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Reflexite速 Collimating Film RCF90CK Large Format LCD Monitor Solution RCF90CK is used to condition the light output of a transmissive LCD. This film is 25% thicker than our standard product. RCF90CK film is designed for applications such as large format LCD Monitors. RCF collimates the light that comes out of the backlight through the LCD and toward the viewer. Backlights can be comprised of edge-lit light guides, or backlit light guides. These backlights use reflectors and diffusers to direct the light towards the LCD. RCF recycles the light that enters the film at oblique angles by means of total internal reflection and reflection/refraction. The light that leaves the film is well collimated.

Using RCF allows the display maker to maintain a level of brightness without needing to add more lamps. This helps reduce the weight of the display.

RCF does not create more light, it effectively manages the available light.

Shown is an example of how RCF90CK is incorporated into an LCD monitor application. The RCF90CK is placed directly on top of the light source diffuser. Often a second diffuser, or other optical film, is placed on top of the RCF. LCD Monitor Incorporating RCF

RCF material is provided with protective masking on both sides. Reflexite速 RCF90CK is printed on the backside masking film of each part to denote prism direction. Our material can be die cut to fit your specific requirements, including all mounting features, such holes, slots and tabs.


RCF Nominal Product Properties RCF 90CK Performance Horizontal Orientation


Prism Structure  Angle  Pitch Material  Prism Side  Substrate Thickness


90° 48 µm



Proprietary Acrylic Resin Polyester 210_+/-3 µm


Brightness Gain

Part Number

Performance and Brightness Improvements






Typically large format display applications utilize a single sheet of RCF90CK. Our tested performance and (1,2) brightness improvements are shown in the following table.


0.0 -60




Peak Brightness Improvement  Single Sheet ½ Brightness Angle  Vertical  Horizontal


± 32.5° ± 47.5°

Chromaticity ∆x

<0.0028 +0.0053 +0.0035 +0.0039

∆y <0.0037 +0.0070 +0.0048 +0.0051

Average (1,2) Delta Gain L -3% -6% -5% -5%

1) The data was obtained from 13 point uniformity testing of a backlight with diffuser materials and RCF. 2) RCF luminance depends on the backlight material composition, design, and lighting efficiency.

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Environmental Aging - 1000 hours (Values for standard thickness product) Environmental Data, Single Sheet -30°C 85°C/95% RH 85°C -30°/85°C (100 cycles)


Angle (degrees) Display

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