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About Grandtek

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• Our Grand Partners • Awards & Certification

GAC Advance textiles

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Business Strategic • Core Value

• 2012 R&D

Headquarter • Major markets at Europe (80%) • All fabrics are Made in Taiwan

Milestones 2003


• Established at Taipei with over 15 years textiles experience

• Green fabrics with recycle polyester, Sorona®, normal pressure dyeable, Ecological Polypropylene, Instant cooling, Tencel, bamboo

2004-2006 • Cool Layer with



2010-2011 • CozyDryTM with one way transporation, spread & dry quickly •Protection fabrics, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Mosquito

2009-2010 • Warm Layer with thermolite®, charcoal bamboo, heat release, wool, light weight softshell

Our Grand Partners

Awards & Certifications Inspection before shipment

bluesignŽ’s System Parnter

In order to meet the highest environmental, health and safety requirements in the anufacturing sites, we joined bluesign standard on 2009.


All the dyeing factory are certficiated by bluesign or Oeko-Tex

Product Introduction Features






Anti-Moisquito series

Anti-Bacterial series


Product Introduction

CoreDry 1 2 3


Moisture-Management Technology


Move Moisture quickly away from body


Keep you dry & comfortable


Lightest weight & supportive Water-proof & breathable Keep warm, comfortable & flexible

Product Introduction



1 2

Keep warm in cold conditions


Heat retention without adding weight



Moisture management & dries fast


Environmentally friendly products Energy efficiency & energy saving Softness, dry quickly & good moisture

Product Introduction



Anti-Moisquito series

Anti-Bacterial series

1 2

Anti-Moisquito technology


Super Protection against insect bites



Keep you comfortable & protected


Anti-Bacterial technology Moisture management technology Keep you comfortable & healthy

Product Introduction New Products CozyDryTM


Cold Black

• Spread fast and keep dries rapidly

• Anti-Mosquito technology

• Keep body skin dry and comfortable

• Optimal protection from heating up due to sunlight

• Super Protection against insect bites

• Light weight and softer, high breathable

• Keep you comfortable & protected

• Textiles stay cool to the touch • Reliable protection from UV rays (minimum UPF 30+)

Product Applications

Production Flow

Business Strategic

Coldblack® Sun Reflector \ UV Protector coldblack® combines two functions in one special finishing technology for textiles:

• Sun Reflector • UV Protector

Coldblack® Effective Heat Management without coldblack® Dark textiles without coldblack® absorb heat

with coldblack® Dark textiles with coldblack® reflect heat

Coldblack® Reliable Protection from UV Rays without coldblack® Light colored textiles without coldblack® allow UV-rays to penetrate

with coldblack® Light colored textiles with coldblack® significantly reduce UV-rays from penetration

Coldblack® Advantages • Optimal protection from heating up due to sunlight

• Textiles stay cool to the touch

• Reliable protection from UV rays (minimum UPF 30+)

Coldblack® bluesign® approved The coldblack® finishing only contains „bluesign approved“ components. „bluesign approved“ components are as low as possible in harmful substances, making them benign to mankind and the environment and encouraging the economical and ecological use of resources in the production process.

Coldblack® The advantages at a glance • Less sweat

• Minimum UPF 30+

• Increased concentration

• No adverse effect on looks, feel or breathability

• Higher performance

• Function lasts through numerous washing and

• Greater comfort • Increased endurance ashing and cleaning processes

cleaning processes • Finish consists of “bluesign approved” components

Coldblack® The advantages at a glance coldblack® - comfort for a wide range of applications and lifestyle catagories

• bike

• merchandising

• sportswear

• tents

• workwear

• sunshade

• uniforms


Mosquitoes are found worldwide and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Both males and females feed on plant nectar and fruit juice, which is burned as fuel for flight. Although mosquitoes rely on sugar as their main source of energy, the female needs to feed on blood in order to develop fertile eggs. Males do not bite. Although sugar must be replenished daily, blood is sought less frequently. Humans are not the primary target for blood; birds and animals are the principal blood

Anti-Mosquito Several factors deem to explain why mosquitoes will bite one person and not another. The best defense remains a good offense. Here is a list of things to avoid

Dark Clothing

Carbon Dioxide

Lactic Acid

Mosquitoes are drawn to dark-colors since most of them are nocturnal.

Human bodies emit more carbon dioxide when hot. A burning candle or a camp fire is also a source of carbon dioxide.

The body releases more lactic acid after exercising or after eating certain foods, such as salty foods and high-potassium foods.


Skin Temperature


Many insects are attracted to perfumes, hair products, scented sunscreens, and floral scents that are included in products such as fabric softeners, soaps and detergents.

Different types of mosquitoes are attracted to different temperatures.

Perspiration increases the humidity around the body which explains why bugs often follow us during outdoor exercise. Moist plants and bodies of water also lure them.

Anti-Mosquito Sanitized® AM 23-24 Product specification / Characteristic

Active ingredient: Premethrin derivative

Pale yellowish liquid

• Temperature stability up to 140℃ • Product require no curing

Substrate : Co and Co-Blend, PES and PA


Applicable only padding


Garment Textiles 1 2

Military camouflage garmentsMove


Work wear for forest workers, uniforms for


border patrols, etc.


Leisurewear for fishermen, hunters, horseback riders


Home & Technical textiles


3 4

Mosquito net Sleeping bags Curtains Textile wall coverings

ADD : 14F, 86 Singde Road, San Chong Dist, New Taipei City, Taiwan TEL : +886-2-8511-3516 FAX : +886-2-8511-3517 | +886-2-8511-3518

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