

There is no additional charge for adverts with bleed or formats outside the print area. Gutter bleed will also not be charged.

Advertising close date

See publication schedule


Delivery of inserts and enclosures up to the print data close date.


Cancellation of advertising orders up to the advertising close date.


Frequency scale 3 adverts 5% 6 adverts 10 % 10 adverts 15 % 12 adverts 20 %

Combination discount


Quantity scale 2 pages 5% 3 pages 10 % 6 pages 15 % 10 pages 20 % 12 pages 25 %


8 Media Information 2009

Advertising Sizes and Prices (in €) Inserts

with 2 pages with 4 pages

€ 2,265.00 € 4,530.00

Inserts to be delivered pre-folded and untrimmed. On request the publisher can provide the folding at a charge. Three samples of the insert are requested by the publisher at the time of order placement. Insert orders will qualify for discount. 3,500 insert copies will be required.


Trimmed size = publication size (height 297 mm, width 210 mm)


Price for enclosures up to 25 g € 1,510.00, any further 5 g to be charged with an additional € 230.00. Prices for attachments on request. Additional postage fees are incurred by enclosures and other enclosed objects. All enclosures must be suitable for machine processing; a sample of the enclosure is therefore requested by the publisher at the time of order placement. Enclosure and attachment orders will not qualify for any discount.


Minimum size 105 x 148 mm (DIN A6), maximum size 195 x 280 mm

Delivery address

Will be provided with the order confirmation.

Formats and Deadlines Publication format

210 mm width, 297 mm height

Print area Columns

167 mm width, 262 mm height 4 columns each with a width of 40 mm Print and finishing procedure, print data: see page 6.


Cancellation of advertising orders is possible up to the advertising close date. All prices are gross prices subject to the addition of the statutory rate of VAT.


10 Media Informationen 2009

Contact Publisher

Fachverlag Schiele & Schoen GmbH


Markgrafenstraße 11 · 10969 Berlin, Germany Telephone +49 (30) 25 37 52-0 · Telefax +49 (30) 25 37 52-99 E-Mail Internet General manager: Harald Rauh, Karl-Michael Mehnert Amtsgericht: Berlin Charlottenburg, HR B 3261


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Stephan Hasse Veitsbergweg 29 · 8700 Leoben · Austria Telephone +43 (38 42) 44 570 · Telefax +43 (38 42) 42 44 555 E-Mail

Advertising manager

Hildegard Kobel Telefon +49 (30) 25 37 52-53 · Telefax +49 (30) 25 37 52-88 E-Mail

Advertising coordinator

Barbara Huth Telephone +49 (30) 25 37 52-20 · Telefax +49 (30) 25 37 52-88 E-Mail

Terms of payment

2 % discount: payment within 8 days of invoice date or 14 days net

VAT Identification Number

DE 136628795

Other publications in the foundry field DRUCKGUSS-PRAXIS – Trade Magazine for the Die Casting Industry The magazine has a dedicated readership within the die casting industry. DRUKKGUSSPRAXIS-Praxis subscribers largely belong to die casting business management and influence their company’s decisions on purchases and investments. DRUCKGUSSPRAXIS-PRAXIS is an established and effective advertising medium when targeting managers and executives from the die casting industry in Germany and abroad. The magazine is published eight times per year. There are discounts available for combined advertising in GIESSEREI-PRAXIS and DRUCKGUSS-PRAXIS. GIESSEREI LEXIKON 2008 – Foundry Encyclopaedia 2008 19th Edition Taschenbuch der Gießerei-Praxis – Foundry Yearbook Published annually, this almanac is an indispensable aid for the foundry practitioner. It contains the most current standards and tables in nine different subject areas and is clearly laid out with an index for easy reference. It also comprises of an information section, an index of supply sources for the foundry industry as well as a list of leading foundries.

With the completely revised and enhanced reprint of GIESSEREI LEXIKON, Schiele & Schoen provide clients with a reliable and sustainable platform that has established itself as an effective advertising medium in the foundry industry. It consists of a comprehensive outline of the foundry industry with more than 7.500 keywords covering all areas of foundry technology. It also contains an index of supply sources for the foundry industry as well as a list of leading foundries.


12 Media Informationen 2009

Publication Schedule 2009 Issue


Publication date

Advertising close date

Print data close date

Issue 1-2 January/ February

Special edition: insulation and form fitting Specialised issue: Production technology and systems engineering Quality assurance and control




Special topic: Automation and software

Issue 3 March

Specialised issue: Light metal casting With special focus on Aluminium sand and gravity die casting




Issue 4 April

Congress and tradeshow issue Hanover Fair Industry April 22nd –24th 2009, Hannover 113th Metal casting Congress April 07th–10th 2009, Nevada (USA)




Issue 5 May

Symposium and Congress issue Tradeshow and congress issue Deutscher Gießereitag, May 14th–15th 2009, Berlin WFO Technical Forum 2009, 01.06.2009 in Brno CZ June 01st 2009 , Brno (CZ) preliminary report NEWCAST

Special topic: Material testing and quality management 05.05.2009



Special topic: Knock-out, cleaning, surface

Issue 6 June

Tradeshow issue NEWCAST 3. International Trade Fair for Precision Castings June 23rd–25th, Düsseldorf




Issue 7–8 July-August

Anniversary issue, 60 years Giesserei Praxis Specialised issue: Iron casting With special focus on Cast iron with nodular and vermicular graphite




Special topic: Non ferrous casting materials

Issue 9 September

Specialised issue: Moulding sands and moulding processes With special focus on Foundry machinery, equipment and installations NEWCAST follow-up report




Issue 10 October

Tradeshow issue Materialica International product engineering Fair October 13th–15th, Munich




Issue 11 November

Specialised issue: simulation in casting processes with special focus on: Aluminium and magnesium alloys, EuroMold December 02nd–05th, Frankfurt

Issue 12 December

Specialised issue: Light metal casting With special focus on Aluminium and magnesium alloys


Environment and safety at work 04.11.2009



Special topic: Cast iron and cast steel production

Foundry Yearbook 2009

Schedule changes are possible


14 Media Information 2009

General Terms and Conditions (ABG)

1. According to the following general terms and conditions (AGB), “advertising orders” are understood as a contract to publish one or more advertisements by a particular party in one of the publisher’s publications with the intention of being circulated. Such an advertising order also includes inserts, enclosures and attachments.

deadline whether the order cannot be completed according to the above criteria. Classified advertisements will be printed in the corresponding section without this requiring special confirmation.

2. In so far as nothing else has been agreed upon, advertisements are to be called up within a year after the conclusion of the contract for publication. If the right to call individual advertisements has been granted under a contract, the order must be concluded within one year of the publication of the first advertisement if the first advertisement has been called up and published within the time limit stated in sentence 1.

8. The publisher, based on justifiable and equal principles, has the right to refuse an advertisement order if that advertisement’s content, source, or technical form, is illegal or infringes upon official regulations, or if the publisher feels that the publication of the advertisement is unacceptable. This also holds true for orders received by agencies or company representatives.

3. An advertising order only becomes legally binding once the client has received a written order confirmation from the publisher. 4. At the conclusion of an advertising order, the client is entitled to call up further advertisements within the period agreed on in § 2. In this case it is possible that a larger discount will apply.

7. Advertisements that are not readily recognizable as such because of their design will be clearly marked “Advertisement” by the publisher.

Supplement orders are only completed after the publisher receives and approves an exact sample copy of the supplement. Supplements that give readers the impression that they are an integral part of the publication as a result of their format or presentation, or supplements that contain additional external advertisements, will not be accepted. The client will be informed about the refusal of his advertising order without delay.

5. If an advertising order is not fulfilled due to circumstances which are not the fault of the publisher, the client, without prejudice to any further legal obligations, must reimburse the publisher for the difference between the discount granted and the discount which corresponds to actual publication. This reimbursement becomes void if the non-fulfilment lies in the publisher’s area of risk.

9. The client is responsible for the timely delivery of suitable, flawless documents or supplements. On receipt of printing documents that are obviously unsuitable or damaged, the publisher will request a replacement without delay.

6. Orders for advertisements or external supplements, which are only to be published in pre-designated amounts, in a pre-designated issue and in a predesignated area within a publication, must be received in a timely manner by the publisher so that the publisher can inform the client prior to the reservation

The publisher reserves the right to change the order if there are discrepancies in the colour, format or amount of text contained in the delivered printing materials. The publisher guarantees to reproduce the advertisement free from print errors to the extent that the printing material provided by the client permits this.

10. In the event that a printed advertisement is partially or totally unreadable, incorrect, or incomplete, the client has the right to demand a reduction in price or the substitution of a corrected advertisement in a later issue of the publication, but such claims can only be made in the event the purpose of the advertisement was negatively affected. If the publisher fails to reduce the cost of the advertisement within a given period of time that is acceptable, or if the substitute advertisement is again incorrect, the client has the right to a further reduction in price or a change of the contract terms. The publisher cannot be held responsible for any mistakes which may occur as the result of telephone transmissions.

to the invoice. The responsibility rests with the client to prove that this amount of compensation should be reduced. In the event of a delay in payment, the publisher can also postpone fulfilment of the open order until payment is received and demand advance payment for all remaining advertisements.

Claims for damages regarding positive infringement on requirements, default on the contract, or other unacceptable actions cannot be made even if an order is placed by telephone.

15. Upon request, the publisher shall supply a sample of the advertisement with the invoice. Depending on the type and size of the order, this sample may consist of only advertisement segments, single pages or a complete issue. If a sample can no longer be supplied, the publisher will issue a placement certificate instead.

Claims for damages as a result of an order’s impossibility to complete and other delays are limited to compensation for predictable damages and the total price of the advertisement or supplement. This does not refer to intentional and gross negligence on the part of the publisher, its legal representatives and its employees. The publisher‘s responsibility for damages as a result of the absence of guaranteed features remains unaffected. Furthermore, the publisher is not responsible in commercial business connections for gross negligence on the part of employees that are not executive staff, in all other cases towards salespersons the responsibility for gross negligence and compensation will be limited to foreseeable damages, thus not exceeding the cost of the advertisement in question. Apart from non-obvious mistakes, complaints must be registered four weeks after the receipt of the invoice and sample. 11. Proof sheets will be supplied only if explicitly requested. The client is responsible for the accuracy of the proof sheets sent. The publisher will carry out any corrections requested of which he is informed within the time limit stated when sending the proofs. 12. If there are no particular rules regarding the size, the calculation shall be based upon the usual and actual height of the advertisement. 13. In the event that the client does not pay in advance, the invoice will be sent immediately, or, at latest 14 days after publication of the advertisement. Invoices are to be paid within the time limit set out in the price list, unless the client and the publisher have already agreed in writing to a different payment period. Any discounts for early payment will be granted according to the price list.

If the publisher has justified doubts as to whether a client can pay an invoice, the publisher has the right without consideration of an originally agreed upon term of payment and even during an advertisement’s runtime, to make the further publication of an advertisement dependent on advance payment of the amount due and payment of pending invoice amounts.

16. The client is responsible for any costs accrued during the preparation of reproductions and paper originals requested by the client or major changes to the originally agreed upon design. 17. The cancellation of an advertising order confirmed by the publisher is only possible up to the advertising closing date stated in the publication schedule. The cancellation of a confirmed title page advertisement is not possible. 18. In the case of advertisements under a box number, the publisher shall take reasonable care for the safekeeping and timely forwarding of offers. Registered or express mail will only be forwarded as ordinary mail. In the interest of, and for the client’s protection, the publisher reserves the right to open incoming offers for inspection and to prevent fraudulent use of the box number service. The publisher is not obliged to forward any business or agency offers. 19. Printing documents are only returned to the client on special request. The retention obligation for printing documents ends three months after the publication of the advertisement unless other agreements have been made. 20. Place of payment and place of jurisdiction, if not otherwise required by law, is the registered office of the publishing company If the client’s home or typical place of residence is unknown at the time of the lawsuit, or if the client moves his/her home or place of residence outside the area of legal jurisdiction following the conclusion of the contract, the registered office of the publishing company will automatically become the agreed legal venue.

14. In the event of a delay of payment or moratorium, interest at the current bank rate of the Europaeische Zentralbank plus 6% shall be applied and collection fees added


Editor-in-Chief Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Stephan Hasse Veitsbergweg 29 8700 Leoben, Austria Telephone +43 (38 42) 44 570 Telefax +43 (38 42) 44 555 E-Mail

Redaktion Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Polzin Gartenstr. 2a 路 09661 Tiefenbach-Marbach Telefon +49 (37 31) 39 27-44 Telefax +49 (37 31) 39 24-42 E-Mail

Advertising manager Hildegard Kobel Markgrafenstr. 11 路 10969 Berlin Telefon +49 (30) 25 37 52-53 Telefax +49 (30) 25 37 52-88 E-Mail kobel@schiele-schoen.d

Advertsing coordinator Barbara Huth Telephone +49 (30) 25 37 52-20 Telefax +49 (30) 25 37 52-88 E-Mail

Trade Magazine for the Foundry Industry

Fachverlag Schiele & Schoen GmbH Markgrafenstr. 11 10969 Berlin, Germany Telephone +49 (30) 25 37 52-0 Telefax +49 (30) 25 37 52-88 Internet

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