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Dematic Multishuttle – the scalable high-performance system for container handling

Creating Logistics Results

Dematic Multishuttle

Our response to the trends in intralogistics We’re seeing new trends in intralogis-

Increasing numbers of articles

Process-oriented sequencing

tics across all sectors. These include

Virtually all sectors are experiencing enor-

Sequenced provisioning is demanded

mous growth in the number of articles in

in virtually all sectors. Production with

rapid growth in the number of articles,

response to customers’ individual needs.

its just-in-sequence delivery to assem-

heterogeneous order structures, and

The market determines the product

bly lines, stacking according to product

sequenced provisioning, to name just

spectrum, and thus dictates the sizes

families in roller wagons, and loading pal-

of packs. There are increasing efforts to

lets “from heavy to light” all require highly

achieve “batch size one” in production,

dynamic systems with the necessary per-

while tastes are becoming more local and

formance to match these requirements.

the most important. In order to react to these trends and provide automatic logistics solutions

fashion trends more short lived. Storage systems can therefore no longer be tai-

which are largely independent of

lored to a rigid article assortment.

changes in order and article structure,

Heterogeneous order structures

we have rigorously pursued flexibility as

Delivery warehouses assist both whole-

our top priority in the development of

salers as well as individual end customers with their online orders. The retail

the Dematic Multishuttle. And, thanks

business, for its part, supplies branches

to the built-in redundancy and modular

of different sizes. Order structures are

construction of the Dematic Multishuttle, there’s no need to worry about meeting any requirements that might change in the future.

therefore becoming increasingly heterogeneous, and storage systems must keep pace with this development.

Productivity and accuracy Rising costs and scarcity of labor call for productive systems and ergonomic workplaces. Mistakes cost money and must therefore be avoided from the outset.

Modular solution concept


These requirements can all be met by

The core elements of the system are the

Dematic Multishuttle – a flexible ware-

Dematic Multishuttles.

house system with throughput that can be scaled over wide ranges.

These are rail-guided vehicles equipped with a load pick-up facility for distribution

Two basic concepts are available. In the

and delivery of containers. The shuttles

“Roaming” process, storage capacity

collect current via the rail or loop circuit,

and throughput can be adapted indepen-

and signaling is transmitted via Wireless

dently of each other during the life of the


system. The “Captive” storage principle represents the configuration with the highest possible throughout and scalable capacity.

Facts and figures: Payload • Containers and rigid cartons with a weight of up to 31.5 kg • Container height minimum 220 mm Dematic Multishuttle vehicle • Load transfer time approximately 3.7 seconds • Low inherent weight • Travel speed 2.0 m/s

Both systems have the same compo-

• Acceleration 1.0 m/s²

nents and can be used in parallel. This

• One travel drive

reduces the number of spare parts that

• One load handling device drive

need to be held in stock and cuts training costs. It’s also possible to combine several functions in one storage area. This means that the production warehouse, full container buffer, order picking and consolidation buffers, and consignment warehouse no longer need to be separated rigidly from one another, but can

Dematic Multishuttle vertical lift • Speed 2.0 m/s • Acceleration 4.0 m/s² • Positioning accuracy +/- 2 mm Dematic container lift

be merged into one storage area with

• Lifting speed 2.0 m/s

variable limits.

• Acceleration 4.0 m/s² • Positioning accuracy +/- 2 mm 

Dematic Multishuttle

Application concepts for every purpose Thanks to its modular construction, Dematic Multishuttle can be individualized to all kinds of different logisti-

Maximum performance – the “Captive” high performance buffer Dematic Multishuttle “Captive” was developed for high goods throughput in

cal requirements. There are two basic

order picking and consolidation buffers.

solution scenarios available, depending

A separate shuttle is used here for each

on the required throughput and the characteristics of the building.

• Extremely high throughput capacity in relation to system volume • High availability through exchange of individual shuttles in case of a fault • Maintenance and troubleshooting

bay level so that storage and retrieval are

without interrupting operation, through

possible at several levels simultaneously.

simple exchange of vehicles

The order picking zone is linked to the individual levels via one or more container lifts. After transferring the container, the shuttle is ready again immediately for the next job. Up to 600 double cycles per aisle per hour are possible. An efficient control system also supports complex goods sequencing processes and makes a huge contribution to increased productivity, thanks to its high throughput.

“Captive” – at a glance

• Guaranteed access to all articles, thanks to accessible bay levels

Maximum flexibility – the “Roaming” warehouse system We developed Dematic Multishuttle “Roaming” for warehouse systems with low to medium storage/retrieval performance but high flexibility requirements. The performance of a conventional automatic small parts store can be equaled with just a few shuttles. In the Roaming system the shuttles are not dedicated to one bay level but can also be moved between different levels by means of shuttle lifts.

“Roaming” – at a glance • Phased increase of throughput performance and storage capacity • Adaptability to unfavorable space arrangements • High system availability, through the exchange of individual shuttles in case of trouble • Maintenance and troubleshooting without interrupting operation, thanks to the simplicity of vehicle exchange • Guaranteed access to all articles, due to accessible bay levels

For higher performance, the system can be expanded simply by using additional shuttles – without costly conversion measures. At the same time the bay construction can be adapted to virtually any building structure and allows optimum use of storage space even in buildings with irregular room layout or steeply sloping roofs.

Dematic Multishuttle

Benefits The system concept is completed

Made to measure bay construction

Ease of maintenance that pays off

by the modular system for outside

The ease of installation in existing build-

The use of small, efficient, centrally con-

ings further demonstrates the flexibility of

trolled shuttles reduces the cost of main-

this system.

tenance, and at the same time increases

zone components and high-performance vertical conveyors. Simulations

For example, the system adapting can be

show that a system with four shuttles

easily adapted to warehouses with aisles

outperforms a miniload crane. This

of different lengths and at different levels,

performance, combined with modular expandability such as the option to add additional shuttles, make Dematic Multishuttle a uniquely flexible and effi-

and to warehouses with projections in

exchanged while the system is running, allowing regular maintenance without interrupting order picking.

the wall areas.

Further information

Multifunctional rails are used for the

If you’d like to find out more about the

bay system. These support the load-

Dematic Multishuttle and its options, your

ing process and carry and guide the

Dematic Multishuttle DVD is now avail-

shuttles. They are also used for power

able on request at

cient solution among container storage

transmission, for positioning, and for


protection against crashing. Accessible maintenance levels can be integrated into the bays, which also gives them greater strength. Any problems can be quickly dealt with manually in an emergency. Substantial increases in efficiency can be achieved in many different application areas with Dematic Multishuttle, regardless of the environment. This includes end-to-end goods transport in manufacturing companies as well as the linking of goods-to-man order picking positions or highly dynamic buffers.

redundancy. Individual shuttles can be

Uptime Services – Your life cycle

Maintenance Services

partner delivering value

• Technical phone support

Our customer services offer a wide

• Spare parts services

range of modular service products, from 24-hour technical phone support to complete technical operation of the system. More than 600 employees in 18 countries are at your service to maximize the availability or “uptime”

• Equipment condition assessment • Preventive maintenance • Scheduled repairs

of your system – quickly, expertly and

• Emergency services


• Supplemental resident support

We would be pleased to advise you on

• Equipment safety assessment

the choice of a suitable service package. Our Uptime Solutions® can be flexibly

• Training

combined as needed and can be guaranteed to provide optimum protection at the best price right from the very start.

Business Based Services • Resident Services • Modernization and upgrading • Service consulting

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